Filming Locations/Celeb Events for Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

24 is filming at 830 S Hill St and 808 S Olive St, Los Angeles.

Dark Blue, a new TNT series, is filming at 930 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles (tomorrow too).

Bored To Death, a new HBO series, is filming near Lafayette Avenue near Clermont in Brooklyn.

Salt is filming at Cantiague State Park in Hicksville, NY.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is filming at Brooklyn College on Bedford Ave. (Thanks L.J.!)

The Untitled Nancy Meyers Project is filming at the Javits Convention Center.

Morning Glory is filming around E 2nd St and Senate Pl, Mineola, NY.

Step Up 3 is filming in Washington Square Park (through Fri). (Thanks Elizabeth!)

Today’s Events:

Francis Ford Coppola’s Tetro premiere. Celebrities expected: Director / Writer / Producer Francis Ford Coppola, will be joined by the cast including Vincent Gallo (Buffalo ‘66) and newcomer Alden hrenreich plus Alicia Silverstone, William Shatner, Penelope Spheeris, Marilyn and Alan Bergman, Holland Taylor and many others. Billy Wilder Theater, Hammer Museum, 10899 Wilshire Blvd., Westwood, CA @ 5:45 p.m.

Birthday party for Pop Diva Gemini, hosted by Jason Wahler [MTV, “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach: The Real
Orange County”]. Many celebrities expected. AREA Nightclub, 643 N. La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood, CA @ 8:45.

The 2009 Gracie Awards Gala by the American Women in Radio and Television (AWRT). Celebrities expected:host Niecy Nash, special honorees Rachel Ray, Judy McGrath, Amy Poehler and many others. Marriott Marquis Hotel, Grand Ballroom, 1535 Broadway, NYC @ 6 p.m.

Funny for Fido Comedy Benefit, hosted by Justin Silver with an all-star lineup from HBO, Comedy Central and David Letterman. Caroline’s Comedy Club, 1626 Broadway, NYC @ 8 p.m.


Gulliver’s Travels is filming at ORNC.

***I wanted to thank everyone for their comments!! Everyday, I see things on other sites, Twitter, etc about filming locations and 9 times out of 10 someone has already posted the information in a comment on our site!! You guys are the best!!***


    • I wonder if that is the untitled movie project? I heard that he was out in one of the parks in NYC today, but it wasn’t posted which park.

      • Rob is shooting Remember Me in NYC. The Untitled Movie Project with Nancy Meyers project is the one with Meryl Streep, John Krasinski, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, and Rita Wilson.

        • I wasn’t talking about the untitled Nancy Meyers Project. There was an update last night that said there was an untitled Movie Project with signs at Washington Square Park, but it has been updated that it is Step Up 3.

    • Hey all, I am trying to follow all the emails with Robert Pattinson. Will he be in the city for the next 6-8 weeks? I live in upstate NY. Plan on making a trip to the city with friends. Do we know any sites of filming or it is a hotel or an apartment? Leaving the kids at home w/the spouse. It would be amazing to see R.P. in person.

  1. I think they’re still scouting locations for RM. Perhaps WSP is one of them? There’s rumor of Chelsea, too.

      • So I was doing some research. My guess he’s staying somewhere in NoHo. just judging from the pics of him going into his hotel. I also read he was filming in Chelsea/Downtown Manhattan area.

        • Sarahlynn, great detective job there! It’s hard to pinpoint his exact location of hotel from the pix (as I don’t live in NYC), but both him and Paris H. were spotted visiting the same ‘office building’ in midtown–can it be his hotel instead? Are you from NYC?

          • Hey there. My mom and dad live in NYC. I can send them the pics to see if it looks familiar to them. Just let me know how to get to them.

                • Nope, not from NY. I’m from Philly. I’ve been to NY for work quite a bit over the last two years. I saw a side-view pic on the web. The place in the background had writing on it. I zoomed in, looked it up & found out the location. It’s somewhere around NoHo. Whether it’s Greenwich Village, East Village, or NoHo I couldn’t tell ya. But I can’t wait to find out the shooting locations.
                  My bday coming up soon & was going to NY anyways…guess I’m going to try to stay around that area now!

                    • Dad just called back to say that one pic of him with bldg behind him could be the West Village around Washington or Greenwich St

                    • I’m going to Noho now, if I see him I will let you know! Any news about his hotel or filming locations yet????

