Movie and TV Filming Locations for 3.24.09

The Untitled Hemingson Project is filming at 515 S. Flower St (through 3.31) and S. Figueroa St from W. 5th St – W. 6th St, Los Angeles.

Greenberg, starring Ben Stiller and Jennifer Jason Leigh, is filming at the Laurel Pet Hospital in West Hollywood, CA.

90210 is filming at 145 N Rossmore Ave, Los Angeles. (Through 3.25) (Thanks Elisa)

Rescue Me is filming at Church Street near Duane Street and Lafayette and White in lower Manhattan. (Thanks Randy and JAM!)

Fringeis filming at Greenpoint Ave and West Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. (Thanks Peter!)

The Untitled Nancy Meyers Project (starring Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin) is filming near Russell St and Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn.

Salt is filming at the Coler-Glodwater Hospital on Roosevelt Island again. (Thanks so much to Chuck!!)

Did You Hear About The Morgans?, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant, signs spotted at 63rd and Madison, 86th and Lexington, 89th and 3rd in NYC. (Thanks Phoebe Joanna, Sue, Meira!)

Howl is filming  again in at the Bronx Supreme Court but James Francowon’t be there, he is filming on the upper east side, near 78th between Lex and Park. (Thanks Fallon and Lola!)

Law and Order: SVU is filming around the 110th and 3rd Ave in NYC. (Thanks Jessica!)

Law and Order: CI is filming near Riverdale Ave and W. 260th St in the Bronx.

When in Rome is filming on Mulberry St between Houston and Prince, NYC. (FYI: I just got another (reliable) tip that WIR is in studio today at Brooklyn Navy Yard. If anyone can confirm the Mulberry St tip, please do so in a comment below, thanks!)

FYI: Gossip Girl is in studio.


The Cleaner is filming at various locations around Pasadena.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is filming at Warren St & Montgomery St in Jersey City.


  1. No Gossip Girl again today? I really want to see them filming again, so please let me know if you know of any filming later this week.

  2. Rescue Me is filming this morning in the Bocca Resturant at the corner of Reade Street and Church Street in Lower Manahattan.

          • I’m going to go Thurs. Couldn’t make today or tomorrow work, so i’m hoping they’re still there then, or another tip comes in. Fingers crossed! If not, I’ll ck the list & updates before I leave, & ck my phone when I get in & try for Fringe or Life on Mars or something.

            • I just passed the set again (new location). They’ve moved to White Street at Broadway. They just broke for lunch, they’re coming back at 2:30. Try both locations on Thursday (Reade St. & White St.), I saw Orange Signs for Rescue Me at both locations saying Tuesday & Thursday. Probably same deal Reade St. in the Morning, White St. in the Afternoon. Good Luck!

              • You are awesome, I love you!!!!! Do you work around there, is that how you’re so on top of this? I so appreciate it! You don’t have any idea.

                • I work near there but I always keep an eye out for filming locations. I thinks its so cool. I usually spend my lunch hour looking for the bright lights and RV’s. I think this website is awesome. I actually got to meet America Ferrera on the set of Ungly Betty the other day! I happened to walk by as she was coming out of the make-up trailer. Good luck with the Rescue Me set on Thursday.

  3. I walked past 86th and Lexington and the signs said that Did You Hear About the Morgans will be filming from 5 PM to 3 AM, so I assume its a night scene.

  4. For When In Rome, I live in the area of Mulberry St and swung by on my way home….the “To Set” signs were just getting put up (about 30 minutes ago) and they’re unloading equipment from trucks. Looks like actual filming is somewhere around Prince and Lafayette, one block west of Mulberry St but I didn’t check it out too closely; just enough to see there was activity of some sort.

    • oh thanks.. i live just near there too and had a look on my way home at like 3 but didn’t see anything.. I might go have a look again in a little bit.. thank you!

  5. For anyone interested in When In Rome, i hd a look out the window and there is a big truck setting stuff up on Prince St between Lafayette and Crosby and orange signs posted on prince from there to Broadway.. I didn’t go down and read them but if i see anything interesting i’ll post it.

  6. FYI: I got a tip that Greenberg was not filming at that location in West Hollywood. I had a feeling that was going to happen- I don’t trust that site where I got that tip- anyone can post anything- I should have left it off, sorry!!

    I’m thinking about coming up with some sort of rating system for how accurate I think the tips are, any suggestions as to how I can do that, I thought maybe I could rate them by hot to cold or something. Anyway, jsut something to think about.

    (Thanks CR!)


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