Filming Locations for 3.12.09

Salt is filming on 157th Street near Riverside Drive today and tomorrow. (The trailers are on Broadway. They are using an apartment on Riverside Drive. There are lots of lights in front of the apartment building on scaffolding, saw Angelina in the afternoon coming from set to the trailer.) (Thanks Jim!)

Gossip Girl is filming near 48th Ave and 5th St in Long Island City. (Thanks to Joe!)

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Fringe is filming near Flushing Ave and Franklin Ave in Brooklyn.

Law and Order is filming near Centre St and Pearl St in NYC. (Thanks to our Anonymous tip!)

Day One (a new pilot) is filming at 7th & Figueroa St in Los Angeles.

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What About The Morgans?, starring Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica Parker and Elsabeth Moss, is filming outside The Mercer Hotel, NYC (through the 13th).

Prison Break is filming near El Segundo and Prairie Ave, Hawthorne, CA.

Also, we got a tip that Grey’s Anatomy does most of their filming at the Sepulveda VA Hosptal. (You can usually catch them filming there in the afternoons because they can’t use the hospital until after 5pm or so.) (Thanks Lily!)

OTH is filming the wedding reception at Tric in Wilmington now. (Thanks to Allison who left this tip in a comment!)


    • New York City is the most safest “large city” (with the population more than 100,000) in the United States. In 2002, it had the same crime rate as a city in Utah. Now, in a city with 8 million people “There have been 58 murders in 2009 compared to 63 over the same period in 2008 for an eight percent drop. Rapes are down 21 percent and robbery, *burglary and grand larceny all fell in the double digits.*”

      So yes, it is safe in Harlem–the whole city, the huge mass that it is, is safe. I know, I live smack in the middle of Queens.


    • We were up in this area on set yesterday, trust me, it’s ghetto. I wouldn’t recommend going there during late hours. There’s thug-looking dudes all over the place, hanging outside pretty much every store — in groups. But during the day, it was “OK” considering that. I wouldn’t suggest going down any side streets. But the good thing is, the subway stop is almost exactly located where the set is, so it’s good. Also, access wasn’t so great yesterday. You may want to wait until this weekend when they film at 5th avenue!

  1. Salt is filming near NY Prespyterian hospital. Neighborhood is beautifuln near historic sitesm. It is not Harlem actually, but you should see Harlem today anyway, great things are happening there. Is it safe? Safe as anywhere else.

  2. Does anyone know anything about the Sarah Jessica Parker film that is filming outside the Soho Hotel, is she there until Friday?? Any info would be great!

  3. oops i didnt mean salt— let me rewrite that question does anyone know where they ARE filming the what about the morgans? they arent near the mercy hotel at all?

  4. This is a random question but if I was to visit the GG set any day and wanted to meet a cast member, where would I wait? On the set where they are filming or by their trailers? Thanks bunches.

    • trailers is usually the best bet because they all have to go there at some stage.. they usually have to go to hair and make up trailers too.. thats where i met a few of them

          • the trailers can be spread out sometimes.. but theyre usually in the same general area.. i guess it depends where they are shooting coz it changes with each location.. but all the main kids are usually in the same area.. you can tell coz their trailers have the nice doors haha.
            I’ve never actually been at night so i’m ot really sure but I’m sure any time they have a break or something they would just head back there and chill out.. hope that helps a little bit!

  5. tomrrow GG is at the location (104th and 5th) I thought they were for today which is why I asked someone to verify. A GG staff member said that they will be at that location tomorrow all day. Today there weren’t a lot of people. Michelle, Blake, Armie, Ed, and that girl Poppy were there. We got pics with four out of five. But def tomorrow they are uptown. All I know is that penn and Taylor have the first scene and chace will not be there at all.


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