Filming Locations for Thursday, 4.23.09

Main Street, starring Orlando Bloom, is filming at 215 N. Church and 414 Cleveland St, Durham, NC.

Lie To Me is filming at 1333 Willow St, Los Angeles.

Salt, starring Angelina Jolie, is filming in Albany, NY. It looks like they will continue filming in New York while filming in Albany. Signs were spotted for tomorrow (4.24) around 4oth and 5th/6th, NYC. (Thanks Erica!) UPDATE: (9 am) Angelina Jolie shooting right now at cemetery on 59 e. 2nd st.between 1st and 2nd ave. Permits for today seen along 1st and 2nd ave. All day April 23. (Thanks Steve!)

The Sorcerer’s Apprenticeis filming around 39th St/42nd between 5th and 6th St, NYC, signs said 4.22-4.24. (Thanks Danielle and D!) Update: There are lots of trailers on 38th btween 5th and 6th and 41st btween 6th and 7th. Lots of prep action happening  in front of Bryant Park Hotel. (Thanks Erica!)

Ugly Betty is filming around Church Street and Broadway/Trinity/Park Place near the World Trade Ctr site, NYC 7am to 7pm. (Thanks Christina and Yosef!)

Here’s a reminder about what to look for on the permit street signs in NYC.


Hawthorne, a new TV series for TNT starring Jada Pinkett Smith, is filming at the Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital.

Signs for The Baster, starring Jennifer Aniston, spotted around W 46th and 7th, NYC.

Law and order: CI is filming near E 7th St and Avenue C, NYC.

Just a reminder, tonight is the Fringe forum at the PaleyFest in Los Angeles.


  1. Ugly Betty trailers are set up on Murray Street this morning. I saw Molly and Suzuki’s trailer on the corner. Not sure what time filming starts or where the set is. Anyone know?

  2. Christina –
    I just went over to the location you have listed for Ugly Betty – near WTC on Church/Bdwy/Trinity Place. Nothing is going on in that area except a farmer’s market! I even asked a worker who directs traffic on that street – he said he hasn’t seen or heard anything. If anyone does know more details about UGLY BETTY – pls let us know. Thanks!

  3. Hi
    Does annyone know where the premiere of Obsessed is in NY toninght? I think The Ziegfeld but I’m not sure… Please help! Thanx

  4. Are the filming Salt tomorrow in Manhattan? Thats the same location where they are currently filming Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

    They were filming last night on 40th St btw 5th and 6th Ave. The scene I saw was with Nicolas Cage inside this old car talking to another actor. This was around 8-9pm. One of the PA’s told me that they would be in the same place again tonight filming all night. One of the extras told me they were filming several different scenes. I work right across from Bryant Park on 42nd and 5th so they are really close! The location for The Baster isn’t far either. Which one should I go to?

    • i saw that old car being prepped last night around 6:30 – 7pm. i should have stuck around but i live on LI so i was pretty tired after work and watnted to get home. I saw the signs for Salt right there on 40th and 6th. i’ll check it out tomorra since i work close by as well. i want to chek out the baster location too, anyone know a time frame?

  5. Any advance notice for Ugly Betty or any of the L&O’s for tomorrow(Friday)? I’m thinking of coming in to the city. Don’t care about any of the movies, & it seems they’re the only shows still filming. Damn you Fringe!

      • Thanks. Still undecided, even if I don’t find anything filming. I want to come in, but feeling lazy! Strange, cause days in the city are therapy days for me. hehehe I just can’t come up w/ anything in particular that I want to do, but I’ve been itching to get up there.

  6. Saw crew setting up for Baster filming on 46th street earlier, about 3pm. Signs pointing towards Set were on 46th close to 6th ave. Trailers on 46th btwn 6th and 7th and on surrounding streets. Other signs said filming time was 5am today thru 6am tomorrow.

    Socerer’s Apprentice setting up to film again tonight on 40th & 6th right by Bryant Park/Hotel.

  7. I was just walking home past 60-61st between Park and Lex (around 7p). They were filming something, but I didn’t see any signs. I saw a name on a trailer that said “white mike.” When I googled that, it led me to believe that’s a character in Twelve. But don’t shoot the messenger if I’m wrong! I’ll walk by there tomorrow on my way to work and check again for signs. Christine, if there are, I can email you before 9a.

    • thanks for the info Sue! Yes, please let me know if they are still there in the morning, I’m so excited to finally get a Twelve tip today- thanks!!

  8. hey everyone.
    does anyone know any info about twelve? and if it will be shooting around this time next month in nyc? because i saw something on imdb saying that chace crawford has signed on to spend his entire summer filming twelve.
    so im hoping thats meaning when im there 🙂

  9. Just met Jay Baruchel on 6th ave near 38th! Bumped into him coming out of store. He was really nice and sweet and I would have asked for a pic but didn’t have a camera. He was walking to bryant park socerers apprentice set to film. So cuteee!

  10. Just came from Bryant Park where they are filming Sorcerer’s Apprentice. No Nicholas Cage; Theresa Palmer and Jay Baruchel where filming. Someone on the crew said Nicholas Cage will be filming tomorrow night.


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