Filming Locations and Events for June 17th, 2009

The Last Song, starring Miley Cyrus, is filming on Tybee Island again today.

The Bounty, starring Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, is filming a parade scene  on Manhattan Avenue north of Freeman Street in Brooklyn from 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (Thanks Anne!) 🙂

Did You Hear About The Morgans? filming  on Broadway & Mercer between Spring and Prince, nYC through Friday. (Thanks Rebecca!)

Remember Me is filming in the vicinity of Spring St and Hudson/Varick, NYC. (Thanks to Tammy!!)

Sorcerer’s Apprentice, starring Nic Cage, is filming around Johnson and Adams St in Brooklyn (evening). (Thanks John!) Update: Sorcerer’s Apprentice is also filming at Bowling Green in Downtown NYC (Broadway/Beaver St.) 11am-5pm through 6.19. (Thanks LL!)

Easy A is filming at Nordoff High School in Ojai, CA all week. (Thanks Shannon) 🙂

Get him to the Greek is filming at the Greek Theatre in LA at night through tomorrow. (Thanks Shannon) 🙂


Jill Hennessy, star of Crossing Jordan and Law & Order, signing copies of Ghosts In My Head at Borders Books, Columbus Circle, NYC, 7 pm.

New York Women In Film & Television present NYWIFT’S Designing Women Awards, honoring the creative work of hair, make-up and costume design in the entertainment industry. Celebrities expected include presenters Blake Lively [Gossip Girl], Sam Waterston [Law & Order], John Turturro [The Big Lebowski, O Brother Where Art Thou?]. Clearview Chelsea Cinemas, 260 W. 23rd Street, NYC, 6 pm.

The 6th Annual Wayúu Tayá Foundation Gala. Celebrities expected include Donna Karan, Christie Brinkley, Padma Lakshmi, Patricia Velasquez, Russell Simmons, Narciso Rodriguez, Billie Myers, Alexa Ray Joel and many others. Stephan Wriss Studios, 711 Greenwich Street, NYC, 6 pm.

Silent Bob Speaks: An Evening With Kevin Smith, film writer/director/star and pop culture connoisseur. Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall, 881 Seventh Avenue at West 57th Street, NYC. 8 pm.


There are various reports about The Untitled James L. Brooks Project (How Do You Know?), starring Reese Witherspoon, on Twitter this morning, one said they were filming near the DOJ on Vermont Ave, another said they were filming on 9th and Penn, Washington D.C.

The new HBO series Hung is filming at the Community House in Birmingham, MI. (rumored via Twitter)

The Untitled Nancy Meyers Project has been filming at Broadway Stages all week, just found out that they filmed exteriors around the studio yesterday, might be something to be on the look out for.

Boardwalk Empire is filming at Hempstead House. (FYI: Report is for BE but this is a common location for Royal Pains too)

A Couple of Cops, featuring Bruce Willis, is filming at 360 Lounge, 52-35 Metropolitan Avenue, Ridgewood, NY. (Thanks MsDon!)

Casino Jack with Kevin Spacey is filming at Mcmaster University in Hamilton, Ontario canada tonight. (Thanks!)


  1. RE: Remember Me, yesterday we speculated they may be filming in Queens on Wed.I couldn’t verify that and also received a comment that there were no signs in that area.
    I did hear there are signs in Manhattan around the Spring St location listed. Tipster wasn’t positive on cross street, that’s why there are two listed, if you go you may have to look around a little for the set.

    I have also been asked by several people to remind everyone to behave on set but I think that goes without saying, I’m sure none of our readers would act inappropriately! Good luck!

    • Likely that they will be filming in a club/bar of some sort on the 17th

      SAG Hipster, Rock & Roll, NYU Types Remember Me (Memoir) Shoot Date: 6/17/2009
      Seeking SAG, all ethnicities, ages 21-35, to be in a club/ music venue scene. This party is filled with hipsters, rock & roll types, musicians, artsy & NYU students. We may be able to re-use some of you on Monday June 22nd as well. DO NOT SUBMIT IF YOU HAVE ALREADY WORKED ON THIS FILM!

