Filming Locations for 3.6-3.8.09

Criminal Minds is filming at 808 S Olive St, Los Angeles.

Lie to Me is filming in Lower Arroyo Park , Colorado St Bridge, Pasadena, CA.

Num3ers is also filming at various locations throughout Pasadena, CA.

Jack Goes Boating (directed byPhilip Seymour Hoffman and starring Amy Ryan) is filming near Court and President Streets in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

The Wronged Man is filming in Coweta County, Georgia.

Salt (starring Angelina Jolie) is filming in Georgetown at Waters Alley NW. (Thanks Jenny!) Update: We got word there is no sign of Salt at this address as of this morning, please leave a comment and let us know if you spot Salt filming in D.C.! at L’Enfant Plaza, D.C. (Thanks BT)

Gavin Rossdale is filming a video on Hope St from 6th St to 7th St in Los Angeles on Saturday 3/7 and Sunday 3/8.

SVU was scheduled to be at the United Nations building tomorrow, March 7th but filming may be rescheduled for March 8th or possibly cancelled due to Mariska Hargitay being hospitalized. (Thanks vemd!)

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The Extra Man, starring Katie Holmes, is filming around 10th Street & 3rd Ave in NYC. (Thanks Dr!)

Law and Order is filming near City Hall, NYC.

CI is filming somewhere in the vicinity of Broadway and W. 37th, NYC. UPDATE: CI is filming at 6th between 36th and 37th. (Thanks Danielle!)


The Untitled Nancy Meyers Project (starring Meryl Streep, John Krasinski, Alce Baldwin and Steve Martin) is filming again at the Picnic House in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

SVU is filming at Van Cortlandt Park Ave and Radford St in Yonkers, NY.

Prison Break is still filming at the Fred C. Nelles Youth Correctional Facility, 11850 E Whittier Blvd, Whittier, CA.


  1. alex they would be in studio tomorrow again on monday maybe they’ll shoot on location somewhere in the upper east side as far as i know this may change..

    • i dont think it works like that … like it changes? but they do have nates apt. on the upper east side — others can correct me tho

  2. The studio is called silvercup studio. It’s in long island city in queens. Just do a google search for it and you can check the google maps for directions. Hope that helps. 🙂

  3. Are you sure that’s right for Criminal minds?? People from the CM set said they just got done filming the last episode for the season.

    • Hi Cheryl, thanks for the info, I think that tip came from a city permit which is always subject to change, I can’t honestly say if they are filming for sure or not.

      If anyone is in the viciinity of Criminal Minds, please let us know if anything is going on.

  4. hi, does anyone know when GG will be going on break? i’m coming to ny march 26-31, and i really hope they’re still filming. please let me know. thanks!

  5. is in the main lot not the east lot and i met pennand michlle yesterday is very possible if you have patience and wait i’m going at his lucnh time tomorrow if you wanto to go before you are not going to see anyone only at 7.30am or 1.30 pm

  6. thank u very much! Does somebody knows at what time they usually leave? cuz i’m from ecuador and tomorrow i’m arriving at 5 so i won’t make it for 1 30.. and i’m leaving sunday

  7. the only ones that i saw are penn and michelle and i got some pictures with them blake was there but she didn’t come out and leighton was with her they were filming a scene in serena’s bedroom is someone going today?

  8. I’m headed to the studio to see if I can catch someone. Do you think its a good possibility? Prob get there around 12 – and wait around. Leaving the city in a lil

  9. Sorry giani i don´t know if i could go I´m only 13.. =( .. so it will be like a responsibility for you hahaha.. but please if you know where the studio is tomorrow if you can let me know i´m really excited about the idea of going because i´m from ecuador and i´m just going to ny from tomorrow that i arrive at 4 o clock till sunday! still thank u a lot =).. do you know at what time they leave the studio? cuz i won´t make it for 1 30 so maybe i can go at the time they are leaving.. do u know where is going to be the studio today?

  10. the studio is in long island city i don’t know in wich set they are going to be filming i think x or b and the time depends on the day maybe 8.30 but it can be untill 9.30 or 10 to i don’t know exactly!

  11. Greg Grunburg just posted on his twitter site that the whole cast of heroes will be filming in the same big scene tonight… anyone know where?

    • Hey Anna! Did you get any pics of Steve Martin? If you want to share them please email them to us at and thanks for the update!

      Also, we saw Meryl on a set last year, my bf was taking pics of her from across the street and her bodyguard came over and told him to stop so don’t feel bad, you aren’t the only one who got the cold shoulder from Meryl! 🙂

      • thanks for the update… was hoping that some pics “from a distance” would surface soon. hopefully so. i’ve seen some on gettyimages etc of her arriving on set…

        • hey — no unfortunately i didnt have my camera out in time for steve – i said hello to him haha, n meryl i actuallyw ent up to and asked but she said no but she’d sign something, i had nothing ot sign tho— i woulda stayed and waited but i didnt wanna be there after dark …. it was all inside .and wouldnt maek for any exciting pic at all haha

          • meryl kind of did the same thing to me and my friends. she got out of a car, and started to run to set, and wouldnt look back when we called her name.
            it was mean :[
            one of the workers said alec baldwin doesnt start to film until around march 16. just putting that out there, if anyone was planning to see alec.
            and he also said he didnt know who john krasinski was, and so did another guy, so im not sure if hes going to be in it.
            but he is listed in the cast on IMDB

    • Hey Lisa, I don’t know if you are in Wilmington but it’s all over the place that they are filming NOW the wedding reception at Tric in Wilmington!!
      Hopefully you had this info earlier– if not- head over! I’m jealous!

  12. ABC is filming something between 8th and 9th street on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles this weekend (3/7 – 3/8). The whole street is shut down and cars (some wrecked) are strewn throughout the street, including a large bus.

  13. Any goss/location pics for Prison Break? There are rumours of huge ariel stunts with planes and cranes at the youth correctional building. Can anyone confirm this.

      • Fringe Monday March 9th, 6am until 8pm
        E 21 St between Park Av and Broadway
        Broadway between 20 St and 21 St
        E 20 St between Broadway and 5th Av
        E 20 St between Broadway and Park Av
        E 22 St between Park Av and Broadway

        Have fun!!!
        xxx Caroline

  14. Jack Goes Boating will be filming tomorrow (Monday, March 9) on Madison and 70th/71st — saw signs yesterday on those two blocks.

  15. they will be on location in the morning and studio in the afternoon but i don’t know where if someone know it will be great!


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