                    • whoa Tequilla!! That’s great. Thank you. This is a good start. That building could be an office building or a hotel where he’s staying.

                    • Good Luck Jessica!! Stuck at work on L.I. 🙁 I also sent my brother who actually lives on Bowery the link with pics and told him to keep an eye out for me!

                    • Yeah, goodluck. I am looking at photos, looking up addresses and seeing what I could find out. I think I might head out to the city tomorrow…. I hope we can figure this out! lol

                    • Which direction on Bowery street? The noho part? Or somewhere else? I hope I get lucky!! Tnx so much for the info!

                    • Um, try around East 3rd Street. I can’t remember the name of the building that I saw the writing on. But it says “Raimund Hoghe: Body, Space, Music June 5, 2009.” I typed that into Google & came up with East 3rd st & Bowery. Maybe he’s staying at the Bowery Hotel? Good luck!! And don’t forget to update us!!!! 🙂

                    • OMG! This is insanity. 🙂 I think our ‘detective work’ is not bad at all. It’s looking good. You girls are awesome!! I live about 3 hrs away from NYC and my Husband and I will be there sometimes in Summer (we’re waiting for the locations to be confirmed before we go, how pathetic is that??!!) And I’m 6 months pregnant, so he keeps saying this is my Push present. LoL

                    • Raimund Hoghe: Body, Space, Music
                      7:00 pm
                      Goethe-Institut New York Wyoming Building
                      5 East 3rd Street
                      New York, NY 10003
                      Tel.: +1-212-439-8700

                    • Congrats!! If I didn’t have 2 kids of my own, I’d be a bit more spontaneous like the rest of you 🙂 I hope to make it in once we can get some definites!!

                    • Sarahlynn, I think that’s the place where he’s staying. I recognized the door, this buidling looks very shady even in the papz’s video. It doesn’t look like a fancy schmancy hotel but I can be wrong. Again.

                      I read somewhere that one of location is Chelsea. Let the sighting begin.

                      p.s. we all should keep in touch. dontcha think?

                    • Sweet. I looked it up on Google maps… place looks like the same one in the paps video. I did the street view too.

                      Hmm… I hope this is the place. Is there a jewelry place near by?

                      In one of the photos it looked like a red sign on top of the stores door, looked like it was across the street. It was red with white lettering. I couldn’t figure out what it said.

                      Yeah, I think we should all keep in touch some how. I am heading out tomorrow to NYC.

                    • I believe I found out where he is staying and i am right then you are all on the right track….

                    • Tequilla, that’s the place!! Lucky for me, I’m child-free & can travel all I want. Definitely gonna spend my 25th up there!! Wouldn’t it be a GREAT bday present to see him in person?! **swoon** Philly is about 2 1/2-3 hours from NY. Too bad I’ve got concerts the next two weeks and can’t start going until it officially becomes summer.. 🙁
                      I would love to keep in touch with you ladies!

                    • would love to keep in touch so we can all keep keep up on what’s hapening. Is there a way to give our emails w/o posting them on here? Want to get the exact address.

                    • Oh, Erica, that’s such a tease! LOL. We’re like bloodhounds over here.

                      Sarahlynn: I’m in a similar situation with being so busy and leaving for Italy on the 13th. 🙁 So, I live in the city but can’t do much searching!

                      This is my first time on this site and you ladies are making it a lot of fun; thanks, you guys! 😀

                    • Hey I sent Christine my email address. My twitter is: monica1236

                      I’m down for meeting up!!!

                  • Monica its suppose to rain all day tomorrow it might not be the best day to go stand around that area all day but if you wanted to go Friday I might be able to meet you there

                    • If you guys want to send me you email addresses I can swap them for you –


                      Please keep us posted on anything new you find out, especially if you have any sightings!

                      We’re hoping to confirm the hotel address and filming locations!

                      I’m also thinking of planning a meet up for OLV readers at one of the locations once filming starts up, let me know what you think when we get closer. Maybe it will be too much of a mob scene?

                    • I might be going to NYC Friday too. I don’t think it’s supposed to rain. BTW the park he was near yesterday was Bryant Park.

