7.25.08 Filming Locations

90210 is filming at 831 Francisco St in Los Angeles tonight. (Wish we could be there, it is supposed to be a street party scene! If any of our L.A. readers check it out send us some pics!)

Gossip Girl is filming on Madison and E 82nd-85th, signs were spotted on Park and 84th in Manhattan too. (Thanks to everyone who sent us tips on this!)

Law and Order: CI is filming at Pier 17 at the South St Seaport.

Fringe is filming a night scene near E 39th and 3rd in Manhattan.

Ugly Betty is filming near Pearl St and Park Row in Manhattan.

We also got a tip that Lipstick Jungle is filming in their studio but they may also be filming exterior shots in the vicinity.


  1. Hello Christine….Sorry to keep bugging you! I actually live in Scottsdale AZ and will be leaving tomorrow evening and just wanted to know the address of the Lipstick Jungle studio. I guess I can look it up? Just want to catch Rob before I leave. I work for a liquor company based in NY and like to get product out to the cast and crew. Everyone could use a little Jager and Grey Goose!!! We have had product sent to Entourage but I would love to have it go to LJ cast and crew. Thanks Christine! Jeff

  2. Hi Jeff-

    The main address of the studio is

    203 Meserole Avenue
    Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY 11222

    I think the studio they are filming in is at

    196 Diamond St Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

  3. A note on SVU- I think the person who saw the signs for SVU yesterday might have seen signs for last of the ninth and for some reason thought that was related to SVU somehow??

    I just got an email from a usual SVU contact who saw our conversation yesterday and again said they aren’t filming this week but should be filming next week, I will keep you guys posted, sorry for the confusion!!


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