Filming Locations for 5.12.09

UPDATE: ***Iron Man 2 is filming at Edwards Air Force Base, CA.*** (Thanks Shannon!!)

Jerry Seinfeld is filming a commercial at Central Ave & Cedarhurst Ave in Cedarhurst, Nassau County, NY. (Thanks Jake!)

The Company Men, starring Tommy Lee Jones, is filming at 5 Union Park, Boston.

The Roommate, starring Leighton Meester, is filming at 1234 Oak Knoll St, Pasadena, CA (tomorrow too).

Law and Order: CI is filming around Liberty Plaza and Broadway, NYC. (Thanks Meira!)

Twelve (permit signs read TPI), starring Chace Crawford, is filming on 10th St between 5th and 6th Ave, NYC. (Thanks Tiffani and Kara!)

The Baster, starring Jen Aniston, is shooting at Chelsea Piers around Pier 61, NYC. (Thanks Samia!)

A Little Help, starring Chris O’Donnell and Jenna Fischer, is filming around Duane St and Broadway in NYC.

The Wonderful Maladys, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, is filming around West 113th -121st St and Broadway, NYC. (Thanks John and Willow!)


Royal Pains is filming at Oheka Castle.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is filming along 6th Ave. Signs are posted from 18th St to 23rd St, 10AM-7AM, NYC. (Thanks Samia!) Update: Shoot is taking place from 12th to 22nd and may be a chase seen. (Be sure to stay away from the curb- this movie doesn’t have a good track record! ;))

Get Him To The Greek , starring Russell Brand and Jonah Hill, is filming this week at Planet Hollywood and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. (Thanks Joel!)

…And don’t forget to share your best celeb sighting with us too!


Step Up 3 is shooting at Coney Island today. (Thanks J!)

Bored To Death is filming at 48th Ave between 72 & 73rd St, Woodside, Queens, 5 AM- 12 PM through tomorrow. (Thanks John!)


Boardwalk Empire, starring Steve Buscemi, is filming on Quincy Street between Bedford and Nostrand in Brooklyn.


Fair Game with Sean Penn and Naomi Watts is filming at the Essex House, 160 Central Park South, NYC. (Thanks Shannon!)

Nightmare on Elm Street is filming at Elk Grove High School, Chicago.

New York, NY 10019


  1. What I assume is ‘The Wonderful Maladys’ is shooting right now (~8AM) at the cafe at the corner of 121st and Amsterdam. The trailers are on 120th between Amsterdam and Morningside Drive.

  2. Has anyone gone to see the U.N.M.P. in Brooklyn? I know someone was very interested in going. Also, does anyone know what time the Jerry Seinfeld commercial went to yesterday? Im thinking of going later today.

  3. I’ve seen some trailers and filming crew setting up at a building near essex house in south central park between 5th and 6th ave. there where no sign though on was being shoot there. Does anyone know about it?

  4. Any word on Iron Man 2 filming?

    Also I heard that Get Him to The Greek will be filming in La on the 18th but I don’t know where!

  5. Yeah, I stopped by Twelve yesterday, and this morning. I found the trailors for the actors, and its not Chase’s, Keifer’s, Emma’s, or 50 cent’s. Its the lower level actors. I think when the guy told me last week that Chase was done filming, he was telling the truth.

    • I don’t know. I went by yesterday and saw a trailer for “Walker Texas”. I assume that’s Chace since he’s from Texas. I mean, they wouldn’t actually put “Chace Crawford” on his trailer. Just a thought.

      It doesn’t matter though. It’s all interior shots so your chances of seeing anyone are slim to none regardless.

      Not to say the guy you talked to was lying, but maybe he only meant for that week. Maybe he meant forever. Who knows.

  6. Just smoked a cigarette with Ted Danson during a break on Bored 2 Death. HBO series to begin later this year. Met Motel 73 st and Queens Blvd be there all night.


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