Filming Locations for Friday, 4.24.09

Main Street (starring Orlando Bloom) is filming at 215 N. Church and 414 Cleveland St., Durham, NC.

Southland is filming at Kenneth Hahn Park in L.A.

Hawthorne (a new TV series for TNT starring Jada Pinkett Smith) is filming at the Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital again today.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (starring Nicolas Cage) is filming at Bryant Park tonight.

Salt (starring Angelina Jolie) is filming in Albany, NY and around 4oth and 5th/6th, NYC.

Law and Order: CI is filming near 7th St and Avenue C, NYC.


The Baster is filming around Chelsea Market, signs up around  15th and 9th St, NYC. (Thanks Jacki!)

Twelve, starring 50 CentKiefer Sutherland, Chace Crawford, and Emma Roberts, is filming all day on Amsterdam Ave between 81st and 83rd Streets, NYC. (Thanks Yosef!!)

Royal Pain, a new USA series, is filming again at the Old Westbury Gardens in Long Island.


  1. Anyone know if Angelina Jolie will be filming at the NYC set or the Albany set?? Also, if Salt is filming at 40th btw 5th and 6th, where is Sorcerer’s Apprentice filming?

    Anyone know times for these two??

  2. So did anybody viewng this find Obsession premiere? I went to Zeigfeld but nothing was there. I checked 4 papers plus several websites even Beyonce’s own and found NOTHING!! If so how, did you find out about it? I see it listed here but it was posted after I had checked (about 6Pm ). Very frustrating to get these false tips!! How does one find out about these premieres unless its in the papers. As I said Beyonce’s own website didn’t have it listed !!

    • Ok, it didn’t go through, maybe it was because it had a url? go to www tribeccafilmdotcom It has all the events listed for the festival. I didn’t find it listed in the film guide. You’re sure it’s part of the festival?

  3. Does anyone know if the Ben Affleck/Kevin Costner flick “Company Men” is filming on location anywhere in Mass today? Thanks.

    • really? Please let us know if you spot her- I’m only about an hour away, planning on going this weekend but maybe I’ll ride out today if she is there for sure- yesterday it was only a stunt woman.

      Thanks for the update!

  4. Christina
    Thanks for the tips on looking out for permit signs. I will definitely keep this information in mind for the future. Anything I see, I will send you a tip – promise.

    Another thing that you could encourage everyone to do is talk to the crew on location. Try to fish out any information from them. I’m sure if you gently inquire, they wouldn’t mind giving you any info that they know themselves about upcoming shoot locations.

    The trick of course is not to pester and annoy them. Just wait for them to have down time and politely try to get info out of them.

    Then, we can report that on this site…

    Hope this helps…

    • You’ve got it right Sabena. Another thing about the permit signs, please check & post the times.
      Definitely talk to the crew. Be friendly & polite – you’d be surprised by how friendly many of them are. If you don’t get anywhere w/ some of them, talk to others. I’ve gotten friendly w/ set dressers, prop guys, grips, PA’s, & am on a first name basis w/ Matthew, the PA who handles the extras for Rescue Me. I ran into him both times I visited the set, & then again @ the Premiere party. If he’s still w/ the show next season, I’ll have an in when they start shooting again. Unfortunately Christine, I didn’t think till afterward of giving him your email asking him to give tips!
      Always be friendly & polite, stay out of the way, & like Sabena says, wait for down time. Being pushy & annoying won’t get you anywhere, & will probably even get you kicked out.

    • I always ask the crew when I see them. Most of them are very nice and willing to share. I have only run into one who seemed to be having a bad day and told me that he wasn’t allowed to give out that kind of information but I asked another and got the information anyway 😀 As long as you stay out of their way, be quiet when they need you to be quiet, stop using your flash when they ask and move to where they ask you to, then they will be nice to you. It also helps if you ask them what their job is like and stuff like that, be interested without being annoying or pestering.

  5. I happened to pass signs for Twelve on Broadway and 81-83 about an hour, but nothing was there… I should have walked to Amsterdam! Maybe I’ll head there later; does anyone have more info?

  6. she drove by us earlier in a van. so she’s definitely here. she’s not shooting yet, but she has been on set. it’s a little difficult to see the act if you’re not on the ramps and we have to be done by 4 today, so good luck if you come! but she’s here and she’s staying at a hotel downtown.

    • That’s probably her double, as they have been filming her double on 787 and she isn’t supposed to be filming until Sunday. I am from Albany and love it there, but I just don’t see AJ going there two days early when her family is in NYC.

