Filming Locations and Events for June 18th, 2009

Here’s what I have so far, more updates to follow in the morning…

Morning Glory is filming around 106th Street between 3rd and Lexington. (Thanks Irving!)

Signs for The Bounty posted up Crescent Street around 30th Avenue in Astoria, Queens for 6.18 & 6.19. (Thanks Scoobs!)

Did You Hear About The Morgans? filming  on Broadway & Mercer between Spring and Prince, NYC through Friday. (Thanks Rebecca!)

This is what we’ve gathered for Remember Me so far: filming around University Place and 10th, NYC. (Thanks Jami) Also got a report they are filming at St. Marks, nearby at 3rd Ave and St. Marks Pl. (Thanks Corynne!) FYI: The casting call is for extras to play “book store patrons” & “west village types”. (Thanks Annie!)

Sorcerer’s Apprentice is also filming at Bowling Green in Downtown NYC (Broadway/Beaver St.) 11am-5pm through 6.19. (Thanks LL!)

Easy A is filming at Nordoff High School in Ojai, CA all week. (Thanks Shannon)

Get him to the Greek is filming at the Greek Theatre in LA at night through tomorrow. (Thanks Shannon)

On 6.18 & 6.19, The Back Up Plan is filming at 21 Dayton W, Pasadena.

How Do You Know?, starring Reese Witherspoon, is filming in Adams Morgan. (Thanks Rory!)

The Last Song, starring Miley Cyrus, is filming on Tybee Island again today.

Filming Events:

Nantucket Film Festival begins today.

The Paper Man premiere will be held at Mann’s Village, 961 Broxton Avenue, in Westwood Village, Los Angeles.

2009 Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards 40th Anniversary gala will be held at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel. Iductees Jon Bon Jovi and many more.

In today’s AMNY paper under “Shopping Events”: Ed Westwick will be at Bloomingdale’s Men’s Metro Level, 59th & Lex, all day Thursday to host the debut of the K-Swiss Remastered Classic sneakers. The first 50 customers to make a purchase will have the chance to have their photo taken with him. (Thanks Denise!) UPDATE: EVENT STARTS AT 6 PM.

Lauren Conrad is doing a book signing at Barnes and Noble – 97 Warren St. in Tribeca, NYC. (Thanks Caitlyn!)

The Public Enemies premiere will be held in Chicago on 6.18, no other details at this time. UPDATE:Premiere will be held at 7 PM, AMC River East 21, After part at River East Art Center. (Thanks Blu Crowe!)

9th Annual Michael Z. Bennahum Forum by the Creative Coalition presents and evening with Desirée Rogers, White House Social Secretary, hosted by Creative Coalition co-presidents Tim Daly and Tony Goldwyn. HBO Terrace, 15th Floor, 1100 Avenue of the Americas, NYC, 7 pm.

Second Annual Pay It Fashion Forward to benefit Fashion Delivers. Performers include: host LL Cool J, band Tamarama [MTV’s The City] and more. M2 Ultra Lounge, 530 W. 28th Street, NYC 7:30 pm.

The New Group’s 3rd Annual Summer Wrap Party, celebrities expected include Elizabeth Berkley, Sarita Choudhury, Peter Dinklage, Vincent D’Onofrio, Josh Hamilton, Ethan Hawke, Jena Malone, Cynthia Nixon, Parker Posey, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Annabella Sciorra, Molly Shannon, Lili Taylor, Marissa Tomei and many others. The event will take palce at Tribeca Skyline Studios, 205 Hudson Street at Canal, 12th Floor, NYC, 8 pm.

Update: There is a movie set at 4th Street and Chestnut in Philly, maybe Best and Brightest? (Thanks Rebecca!)


Boardwalk Empireis filming at the Hempstead House again.

Untitled Nancy Meyers Project is filming at/near Broadway Stages, Brooklyn again.


Here’s a reminder about how to read the permit signs posted in NYC.

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There is something filming on 5th Ave and 78th St in NYC, anyone have any idea what it might be? (Thanks dointhisbymyself!)


