Filming Locations and Events for 6.2.09

24 is filming at 453 S Spring St and Frank Ct between 4th St – 5th St, Los Angeles.

Arrested Development: The Movie is filming near Madison Square Park, New York from 7:30a.m.-1:30p.m. (Thanks Mitch!) (check out the comments below for this one, thanks!)

A Couple of Cops, starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan and directed by Kevin Smith, is filming on Atlantic Avenue between Henry Court Street and Hicks Street, Brooklyn.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is filming near Bowling Green Station/Park in downtown Manhattan (through 6.4). (Thanks Sabena!)

A Little Help, starring Jenna Fischer, is filming around Meadowbrook Park, Uniondale, NY.(Thanks Danny!)

Royal Pains is filming at the Marina Grand, Staten Island.

Morning Glory, starring Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford, is filming at Post House Coop, Westbury, NY.(Thanks D!)

The Last Airbender is filming at M&M Stone Co, PA.

The Company Men, starring Ben Affleck, is scheduled to film in Lynn, MA.

Stone, starring Robert De Niro, is filming in downtown Ypsilanti, MI all week.

Celeb Events:

Inaugural Literacy Associates Benefit for Literacy Partners will be held at Tenjune, 26 Little West 12th Street, NYC at 7 p.m. Celebrities expected: Caroline Kennedy and many others.

The Museum of the Moving Image presents a preview screening of new movie Away We Go (Farlanders) , followed by a discussion with director Sam Mendes at Chelsea Cinema 9, 260 W. 23rd, NYC, 7 p.m.

The Hangover premiere is tonight at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, 6925 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 6:30 arrivals.


Signs for Rabbit Hole, starring Nicole Kidman, spotted on 25th Ave between 71st and 73rd St, Queens. (Thanks Marigo!)

Step Up 3-D is filming near NYU, signs around Sullivan & West 4th Street. Also, signs are posted that a movie will be filming in Washington Square Park on Wed – Friday of this week. No word on what the movie is yet. (Thanks Elizabeth!)  Update: Someone also saw them filming on 9th this morning. (Thanks!)

Salt may be filming in Cantiague Park, Hicksville, NY again today. (Thanks Mal!)

Another Update:

Jonah Hex, starring Megan Fox is filming in Raceland, Louisiana. Shooting a scene on an old steam train along the sugar mill. (Thanks Shannon!)


  1. How is the Arrested Development movie filming already? I thought they didn’t even have a script yet. And any news on Rabbit Hole?

    • The crew member I spoke to earlier said that Rabbit Hole will be filming in Queens today, although he did not specify where.

  2. I drove by the Morning Glory location in Westbury earlier today. There was much going on in Cafe Formaggio….but i dont know if Harrison or Rachel were there on set. Did anyone go? and see? It seemed very busy over there.

    Im hoping to go to Meadowbrook Park and possibly see Jenna Fischer….

    If they are filming Morning Glory on Post Ave in westbury and A Little Help in Uniondale, the 2 places are separated by about 3 miles which is pretty cool for filming on Long Island.

  3. Does anyone know if they will be filming Morning Glory at Cafe Formaggio again on June 2? I might stop by tomorrow. I’ll check out Meadowbrook Park and the Post House Coop. I’m so excited for tomorrow. I better get some rest! 🙂

        • i drove by at 330 and noticed they were in the parking lot of the Marriot next to the Nassau Coliseum. They were going to do something with a red car. did u get to see anything or anyone???

          • I saw tents and trucks in the nassau coliseum parking lot but I didn’t get to see any action or anything. It was dead when I went.

    • SALT was fliming at Cantiague Park in Hicksville June 1….so yea I guess. I’m going to be all over uniondale and westbury tomorrow so if anyone gets updates througout the day please post them!

    • I didn’t think they were filming this yet either so proceed with caution but the tipster said he knew someone working on it…I also thought they would shoot in LA? If anyone checks it out, let us know, thanks!!

