Filming Locations for 4.27.09

Blue Valentine, starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, will be filming at Wayne Delaware Manor in Pennsylvania sometime this week, I couldn’t find a specific date though.

If I Tell You I Have to Kill You is filming at 1335 Willow St, Los Angeles.

The Closer is filming at 365, 411 & 425 S Main St, Los Angeles.

Peep World, starring Sarah Silverman, Michael C. Hall, and Rainn Wilson, is filming at 585 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles. Here’s a set report from Peep World last week.

Salt continues filming  in Albany, NY. There will also be a second unit filming near State St and Bond St in Brooklyn. No word on which location (if either) Angelina will be at. Update: Angie is at the Brooklyn location. (Thanks Lily!)

The Baster is filming on 89th and Broadway, NYC. Signs also spotted on East 50th Street/ 51st Street from Park Ave to Madison for the entire week. (Thanks Meira, Todd and Debbie!) Update: They are filming at 300 Park Ave this morning. (Thanks MovieBuff and JAM!)

Royal Pain, a new USA series, is filming at Jones Beach.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice is back at the Bedford Armory in Brooklyn today.

Finally, there are signs posted for an untitled movie on Central Park West and 69th through 74th Street, NYC. (Thanks M!)


Twelve is filming in the vicinity of 80th/81st near Lexington, NYC. (Thanks H!)

There is also something filming around Franklin and Church, NYC, title might be Zero Sum. (Thanks Todd)


  1. Does anyone know when and where NBC will have their press event for all the shows (old and new) that they will be picking up for the fall season? When do they usually have it? In May or in September? Thanks all!!

    • Its scheduled for either May 4th or 5th. From the research I’ve done, NBC has decided not to have a “dog and pony” show (their words, not mine). They didn’t have a big thing last year either. I’d love to see Mariska and Chris!! I just don’t know if it’d be possible at all with what NBC has planned.

      • Mariska has an event May 5th with Joyful Heart so I doubt she will attend Upfront. I got an invitation a while back to her JHF event(I’m a contributor) and I know for a fact that it is May 5th. 🙂

        • How do you become involved with JHF? I’ve bought stuff from the site, but I want to become more active with it, if possible.

            • I would also be interested in how you became involved with JHF…I’ve heard that to get involved with JHF, you have to go through one of their affiliated programs.

  2. Uhm just wondering, but are all the TV-Shows done filming right now in the Studios or does anyone know which Shows are still filming in the studios? 🙂 Would be great to know


  3. Hi Christine,

    They are filming the movie “HUNGRY MAN” Tuesday 04/28 , from 5 AM to 8 PM, on the MeatPacking District ( around 9th avenue and 14-15th st ).

      • When they break or whatever, don’t be afraid to speak to them–Chris and Mariska. Anyhow, the people in the SVU cast as a whole are sweethearts. They are really nice, genuine, people.

  4. They are taping “The Baster” in my work lobby today. 300 Park Ave. I saw jennifer Aniston’s and Jason Bateman’s chairs as I was walking in.

    • I was just going to confirm that when I walked to work this morning I saw both Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman out filming at that location. That was at about 9:00 or so.

      • If you guys see them again around 12:30 will you let me know? I work a few blocks from there and would like to go by at lunch if there is anything interesting going on. Thanks!!

        • just went back down to see what was going on. Still taping. I asked one of the set guys and he said they should be here for a few more hours.

          • Thanks so much for the update. If I go by in an hour do you think I will be able to see Jennifer Aniston? Or is it kind of mobbed with people? (I feel like that’s how Gossip Girl always gets when it tapes around there)

            • still filming here. they took a lunch break it seems though. its not
              mobbed in my opinion. I think mainly cuz a lot of people work in this
              building and they need to get in and out so its pretty clear.

  5. Hey does anyone know anything about the George Clooney movie Up in Air and when he is suposed to be in Omaha Ne? Also anything about main street?

    • this was posted a few days ago

      George Clooney Movie To Be Filmed In Omaha

      The commission confirms the filming will take place, over two days, in the Old Market and in another, undisclosed, location.

      The commission also says the film does need male extra actors.

      For more information, you can check the Omaha Film Commission’s website at:

  6. Does anyone know until when “Twelve” will be filming today? I just saw the set when i was passing by but they were not filming..does anyone know when they are starting and finishing? Thanks !

  7. just saw stephen colletti and lee norris at cafe metro in midtown! they must be filming one tree hill… any info on that?

  8. I just found out hanks ceremony will be about 9Pm so I guess celebrities will be arriving about 7:30-9Pm or so. unfortunately I won’t be able to be there due to Tribeca film but I may see George Clooney (if he’s there).

  9. i was in central park today and someone was filming what looked like a scene for the 4th of july there. pretty funny and a lot of people and music 🙂

  10. I saw them Filming Salt at Hoyt Schemahorn Subway Station. The stalkarazzi was there to get a shot of angie. I saw her. The movie was wrapping up filming up sat the station at around 4

  11. I went to Jones Beach today from 1-3:30 and there were no camera crews in sight for Royal Pains…I walked the whole boardwalk, which covers every beach.

  12. I just saw Chace Crawford leaving the set. I’m not sure if he’s coming back again or not. But, it seems like they are filming till late today. Crews are still there on 81 st and Lex.

  13. I was at the Twelve site about an hour, hour and a half ago and they were wrapping up a scene with Chase and 50 Cent. I took some pics, but we weren’t able to take any with the actors.

    The Baster just moved to 89-91st and Broadway and hasn’t started shooting yet. Someone told me that they’ll be filming down on Riverside and may be there late, and will be there all week.


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