  1. hi christine, I have the day off tmrw so i wanted to stop by the set of Remember Me, but i just saw your post for tmrws locations, and there are 2 im not sure which one is confirmed…i dont wanna end up going to the wrong place, I dont have twitter so i was wondering if there was any other way to stay in touch with you.. what time will u be by the set? and how early can i find out exactly where they’re shooting, i want to go early before it gets crowded… your response to this will be much appreciated! 🙂

    • Noreen I dont want to sound mean or rude but my suggestion; go to both locations and check it out yourselves. It’s not that far apart. the production is getting smarter, they won’t make the sign so public anymore and only post it a day before. and Christine is not responsible to feed us with every single step and detail. she receives the tips from her kind and nice readers, too so we all should be grateful that she’s even doing this for us. get there as early as 7 am. those published locations are the next best things, this way you won;t have to scout the whole NYC to find it. you’ll do just fine. hope this help.

  2. Hey

    I was around 3rd and St. Mark’s today and saw an orange sign up. The name of the movie wasn’t listed but I did see “Wikal”, whatever that is. Maybe it is the RM shoot since they’re trying to put the locations on lock?

    • P.S. Anyone know the location for Friday?

      And btw, I know a lot of people want to keep the locations secret but it would be nice to know. I’m not a crazy fan or anything and probably wouldn’t try to show up to watch filming unless it works with my schedule or is near wherever I’ll be.

      & thank you also to Christine and the tipsters!

  3. Thanks so much for the tip about “Morning Glory”. If anyone is in the area and sees any sign of Patrick Wilson, please let us know!

    Many thanks to Christine for this fabulous site–and all the wonderful tipsters!!!

  4. I love these Remember Me locations. thank you so much for them! Hopefully we get some good Long Island locations tomorrow 🙂

    • Hi Jackie I am hoping for the same thing… Maybe someone will come thru with some info.. I NEVER get to see any movies being shot EVER so this would be exciting if it happens. Christine Seems to get good tips – so hopefully tomorrows tips wont be any different.

  5. Thank you twilighterNY for the info, it was my first time posting a comment here so i didnt really know who to ask the questions to, i saw everyone asking christine all the questions so i thought she’s the best person to ask..but thanks for the info u provided.. i will definitly get there early and take a stroll around the locations 🙂

  6. Anyone know where/when extras casting calls are being held for “Remember me”? i live in west village so it would be awesome!! please let me know, any information you have would help! 🙂

    • it’s NY Casting is handling the extra calls and they’re looking for SAG members only. you’d need a headshot and SAG/something lese resume too.

      Check out the post for 6/17 locations. There should be info regarding the extra casting. hope this help and good luck!

    • Posts from earlier today:
      LA Girl says:
      June 17, 2009 at 4:20 pm

      Hey Christine D.,
      I was upset at what occurred Monday on the set with RPatz. I am a SAG card holder and I know they were looking for extras. If you could post the site/location for shooting tomorrow I would appreciate the opportunity for another days work if they need extras.
      * Christine D. says:
      June 17, 2009 at 4:23 pm
      did u work on the set as an extra already?? i know that once u have, u cant work on the same movie again? u have to send your resume and headshots and if they pick u for the scene, then great
      how do u become a SAG member???
      Reply o
      LA Girl says:
      June 17, 2009 at 4:40 pm
      I have not worked on the movie already. I will be in the NYC area and thought about trying to get on. I will look into who I should send my information too. Do you know what production company is working the shoot?
      In answer to your SAG question. To become a SAG member you have to be a member of a sister organization. Like the American Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) or AGVA-Amereican Guild of Variety Artists,AGMA -American Guild of Mucical Artists, ACTRA -ACTRA is the Canadion union.
      You can also gain your SAG card by gaining vouchers for extra appearances. The vouchers need to be recognized by SAG. If you are looking to persue a career in acting or music it is good to have. Good Luck if you do and thanks for the information!
      Christine D. says:
      June 17, 2009 at 4:45 pm
      thanks . . . i can give the info about how to be an extra for the film . . . they need extras for tomorrows shoot . . . SAG only
      how can i privately send u the info?
      Christine D. says:
      June 17, 2009 at 4:48 pm
      i guess it doesnt matter much . . . its on . . . u can submit your info there 🙂
      WellBehaved says:
      June 17, 2009 at 5:48 pm
      You have to register at nycasting and they call/email you for calls… It’s $25 go register with them and they want head shots any your sag info if you have a sag card or aftra info if you are aftra. It’s not like you can just call them and say hey I’m going to be in NYC these dates and would like to be an extra…. Unfortunately it isn’t that easy, if only it were!!

