A Diner in Baltimore and So Much More

Baltimore is a little Hollywood on the East Coast. There have been over 200 movies and TV shows filmed in the city making it the ideal location for an on location vacation!

As you may have heard, we recently saw a screening of the film Diner and a special appearance by The Bacon Brothers in the Inner Harbor, all FREE courtesy of Netflix.


Of course the movie Diner was shot in Baltimore but did you know the diner used in the film was also used in Sleepless in Seattle and Head of State? The Hollywood Diner is located at 400 E. Saratoga St. in downtown Baltimore and is now also a training ground for young people who want a taste of what it takes to run your own business.  Other locations used in Diner include the Roland Park Presbyterian Church at 4801 Roland Ave and the Garrett-Jabobs Mansion which was also a location in Twelve Monkeys

Not only were Diner, Sleepless in Seattle, Head of State and Twelve Monkeys filmed in Baltimore but so were The Replacements, Runaway Bride, and Ladder 49. Locations for these films include M & T Bank Stadium (The Replacements) and the Gorsuch Fire Station (Ladder 49) located at 1749 Gorsuch Avenue.

Our all-time favorite Baltimore locations are the ones used in John Waters’ many films.  The original Hairspray, Pecker, Serial Mom, and Polyester were all filmed in Baltimore, Waters’ hometown. For more information on these locations see this article.

Besides these fabulous locations, there are a lot of other great things to do in the city. Here is our top 5 list of things to do in Baltimore this summer.

1. Catch an Orioles Game.

2. Check out the National Aquarium.

3. Visit the Wurtzburger Sculpture Garden.


4. Shop on “The Avenue” and be sure to check out  Atomic Books then have lunch at Cafe Hon.


5. Visit the Sculpture Plaza and Wildflower Garden at the American Visionary Art Museum.