      The call for DJ types on the 19th has been pulled, not sure if that’ because it’s filled, but it sounded like bar/club scene on 6/19

      I have no idea where..
      Now, how about the filming dates for “Did you hear about the Morgan’s?” will they be filming in July? Any details?

        • I think you have to be a SAG member to apply…o and this seems like my kind of movie. NYU, rock and roll, bar/club, Rpatz….nice. haha

        • You become a member of SAG by working in a SAG production. Most feature films hire only SAG members, especially for lead and supporting parts but for extras and background actors, many producers will hire non-union performers (because extras and background actors are usually non-SAG talent) and then they have an option to join SAG. It’s over $2,500 to join once employed in a SAG project. You would have to go through back doors or agents to find out about casting for an extra because even though they take non-SAG talent, they won’t just take anyone off the street. There are agencies that provide background actors.

    • the behaviour was much better today, but one fan lost out big time, she had a 5 foot drawing of Roberts face and he was to scared to come sign it for her, he did send some one to take a pic of it and apologize to her which was really nice

      • Hi NYTwilightChick
        That is unfortunate, glad there weren’t any mishaps today, but am still pretty pissed that those nut jobs pulled that stunt yesterday…. total immature idiots…. he needs to start sporting some brass knuckles when commuting to and from OR they need to get a pope-mobile like golf cart to drive him around in…. sad but true!!

        • i just hope they can keep this low key until he is almost finished. but i do LOVE watching Robert (not grabbing and pulling him) lol

        • i kno right,am so mad that it only took a couple of girls to ruin it for everyone else. But she didnt get close to him after that on Monday, when he left his trailer some girls pushed them out of the way so the seciurity cud get Rob through, haha it was funny. I waited around the corner and got some cute pics of him, which was great not like those nut jobs. Poor Rob i hope he can get over this u know how he gets freaked out infront of a lot of fans.

      • He was acting like a little baby, hiding behind umbrellas with his bodyguards. These girls waited like 7 hours to see him and he comes out hiding under an umbrella.

        • oh please can you blame him after almost being strangled by bunches of psychotic girls on Monday? I don’t think you’d appreciate being jumped on and strangled by someone you don’t even know either. Celebrities don’t have to like their fans back, either you support them or you don’t. So fine he’ll lose about 20 fans but he still has millions of them. Saying much?

      • Aw! Did they actually say he was too scared to come sign it? =\ I saw a pic of some PA carrying that huge sign… did they take it to him?

      • aww that’s sweet that he send someone for her. i saw the whole drama too. for the first time i was happy that i don’t draw well. it would’ve been too sad for me…even though i know it was the crazy fans due to which it all turned out like that.

      • aww that’s sweet that he send someone for her. i saw the whole drama too. for the first time i was happy that i don’t draw well. it would’ve been too sad for me…even though i know it was the crazy fans due to which it all turned out like that.

    • Oh…where in Queens was it supposed to be shot? In Long Island City at Silver Cups? I live a few blocks away. It would be so great if I could see him!

      Can you also let me know if you’ve received any tips on the shoot taking place this weekend too? Would love it if my BFF who LOVES Rob and goes to school in CT could come in to see him this weekend.

      Any info on Queens and this weekend would be awesome!

    • I was just there-its on Hudson Street at a place called Don Hill’s bar. They are filming ALL indoors today. I saw the top of Rob’s hoodie today. Security is outrageous, so not really worth going. I was talking to a pap that was there and he couldn’t even get a good shot of Rob.

  2. I am so happy that RM is filming in nyc. how far is Spring st. from NYU? also are there any reastaurants on spring st that are not too expensive? thanks in advance 🙂

    • my favorite is Balthazars! You can always sit at the bar area have something light or try their amazing pastry shop right next door. It’s too good to miss. Dean and Deluca is another fav a few streets up on b’way.