      Hope this helps!!! Good Luck!!

  7. just checked the weather forecast and looks like it will be raining ALL day. don’t forget the umbrellas ladies (and gents!) i’m sure rob will have his!

    • Believe everything has been moved up a couple of weeks. Season not starting till Sept 14th, so think shooting now starts in July.

    • the bounty is another jennifer aniston movie i believe.. and i was told gossip girl starts filming at the end of june.

  8. I know theres no info yet about filming for Friday, June 26th but if anyone finds any info on it you can twitter me NatJm429 i’m taking the train from CT to grand central that friday i have some errands to run on 5th ave early morning so i was hoping to catch some filming for Remember Me when i was free. thanks 🙂

  9. does anyone know if lauren conrad will be taking pictures with people and what time the signing is at? and im assuming u have to buy her book right

  10. i will be passing by the remember me shoot @ 9 . . . But with the rain and the fact that it will an indoor shoot, i dont think there will be much to see!!!!

    • Out of curiosity, have any of you Twilight fans seen Pierce Brosnan at the Remember Me shoots? With all this Rpatz talk I looked up the movie and found out Pierce is actually in it…

      • I know I saw on IMDB that he was in it. I love Pierce. The World is Not Enough is one of my favorite James Bond movies even though people like to disagree with me (the Videogame for that movie is sooo fun) Anyway I hope to see him and Emilie. I loved her in the Hills Have Eyes. haha. Of course Rpatz is a plus too.

    • Today was the 1st day I actually skipped visiting the set b/c of the pouring rain and the fact the our RPatz is pretty much in hiding now and then, I get home from picking my kids up from school and read that Rob was chased again by crazy fans!!!!! WTF? OMG!!! He is NEVER going to want to film here again. I am so pissed off and sad for him.

      • He wasn’t chased by crazy fans. I was right there when it happened. There were 6 girls there all day. His bodyguards walked him into oncoming traffic to get him away from the photog that was in his face.

        • There was only one paparazzi at the Strand this morning and it’s he who caused today’s run-in with the cab to happen. According to a tweet by who was one of the 6 girls there this morning, “It was the paparazzi snapping pix, Robs face covered by hood/umbrella, tryin to get away -into oncoming traffic” about 8 hours ago from web.

        • Yes on Tuesday they were there too and stayed to control the crowd. I meantioned yesterday that filming was not that intense on Wednesday. Low key crowds, no cops or barricades but Rob had very high security.

        • on Monday the job was a bit lackluster by NYPD I thought barricades were ill placed and way late into filming( but I don’t think the job of NYPD is security but make sure crowd control etc and public safety). Only two policeman but I think the production Company should have had onset security for entire production.

  11. the weather is horrible and they will be shooting inside all day again . . . Let them work in peace today 🙂 they are shooting in a bookstore

    • When I used to work on productions I liked when people came around and watched! It makes it feel like its all worthwhile. I mean I wouldn’t want someone interrupting the process( cause It was some long days and nights) but the boredom of filming people lose interest quick. Its best to watch once or twice and then wait for the movie!! They always film out of sequence with the most difficult to shoot first/difficult locations.
      Look just don’t touch stay around just keep it on the down low! They just add what they need in Post!!

      • Hey Denise, i know this is so random but how do you become a PA? There’s an org that trains you but you have to be low-income and sign a 2 year contract and i was wonderinf if there’s some simpler way…

  12. i was going to go today, but got up to thia terrible weather. not today. i might check out the bounty since its in queens. anyone know what time that is supposed to shoot and if its still going on with all the rain? also any updates with the question i asked about lauren conrad? anyone ever been to the mall she is going tom for her booksigning? Thanks guys!