                    • OK ladies, I know what office building it is now, trust me he’ll be going there pretty often since the casting still going on–this detective work really makes me very hungry! As far as his hotel location, I’m not too sure. Erica, do you mind to share with us *wink*

                      I have a twitter account (use my username here and there will way to send a private msg without having to display our email address here). It’s all about Rob’s ‘junks’ so pardon my obsession!! And it’s private, too but request to follow me. And pls mention let me know here if you send your request.

                      So let me know what you ladies think!!

                    • Christine, a get together at the filming location would be awesome. Also, I don’t think they’ll be shooting over the weekend (based on New Moon schedule). Now how the heck to swap email addresses among us here?

                    • Hey twlighter, Christine from OLV sent us her email so we can coordinate our address thru her.

                    • umm not sure what happened to all our comments guess they were deleted but anyway I sent the request under njgrlhotown

                    • omg…..guys I am so pathetic….sorry. I don;t have a twitter acct. Twilighter, you sent your email to Christine? Maybe you can help me sort thru all this. I’m lost. I’ll be leaving work at about 4:30. WIll you be on here about 5:30 or 6?

                    • I don’t think the comments are deleted, I think the threads are just getting to long and they are starting again, if you search for what you are looking for- it should be here somewhere! 🙂

                    • Hey, twilighterNY, I sent you a request on twitter, my username is the same as on here.
                      Thanks for all the info and detective work guys!
                      When I’m off for summer break starting next week I’m gonna begin snooping for sets, etc. (I live in Manhattan) and will let you know if I find anything 🙂

              • Hi.
                so which locations of the hotel and office building are exactly???… i live in queens and know the city pretty well. i would love to see the set of Remember Me since I live in NYC. are the office and hotel both downtown??
                u can twitter me at LovlyLadieMaLe.

          • Hi.
            so which locations of the hotel and office building are exactly???… i live in queens and know the city pretty well. i would love to see the set of Remember Me since I live in NYC. are the office and hotel both downtown??

      • Haha. They weren’t lying! I didn’t want to at first, but I figured I would want to know ANY thing as soon as it came up. So why not!?! I totally understand why people don’t share, it’s either: A)to have him to “themselves” or B) so he doesn’t move to a different location and then we have to start from the beginning.

        • 🙂 🙂 Right on Sarah! I think my brain is working overtime on this detective work. But I thought we kinda confirmed his hotel location, but seriously, it doesn’t even have any name, just rows of black painted door!!

          Christine, we’ll share but right now we’re just up in the air. I read somewhere long time ago. Code word: Chelsea MoA, that’s where you’d want to spend your Summer in NYC while Remember Me is being filmed per site. I don’t know about the park but they’ll be in college student characters, so keep an eye on NYU or any colleges in NYC, like hundreds of them!! But I’m up for OLV meetup if it’ll be on Friday (June-July).

          • This is actually my 1st time on here, so I would appreaciate it if you could help me with all this ling twilight. Will you be sending Christine your email so we can co-ordinate? I’m lost about the hotel…sorry

              • Erica, that’s what I thought. What? This apartment doesn’t even have any name! LoL. Anyway, the google pic doesn’t look right if compared to his papz photo. I thought there were lots of black door. Urghh frustrated.

                • Tequilla, Twilight Saga is huge. If you haven’t read the 4 books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, perhaps you should start soon. Then there was Twilight movie (Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen=the vampire character in all books and movies) and New Moon in post-production. He also will be filming Remember Me-this movie locations, his whereabouts that we’re hungrily investigating for. Wait, do you know how he looks like at all though? 🙂

                  • I got all that and am on the 2nd book!!! Awesome. I do know about remem Me. I’m confused by how to get the other info that the others sent via twitteras I am not a member. OMG…yes, he is gorgeous…bite your tongue lol

                    • That’s a good start!! Well, I sent my email to Christine so I guess she’ll pass along whenever she gets a chance. Thanks Christine, we’ll keep you in the loop, promise!!

                      I can help you with Twitter. I’m going out for some errands, I’m pregnant and don’t work (love my Hubby for this!) but I should be around anytime.

                    • Sounds great!! Thanks so much. I’m gonig to talk to my brother tonight who lives on Bowery tonight and share this with him. He may know the place…thanks again 🙂

                  • hi can some1 plz tell whats the hotel name is i want to go tomorrow since i live in ny and its brooklyn n queens day and i have no skool so it probably be less ppl can u guys plz write back n tell me

          • hi! i requested to follow you on twitter, under the same username as i have here. i live in jersey and frequent the city. i was actually scoping out the noho area earlier today. =) i’d love to join in on the robert spottings!