  7. According to a crew member for Salt on 40th, Angelina is off until next week and not filming right now. It looks like the set is indoors by the side of the library on 40th st. Don’t know if anyone else is there. There are also trailers on 39th st.

    Anyone see anything for Sorcerer’s Apprentice today? Are they filming near 45th st?

  8. angelina is not at new york public library. the scene there involves wrestlers and other extras and is taking place inside the library.

  9. Law & Order: SVU will be filming their season finale on Tues, 4/28 at Coney Island. I should have more details Mon night. But figured I would let you know now in case anyone is interested.

    • Oh I am sooo there! I was going to hang out at the Tribeca Film Festival volunteer hub but watching them film is so much better. I am interested *holds hand up* Please post early because I won’t be able to check the website before I leave Tuesday morning. Thank you sam 🙂

  10. I just saw signs for Reade nr Broadway for filming on Sunday but it did not name any picture or TV show. Anybody have a clue?

  11. Does anyone else find it slightly interesting and ironic that both Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are filming in NYC? Lol…funny

  12. so twelve wrapped already for today? the last reports were that they were filming all day? perhaps it was just a lunch break or location move? i was about to go up there..but not if they are done for they day, does anyone know if they are definetely done for the day?

    • yeah, i live in that neighborhood and saw signs all over, including westend avenue, but never did see the scene. i even saw the trailors and set up the equiptment. i asked where thez were filming and a crew member said it was on amsterdam and 81 in some resturant. did they ever do the shoot

  13. they are setting up the car for Sorcerers Stone on 43rd btw 5th and Madison. Body double for Nic Cage is there he should be filming tonite. On of the crew said they are filming on 44th st though.

    • oops, I meant sorcerer’s apprentice. Nicolas Cage was at the set a little before 8pm. He waved hi and a few foreign kids got a picture with him. Then he got into the old car with Jay something and left on the camera truck onto Madison ave

  14. Angie and Jen are both in LA at the same time, so why would their being in NYC at the same time be either ironic or interesting to anyone? NYC is a great location for films, lots of celebs are in NYC at the exact same time just like they are in LA at the exact same time. Angie and Brad were seen walking together today near the Waldorf by several on twitter. Albany news seems to think Angie will be there on Sunday for SALT.

  15. I was taking a night bus tour tonight and we were down in China Town and there were a lot of trailers and lighting. I don’t know what they are filming or where exactly it is but we were just coming back into Manhattan off the Manhattan bridge. Anyone know what it was?

  16. Has anyone seen Did You Hear About the Morgans filming in a studio or anywhere else any info will be a help thank you!!

  17. Does anyone know if Angie will be back at Grumman in Bethpage to film? There seemed to be a lot of activity there today.

  18. Carol maybe the are filming there? There’s more than one filming crew.

    They sometimes have do some filming in locations but they will continue to film there now and through May.

  19. Hey guys, remember that the Tribeca Film Festival is still going on. We started on the 22nd and will go until May 3rd. The family festival is on Saturday, May 2nd on Greenwich between Hubert and Chambers streets. It is FREE and goes from 10am until 6pm. The Drive In, which is also free, is at the World Financial Center Plaza, opens at 6pm and film screenings starts around 8pm. Come out and have some fun guys.

  20. Uhm. Just wanted to tell u guys about a show they were filming yesterday.

    “How did you get so rich?” with Joan Rivers was filming yesterday (25th April 09) in Rodeo Drive all day xD~. Just if anyone is interesting

  21. We just got bakc from Salt is Albany- we got some great shots of Angie- we were able to get pretty close. You cna see filming for I-787 too. She is staying at the Crown Plaza in downtown Albany (not sure if she is staying there again tonight) but there are buses set up out front for the cast.

    They were filming a scene where she laying on top off a truck driving down the highway- it was really cool- I’ll have a whole post about it with pics tonight.

  22. we got a tip an untitled movie is filming at Chambers and Broadway today- sorry to post the info so late.. thanks laurendee

  23. there were also signs and cones spotted yesterday near Reade st and broadway (thanks dointhisbymyself)

    Anyone know what these might be for?

  24. ^ could it be svu (Reade st and broadway)?

    i heard svu is filming tom and tuesday…

    tuesday is coney island and extras are asked to stay all day but what about monday?

    also they were looking for extras for penn station… does anyone know when thats going down?

    thanks in advance


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