    • For The Bounty, I passed by on the bus earlier this morning. No trucks yet. I dont know how the weather will affect the set but I will be by later to check it out again.

  13. Rain is falling so HARD i cant leave my building to go see ROB!!! am going crazy here. Is any one @the set are they shooting inside or out?? i wanna cry lol

  14. Hey I don’t really care for RPatz, but I REALLY wanna go to the Remember Me set for Emilie de Ravin tomorrow. If anyone has information on where it will be, it would mean the world to me! I’m not a crazy fan I’m actually shy and never scream so please somebody help me out!

    • So do I!!! i’ve been to the set on monday (i heard she was there right after i left) and today (today was indoors most of the time so no luck)……
      all these crazy rob pattinson fans are making the locations almost impossible to find for the shoots 🙁
      i hope i get to see her though!!!!

      • I was there on the first day of shooting, and based on my experience, you will probably not be able to get any pictures or ANYthing from her.
        She’s actually really mean: my friend and i were the only people there when she was getting into her trailer because after her lunch was over and she paid no attention and said “sorry guys, i cant ….” and we couldn’t hear what she said after that. but we were actually the only people there and it would have taken her five seconds to sign an autograph but she just ignored us…

  15. If the vicinity is E.11th and University it’s probably Strand, my favorite bookstore <3. The place had 3 floors and floor to ceiling shelves. Good Luck trying to get any glimpse of Robert!

    • Wow Christine! I’m only 1 hr and 15 minutes away from Scranton! My PILs have a vac house in the Poconos and we go to the Crossing to shop a few times a year.

      • OMG! I LOVE The Crossings!!! I’m only about 1 1/2 hours away from the Poconos. AND my friend lives in Hazelton, about 30-45 minutes from the crossings. Small world, huh?!

  16. Is “A couple of Dicks” with Seann William Scott still filming or is that done?

    Also, will Sorceror’s apprentice be done filming this week or will it be in a new location Monday? I plan on being in the city that day and wanted to check it out.

  17. Update! They are no longer filming RM at Strand, I was just there. Looks like they’ve moved closer to University and E. 12th? I didn’t have time to check it out, but no one is at Strand.

  18. Is HAWTHORNE finished shooting? Haven’t seen anything on it here in a while, at least since I saw Michael Vartan on Regis and Kelly last week.

  19. Anybody know if they are doing any weekend filming of Remember Me for this weekend?? Its pouring today and supposed to rain tomorrow as well. I was at the set yesterday but not much to see as still inside shooting

  20. i was planning on going to NYC today to try to see something, but it’s raining so much that it’s making me lazy… and now it’s 2 pm… maybe it will be too late by the time i get there, i’ll only go if i know for sure where the shooting is taking place, and when they are expected to be done.
    maybe its too much to ask… lol

    Please read the article:

    Luckily enough he’s FINE. But he ran out into the street to get away from a group of fans CHASING HIM… and could have been killed.

    Please, I beg you, if you go to ANY movie set… not just RM… do NOT act like this. Be respectful. You are going to get someone killed – whether it be an actor, a security guard, or God forbid YOURSELF.

    He isn’t going to take pictures with you or sign anything regardless of where you stand and chasing him down on the street is definitely NOT the way to go about it, either. Watch peacefully from behind the barricades across the street!

    • That is awful! What is wrong with these crazy girls? Chasing RPatz is so extremely pathetic. Letting them film quietly and peacefully gives you a greater chance of getting a glimpse. All these awful events are more reasons to up security. DUH!

      • I was just logging on to post the above article… Come on people – lets act civilized…. you love him so much we can all relate but you are going to kill the poor guy… if not by taxi then by nervous breakdown…it might even be a reason to NOT have him in an upcoming movie.. as the directors might not want to have the liability of these “crazy fans” interferring with the production….Lets act like adults… Even the young girly fans don’t act this out of control …. they just scream and cry…. not ATTACK

        • poor robert… considering the very bad weather… I even thought his day would be more peaceful because not a lot would try to watch filming… 🙁 I feel sad for robert…

          • I was there today and I can honestly say that there were no “crazy fans” chasing Rob when this happened. His bodyguards were walking him from the set to his trailer and they walked him into oncoming traffic (ie the cab) trying to get away from the photographer taking pictures in his face. There were 6 people there all day and nobody did anything to bother him at all.