        • Yeah, our site is actually a really cool community of people who send tips knowing that the good karma will come back to them when they are looking for a location. So I hope the twilght fans join in too once filming gets started,I can’t wait, it will fun!

          Ok, re the emails, I have some of your emails already. I am going out for a couple of hours so anyone else who wants me to “swap” their email with these ladies to talk about rob “offline” send it to me in the next couple hours and I will get them out to you guys when you get back.

          Of course, I am expecting some good tips and pics in return. 🙂

          Ok, I’ll let you guys know when I am back and when I have sent the emails!

          • I just came back from noho/greenwich etc also been to the place where he was spotted. It’s a shabby looking app building…haha!
            Didn’t see him anywhere!! Too bad! Leaving 2morrow back home from my vacation, to Europe but I’m a flight attendant so keep up the good detective work because I will be back soon!

              • I’m not sure if he’s staying at a hotel considering he’ll be there for 6-8 weeks. And I don’t think Summit is that generous considering the budget for Remember Me is only $20M, about $17M less than Twilight. But again I can be wrong.

                Jessica, it was a great start nonetheless!! So, did the building have lots of black door or not?

                Tequilla, it’s not an office building he visited yesterday for casting, I know that for sure.

                • Hey twilight. The daytime pics of him from yesterday say that he was arriving at a midtown manhattan office bldg. Any clues what that may be?

            • Hey Jessica. Just got home from work. Too bad that you did not see him…assuming it is the right place we thought. Was it the place on E. 3rd or was E 3rd the office bldg?

  2. Jon M Chu (director of Step Up 3D) twittered this morning “Dancing in Washington Square Park” … so I’d guess thats the movie filming there.

  3. Re: Arrested Development:

    I just worte a post about the Arrested Development false alarm we had yesterday, it got picked up all over the place…Oops…

    Then I found this on IMDB, not sure if its true since the movie hasn’t even been written yet…

    They are shooting a scene for the movie in New Jersey on June 17th

  4. Does anyone know where and when the premiere of ‘THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3’ will be? I am assuming (and hoping) that it premieres in NYC, but I can’t find any info about it.

  5. So I Got back from Cantiague Park around 1 to see Salt filming. Angelina was there filming the ending!!! Unfortunately there isn’t much to see cause everythings covered, but I suggest going and talking to the cops. They have some funny stories. Who know you might get a glimpse of her leaving if you stay long enough! Also be mindful of the fact that they are filming the ending so please be respectful and don’t take pictures!!! Have fun everyone!

    • Yeah. I am sure Salt is ending filming soon. Brad is in LA doing pre-production work for Moneyball which starts filming in Anaheim, California next week. I am sure Brad and Angelina have made arrangements so their movies don’t overlap too much.

      • Well they might be ending filming soon, but just because they are filming the ending doesn’t mean they are almost done filming. I don’t think they’ll be done until July. I think my dad said that Brad and Angelina are staying on Long Island for the summer. Or at least they’ll have a house here for the summer…doesn’t mean they are necessarily living in it.

        • The info is that they will done filming this month.

          I don’t know where you dad got that, i heard that they just rent the house until June. The same thing with the Studio in Bethpage, it’s rented until the end of June.

          • Brad does not start filming in Anaheim until June 11th (Variety and plenty of other sources). Brad flew back to Long Island from LA yesterday. Salt is supposed to wrap filming in the next couple of days.

    • Rachel is infact at the shoot in Mineola…. i met her and took a picture with her. she is amazingly nice! im sending the picture over. I think theyre filming a night scene. she is great with her fans…once she gets away from the paparazzi, she will more than likely take a picture with you.

        • what time will they be shootihng tonite and is anyone going . i was there early this morning i saw filming by a diner is that where she was ?

          • the diner was on East 2nd….at the very end of East 2nd, there was a radio station. apparently they were going back and forth i was told. next to the radio station was the lunch area and area for extras…

            …lisette… u didnt go to Adelphi by any chance did u?