  3. Christine, I know where they are filming Remember Me on Thursday (I saw the permits today when I was there), how do I send you the location?

    • I don’t know when the Transformers premiere will be, but there will be free screenings of it at several Manhattan locations Monday and Tuesday. Go to to sign up.

    • Did anyone know where they are filming this weeked or anyother upcomming dates? It would be fun to just go watch. Does anyone know if the girls are pushy while watching on the side or if it is just when they see him? I thought to bring my 4 year old would be a nice experience for her.

  4. There are some signs on bond st b/w broadway and Lafayette that say 2d photo…if someone is checking out the did u hear about the Morgan shoot they may want to check this one out too but I have no idea what it is…

  5. i heard remember me is an inside shoot today . . . I was there the first day and then yesterday. They are really trying to keep rob well hidden and away from fans. People waited for hours yesterday, only to see him hidden by an umbrella!!!! Some PAs yesterday told us that because of the craziness its going to be harder to see him. They are going to keep people away as much as possible

  6. 24 had filming notices up yesterday for a shoot today in LA, but the tweet did not give an address. Anyone have info on an exact location?

  7. Regarding the Ed Westwick appearance at Bloomingdale’s tomorrow (6/18): It starts at 6pm. There is a correction in today’s AMNY paper.

  8. is anyone by the remember me set right now?? I think the only time to go is early b4 all those people show up. Also remember . . . He is there to work . . . They have tight shooting schedules. I stayed on the sidelines and took some pictures, he was literally right in front of us but we respected that he was working and filming . . . We were quiet and didnt scream. We just watched him work

    • Christine D,

      How early is early? Like 7 am? When do they usually arrive at the set? If you don’t mind, my gfs from the forum and I will be there on Friday the 26th next week. Would you be there everyday and by any chance on Friday too next week? Would you like to meet up with us and perhaps be our ‘guide’? We’d really appreciate it very much and no, we’re not crazy fans like those 3 idiotics and we know he’s there to work. Please let us know! Thanks.

      • are u on facebook or anything??? i am not sure if i am off friday the 26th but i might be able to meet up. i work in retail so my schedule is always crazy!!!

        the trend seems to be that he comes out of his trailer around 9am to start filming and its not so crazy then

        • i’m on twitter. and this is my screen name, just send me a request. i’m also on facebook but it has my real name so i won’t be revealing that here. please let me know. thanks!

        • Hi please don’t think I am weird, but I like to bring my daughter with me everywhere I think it would be nice to watch them film. She is 4 and I have a 2 month old, do you think the set is too crazy to bring them? I was wondering if you were planning on going to the set this Friday or if you know where it is? You could e-mail me at Thank you.


          • Dawn,
            Im unsure where the filming in going to be but if it is still in the NYU Washington sq park area it is very family friendly and a nice spot for a picnic for a four year old( after filming of course).
            I went on Monday and it was crazy but i was in the Rob zone and I only had eyes for him( mostly the side of his face). It was peaceful for me and I feel the Paparazzi caused all the fuss so stay clear of them( sit on a bench and enjoy) so fingers crossed most of the movie will film in the NYU area( very trendy and loads of fun)

  9. i am by the set right now by spring and greenwich st . . . They will be filming in the nightclub all day. There are few signs posted so u cant even tell its for remember me but i recognize the guys that are working here . . . Its not worth coming to because rob will be inside all day

    • Agreed. I stopped by but figured if it’s inside, I’m not going to sit there for hours just to see a glimpse of his back being walked by bodyguards. I think if we remain nice and respectful, finally the security will ease up a little. I don’t expect coffee with him at the local Starbucks but at least walking form the trailer sans umbrellas and other cover up.