    • Seriously people! This is beyond insane and ridiculous now. You crazy girls reading this NEED TO STOP! The guy is 23 years old, he is WORKING, he’s already afraid of his fans and you lunatics are just making everything worse! As a fan, I am truly embarrassed for you right now. Quit acting like you don’t know how to behave properly as a human being.


      I really wish the locations for RM would not be posted here anymore. This is such a great website and it gives so many people good opportunities to see their favorite actors/actresses at their best, but the amount of disrespect towards Robert is too much.

      • i’m sorry it’s not because of this website… u can’t stop ppl from texting and calling..if u can …then there will be no crazy ppl outthere….on the other note to everyone…if u can’t respect rob don’t call u’r self fans. i hope they all get hit because of whom he got hurt. it’s but fair.

        • I hate to break it to you fools, but this website is not the only way to ge this info. people will find the remember me set regardless. This site is awesome and informative and is not responsible for Robert pattinsons obvious anxiety problem. He is famous and he is going to be chased by fans, just like the beatles, nkotb, brad pitt,etc. Fame equals crowds.

      • Like totally this site is not to blame! They are filming in a COLLEGE! of course ppl are goin to tell thier friends who will put it on Facebook, Twitter & MySpace so yes ppl will find out regardless, thats the beauty of the Internet. And it will not be fair to sane fans to miss out because 4 crazy girls attacked Rob, it has not happened since then. and the ppl who still show up fully co-operate with the crew members an do respect what Rob is doing.

    • oh come on, this ridiculous – so what if they’re chasing him. They chase the guys on GG all the time… I’ve seem crowds of school girls chase those guys for blocks and they’ve never been injured… same with George Clooney. He has ONE guy accompany him whereever he goes and believe me that man is chased whenever visible. I’ve seen fans HANG on him. If they can protect ELVIS who had it much worse than any celebrity ever, i think they can save poor ROB P. Please… this site has nothing to do with it. There are other ways of getting the info. Oh, and lets not forget about britney…. from the minute she lands, the paps are waiting for her outside the gate and following her all over the city….and to my knowledge she’s still alive.

      • Truth. Fangirls need to chill out, but this site is not responsible for disrespectful behavior towards Rob. Nor is Rob’s safety legitimately at risk from teen Twilighters.(emotional health is another story). Worst comes to worst, security has to pry thier hugs off of him…

    • WTH?! These crazy broads need to stop! I haven’t gone to the set cause of work but once the kids are out from school, I’m going to be there and I’ll pop off on any skanky-ass bitch who be acting out, for real son! Don’t make me get my Brooklyn on cause once that’s out, I’ll whoop some ass. How juvenile, irresponsible and what a violation of his personal space. Cut that shit out! Who’s with me?!

      As for posting location info on this site, I wouldn’t even blame this website for this craziness. 1) there’s plenty of other sources where people will find shooting location, 2) it seems like those who visit this website are actually behaving and 3) nothing is going to stop crazy people from wilin’ out.

    • I knew it was B.S. ROb wasn’t HIT by a cab or mobbed by the fans. Just another publicity to heighten him. What’s even more amazing it that they turned the fans away and allowed the paparazzi guy to get as many shots as he wanted. That’s interesting. don’t you think? Stupid Propaganda!

      • yep they have been doing that since Monday and look wat happened it wasnt a fan but a pap that caused the accident, and how in the world wud they rush him into uncoming traffic, are they STUPID, if its anyone to blame its those security guys an am truely upset, they need sum new ppl, Rob is precious cargo ppl

  22. Rob got hit by a cab because he was running away from crazy fans…if u can’t give him space,how do u call u’r self fans? stop this..isn’t it enough that u can c him live in flesh?

    • Rob wasn’t hit by a cab getting away from crazy fans! I was there when it happened. His bodyguard walked him into oncoming traffic trying to get him away from the photographer chasing him.

