How To Read Permit Signs in New York City


Most of our tips for NYC filming locations come from permit signs that are spotted on streets throughout the city. NYC posts these signs to let residents know they won’t be able to park on the street while filming is going on because they will need the space to park trailers, trucks, etc.

There are two dates on the permits. The first date (top date and time) is the deadline for moving cars before they are towed, the second date and time is when they will actually be filming. Here’s an example:


 I circled where you can find the date and time the production will be filming, this is what you will will want to look for if you spot a permit. Of course, you will also want to note the name of the production, in this example it is obviously Gossip Girl. We will also need the street and nearest cross street where the sign is posted.

I hope this helps and thanks again to everyone who has already reported a location from a permit they’ve spotted, we couldn’t do it without you!


  1. Can you also send in times too? That would be a big help, esp for those of us coming in from out of town.
    Thanks to everyone who submits tips, it’s fantastic!!!!
    This reminds me tho, I forgot to steal 1 of the signs from Rescue Me yesterday! damn! I was on such a high from just meeting & getting a pic w/ Maura Tierney, that my brain had turned to mush.


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