  10. i passed by there at like 8:45 coz i was on the bus and i saw the crew there but i didn’t see people there waiting for him, it looked pretty empty to me, hope it helps…this anyone know anything about a couple of cops today???

      • UPDATE: Sorry..mispelled the locations name …. A Couple of Cops featuring Bruce Willis will be filming today at 3Sixty Lounge, 52-35 Metropolitan Avenue, Ridgewood, NY 11385 (Queens) until 5:00pm. Will also be there tomorrow if it doesn’t rain. If it rains..will be there on Friday.

            • July 19 — Was returning home to middle village from brooklyn at midnight on metropolitan avenue and was not allowed on metro past flushing ave. was told that a car had crashed into one of the film’s trucks. Not sure if that was true or it was part of a high speed chase scene from the movie. No cops, no cop cars, only little cones with two young film crew people telling us to turn around.

  11. Hi,

    My friend and I are thinking of going up on Monday the 22 or Friday the 26th. Do you guys think they will still be filming then? I was shocked to see how crazy some of the girls got, it really is a shame that they ruined it for all the respectful fans!

  12. i am here by the set and its going to be inside shoot all day . . . They are filming a club scene so i dont think u will be seeing rob at all. I talked to one of the PAs and he said they will be inside all day. Its not worth coming here 🙁

      • the fews paps that were there couldnt get a good shot of him when he left the trailer to go into the building . . . Its not worth it today!!!! They will be shooting inside all day today . . . The paparazzi left because its not worth it

        • The “Runaways” has not started filming. But Joan Jett and Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning have been rehearsing at the Sunset Studios in Hollywood for the past several days now. They’ve also been spotted at the H&M Voice Studios in Studio City last week.

          I couldn’t find any info on “24.” But “Iron Man 2” will be filming in downtown L.A. from June 16 to the 22nd. The address they posted is: 450 N. Grand Avenue. Filming time is from 2 pm to 7 am.

          • CORRECTION!!!!!

            “Iron Man 2” will be filming starting on June 22 to the 26th—and NOT June 16 to the 22.

            I repeat, “Iron Man 2” shooting dates in L.A. is from June 22 to the 26th…..sorry for the mix up…..

  13. Doe anyone have updates on the shooting today? that he is going to be inside all day? I just missed Rob at wsp yesterday! Any news about tomorrows filming?

  14. I cant believe the day that i wanted to go Robs filming all day inside! anyone who is there today let me know if u get to meet rob and such i might come down just to see it. Also has anyone seen his costar? Emilee the blonde girl? I want to meet her as well.

    • yep she walked past us on Monday, with no security or anything, no one even cared. I yelled that we loved her too, cuz i do really like her in Lost. but we were all there for Robert, no one else mattered.

    • i saw SJP and Hugh Grant at their trailers for the Morgans a few months ago in Columbus Circle. Don’t try to get too close to Hugh, I was just standing on the street and he gave me a death stare.

      • I wonder why Hugh gave you a death stare, I saw him a few months ago at Columbus Circle walking to the trailer. I said hi to him and he said hi back and he even pat my shoulder, he was very nice to me. If anyone is going we can meet up if you want?

      • I think it depends when you approach Hugh. My friend and I met him as he was arriving at his trailer before shooting a couple of months ago and he was really nice and we both got pics with him and talked to him.

    • yea i saw SJP a couple of months ago, she was really sweet and took a pic w/ me…Hugh was there and acted like a douche, but honestly i dont even like him soo whatevs lmao!!!

  15. I saw the permits for Remember Me on Thursday when i was walking around last night. It didn’t say it was for Remember Me, but it gave a description of what the film was about and that is what the film is about. It’s filming on University Place between 10th and I think it was 13th?

  16. Christine, here is the information for that Public Enemies Chicago premiere:

    June 18 @ 7PM
    AMC River East 21
    After part at River East Art Center

  17. Giving out Robert Pattinsons location in N.Y. is going to get him killed.
    This would stop production on future movie, you should think about that!!!!

