Boston to Philadelphia, On the Rails and On Location

With the rising cost of gas, many travelers are looking for an alternative to the traditional family road trip or cross country flight. Train travel may be the perfect option for the budget conscious vacationer this summer. If you are looking for an inexpensive “on location vacation”, take a ride on the rails and see some of film’s most famous locations.

Most train service offers an array of amenities including at seat outlets for DVD players or laptops, adjustable lighting, roomy seats, and a café car. If you choose to upgrade to first class there is even a hot meal service. The train is stress free, eco-friendly, safe, and reliable. The best part is you can keep your shoes on while boarding!

Taking the train from Boston to Philadelphia (or vice versa) is perfect because unlike other parts of the country you will never need a car as each train station on the route is centrally located. A one way ticket from Boston to Philadelphia (with a stop in NYC) is only $132. (All prices are subject to change.)

Boston Commons

Boston’s Movie Mile is located in the Beacon Hill area of the city within walking distance to dozens of hotels, historic sites, and the South Street Station. The route also cuts through the Boston Common, the starting point for the Freedom Trail and one of the first known public parks in the United States.

Trailers for Indy in New Haven

New Haven, CT is worth a stop over between Boston and New York and will cost only $43 for the regional service from Boston. From the train station it is less than a mile to the location where Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was filmed between College and High Sts on the Yale campus. There are several restaurants and shops in this vicinity, including the usual Starbucks or Au Bon Pain. A one way ticket to NYC is only $32 from New Haven. This is a real bargain considering the expense of tolls and parking in the city.

Meryl Streep On Location in NYC

In New York there are endless possibilities for things to do including watching a movie being made. On any given day there are between 30-40 productions in the NYC area. For a list of filming locations, you can always check out our daily filming locations. If you are travelling as a couple, take a look at our We Love NY walking tour for a more romantic way to spend the day. Best of all, considering the gas money you are saving you can actually afford a night or two in the Big Apple.

Rocky Running Up Those Famous Steps

A ticket to Philadelphia from New York will only set you back about $61. You won’t want to miss running up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art just like Rocky. Philadelphia draws most of its visitors because of its rich history. But there is plenty else going on in the city this summer including “screenings under the stars”.

After a few relaxing days on the train, you’ll feel refreshed and ready for anything. You also won’t have to worry about someone seeing you naked before you can get back home!


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