NEWS 7.9.07

Is Indy Headed to Essex?

An email reveals signs are going up in Essex, CT that say “Bedford Train Station and Western Union”. Stay tuned!

The Girls are Back in Town


Rumor has it filming will begin (in New York we presume) for the full length feature film version of Sex and the City this fall.

Movie Brings Boom to N.M.

Deming, New Mexico has seen a boom in business since a major motion picture was filmed there (which we know was Indiana Jones 4).

 Hospital Campus Auditions for New Film

Location scouts are looking for the right location to film The Madman’s TaleA hospital in CT is under consideration.  As we have reported, there has been a boom in filming in Connecticut because of new incentives they are offering to filmmakers.

They Came From Around The World!

We thought driving 4 hours was crazy just to get a glimpse of the filming of Indiana Jones 4. Here is an interview with tourists who traveled from around the world.

Potter Fans Unite!

Harry Potter fans are traveling in the name of the new book and film without leaving the U.S.

Can I still get a Big Gulp?

Twelve 7-11s across the world are being turned into Kwik-E-Marts as a publicity stunt for the release of the upcoming movie, The Simpsons.