  18. also . . . they are trying to hide the shooting locations for remember me now . . . i noticed that there were NO SIGNS posted around todays location and the PAs were shocked that we even found where they were today. its only a few days into the filming and they are hiding rob and going through great lengths to keep him hidden.

    • i won’t blame them for trying to hide him after the monday incident. those stupids women are just idiot. just shameful. but it shouldn’t be too hard to spot the set right? though there are a few other movie sets in the city too. I hope they keep going back and forth between all the known locations, just like New Moon.

      p..s I replied to your comment about facebook above.

      • thank u so much for u’r help. my newyork trip was wonderful because of u. he signed for me talked and posed…everything that i even didn’t imagine.

    • They usually post locations if they need cars to move or not park there. Since today’s location is indoors and I saw cars parked, there probably was no need. They might post things like “To set” if the set and food/trailers are far away. There weren’t a lot of trucks apart from the red Panavision and a white one. We need to stay calm and respectful so that they can see we are responsible.

    • Christine, I noticed that too…ZERO signs for Remember Me…just signs that said TO SET and HOLDING and ONE lonely sign from Wikal Productions.
      It was a total bust today. I saw the top of Rob’s hoodie. The Paps i talked too didn’t even get pics today.


      Can someone tell me where the supposed location is taking place in Queens? I live there and can check it out and report back later tonight.


  19. Christine D & TwilighterNY I was told that trucks and movie production were setting up in the “Queens” location early this morning.. Maybe they will shoot scenes there tonight or maybe even tomorrow or friday… I saw posts that said production might be in NYC those days too… crazy stuff I NEVER get lucky enough to stumble upon things like this….I want to hike it my self to check out the location in Queens after work but afraid the the crazy’s will be there stampeading anything that gets in their path to Rob… It is really sad… People need to larn that attacking,screaming, jumping, pulling, chocking him will only make him crack over time…. Can’t fathom the beauty & beast of fame..

    • i have not heard about queens . . . the description of the movie being filmed on spring and greenwich says they will be filming at that location until tonight. they have all the trailers parked there and the huge wardrobe trailer parked there as well. we saw all the “club” extras enter the building

      on the signs posted it did not say “remember me” but it definetly was. we saw a glimpse of rob entering the building around 9:30 i think it was this morning. i noticed all the same production people that were there the other days . . . they are all pretty cool and didnt mind talking to use because it wasnt a huge crowd 🙂

      i keep hearing they will be back to university place tomorrow. i have the day off tomorrow so hopefully someone can figure out where they are filming!!!

      i think i will only go check out filming on remember me, around 9am . . . i cant handle the craziness when it gets crazy

    • Have you been to the set before? I was thinking about taking my 4 year old to go see, but I also have a 2 month old that I might not be able to get a babysitter for. I don’t want with child to get trampled on.

      Do you think if anyone finds out the location for Friday they could e-mail me at I def. won’t be chasing him with my babystroller. Thinking about it I think it would be a funny site, but no not happening. I would appreciate it.

      The person that said they work in retail I can’t find your post. Do you have off this Friday? Please e-mail me and let me know?

      Rob’s costar, Emily was she the girl that played in Roswell about 6 or 7 years back?

      Thank you

      • no the crowd isnt as bad as it was on Monday, every one was chill yesterday when i was there, no one was screaming or running & they co-operated with the crew very well. And during the mornin while all the kids are in school the crew are less likely to pay the crowd any attention. So it shud be ok, good luck!

  20. Thanks for the update on DC. Reese looked great today on set and for the most part crew were good about letting you get close to see.

  21. Christine,

    I am planning on being in the city on 29th 30th do you think Rob will be in the city still filming? I am from the forum myself. Not going with the other ladies, they are going before myself. I would appreciate any tips you ca give me. I can give you my email. I am also on twitter but I too am new and having trouble figuring it out.

