Filming News Wrap Up 5.8.08

Here’s the PA house used in the latest Luke Wilson movie.

Perez is reporting Ugly Betty is moving to NYC (for real).

Public Enemies has been filming in Madison this week.

Looks like the Coen Brothers are considering filming in Wisconsin as well.

Mineville will be filming in our neck of the woods this summer.

We found another cool Boston movie location/film set blog.

TF2 was filming at the University of Pennsylvania (rumored).

Last week’s soggy weather in the Northeast was perfect for The Road.

We couldn’t make it to the Tribeca Film Festival this year, luckily for us, Cinematical was there.

Want to actually live in a famous movie location? Tom Hank’s house in Sleepless in Seattle is for sale.

Here’s one of the restaurants used in Julie and Julia.

We also found a link to set pics of Matt Damon from his latest film The Informant.


  1. I feel like I Gossip Location Girl haha but I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many things filming in NYC.

    Sunday (5/11),they’re filming something called “Kings” on 95 & 96th and Madison.I looked it up and I can’t tell whether it’s a tv movie or a series but it’s on NBC.


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