Filming Locations for 3.18.09

The Extra Man, starring Katie Holmes, John C Reilly, and Paul Dano, is filming on E  89th between 1st and York in NYC. (Thanks Sue!)

Gossip Girl is filming in the vicinity of Park Ave and 60th St in NYC. (Thanks Bethany!)

Law and Order: CI is filming near 2nd Ave and E 3rd St in Manhattan. (Thanks Sarah!)

Law and Order is filming near/at Van Cortlandt Golf Course, Bronx.

SVU is filming on Orchard St, (cross st might be Grand) in NYC. (Thanks Lola!)

Fringe is filming in Long Island City near Jackson Ave and Thomson Ave. (Thanks Anna!)

The Untitled Nancy Meyers Project (starring Meryl Streep, John Krasinski, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin) is filming again at the Sarahbeth Bakery.

When in Rome (starring Josh Duhamel and Kristen Bell) is filming near W 76th and Central Park W, NYC.

Rescue Me is filming near Skillman Ave and 48th St in Sunnyside, Queens again. (Thanks Steph!)

Salt is filming at 51st and Park, NYC again (through Friday). (Thanks Lily!) FYI: We also heard that it will be very difficult to see Angelina. She’s there around noon shooting indoor scenes and then quickly ushered to the Waldorf Astoria when she’s finished.

Howl, based on an obscenity trial Allen Ginsberg faced after the release of Howl, starring James Franco, Mary-Louise Parker, and Paul Rudd, is filming near West St and Bethune St in NYC. (Thanks Frank!)

Did You Hear About The Morgans?, about an estranged couple who are put into the witness protection program and moved to Wyoming, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant, is filming on and around 77th and Madison, NYC. (Thanks Joanna!)

Julia Roberts will be on Live With Regis and Kelly at 9 a.m., 71 Lincoln Sq., Between W. 67th St. and Columbus Ave, NYC. (Thanks Lily!)

Law Abiding Citizen, starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler, is filming at Laurel Hill Cemetery, Pennsylvania. (Thanks Pat!)

The Unit is filming at 590 S Santa Fe Ave, 6th St (under bridge), and 544 Mateo St, Los Angeles.

Don’t forget, The Education of Charlie Banks Premiere is tonight in L.A. The Education of Charlie Banks, about a college student who has to face his past, was directed by Fred Durst (yes, that Fred Durst) and stars Jason Ritter.

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The Wolverine Prequel is filming in New Orleans.

Two new pilots are filming today in Providence, RI.


Betty Anne Waters with Hilary Swank and Minnie Driver, is filming in Ypsilanti Michigan. (Thanks Linda!)


  1. for any insiders who were @ the GG set today , do we know if tomorrow is an interior shoot and by any chance would you also know which cast members will be in for filming?

    also for you pros who are @ the locations, what time do y’all usually show up to par-take in the action?

  2. Is fringe going to film around the rail road tracks or around the bridge in LIC? (I know the area, used to go to HS around there 😀 )

      • yeah it is thomson, sorry, that was a typo on my part-I think the tip was from a sign there so I don’t know the exact location. I also got a report from someone who must have been in the cast or crew and they said they had to report to Court Sq this morning but I didn’t hear anything else after that. I’m just speculating but I don’t think they are filming in studio because usually they report to the studio when they are filming at the studio. Hope this helps.

        • thanks that does help. ill go and check it out a bit later… hopefully i’ll be able to bring my camera (can’t find it!)
          Its really not that far off from Silver Cup, I believe that area’s by the Citi corp building… if they are actually filming at the juncture… Thanks again!

  3. Heard that there will be an outdoor scene involving angelina at the salt location today… It involves some sort of explosion scene

  4. gg has been filming till ten. They are filming the season finale! We get there around 2:30 3:00. If anyone wants to meet us.

    • tiffani i see you are @ GG sets A LOT….thanks cause’ without some of y’all how would we know? LOL…

      anyways, normally what time do they start filming? Even doing test shots, if you could shed a light on a new obsessed GG set viewing person it would be awesome and greatly appreciated

      • they usually start filming pretty early.. i don’t know how long they’re in hair and make up for but their days are supposedly from like 6am til 10pm.. but i guess it all depends who is shooting what scenes etc.. i went at 9am once and they had already started shooting

    • Tiffani, you seem to know a lot about the GG filming schedule (thanks for all the info you’ve given!) do you know why they’re on the finale? Are they filming out of order or do they only have few days left for filming this season?

