6.29.08 & 6.30.08 Filming Locations


The Soloist is filming at 202 W. 1st St in Los Angeles.

Eagle Eye is filming at 831 Francisco St in Los Angeles.

When in Rome is filming near the corner of Reade St and Elk St in NYC. (Sign says filming dates are 6/26-6/30, Thanks to Holly!)


Life is filming at 622 N. Main St in Los Angeles.

The Surrogates is filming in Hopedale, MA.

Rescue Me is filming in Brooklyn, signs have been spotted on New Dock St, Water St (continued up to the intersection of Main St), Plymouth St, Adams St, and John St. (Thanks to Holly and Amy!)

Ugly Betty is filming on W. 55th and 11th Ave. (Thanks to Justin!)


UPDATE: Gossip Girl is filming on Long Island again (Roslyn). A base camp was spotted at 2 Harbor Park Dr South, Port Washington, NY.

Also, signs for Lipstick Jungle were spotted near E 50th between Park and Lex in Manhattan.


  1. Heyy i was just wondering if anyone knew who exactly would be at the when in rome filming tmr the 30th. i was there during the filming of it last month and i met danny devito. Soo if anyone has any other info plz let me know,’
    Thanks so much! =-)

  2. I’m not sure who will be at the taping on the 30th, but I walked by the set today and they are actually filming in a tiny park between Reade & Worth. I tried to see who was there, but they ended up stoping shortly after I arrived due to the massive thunderstorms that came though. There are signs all over on Elk though, and they say they will be there from 5 am – 10 pm tomorrow and this Tuesday – Thursday from 2 pm to 5 pm.

  3. Right now they are loading equipment into the loading dock of the Waldorf. It appears they may be shooting inside the building. There are signs along 50th that say filming today from 6am-midnight. Also there are trailers along 49th.

  4. hey! there’s nothin goin’ on at 11th ave. and 55th st (ugly betty) – but my friend works at 50th and saw brooke shields!

  5. It is Damages on 50th at the loading dock of the Waldorf. On the next block over on 49th, Lipstick Jungle is going to shoot this afternoon. (I believe it is interior only at the Intercontinental) I just met Kim Raver after she finished shooting an outdoor scene. She could not have been nicer!!

  6. I went by the Gossip Girl “base camp” and it seems they’re filming at a fitness center..I drove around Roslyn where I figured outside scenes would be filmed but there was nothing going on.

  7. early in the morning on 6/30 gossip girl (blake lively and penn bagdley) filmed in roslyn village..i drove by the base camp today as well..later on at about 6pm i saw leighton meester and a guest star filming…..does anyone know if they are filming again in Roslyn this week??? i heard they were filming possibly today (7/1) and i also heard rumors they were filming 7/7…..can anyone confirm??


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