  23. this is beyond ridiculous, this is getting completely out of hand, i feel really sorry for him, the poor guy must feel terrified. ok so fame comes with a price, but still… he’s a human being, people. the media builds him up.

  24. This is horrible and the second time its happened to Rob but this time he could’ve gotten really hurt. People need to contain themselves and appreciate the fact that can actually watch Rob make a movie. He’s going to be even more paranoid after filming wraps up and that’s a shame. Give the guy some space please and don’t attack him…


  25. This is beyond extreme and insane. What the hell is wrong with you people. Hasn’t anyone learned anything from what happened to Princess Diana??? Rob is a human being trying to do his job. So what if his job is acting in movies. It’s a job! How would you like to be chased around like an animal? This HAS GOT TO STOP!!!!! All you’re doing is ruining this opportunity for his REAL fans! Fans who respect and admire Rob. Fans who give him space. Fans who don’t go off on some screaming frenzy. All you are is crazed idiots!!!! I pray this is a lesson for all you children out there. Stop the harrassment! Stop the embarrassment to his REAL fans!!!!! Do you think he’s ever going to want to do something like this again after what has transpired here? I sure as hell wouldn’t!!!! This had better be a lesson. It’s a shame that a great site like this has to be blamed for the insanity of idiots!!!!!!! Some of us enjoying getting a glimpse, a simple look or photograph of people we admire and look up to. Now after this who knows how much harder it will be to even come close to those glimpses!!!! GROW UP people!!! Learn to respect others! Give yourselves and Rob’s real fans the respect we all deserve. Have a little compassion for pete’s sake!!!

    • The paparazzi and media cause the frenzy! The fans chase him and the Paps chase them!! I love and adore every thing about Robbie P. Im obsessed with him and read every story I can get my hands on! But I wouldnt chase any one. The more he runs the more he hides the more they think he is hiding something!

      The only thing he needs to do is a sit down interview with the legitimate press.And tell people( fans like me) how filming is going, what he likes about the city, his favorite things to do on his down time! This will help in quashing rumor and innuendos!!

      I heart you Robbie P!!!

      • Ok people chill out, please, I know it’s hard and Yes it could have been avoided if more precautions had been taken seriously by the production house responsible for NYC set, the parent production house aka Summit, and of course a more responsible and considerate fans and papparazzis. BUT PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE FROM ROBPATTZNEWS. IT WAS FROM A FAN WHO WITNESSED THE INCIDENT.

  26. Yeah I am getting really worried about Rob. I am definitely a fan that would just like to get a glimpse of him filming and maybe some pictures. He is never going to talk to fans or even go outside. He can’t even enjoy a summer in NYC because people are attacking him. What a way to enjoy summer in the city 🙁

  27. re: rob being hit by the taxi. someone at the scene twittered an ‘eyewitness report’ and said he was not being chased by crazy fangirls, contrary to what radaronline reported. she said he was ushered into the street by his security guards, couldn’t see because of the giant umbrella, and his hip was brushed by a taxi. she went on to say he continued walking and it’s expected he’ll continue filming. she said one overzealous paparazzi was following him and around six girls were trailing behind. the story is posted on robsessed if you don’t twitter. i’ve heard after monday’s ‘attack’ filming has been relatively calm w/ people respectfully watching from behind the barricades.

  28. Whatever the case may be, it’s awful. I still however would like to know if they are still filming. I’m ready to head down there. I hope someone knows!

  29. Is anybody going to the Lauren Conrad’s signing? Will there be more than one here in NY? or just the one, today, in Tribeca?

  30. anybody going to the Lauren Conrad’s signing? Will there be more than one here in NY? or just the one, today, in Tribeca?

  31. There are two separate locations for RM tomorrow. Locations are being kept really quiet. Don’t know which one Rob is going to be at.

    • yea please me too! I don’t even care for Twilight! I just want to see Emilie de Ravin. Please. I’m a shy girl, I don’t think I’ve ever screamed for a celebrity in my life. please email me because I revolve my life around Lost and Emilie plays one of my favorite characters.
      My email is
      please email me the locations

    • yea i wanted to stop by after work tomorrow and take a look at the set and what respecful and not a crazy fan….if you can email me at with the location that would be great!… Thanks again!!

