Exclusive Pictures from the Set of Fringe and a Major Spoiler!

We were on the set of Fringe at the Trinity Cemetery in Upper Manhattan on Wednesday and got some great pictures! When I say we were on set, we were literally on the set. We got into the cemetery before they closed it to start shooting so we had a great view. I will say there were a couple PAs who were less than impressed with us taking pictures and even scolded us at one point but that didn’t stop us from getting a few awesome shots!

The scene they were filming was for Episode 103, titled The Ghost Network.
It was mostly dialogue between Kirk Acevedo’s character Charlie Francis and Anna Torv’s character Olivia Dunham that took place right after a funeral (more on that later). It looked like her character is upset with him and he is chasing after her, they argue and then Lance Reddick’s character Phillip Broyles walks up and breaks things up. You may recognize Lance from The Wire (there were a few people watching from the sidewalk who were big fans of The Wire and excited to see him) and Kirk Acevedo may be familiar from Oz and The Black Donnellys. We also sensed there may be some sexual tension between Charlie Francis and Olivia Dunham.

I was there for only one reason, Joshua Jackson! Of course this was the one scene he wasn’t in. I knew it was a bad sign when we walked by all of the trailers and all of the characters names were written on the doors, except for his character, Peter Bishop. That’s alright, I’ll get him someday, after all I do know where he works!

Now onto the big spoiler! In the background of this scene there was a casket set up and a large “tribute” photo of the dead character next to it. We were able to zoom in on the picture and see who it was. It was Mark Valley’s character John Scott! You can see a close up of the photo below. Assuming he is really dead, he didn’t last long, huh?

Here are our photos:


  1. Wow those are some really great pix. You are really lucky you got in there before it closed! Haha I love how the unwelcoming PA’s didn’t turn your spirits down :]

    Keep up the good work & I hope you meet Joshua Jackson soon!

  2. Great pics! I went to 39th & third the other night to see Fringe, but they were just setting up. So I went to the convenience store to get a drink, and none other but Joshua Jackson was in there! I heard the voice immediately and knew who it was. No pics unfortunately, I pretended I didn’t know who he was!

  3. I have to wonder if there isn’t some kind of intentional misdirect/subterfuge going on. I would think that a character dying would be the kind of info they would guard more closely.

    But regardless, great pics!


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