Filming Locations for 3.17.09

Gossip Girl will be filming at Joralemon and Court Streets in Brooklyn Heights. (Thanks Cindy and Karen!)

The Unusuals, the ABC series starring Amber Tamblyn, Harold Perrineau, and Adam Goldberg, is filming at Canal Street and Lafayette in NYC, 6a.m.-9p.m. (Thanks MW!)

Howl is filming on E 13th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B in NYC. (Thanks Red!)

Salt is filming around 51st and Park, NYC. (Thanks Maggie, Anon, and MWFS!)

When in Rome is filming (reshoots) near Lafayette and Walker, NYC. (Thanks Michelle!)

Rescue Me is filming near Skillman Ave and 48th St in Sunnyside, Queens. (Thanks Steph!)

Law and Order: CI is filming near Orchard St and Stanton St, NYC.

The L.A. premiere of I Love You Man is tonight too!


Have You Heard About The Morgans? (SJP & Hugh Grant) is filming around 103rd and 5th to 106th and 5th Ave in NYC from 5 am till 11 pm. (Thanks Irving!)

Gary Sinise’s Lt. Dan Band is playing at the Lexington Armory, NYC at 3 PM today for St. Patty’s Day.


NBA NY Knicks player, Nate Robinson, stopping by Foot Locker’s House of Hoops store in Harlem to debut his new Nike Foamposite Lite Slam Dunk shoe. (Thanks to Gabi, not sure what time this was, the event may be over as I just got the notice but wanted to add it just in case, thanks!)

If you blog/twitter/flickr/Facebook/MySpace/whatever your experiences on set thanks to OLV, please give us a shout out, we’d really appreciate the love, thanks!!


  1. Hey! I need some help- I received a few emails today from people wondering about locations for the following, please leave a comment or send us a tip if you hear anything about these, thanks so much in advance!!

    Ugly Betty
    Up in Air (St Louis)
    Anything in L.A. (I did get a couple tips but they were all in studio)
    New Moon (Vancouver)
    Betty Anne Waters (Detroit)

    • Please guys I live in LA too and I collect autographs. I would like to get more I only have a few so any tips would be greatly apreciated

  2. christine i cant send in a tip in the link so ill just write it here,
    what about the morgans will be filming from 103rd and 5th to 106th and 5th ave tomorrow from 5 am till 11 pm, also Extra mann will be filming around my school friday march 20th on 86th and broadway hope this helps

    • They film inside the school at that street (Joralemon) so you probably wont get to see anyone unless you wait outside at the trailers

  3. Hey! So I stopped by the GG shoot yesterday and I was with a whole bunch of girls waitingin front of I think vanessas trailor and Nate came out of his and he was talking to this Asian girl and then they hugged and got to snap a picture. They looked like they knew each other, anyone know anything of that?? I didn’t get to take a picture, my camera died.

  4. RE: SALT photos on Sat. What time were they taken? I was there 11AM-1;30PM and did not see the stars although maybe I just couldn’t see them. I was at NW corner of 51 and Park Ave, Thanks

  5. How can I get advanced notice of where “Morgans” is shooting so that I can get some pics of Hugh Grant? Anyone know where a daily sked might be posted?

    • Hi Melc- I had heard over the weekend they would be filming in studio yesterday and today, if I hear anything else for the rest of the week, I’ll be sure to post it, thanks

    • i go to school right around the corner from where they were filming and their trailers were parked right in front of my school .. chuck, nate, jenny, vanessa, rufus, cyrus, lily, serena, blair, nelly, penelope, isabel, dan and probably others were there. i saw almost the entire cast.

  6. Does anyone know when filming for Fringe will end for the season? I will be in NYC the first week of April and would love to catch some filming. 🙂

    Love this site btw!

  7. Has anyone been to the ‘Have you Heard About the Morgan’ set?? Any info would be much appreciated! Is SJP filming today?

  8. two questions.
    does anyone know when SVU will stop filming for the season…or do they ever?
    how long will the reshoots of when in rome be going on??

  9. quick question does kings ever film on location?
    and law and order svu will be filming tomorrow 2/18/09 at orchard street in nyc signs were seen

  10. Stopped by a few sets around 10/11am
    The Unusuals was filming in a building down an alley; I didn’t go inside

    When In Rome had trailers down Leonard by Knitting Factory; Josh Duhamel’s character’s trailer was marked. They were filming down Franklin. Signs for no parking on Thur were posted.

    Howl had a lot of cones saving spots on the street, and people watching the cones

  11. They were still filming Salt when I was there about 30 minutes ago.
    My friend and I had lunch in the area and Chiwetel is in the trailer that’s marked “P”. We saw him come out a couple of times while we were there.

        • i was there .. they were filming an outside scene and the extras were wearing cap and gowns the girls were wearing green, the boys were wearing blue. I saw nate and chuck carrying their gowns. The entire cast was there. the trailers were parking right in front of my school so I saw most of the cast .. the only person i didnt see was blair .. well i saw her for a split second it was her back and she was running to set but everyone else seemed very friendly.

  12. Just came from gg. I’m so sad I didn’t get to see leighton:( but I did get awesome pics with chace, ed, the guy who plays rufus and the lady who plays eleonor. I also saw blairs posse: isabel, penelope, and nelly as well as Blake lively. It was so worth going today because they were all there. It was def graduation day.

  13. hii i would like to know if someone knows where GG is filming on monday march 30 and at what time? or any day from now! please let me knoww!

  14. i went to the filming of remember me with Robert Pattinson today on springs street and greenwich. The swam of people was not as great until he came out i only saw him for 30 seconds while i was outside for hours. I think it is stupid how crazy girls have to make such a big scene when if they didnt i could have seen him more possibly.


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