Bannerman’s Island

One of the great things about this site is we try to expose our readers to some cool places where movies are filming that they may not have known about otherwise. On occasion even I am surprised by a location I come across while doing research for OLV.

Tonight I have been scouring the internet trying to find out more about Transformers 2 filming on the Brooklyn Bridge this Sunday so we can all hopefully meet up and check it out. In the process I came across some info about Bannerman Castle located on Pollepel Island (now better known as Bannerman’s Island) in the Hudson River. I live Upstate so I have travelled along the Hudson on a train many times and I have never heard of this before. It looks so cool and has an amazing history.

The island has always had a mystical appeal and was believed to be haunted by Indian Tribes before the Revolutionary War. In 1901 the Bannerman family, who had made their fortune in scrap metal, began construction on a simulated Scottish Castle, the ruins of which remain on the island today. The island, only about an hour north of NYC, can be toured by Kayak or Canoe. I have definitely been inspired and will be watching for the Transformers 2 filming dates on the island, that is one shoot I don’t want to miss! (And of course will let all of you know as well!)



  1. Some people from the Transformerslive blog are saying that filming of Transformers 2 on Bannerman’s Island would only be from the air. Guessing just for establishing shots.

  2. Hi ALT thanks for the T2 filming update!!

    I think it would still be cool to see even if there are no big stars there and they are just aerial shots. I think the island itself sounds pretty cool and it would be a good excuse to check it out!

  3. Tony-


    Here is more info from the NY times about it’s location. I think the only way to actually get to the island is take a tour (there is a link in the article):
    “COLD SPRING, about 60 miles north of New York, is accessible by Metro North trains from Grand Central Terminal or by car on the Palisades Parkway and Route 9D.”

    Also see ALT’s comment, it doesn’t look like there will be any big stars maybe just aerials.


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