More Exclusive Sex and the City News!

SATC Spoiler Alert!

Another loyal reader, Cindy, also saw some of the SATC filming in NYC last week. Here is her report:

“I was able to watch Sex and the City film on Friday.
It was cool.  I watched Carrie yell at Big and say
something like “I knew you would leave” and he gets
out of the car as she is walking away in her wedding
dress with Charlotte and Miranda.  He yells her name
and Charlotte yells back with her hand out “NO!” and
he gets back in his car to take off.”

A huge Thank You to Cindy and all of our readers who have been providing tips and news from various on location sets! If you have had any sightings of a movie filming on location send us your story at!

UPDATE: We have received more information about the SATC scene that filmed on Friday:

“She also said something like “This is so humiliating”
before she walked away with the girls.  She was
holding her head down and crying and they walked away
slow.  Samantha was not in this scene.  Keep in mind,
there are rumors that this is a dream sequence.  You
know Carrie was always wondering if she is the
marrying type.  Could be that Mr. Big proposed and she
is having nightmares.”



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