      • Hey, i just passed by the Arrested Development shoot which is labeled as the “AD Project” (hush, hush) and the crew member i spoke to said that it was somehow related to Arrested Development but that he wasn’t quite sure how…That’s all i know! They were shooting though and i didn’t recognize any of the actors, though one of them kind of looked like Idol winner Kris Allen

        • went by there and a crew member said that michael cera is not going to be in it. the crew member also said that the reason it is called AD Project is because michael cera owns the rights to the title.

  4. Any info on the Morgans, are they going to finish filming the movie in NYC when they come back from New Mexico?

  5. Morning Glory:
    Will be filming again in Westbury today, it’s unclear if Harrison Ford will be there or not. I actually met Rachel McAdams yesterday on Post Avenue.

    Will be filming in cantiaque Park from Tuesday until Thursday.

    • Rachel is awesome isnt she? I met her in January while filming Sherlock Holmes in Brooklyn. Did you get to take a picture with her?

    • Didn’t get a chance to go into Post House during the day, they were wrapped up before 5pm. The makeup trailers were on a parking lot on Drexel Ave(off of Post), if they are filming again tomorrow I assume it will still be there.

    • It was? Darn, I’ll fix it, sorry!! Did you go by any chance, I was wondering John Krasinski would show up, thanks!

      • I did a little research and I think last night’s screening was something different because it was at Sunshine Cinema and tonight’s event is at Chelsea Theater and from what I can tell, last night’s event didn’t’ have to so with the museum of moving images so I will leave this event in the post for now.

        • They are two different events, Yesterday was the NYC red carpet premiere. The event tonight at Chelsea theater is a totally different event.

  6. Thanks Jackie i just drove by Morning Glory set but i not sure how close u can get and the little help set looks like its in the nassau coliseum parking lot

  7. O I forgot to ask. Does anyone know where in Cantiaque Park is filming? I mean it’s a huge place! I tried looking for it yesterday but I couldn’t find anything.

  8. “Arrested Development” is NOT the TV show, it’s something else going by that name. Thought it was too good to be true.

  9. Jon Favreau was on Jimmy Fallon last night via Skype from the Iron Man 2 set. I guess he was on the office set of the RDJ’s rival in the film in Huntington Beach which I am assuming is at Raleigh Studios. That’s where Iron Man’s 2 wiki page says a lot of the filming will be taking place. Apparently it was their first day on that set as well. Jon mentioned how it was the first time he was seeing it. Just an FYI for anyone who was wondering about Iron Man 2 filming.

  10. ya is there anything new on Nancy meyers?? I wanted to go see John Krasinski today at letterman but I can’t make it in time :/

  11. Is there any info on the roommate any more or is it all in studio now? sorry if i missed info in a previous post..

  12. I just came back from Cantiague Park. The were men setting something up by the water slides. It looks like they were setting up something for some stunts. Doesn’t look like actual exterior filming will start there until tomorrow. They might be filming in the skating rink. The catering tent is a huge white tent that you will see in the middle of the lawn in the middle of the parking lot. This set is very accessible.

    I suggest going tomorrow if you want to see some action.

  13. A Couple of Cops is actually filming on 74th Street and 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn- I was there for the past few hours. They’re shooting an INTERIOR car chase- Kevin Smith was talking to everyone. He’s the man!

  14. I have a theory they say that Brad and Angelina are staing at the “Sassafras” estate in Lloyd Neck. I don’t believe they are staying there because anyone who is familiar with Oyster Bay or Mill Neck would realize why would they drive over 20 mins to go to a rinky dink Stop-n-Shop when there are plent of supermarkets in Lloyd Neck that are closer and better. Also they have been seen at Dunkin Donuts in Oyster Bay??? Doesn’t make any sense….Did some research and found out they might be staying at Rupert Murdoch’s house in Centre Island which makes much more sense since you have to go through Oyster Bay to get to Centre Island….Also I am going to be stopping by Cantiague Park tomorrow. Anyone going to be there??

  15. so they weren’t filming a couple cops at court street today? i saw signs when i was driving by yesterday. i was really hoping to meet kevin smith…. are the signs for tomorrow then?


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