The Best “Ugly Betty” Pics From Brooklyn

America Ferrera on the set of Ugly Betty
Image details: America Ferrera on the set of Ugly Betty served by

As we anticipated, there was mass hysteria over Ugly Betty’s first day of on location filming in NYC (their first actual day of filming Season 3 was on Monday in studio). This is in part because it has been confirmed LiLo will be returning for several episodes this season though there has been no sign of her yet.

The shoot took place in Brooklyn as we (and every other entertainment outlet in America) reported. It is great that Ugly Betty is finally filming in New York where the show is set but it is not without consequences. Because of the move most of the production people who worked on the show’s first two seasons in L.A. have been laid off.

We have compiled the best pictures of yesterday’s shoot from various outlets, check them out below!


From INF

From Just Jared

From Filming in Brooklyn

One more thing, a memo to Celebuzz: Please just put a watermark on your pics like everyone else.


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