2.23.09 Filming Locations

Law Abiding Citizen is filming at Holmesburg Prison in Philly today (and tomorrow).

Feed the Fish is filming in Door County, Wisconsin.

Criminal Minds is filming at 405 Mateo St, in the alley south of Mateo St between Palmetto St and Willow St, 1316 Palmetto St and 1317 Willow St in Los Angeles.

Law and Order is filming near 6th St and Grand in NYC. (Thanks Frank!)

Life on Mars is filming near Vernon Blvd and 10th St in Queens.

The Extra Man is filming (through the 26th) around 6th Ave and 20th Street in NYC (the signs were right next to TJ Maxx and the Container Store). (Thanks Sarah!)

Law and Order: Criminal Intent is filming on West 13th Street near Hudson Street, Jane and Hudson Streets, Horatio St at 8th Avenue, and Greenwich Ave near Horatio street in NYC. (Thanks to our anonymous tipster, Dr, Dointhisbymyself, and Doug!)

The Untitled Nancy Meyers Project is filming on Greenwich St (near Charles St) in Manhattan. (Thanks Doug!)

Ugly Betty is filming near Broadway and Bleecker in NYC. (Thanks JK!) We also got a tip that they will be filming near Bond and Bowery tomorrow 2.24. (Thanks Charlynne!)

Gossip Girl signs spotted in NYC at the following locations:
Bond and Lafayette St (Thanks Kladys)
Lafayette Street near Bleecker (Thanks anonymous!)
Bleecker between Mercer and Mulberry (Thanks Alesha!)
Crosby St between Bleecker and Houston
Broadway between Houston and Bond st
Lafayette between Houston and Bond st
Bond St between Broadway and Lafayette
Mercer St between Bleecker and Houston
Bond and Bowery 7 am-11 pm (Charlynne)

Fianlly, I started a thread in our forum for Salt (starring Angelina Jolie), if you have any scoop, let us know and I will be adding all the info over there.


  1. Guys, please sign the petition that Christine put here last time.. A lot of things are not being filmed in New York anymore and a lot of production are leaving New York due to this. According, to filming in brooklyn, Fringe is already moving to canada and others will follow.

  2. hey if anyoen goes to the untitled nancy myers project can u please post on here! thank you 🙂 and what time it is if u do go.. super appreciated

  3. I saw Kelly Rutherford (from GG) with her son near Bloomingdales around 10:30 this morning. Does anyone know of any GG filming around there?

    • lol, no…i live in Florida. I was in New York last month, but i didn’t get to see anything 🙁 I just want some CB pics!!! All of these NB pics are making me so sad 🙁 lol

  4. penn will be filming on the corner of bond and lafayette after lunch in about an hour apparently(abut 3pm) and taylor momsen is there too but they are the only ones filming around there this afternoon apparently

  5. I just got back from The extra man and its freezing outside. I waited for an hour an saw no one. There is LOTS and LOTS of paparazzi there. I may go back tomorrow.
    While I was walking through there I saw that LAW & ORDER: Criminal Intent was going to film wednesday at 7th avenue and 22 st.

  6. I was on the set today! Way too cold outside to stand up and watch anything. lol! The wind was nuts too. But, they did most of their taping on Lafayette and Bleeker.

  7. I just came back from seeing Gossip Girl film. I didn’t stay for long but I saw Matthew Settle and Penn Badgley. I took a pic with Penn and then I had to leave. I think the only ones who are filming tonight are Matthew, Penn, and I also heard Taylor Momsen will be there. They are going to be filming until 11PM tonight. I asked someone on the crew about where they’ll be the next few days. They will be in Staten Island tomorrow. Wednesday they will be on 55th St near 2nd or 3rd Ave. They didn’t say anything about Thursday and Friday. Btw, Ugly Betty will be filming in the same area tomorrow. I saw a few signs for it.

  8. Nicole and Jess: The crew did not give info about where they’d be filming in Staten Island tomorrow. Sorry. =( Maybe another tipster will have more info about it later. =)

  9. I went to the GG set today around 5ish. I saw Penn, Taylor and Rufus. Penn was really nice and took pictures with everyone. Taylor was sweet as well. Rufus was in a rush and barely stopped for pictures.


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