Filming Locations for 3.11.09

Prison Break is filming at the Fred C Nelles Correctional Facility again.

NCIS is filming at 1111 S. Broadway, 1120 S. Broadway, the alley between 11th St and 12th St., Broadway, Main St, in Los Angeles.

Life is filming at 532 S. Olive St, Los Angeles.

Salt (starring Angelina Jolie) is filming around W 155th and Broadway, NYC. (Thanks so much to our anonymous tipster!)

The Untitled Nancy Meyers Project (starring Meryl Streep and Steve Martin) Sarahbeth’s Bakery in Chelsea Market.

Gossip Girl is filming at the Russian Tea Room again.

Fringe is filming at Driggs Ave and Eckford St in Brooklyn. (Thanks JT!)

What About The Morgans?, starring Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica Parker and Elsabeth Moss, is filming outside The Mercer Hotel (through the 13th).


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  1. anyone that was at the set of gossip girl yesterday…is it worth going to see at the Russian Tea Room or will they tell people to leave when they are filming?

    also…does anyone know around what time they will be filming? Thanks!

    • FROM what we picked up from being there yesterday a lot of filming inside will be happening today…

      but I would encourage popping by, you’ll never know what you’ll see or who you’ll run into!

  2. yeah i second jc’s question.
    i can only make it around 7 so i need to know the specific time.
    and will it even be worth going?
    please & thank you!

  3. Does anybody know if Hunter Parrish is filming his scenes from The Untitled Nancy Meyers Project in NYC? (he’s playing the son of meryl streep’s character)

  4. I’m going to NYC today so I will most likely be stopping by Gossip Girl at some point. I’m only in the city for the day and I really wanted to catch some GG filming, so hopefully I can see something. Anyone else going today??

  5. Saw about 10 minutes of filming. Then they disappeared. Meaning Chace, Leighton and Blake.

    Anyone going today? I walked down 56th as I do every morning and the trailers are gone.

  6. Hey does anyone know where SVU is today? ik mariska won’t be there, but i still wanna see chris meloni. so if anyone knows, plz post. thankss! (:

  7. Numerous GG people at the tea room yesterday said they were going to be filming again today but inside. They said they rented the entire Russian Tea Room out so I would imagine they are filming again. There’s a back door at the team room that leads straight to 56th and their trailers too in case some didn’t know…

  8. I walked down 56th at about 9:20ish. There aren’t trailers like yesterday, but they might be parked somewhere else becaues all the craft service carts are set up today on 56th, so obv there’s something going on still.

  9. SVU is not filming today…i went yesterday tho, and met both christopher meloni and ice-t….they were incredibly nice and very funny! mariska still isn’t filming for a while

  10. they are probably going to start later. Around non maybe. I think they took trailers out because they have a place to go in the tea room. They were rarely in the trailers yesterday, so idk.

  11. SALT FILMING: If anybody goes today , please see if signs are posted for the rest of the week and see if somebody friendly will tell you more info.

    And are they filming inside or outside the building please???

    Many Thanks

  12. I just left the Gossip Girl set. When I was there they were filming one quick scene outside and now they are inside for the rest of the day. I saw Blake and Leighton and I heard Chace was there earlier. So there’s not much going on anymore but I might stop by later to see if any of the actors go outside for a break?

  13. I just want to say to everyone, this site is amazing , anything you read out here … do it , believe it! everytime i decide to go to the city i check OLV out and i am always successful with meeting people, and its even more fun meeting people from the site randomly when being out.

    Tiffani – Nice meeting you yesterday!

    hopefully my photos and videos will be posted later if i sent them right so you could all see what i’m talking about on top of all the amazing pictures from the fans on OLV! If ya’ll ever used this site and gone, you know what i’m talking bout , so keep the site alive! You know what you gotta do to make that happen! DONATE! Have a Good Day!

  14. BiBi ,
    Yesterday they were did take a few breaks you just gotta be by the trailer to catch them and hope the security is being cool and they have time to do it. Take a chance … its def worth it!

  15. Stevie G! Nice meeting you as well.
    It was very successful yesterday.
    And today! We got pics with chace and said hey to leighton and michelle.

  16. Does anyone know where Entourage is filming. I know they are in LA and they started filming season 6 on March 2nd, 2009. I was just wondering if anyone had the scoop. Love this site!

  17. I have a feeling GG will be filming at ‘Constance Billiard’ tomorrow. The location is 103rd and 5th avenue. My friend saw signs. If anyone can verify that would be cool.

  18. Did anyone have a chance to check out Constance Billard today? I found about the LIC location from a pretty reliable source but they may be filming at two locations, any ideas?

  19. Hi, I will be travelling to Detroit sometime in the next couple of weeks, and as a moderator for GerardButler Fans, I would really like to meet up with Gerry. Does anyone know what days Gerry will be filming at which locations? I would greatly appreciate the info, and promise pix if I can get near him. Thank you ever so much!


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