4.23.07 New on DVD: Travel Inspiration

 New on DVD

This week we are taking a look at what is new on DVD and some of the locations used in these films.  


DVD Release Date 4.10.07

Bobby follows the lives of several characters who are at the Ambassador Hotel on the fateful night Robert Kennedy was assassinated. The film, which was Emilio Estavez’s directorial debut, was partially shot at the historic Los Angeles hotel.

Shortly after filming, The Ambassador Hotel was torn down so it is now impossible to visit this historical site but you can still take a virtual tour here.

The Good Shepherd 

DVD Release Date 4.3.07

The Good Shepherd,  starring Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon, is a complex story revolving around the controversial history of the CIA seen through the eyes of Damon’s character, Edward Wilson. The film was shot in a wide range of locations, including the Adirondack Mountains. The area remains a pristine and charming part of America. The film’s party scene was shot at the Great Camp Sagamore, which remains a unique setting for romantic getaways or rustic adventures.

The Sagamore offers tours of their grounds as well as unique retreats, and special events. A complete calendar is available on their website.

For an insider’s look at how The Great Camp Sagamore was chosen as a location for this movie, take a look at this site.

Here is a great site with some inside information about the filming, thanks to York Staters!

Here is a look at some pictures from the shoot.

We recently visited The Great Camp Sagamore ourselves, below are some pictures form our trip. Even on a rainy day, the camp looked beautiful!

lake.jpg sagamoresideview.jpg
 mail.jpg sag31.jpg

Come Early Morning


DVD Release Date 3.20.07

Come Early Morning is the first feature written and directed by actress Joey Lauren Adams. Adams has been seen most recently in The Break Up along side Jennifer Aniston but is best known for her roles in Mallrats and Big Daddy.  This is the story of Lucy Fowler (Ashley Judd) who tries to find love though she has not been able to fully trust men, in part due to a tumultuous relationship with her father.

Here is the official site that features several behind the scenes photos from the on location shoot.

The film was shot in and around North Little Rock and Little Rock, Arkansas.  The setting for this film is truly travel-inspiring. Little Rock acts as another character in the film, drawing you in and making you want to belly up to the area’s bars or walk the city’s streets.  Adams uses the location as an anchor not just a backdrop, being a local girl she was able to capture the heartbreaking beauty of the location.

Here is a link for Little Rock, there is a lot more to do than one may think. The site includes ideas for day trips outside of the city and a link to The Clinton Presidential Library which frequently sponsors special events.

Smokin’ Aces 

DVD Release Date 4.17.07

Smokin’ Aces begins as a mob boss takes a contract out on sleazy magician Buddy Aces Israel (Jeremy Piven) and a rogue group of thugs goes after him. Unbeknownst to this group of misfits, the FBI has Israel under protective custody.  These interlocking stories make for a fun and wild ride.

Smokin’ Aces was filmed in Las Vegas as well as Lake Tahoe, CA. We all know what Vegas is about and it can be a great time, after all what happens in Vegas, Stay in Vegas, right? But Lake Tahoe is also a cool destination any time of year to relax and enjoy the great outdoors if smoky casinos aren’t your thing. Lake Tahoe has starred in many features but rarely gets the recognition it deserves as it is usually playing a body double for the likes of Alaska or Wyoming as this article explains.

Lake Tahoe is popular with many around the region as a vacation destination but not many travelers outside of Nevada or California take the plunge into Lake Tahoe. The area has everything from skiing to swimming as well as an array of restaurants and hotels for every budget. It is worth a look if you are planning a vacation in the Southwest.  It is also a must see for all fans of this edgy comedy.