‘Main Street’, starring Orlando Bloom, Begins Filming in Durham, NC

orlando-bloomToday, Main Street, starring Orlando Bloom, Andrew McCarthy, Ellen Burstyn, Patricia Clarkson, and Colin Firth begins filming in Durham, NC. The movie is about a small town, Five Points, and a diverse group of residents whose lives change when an outsider brings something new and potentially dangerous into their quiet town.

The Durham Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has published a MAP of the locations that will be impacted by filming so residents know what to expect. Though the dates and addresses are still rough, it does give an idea of what part of town they will be filming in and when the filming will take place.

If you’re in Durham and catch any of the shoot, please share your stories and pics with us at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. This movie does not “star” Orlando Bloom. Please, he’s not the main character, nor the male lead. Here’s a hint – the alternate title to this script is ‘Gus Leroy’ which is not OB’s part.

    • it dosnt matter so stfu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He still has a very strong role and the reason he chose this is because he hasnt had a strong role since the last POTC that stands for Pirates of the Caribbean if you didnt know cause you are small minded. he is really nice and i would know cause i met him april 5 , 7:44 on sunday night the day before he started filming.

  2. UPDATE: The link tot he map in the post no longer works, luckily I found another site that had copied all of the info before the link went down. Here is the link link and info: https://www.indyweekblogs.com/arts/2009/03/30/star-watcher-alert-main-street-filming-locations-released/

    Shooting begins Monday, April 6, at 206 N. Dillard St., which is at the corner of Liberty and Dillard. Shooting then moves to 400 N. Duke St. April 15-18.

    The tentative schedule for the rest of five-week shoot is as follows:

    505 W. Chapel Hill St. and 1004 Linwood Ave., April 21

    200 E. Main, April 22

    215 N. Church and 414 Cleveland St., April 23-24

    1801 Fayetteville Road, April 25

    713 Linwood Ave, May 2

    123 W. Main, May 4

    3521 Hillsborough Road (the Dog House restaurant), May 5

    Highway 147 and Roxboro Road, May 6

  3. OK so I just spent an extra hour getting home last night because of the main highway is to my house is blocked off for this movie.

    what I saw is a stretch of about 2-3 miles block off of a 8 lane freeway with lots of cop cars….My guess is that there is some sort of car chase. We shall see!

    No sightings of Orlando tho!

  4. I live in Durham and we have yet to see a release for this movie? Doe’s ANYONE know what happened to this film? Help!


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