  22. I have to say that I’m happy that they are hiding Rob and making it a closed set. That was disturbing and horrifying what happened to the poor guy on Monday. I’m sure a lot of girls here just want to watch him work, but publicly releasing the shoot locations is how those 4 crazy bitches found him. Give the guy a break and let him work. He’s got enough with the paps, he doesn’t need all these crazy ass fans too, give him some room to breath!! Don’t pounce on me because I speak the truth.

    • I speak the truth as well. Just because this site was quoted, doesn’t mean it was only posted here. It was posted a bunch of other places as well. You can’t stop this info from leaking. How about you spend your time trying to find out who those 4 crazies were Monday & repremand them…not us!

      • I wish I could find out who those crazy bitches were and knock them up side the head and do to them what they did to him!! I was venting, but I don’t mean to dis those that respect him and his work because I do. So if you do go to watch the filming, please just watch and let him be.

        • RRF,

          I was there on Monday and I swear those girls and others are what I call “Fan plants”. I mean the Paps need Fan plants to shake up things and to sell more photo!! They are trying to trip him up and I even saw two other girls chatting with a Pap about getting in a photo and the Pap taking the pic!! The photos are worth a load of money and him with a girl is worth a lot more. So look for those Fan plants!!! Savvy girls posing like fans and trying to set this guy up. It is shame. “

          • I don’t know if this is true or not, but there are reports that Rob was clipped by a taxi while running away from hysterical fans today. He wasn’t hurt just stunned by what just happened. If this is true, these girls seriously have to be dealt with and banned from the set. What is wrong with them!! He’s going to get hurt and then what? I truly feel so bad for him. He never asked for this height of craziness.

            • it is sadly true.he did get hit in the hip. please crazy fans give him space. don’t make him hate all of the fans.please don’t ruin it. he is so humble and sweet…just let him be…pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

          • Wow that sucks good thing nothing serious happened to Rob. These crazy fans are going to ruin it for everybody else but not even that the fact that they are putting him in danger don’t they think he is also human like everybody else and if they keep doing stuff like that god forbid he really dose get hurt. Those girls need to get their ass kicked.

            • These girls need to get a life and realize that he is human like everybody else and that he is NOT Edward Cullen and he CAN get hurt! They live in a fantasy world and they are taking advantage of his good nature. I’m waiting for the day that he tells them all to piss off!! And pray that he doesn’t get hurt in the interim.

    • Christine D – Great video! Can you tell me if there have been any uniformed NYPD at any of the locations working the set? Thanks!

      • yes two uniformed cops! The cops where friends with some of Paps! esp the famous pap called Steve Sands or Sams. I saw the cops hug the Paps. also the barricades didnt arrive until way after 0900am

  23. Does anyone know the location for Remember me for Thursday or Friday? I’d really love to go and see him, i was there yesterday but the whole time he was inside also. I could barely see him through the glass. It would be great if anyone could tell me where he will be tomorrow. Thank You 🙂

  24. so im thinking i have a better chance of meeting emilee. anyone know if shes nice and would possibly sign something or take a picture? ive given up on meeting rob sadly.

  25. I think someone said Date Night was going to be back in Times Square tonight, does anyone know for sure, did anyone go last night, heard there was def. something filming down there.

    Also, just a reminder to read thru the updates on the posts and all of the comments, some of the questions being asked have actually already been answered here somewhere, thanks!!!

  26. Sorry I posted this earlier on the wrong thread:

    The “Runaways” has not started filming. But Joan Jett and Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning have been rehearsing at the Sunset Studios in Hollywood for the past several days now. They’ve also been spotted at the H&M Voice Studios in Studio City last week.

    I couldn’t find any info on “24.” But “Iron Man 2″ will be filming in downtown L.A. from June 16 to the 22nd. The address they posted is: 450 N. Grand Avenue. Filming time is from 2 pm to 7 am.

    • CORRECTION!!!!!