    • Could you please tell me the location for RM tomorrow? I live in the village but haven’s seen anything yet… I am a very quiet person and am seriosly concerned about his safety. could you please send me any information about the filming location at

  32. Statement issued by the spokesman for the production company:

    “The reports are exaggerated. It was not caused by his fans. Production continues.”

    Everyone calm down.

  33. i feel bad for rob either way . . . it seems like he has the worst security ever. how mondays incident even happened is beyond me . . . someone said that because its a low budget indie type movie that they dont have money for extra security. if i was rob i would pay money out of my own pocket to keep those crazies away 🙂 they have bigger scarier bouncers at clubs than he has around him . . . some of those guys trying to protect him are my size 😛

    • Heh, he needs this Russian guy who was Daniel Radcliffe’s bodyguard when he was on Broadway in Equus. Dang, that guy was scaaaaary! one look and you knew to keep away.

      • hahahah seriously . . . his bodyguards look like young guys that u would actually want to hang out with 🙂 they are all too nice

        • we talked to couple of his bodyguards on tuesday
          they r actually pretty freaking cool when u act like a human being lol
          they r amused by all this crazyness…of course they probably hate dealing with all the teenage psychos…

    • Cue Eminem’s “We made you”:

      When you walked throught he door, it was clear to me, you’re the one they adore, who they came to see. You’re a rock star! Everybody wants you, playa, who can really blame you!!!

    • you are totally right… his bodyguard are not the bodyguard type… and I don’t know if they are even thinking… I don’t get the purpose of the umbrella… I was there on the set tuesday… and both sides have fans but really far away from them. And then comes the umbrella that was opened on one side… like what is that for?!?!? crazy bodyguards…

      anyways because people are talking about tweeter I signed up finally… please add me rlabian is my tweeter account

      and as I put on past comment this site should not be blamed at all… there are other ways this information are getting into people…

      and as one of the link above said the producer of this movie said that this was blown out of proportion…

  34. does any one know if resse witerspoons and owen wilson film will still be filimg in dc tomorrow???? im in maryland i would love to go down to see them1

  35. OMG! I just read all of the above. I do feel bad for Rob. He has crappy security. Some fans can become obsessed. But please do not put all of us other fans, that would just like to go to the set and get a glimpse. Maybe a picture of him from a distance. We know the difference. We do respect him and his work. Problem is a lot of the crazy fans are young. Got to get a grip ladies. Also, please do not blame this site for the actions of others. I for one totally appreciate Christine and all of her work that she does. Just take a deep breath. If you go to see him, please be respectful of Rob. His is working. Also be realistic. Watch him work but leave the man alone. He is not going to see you as a fan and say, where have you been all my life? Poor guy wants to just runs and hide.

  36. ugh i wonder if it was that paparazzi named Steve . . . he was there with us monday morning and actually got into a fight with the other paps. all u heard was “steve!!!!! steve!!! c’mon steve, u are ruining it for us!!!” he was out of control!!! in one of my videos on facebook u can actually hear someone yelling at him “steve!!! steve!!!!”

    • His name is Steve Sands, he’s famous for being the most ill-tempered and hateful paparazzi in the business. A very nasty guy. All the other paparazzi hate him.

      • I wonder if that was the guy that was there today? He was an Asian guy with big 80s style plastic glasses. He was seriously such a jerk the entire time! He was the one who was chasing Rob when his bodyguards walked him into the street. And then he had the nerve to stand right in front of the doorway of his trailer because “he was doing his job.”

      • who/what magazine or agency does he work for??? He created so many problems on monday . . . Fists were thrown. Some guy ended up on the ground. Sheesh. He probably did get the best pics tho . . . Thats y i am curious who he works for

        • I don’t know who he works for, but I heard that he punched some guy that works on the set. Someones boss (I forget who I was talking to at the set on Tuesday) and the guy was arrested so I don’t think he would be stupid enough to show up again, but who knows.