  6. So today someone posted info on a different website naming the hotel Rob is staying at.. my friend who lives there went to go check it out just a few minutes ago and its definitely not the same one from the pictures from last night. Anyway, if anyone is willing to share info about what you know, my friend is in the city right now and will go check it out. If there’s some way to swap email addresses let me know and I’ll give you mine so we can share.
    Thanks 🙂

  7. My ears are open ladies. I work near wall street, but my ears and eyes are wide, wide open. Anything I hear, I’ll relay!! Yayyy for Rob being in NYC:)))
    Thanks & Kind Regards,

  8. Alright so… any more info on Mr. Pattinson?

    I am thinking about heading into the city on Saturday and Sunday. Anyone wanna meet up?

    • Hey,

      Sure, no problem. I think I sent you an email already… my address begins with Roses… let me know if you got it.

    • I believe it was posted here a couple of weeks ago that Ed Westick said in an interview at an event that GG would start filming again the end of June.

  9. so i have been looking at pictures of rob around nyc and i’m going to go out friday and see if i can find out anything. thanks for all the tips guys, i have to say, it’s pretty awesome that there’s so much chatter on here about rpattz! i live in bk, so i go into the city almost everyday. i’m keeping an eye out. and also, the casting (what i’m assuming he’s doing at the building in midtown, which is just offices) could be for another movie, i know a person who is set to audition with him soon, i’ll let you guys know when and where, if i’m told before it happens… anyway, if he films around west village at all i’ll find out for sure, i work around there a couple days out of the week, and i always wonder around looking for signs 🙂 anyway, i’d be happy to help people spot rpattz , i’m off almost every fri and sat, but i do have to work this sat. if anyone wants to meet up in the city we can search together! anyway, i’m pretty sure you can get my email from christine 🙂

  10. hey:) i know theres alot of rob pat stuff on here!
    i have a question do you think he’ll still be filming in july at all?

  11. he should still be filming, he isn’t set to be back on set for twilight until august. and if filming hasn’t started yet, it should last for at least 3 or 4 weeks.

  12. Does anyone know if the Morgans are coming back to New York to finish filming their movie? Any info will be a big help thank you.

    • if everyone starts showing up and stalkign him then he’ll just move hotels and no one will be able to go see him

      • you got it right!! Funny cause my brother lives on Bowery st a few blocks away. I asked him to keep his eyes open for me!

      • I doubt he’ll stay there long. But the area is cool, very calm. If there are a bunch of fangirls there, theyll stick out like a sore thumb.

        • lol am sorry i know who must regret telling us where he is but i just really excitited i had never meet any1 famouse b4 n never really wanted untill him i know it sounds lame but it is so true

        • The daytime shots of him from yesterday (?)…..that’s not the hotel is it? There a jewlery store, shoe shine shope and Michele Salon all across the street. Anyone know?

              • hey Erica thx for the confirm..I thought it was 100 w 40th…..that’s the address that came up when I searched the salon across the st. Do you have any idea what the bldg across the street may be that he was walking into?

                • its a side entrance again so I’m not 100% sure which it is but the main entrance is on the 6th ave or better known as the avenues of america

                  • Tequilla,

                    It’s an office building, I think there are bunches of offices in that building mentioned by Erica. I dont think we need to worry much abt that, at least we now know where he’s staying. Here’s hoping to well behaved fangirls!! I checked out the rate, $305 per night for a regular room, it must be nothing for Summit to fork that much per night for Rob to stay 6-8 weeks. But RM is still in pre-production; casting & locations scouting so once everything is set, perhaps he’ll move somewhere else. Again, I think he stayed at the same hotel the entire time he was in Vancity and it was pretty pricey tag. But with all the money Summit’s getting, they won’t mind as much, non?

  13. ill just want to seee him once n since i have no skool tom i think there will be less ppl there n i promise that i wouldnt stalk him after this if i see him (so is he there ??)

  14. I’ve been reading lots of your post on Robert Pattinson and I will totally appreciate it if they tell me where he will be exactly. I have no school together so I will be the city for a while. I know I’ll check in Soho and the Hotel Rivington. If I should check anywhere else please email me or twitter me.

  15. just to be nice, and hoping that one day i will get a nice tip in return, rpaz is staying at the bowery and will be there for the next couple weeks. he goes out in the morning to work on casting for the film, and comes back late night (when its dark). so far this trip, he hasnt gone anywhere else (shopping, etc), and just stays inside when hes not working. we’ll see what happens in the coming days…1 white bodyguard with him at all times

  16. I know a girl who knows his publicist and she said he’s staying at the soho grand. he was spotted there the other night having drinks!!!


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