      “Iron Man 2” shooting dates is from June 22 to the 26th—and NOT June 16 to the 22nd. I repeat, the shooting dates for IM2 is from June 22 to the 26th.
      The address is: 450 N. Grand Ave. from 2 pm to 7 am. Sorry for the mix up….

  27. does some one know what is being filmed tomorrow? And if someone has seen blake lively in nyc today or yesturday? Cause i am dying to meet her.

    • This was posted in “Events” above. Blake is usually late to these things 🙂

      “New York Women In Film & Television present NYWIFT’S Designing Women Awards, honoring the creative work of hair, make-up and costume design in the entertainment industry. Celebrities expected include presenters Blake Lively [Gossip Girl], Sam Waterston [Law & Order], John Turturro [The Big Lebowski, O Brother Where Art Thou?]. Clearview Chelsea Cinemas, 260 W. 23rd Street, NYC, 6 pm.”

  28. For Gossip Girl fans…looks like shooting won’t start till July now. The season premiere has moved to Sept 14th and GG will now air at 9pm

  29. i just saw the signs posted for tomorrows shoot and i will be there around 9am cuz its close to my daughters school . . . i will drop her off and then go check it out

    its obvious they are trying to hide the shoot because they dont have “remember me” posted on any of the signs.

    i feel bad posting the location on here 🙁

    • Hey Christine D.,
      I was upset at what occurred Monday on the set with RPatz. I am a SAG card holder and I know they were looking for extras. If you could post the site/location for shooting tomorrow I would appreciate the opportunity for another days work if they need extras.

      • did u work on the set as an extra already?? i know that once u have, u cant work on the same movie again? u have to send your resume and headshots and if they pick u for the scene, then great

        how do u become a SAG member???

        • I have not worked on the movie already. I will be in the NYC area and thought about trying to get on. I will look into who I should send my information too. Do you know what production company is working the shoot?
          In answer to your SAG question. To become a SAG member you have to be a member of a sister organization. Like the American Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) or AGVA-Amereican Guild of Variety Artists,AGMA -American Guild of Mucical Artists, ACTRA -ACTRA is the Canadion union.
          You can also gain your SAG card by gaining vouchers for extra appearances. The vouchers need to be recognized by SAG. If you are looking to persue a career in acting or music it is good to have. Good Luck if you do and thanks for the information!

          • thanks . . . i can give the info about how to be an extra for the film . . . they need extras for tomorrows shoot . . . SAG only

            how can i privately send u the info?

              • You have to register at nycasting and they call/email you for calls… It’s $25 go register with them and they want head shots any your sag info if you have a sag card or aftra info if you are aftra. It’s not like you can just call them and say hey I’m going to be in NYC these dates and would like to be an extra…. Unfortunately it isn’t that easy, if only it were!!

    • went today to check it out the RM shoot and it was really calm. No one screaming or having a stroke. Saw RP and he is surrounded by at least 6 men at all times. Hopefully the rest of the time will be like that for him.

        • gotcha! =)

          Well if it is inside like today then no go! I work from 7:30 until 4:30 so I can’t be there at nine either. Hmm, I do work at a school though….. field trip kids?! hehe. Anyway, thanks for the updates!

            • hey Christine do you have a facebook? you seem to know a lot about what’s going on, and i’d appreciate the help! thankssomuch!

              • i do have a facebook and twitter

                my twitter name is yankeegirl51680

                just fyi, i have never followed any celeb like this before in my life LOL

                i am just lucky to live nearby where all the locations for remember me have been

                • Me neither to this extent. I just recently signed up for twitter and am learning how to use it. Hope that you don;t mind I looked you up.

