Pictures from the set of Farlanders in New Haven

Yesterday, we were in New Haven, CT on the set of Farlanders! We got there late in the afternoon while they were filming what appeared to be a party scene in a private residence. They filmed the scene at least 6 times while we were there and stopped traffic on the street each time even though it was an interior shot. Needless to say there were many angry drivers since it was around rush hour on a Friday night! At the end of the scene we could hear John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph open the front door and say “bye, guys”. When they were done shooting, a crew member yelled, “moving upstairs” so I think they were filming a bedroom scene next.

As people filed out of the house there were quite a few kids and extras and then we spotted Maya Rudolf come out the front door (we were across the street) and then John Krasinski (Jim Halpert, himself!) came out and stopped on the steps and shook hands with several crew members, he was smiling and seemed to be very friendly to everyone! We watched him walk down the street and cross to a parking lot where several trailers were parked.

We decided to wait for him to come back and see if we could get another shot. We waited about 20 minutes when he reemerged with Maya Rudolph (they seemed to get along quite well) and crossed back over the set right in front of us. We had cameras so they spotted us right away and were whispering but when they were closer to us I called out his name and John stopped (Maya wasn’t stopping for anything!) and I asked for a picture with him, he said “of course”. I apologized because I felt bad to stop him on the way back to work but he was very nice he kept saying “oh no, no problem” and after we took the picture I thanked him and he thanked me and told me to have a good day! We left shortly after we took the picture but I wanted all of the John Krasinski fans out (and I know there are alot of you) to know he really is that nice!

Below is a video of them filming a scene (though you can’t see much), set pics, a picture of John and Maya (in their PJs), and the picture I took with John (the worst pic of me ever but he looks good so I guess that is all that matters)!


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