So What is OLV anyway?

 OLV: Movies + Travel + Words + Art

On Location Vacations was born out of a shared love for travel and movies, a love that blends the two. We made several changes around here in the last few months but our main objective remains the same: we want this to be an online community for anyone who is inspired to travel by the movies they love. We want people to feel free to join our forums, share pictures, or ask for advice about a trip they are planning. We want to go beyond databases that can tell you where a movie was filmed, we want to create a community for travel lovers and movie buffs alike. We want to tell you how to get there, what to do once you get there and most importantly what has been filmed there.

We also want to look at all aspects of on location filming. We will be following all of the hot on set gossip, the impact filming has on local communities, what movies are filming now, and what is on the horizon. On location filming, we believe, gives local economies a great boost and introduces new landscapes to the rest of us.

We also feature essays that dig deeper into travel issues and preplanned road trips so you can just get in the car and go.  We are looking forwarded to growing and hopefully you will be along for the ride.

We eventually want the best travel writers writing thoughtful essays, not just about the fun stuff but about the issues facing the communities that we all want to see. We want to get reports from locations, we want to hear from the film commissioners, the stars, the locals, even the extras on set and hear what they have to say about the location. We want to go beyond the U.S. and feature special reports worldwide from Africa to Cambodia and beyond. Filming is happening all over the globe and we want to be there. We fundamentally believe there is no more important way to learn about the world than to see it.

Our long term plans include a non-profit agency that helps fund travel for underprivileged kids, an anthology of our best essays, and who knows, the Travel Channel may be on the horizon one day? We want to be the voice of on location travel.

Finally, we want to capture these locations in great pictures and we hope you do the same. We are starting a line of greeting cards and fine photography prints that will feature many of the locations discussed on OLV. We would also love for you to share the pictures you have of a film in progress or a special place you have been. We want to inspire you and hopefully you will inspire us!

One  last note. We are careful to cite all sources or images we use on this site. Please let us know if you see something you feel we are using without permission and we will correct it right away. We also make sure all information is accurate when we create a post but we recommend double checking any information (especially if making travel plans) because of course it may be subject to change. Finally, all information on the site is copyrighted.



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