Iron Man 2 Filming Update

It looks Iron Man 2 isn’t quite ready to start filming at the Sepulveda Dam. John @ Team L.A. was at the set Friday and “saw only construction workers building this massive movie set at the base of the dam.”  A local news article said that the set should be ready in a couple weeks and they will be filming in front of a giant green screen.

John also let us know that several blogs are reporting the crew and cast will be in Monaco this week filming during the 2009 Monaco Grand Prix.

Here are a few John snapped for us at the Sepulveda set (the set signs say Rasputin):




You can also follow director Jon Favreau on Twitter, occasionally he has a hint or two about where or what they are filming.


  1. L.A. UPDATE:
    Robert Downey Jr. was photographed attending a beach party in Malibu, Calif. with his son Monday, May 25. The Monaco Grand Prix was scheduled for May 21-24. Most likely the IM2 cast and crew flew to Monaco immediately after they filmed at Edwards Air Force Base. It seems like the massive movie set at Sepulveda Dam will not be ready for another two weeks. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open…If I get any tips for IM2 or any other sets in L.A. I will post them here since I monitor the comments 24/7.

  2. Hey there just wondering on the grandprix race.I live in downey right by downey studios and they are building a huge set which looks like a race track theres a huge grande stand with a fence in front.It looks like a race track set to me but in order to keep it of the the puplic eye they have set up a green tarp all around the set but you can still see it because it sticks out way above the fence. could this be the back up plan for the IM2 the monaco grand prix?? the set is not finished yet, and i expect to be finish here within a week or so. just wanted to give a heads up


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