On The Set of Fighting in NYC

Not only did our spy Cindy see SATC filming last week but she was also able to meet Channing Tatum on the set of Fighting (filming on W. 55th and 7th) last night! Here is her report and a picture.  


“That’s my daughter Jade with Channing
yesterday on the set of “Fighting”.  He
was a real sweetheart.  He asked for her name and then
introduced himself to her (as if she doesn’t know who
HE is! LOL).  He was happy to hear that she is an
aspiring actress.  He even apologized to me for
shaking my hand with his left hand.  Overall, he is
extremely down to earth and very approachable.  A+ in
my book and what a cutie!”

We also wanted to mention that Jade is a finalist in The Girl’s Life Mall Madness Model Search. Check it out, you can vote for her all this week. Good Luck Jade!  


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