  5. well we are gonna pop on the train and head over and see what we can see @ Gossip Girl, i am taking my laptop and also the iPhone so if we see anything or have any updates, we’ll let y’all know ;-D

  6. Does anyone know about Fringe? I want to go see them filming, but I have 1. never been to Long Island City and 2. Heard there is a studio or something over there — so are they filming indoors or outdoors and is it worth it to head over there?

  7. Hey Steph, any idea if Rescue Me will be filming there again tomorrow(Thurs)???? I love the show, & would really like to get there again, but need more notice than 10 or 11 @ night so that I can get off work, plus I live 2 hours away in PA.
    Also, if you know about Rescue Me more than just because you saw signs, could you email me privately, pretty please??? You don’t have any idea how badly I want to get there before their done filming, which has to be soon.

    • I went up there today, and they hadn’t started filming yet. They have some stuff set up but its still pretty quiet. They will be filming though, on Friday from 7am-2am around 42 street, 43rd street, and 43rd ave in sunnyside queens… I’m gonna try to go in the morning!! Have you met them all before???

      • Kristin, yes, I met them all on 8/1. Here’s a report on the whole day, I was lucky enough to meet up w/ May from, & it was captured on the internet for posterity!!
        Here’s my flickr photo stream from the day:
        I’ll post it to today’s comments as well in case you miss it here.
        I wanted to meet John Scurti, have a huge crush on him. He was such a sweetheart, Adam Ferrara was too. They’re the only ones I talked to other than meeting & shaking hands w/ & having group pics taken w/ Denis was polite but cool.
        Thanks so much for the info, I’ll see if I can make it up, I really hope so!!!! If you can, find out what they’re doing next week, please!!!

    • it’s by the citi corp building (look at the posts we had up there^), its a rather large blvd. if you want to go take the E to Eli and then get to the station and walk toward the Court square or if you cant take E cause it’s express i suggest V then. G is… um… usually nonexistent (I live in the city and I’ve only seen the G train ONCE in the station lol)

  8. so we just did a walk around the block, and we so far we only have seen Blake in one of the white vans….Trailers for GG are on 60th in between Madison and Park…

    Looks like they are filming inside a rest. they had filters being set up inside….BUT we did see signs calling this location “Set #2″…….

  9. 4 is Taylor and 6 is Ed. They usually come out around 3 and 4 for break. And no problem guys I love helping. If anyone wants to call me and ask any questions you can just send me an email or response on this and I can give you a call. Does anyone have a fb? Add me there my name is Tiffani Amber.

  10. they are filming the season finale because that is the ending episode. They finish filming for this season next week. On April 1st.

  11. No definant time, all the permits say 10 pm. We’ve also seen Taylor. A limo was just parked front of the restaurant and blocked off so they must be don’t some kind of exterior shooting but who knows when

  12. okk guys

    today I went to the GG set and I met a 2 girls and their mom… then their mom asked this lady [who, I guess, worked there but she seemed lost :\ ] if Ed was filming today and she said no!! and now I found out that his number was #6!! ahh! I saw his trailer and everything but him 🙁 … I’m so mad 🙁

    [chuckkkkk <3]

    thanxx for reading this :]

    P.S. I saw Nelly Yuki! and I saw her, Penelope, and Isabel’s trailers. Please tell me where they’re filming tomorrow!

    • hahha omg hey that was us!!
      we saw this girl who looked like an extra because she was wearing flats and holding heels in her hand and she was in a rush and i tried running after her, but once she turned the block, she was gone :[

      but the custodians told us that the church area was a lounge area with all the food for the girls and they are sent to another location (where that girl went just down the block and a left) and leighton and blake were there the whole day

      and then one of the wardrobe people said that they started really late today, so they will be probably going on till midnight?

    • haha for what? nahh thanxx for reading my pathetic post 🙁

      heyy tiff I tried to add you but there’s like a kajillion tiffani ambers!! haha. Add me my fb is kathy leon. And if anyone else wants to add me, go ahead haha

  13. i went to howl today for a bit
    didnt see anyone because james franco was filming a long scene inside.
    and btw christine, paul rudd isnt in the movie. when we asked about paul rudd, a crew member said “i know IMDB says he’s in it, but hes not.”

    • hey- thanks for the update I didn’t think it seemed like the type of movie paul rudd would be in but I read like 3 articles that all cited him as a lead- guess everyone’s taking that from IMDb- thanks for letting us know!

  14. does anyone know where gg will be filming tomoro? its the last day i can go into the city before theyr done filming so i hope theyr not in studio…

  15. Does anybody know what they are filming in the east village? There is a lot of action going on on Waverly and the side streets by washington square park. Lots of movie trucks.


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