NEWS 7.13.07 Indy in Hawaii, Star Wars, filming The Dark Knight in Chicago and more!

Aloha!  Indiana Jones 4 Filming Moves to Hawaii

The Indiana Jones production has landed on the Big Island of Hawaii and will be filming there for the next three weeks.

Will the Real Springfield Please Stand Up?

Springfield, VT won the honor of hosting The Simpsons big screen premiere.

 The Silo filming in Kansas

This is a good article about an independent horror film on location in Kansas.

Attention Star Wars Fans, See the Movie Locations for Yourself!

Here is a fantastic website that has put together a number of locations used in the Star Wars movies and directions so you can find them yourself. This is perfect if you want to take a Star Wars on location vacation!

Transforming Harlem

This is an older article we stumbled across about the filming of the upcoming Russell Crowe/Denzel Washington movie American Gangster. The article describes how producers “dressed” Harlem to look like it did 40 years ago.

Filming Continues for Batman sequel


Filming continues this week for the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight in Chicago. If you want to check it out, here is a link to street closure information.

Transformers Filming Remembered by the Locals

As we mentioned in our Summer Movie Extravaganza, portions of Transformers were filmed in White Sands, New Mexico. Here some of the locals who worked on the set talk about their experiences; most interesting are some of the amenities they were provided during the shoot. Who knew that portable bathrooms with hard wood floors even existed?