                • okay thanks. i might make a twitter soon, just to be in touch with all these celebs. the only people i really followed was the cast of gossip girl. =]

                • hey christine. you seem to know alot about the filming stuff. i went around the area today but couldnt find anything. i was wondering since u are going tom if u could tell me where the area is by or we can meet up. i dont even have to meet rob i just wanna meet emilee now lol. let me know asap

    • i havent heard anything about step up 3 . . . last i saw them, they were filming a dance scene in wash. sq park and adam sevani (moose) was there

    • They are filming step up 3 on the corner of Milton and West in Greenpoint.. The have been around there the past couple days

  30. i want to meet emilie!!! i’ll try and drop by tomorrow….i really am a big fan of hers…i bet theres a better chance to meet her than there is robert…heres hoping

    • I think they will be there tomorrow or maybe somewhere else? I can’t wait to see Hugh Grant I the think he’s soooo handsome 🙂 at almost 49. Do u know if there”s any pictures of the making of the movie anywhere on the internet if u do let me know? I’m gonna to go there tomorrow, if I see something I’ll let u know.

  31. according to fiming in brookyln, boy wonder is filming on the north side of remsen between Henry and Hicks in brooklyn obviously.

  32. On Twitter people are saying they’ll be filming Remember Me on Sat and Sun. Does anyone know if they will be and where?

  33. after all you ladies did to rob. i wouldnt give information where hes filming atall. what ever they did monday to him. ruined it for every1.

    • John: For your information, I was not a part of that fiasco that took place on Monday. Unlike those “fangirls” I know how to act, have gone to movie sets in the past to watch filming. I doubt you know where he’ll be anyway.

    • I was not a part of that either. Those girls should be ashamed of themselves to act like that. I have never and would never act like that.

  34. Please read:

    This web-site is not an obligation for Christine & whomever runs it with her. You guys really need to respect that or I wouldn’t be surprised if she stopped posting the information you keep asking her for over and over and over again on the same post.

    Here is the truth: most production crews don’t even have filming locations confirmed to them until late the night before and in “Remember Me”‘s case I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t start releasing that info until the morning of.

    Be patient. If you are planning ahead, you are more than likely going to have to wing it day-of. And if someone has already asked the question you came to ask, then don’t keep posting it. It is annoying and no one will want to answer you if you are just harassing everyone for information.

    And if you are going to visit a set be RESPECTFUL. Not just of the actors but the crew and security as well. Think of how distracting it must be for everyone to do their job with crowds of people lingering around them.

    I really hope you all get to experience visiting a set and seeing it action as well as seeing the actors in person, but chances are being overbearing and annoying about it isn’t going to help anyone.

    A HUGE THANK YOU to Christine & anyone else who helps her run this site for their continued patience and up to date information!

  35. I went to the Remember me location today and it was pretty chill. No crazy screaming or anything insane, which I’m really happy about. Even when he came out of his trailer, everyone was calm. It just sucks now because he was completely surrounded by his bodyguards and that giant umbrella. So you can only get a glimpse. I was a little lucky because I went to sit across the street and they sneakily made him exit from the other side of the building so I was able to see him get into a car without people surrounding him and no one even noticed. Hopefully there is no repeat of the other day, poor guy.

  36. I am spastic with the twitter Wave… I will try to follow you but don’t know what they -BEEP- im doing… I put in your name and 2 other girls popped up… I am electronically old school… LOL

  37. Hey Christine!

    The info is much appreciated! I plan on showing up tomorrow, so I added you on twitter. Keep me posted!

    Thanks again.

  38. why are you girls going nuts over a guy thats not a huge actor. he not bruce willis or will smith, john travolta harrison ford. this guy has one move thats it.

    • y do u care? I happen to be off work alot during the week and live near where they have been shooting. He is a really good looking guy so y not watch him film a movie in my free time???

  39. So I went to the set of Remember Me today. It was very tame and calm. There were a bunch of girls just sitting across the street from Don Hill’s with their cameras. When the paps got excited and ready with their cameras only a couple of girls stood up to see if they could see him, but no one flipped out. Then, me and my friend walked right in front of where they were filming and no one said a word to us. Overall nice day. I’ll be going back next week.


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