NEWS 7.16.07 Travolta in CT, Keanu Reeves on Set, and Cruise in Germany

Keanu Reeves Checks Himself Out

Last week, People posted this picture of Keanu Reeves on set of his new film, The Night Watchman.

More Stars Spotted in CT

John Travolta and Robin Williams have been spotted in Greenwich, CT where they are filming Old Dogs.

Germany Allows Cruise Filming

Tom Cruise and crew have begun filming in Germany dispite reports the country was not going to allow it. The Baltimore Sun posted the following report.

 “Tomorrow, Tom Cruise, Patrick Wilson, Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy and the rest of the cast and crew of Valkyrie begin filming in Germany. This is the story of Claus von Stauffenberg, a German officer who plotted to assassinate Adolph Hitler.

There was some initial resistance and brouhaha when Tom and company arrived in Germany. The minister of defense declared that Tom wouldn’t be allowed to film on certain military sites. The minister used Tom’s belief in Scientology as an excuse. Well, as it turns out, the minister of defense has no real authority in such matters. The truth may be that the German government felt it had been burned in past productions about World War II, filmed on certain sites, and didn’t feel obliged to cooperate wholeheartedly.

But now, not only has the anti-Tom rhetoric faded — the Germans have provided a substantial subsidy for Valkyrie. So, they’re getting over it. Those close to the production will say only, with cautious optimism, “things have settled down.” I bet Tom will get to film exactly where he wants. Tom always gets what he wants, usually with that famous grin. (OK, Matt Lauer got him on a grinless morning.) The movie is scheduled for a 70-day shoot in Europe.”