Filming Locations for 4.21.09

SVU is filming around 141 st and Convent Ave and Bradhurst Ave from W 145th to W 149th St, NYC. (Thanks Cindy and Charlie!)

Fringe is filming in Times Square (last day in NYC). (Thanks D!)

Signs were spotted for The Baster, starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, on John St between Broadway & Water St (Thanks Shauna) and near 8th Ave and Horatio St, NYC. (Thanks dointhisbymyself!)

Main Street, starring Orlando Bloom and Colin Firth, is filming at 505 W. Chapel Hill St and 1004 Linwood Ave, Durham, NC.


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is filming near Forsythe and Canal, NYC. Signs were also spotted in Brooklyn for the entire week. Update: Signs also spotted on W 135th and 12th.

Bored to Death is filming near Stanton and Essex, NYC, 5AM-11PM.  (Thanks D!)

Salt is filming at Republic Airport on Long Island. (Thanks to Anon!)

Twelve, starring Chace Crawford, Kiefer Sutherland, and Emma Roberts, is filming on 67th St and 5th Ave in NYC. (Thanks Ashley!)

Royal Pains is filming at the Old Westbury Gardens, Old Westbury, NY. (Thanks Brian!)


Law & Order is filming on the west side of 7th Avenue between 14th & 16th Streets, NYC. (Thanks MW!)

Southland is filming at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, L.A. (Thanks JT!)


  1. If anyone is heading to the SVU shoot, it’d be great if you could let me know:

    1. Whether its an outdoor/indoor shoot.
    2. If Mariska Hargitay is there.
    3. How long it looks to be going on for.

    Depending on the answers to these questions, I may venture out after work, but by time I get to the city, it won’t be until well after 5pm.

    Thanks everyone!

    • I plan on heading there tomorrow laurendee, my project date was changed. I will try my best to let you know but internet on my phone isn’t always reliable. I am taking my friend, who is visiting from Canada and a huge fan of Mariska, so I will see how the service is on her phone or we will just find an internet cafe 🙂

      • YES to the project date being changed!

        I dont have internet on my phone sam – i have a blackberry and i just get unlimited email on it…

          • LOL I have a blackberry too and I do have internet access but I am clumsy and I drop it often. Whenever I drop it I have problems even sending texts after so what I have to do most of the time is take the battery out and let it kind of reset. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t lol. I too hope that Stephanie will be there!

            • If you can e-mail me at with any info you have. Have fun! I refuse to live down seeing Mariska and Chris on Friday. It was such a fun day! I was just disappointed they never broke from working to say hello to us. I know some fans say they got autographs and such, but when I was there at set #2 (which was pretty much all afternoon), I didn’t see anyone getting autographs. There were just a whole bunch of us fans taking pics. I’d love to visit the set again to try my luck at catching them on a better day.

              • wait, do you mean set number 3? the first set was an interior on a side street, the third set of the day was on park ave with lots of dogs at the adoption place. were you there?

                • Hi Catherine,

                  Feel free to e-mail me to discuss our experiences
                  in more depth. I was at both sets. I didn’t go to the last one
                  of the day, which was in the courtroom directly next to where
                  Chris’ and Mariska’s trailers were.

                  • uh, i don’t know how you could have been at “both sets” when there were many sets throughout the day. they began filming early morning on murray st (first set) and then 2 different scenes at city hall park (second set, third set), and then there were a few more sets throughout the day before they completed at 11 pm.
                    first set was interior, second set was on a park bench, third set was on park ave., etc.

              • SAM has informed me that Ice T and Beltzer were filming this morning,
                and that Chris, Mariska, and Tamara (in addition to Ice T and Beltzer) are currently filming now (on set #2)..

                Apparently, the shoot is scheduled until around 2am.

                • Thank you so much laurendee. Thanks for keeping everyone up to date. When I was leaving around 3pm Mariska was still at lunch and the crew were unloading the trucks and starting to set up for the night shoot which seems as if it was going to be outside around the pool (In Jackie Robinson Park).
                  They had started taking out more cameras, the director chairs and other stuff they use when they do outside shots. The pool looked empty from the angle that I was looking from so they didn’t fill it to use it and there were a lot of people in parks and recreation uniforms so it seems they will be using a lot of extras or were using a lot of extras.
                  I think they were using the pool house in the first shoot too because my friend wanted a photo with Mariska and she told her after they did rehearsal she would take the photo with her.
                  After that I asked one of the PAs where they were filming tomorrow and he said that he couldn’t give out that information but I have been on set before and asked and been told. So, my friend asked a group of PAs and they said that for the next two weeks they will be filming at ‘the station’ which I think means at the studio. Have they ever really filmed two weeks straight in the studio and not gone on location?

    • They are supposed to be in the studio now, shooting remainder of New York-based stuff before heading to N.M. If you find out otherwise, let us know.

  2. so im pretty sure that i have off thursday so i can go tothe city. does anyone know if twelve will be filming that day???? i love chace crawford and kiefer sutherland and it would be my dream to meet them!! im so excited!!!!

    • yes, please if anyone sees anything for twleve or can find out locations from someone on set, please let us know…I don’t have any more info for the rest of the week..thanks!

  3. I was thinking about skipping work and class to go see them filming… but if they aren’t going to be there, then I don’t want to go.

    Do we have any confirmations on Fringe filming?

  4. Is anyone going to see chace tomorrow? I’m going to the city tomorrow so I might try and stop by. Does anyone know what time? I really want to meet chace that would really make my birthday. Which is tomorrow lol

  5. Anyone with more info for Twelve would be greatly appreciated. I’m going to try to head over there on my lunch break or after school.

  6. Cristine do you have any info on the Morgans, I’m going out of town and me and my friends would like to see them before i leave. Please!!

    • I haven’t heard anything…someone left a comment yesterday that tey were in studio until they go to NM in a couple weeks, since I haven’t had a tip in a long time, I’m assuming that’s true and that are done filming on locatiion.

    • is it worth it to go check out TWELVE on my kunch break from 2 to 3? i’d liek to kno if any1 knows anythign about filming times since i did have to travel a bit on the subways to get there and i dont want ti waste my break haha! im closer to time square but would rather see twelve than law and order..and are they filming all day? help!

  7. just got an email from someone saying the “obsessed” premiere is in NYC on thursday- anyone have any idea what theater?

  8. Ya, I went today at 7 pm to see if Chace was still on the set of Twelve but he was gone by then. The person said that they will be filming tomorrow but he said not at the same place, and I forgot to ask where. Hopefully, someone else found out.

  9. Are Chris and Mariska at the Bradhurst Ave set? (Set 2?) Stopped by there a couple of times but no luck getting any info.

    Anyone else?

    • They were both there when I left earlier, but I left around 3pm and they had been there for about an hour and hadn’t started doing much filming yet. Did you see their trailers there still, right outside the ‘pool house’? Mariska’s was in front, then the make-up, wardrobe, guests and other cast members’ then Chris’ trailer in back. Then the huge equipment trailers and craft services truck.
      Yeah, it seemed as if the PAs didn’t want to give out any info today.

  10. i went to twelve but chace wasnt there but we did find the script for that day on the ground and it had all the places and times where they were filming for the next few days. but my friend took it so i dont have it

    • Hey Nicole! Thanks for the update, if you talk to your friend, please have her email us the info- I don’t have any more leads and would appreciate any info she can share- thanks!!!


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