NEWS 6.11.07

Get Your Home A Starring Role

In the FYI section of The New York Times there is some information about how to make your home a star.  

“Q. I have an especially photogenic house, and I think a film crew might be interested in it, given all the movie and television filming in the city. Can you tell me whom to contact to get my house in lights?

A. The city has a Web site just for you. Go to the mayor’s Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting ( /). Under “On Location,” there is a section titled “Make Your Home a Star.” That says it all. You will first need to get the attention of location scouts, who are used by producers for individual projects, and to location services, brokers with whom you may list your property for use. The location service usually collects a percentage of the rental fee from the production company. The film office has online links to many location services and scouts. The mayor’s film office has other guidelines and warnings for people who want to get their property in lights. Aside from the obvious, like checking with a lawyer, it warns that most of the calls the film office gets about interior shooting are not from would-be hosts. They come from irate neighbors in various stages of anger, complaining they weren’t notified about a film shooting in common areas of an apartment building, or about film crews taking up all the nearby parking spaces. “We recommend working with your co-op/condo boards, management offices and neighbors at the earliest possible moment, before shooting commences in your home,” the film office advises.”

Branson Missouri sees stars, soap stars to be precise.

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