New Pictures from the L.A. Sets of ‘Bone Deep’ and ‘Heroes’

One of our readers, Diva, caught Bone Deep and Heroes filming in LA last week! She saw Bone Deep on 9/21, “Matt Dillon, Chris Brown and TI were all shooting different scenes on various streets that weekend. Sadly, no meeting or autographs that weekend either. Security is tough for that movie! Photos were actually not even allowed, but I worked around that…. lol Security got their way with the Chris scene though (they were extra mean and diligently watching us during his scene!), my camera was having issues, so I resorted to cell phone pics.” great information for anyone wanting to check out Bone Deep!

She also saw them film a scene for Heroes on Sunday. They filmed a scene where villain, Daphne (Brea Grant), gives a crazy look at a bike messenger, making him crash into a taxi. Thanks so much to Diva! Here are the pics:




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