      • Most of the Paparrazzi are such Jerks. They push the pedestrians around and get in everyones way. But i guess you have to be aggressive if you want to make $250.00k a year like most of them do. Even worse, they’re really CHEAP and selfish. They wouldn’t even tell you about this site if you asked them!!!

  37. Hi, Christine:

    I just wanted to give you a big thanks for your all of your hard work in maintaining and updating this site. I hope others stop blaming this site for the behavior of some immature, crazy fans. You can’t control the actions of others. I hope you don’t stop updating the site and information on Remember Me. I was fortunate enough to go on the first day and get a lot of great photos of him during the shooting.

    Keep up the good work!

  38. i think that everything that been happening with those crazy stakers is due to this website for given the info to this stupid girls, hope that somebody shutdown this website, this is not good and a celeb is going to be hurt if this website keep giving address to this crazy stakers.

    • if u live in nyc, u know how easy it is to find out where filmings r taken place and it has nothing to do with this site!!!! I was there monday for the first day of shooting . . . I talked to alot of girls. Most had just walked by and noticed the filming . . . I mean cmon wash sq park is a busy area for nyc!!!!! Word travels fast!!!!! The site for tomorrows shoot is not posted on this site, but i know where they will be. Film shoots r not secretive. They have to post signs. Its only a problem because of robs popularity right now. Nicholas cage is a big star and has beem filming in nyc for awhile now, but he doesnt attract crazy fans . . . Its not the same. Sorry to rant 🙂

      • Post the location for tomorrow Christine. That’s the whole purpose of the site. Your not the boss of everyone, we all have free will and if u don’t post it for the patrons of the site all the crazy stalker girls will find it and tweet it anyway.

      • I totally agree with you Christine. Seriously, those crazy stalkers or fans can easily find out filming locations even without this website. Isn’t that why people are calling them “stalkers”? Also, this website gives out lots of information about the location and all but nothing like crazy fan attack happened before(i mean, as far as i know). Chace Crawford is one of those guys who attracts lots of teenagers just like Rob, thanks to GG, but nothing happened to him even though the location of his new film(twelve) was given out. So, i don’t think blaming this website for that whole insane happening seem really rational.

      • yup i was there monday and only discovered the filming because i happened to have a meeting on the same street! i’m so glad i got to see…but maybe they shouldn’t have picked nyc to film? way too many ppl around.

      • Hi Christine. This is a great site for up-to-date film locations. Regarding naming the locations for Remember Me and what people will decide to do with that information, no one can control the behavior of a person other than themselves. Should we stop making chocolate cake because it may induce diabetes? Don’t blame the arrow, blame the Indian. Really, it’s that simple.So please carry on Christine with business as usual.

  39. don’t punish all of Rob’s fans for the crazy people that attack him wherever he goes. Some of us know how to act when we go to his movie set and want to watch rob work. Thanks to Christine and other readers we’re fortunate to get this kind of information. email me at for any updates for remember me please

    Thanks Christine

  40. Hi Christine

    I guess after today’s events you may not be posting tomorrows shoot. I live in NYC and not just looking for Rob but love the whole “movie shoot” experience. Im also in my 30’s so not a crazy teen. Was hoping you can email it to me…i went a couple of days during my lunch break but didnt have much time and tomorrow i get out early. My email is Thanks!

    • Hi Christine,

      Like Nicole, im in my 30’s too… soo not a crazy teen. i work in midtown and sometimes i like to venture downtown. email me “remember me” updates if thats what youre doing now. Thank you so much for your hard work! Heres my email,

      Thanks again!

  41. leave christine alone. you girls keep ruining this guy ., he is fuckin working give him a break. you gonna make him get hurt. and you know whats gonna happen when he comes in to promote his movies hes not gonna even look towards the fans. just let him work and stop harrassing him. when he comes to town to promote shows then go for him. right now he is working. and you guys gonna make him a bigger douchbag then he already is. so stop. serious he got attacked and hit by a car. what else you want from this guy.what do you want him dead or something. just wait till he comes in and promotes twilight. you know he will be in for that.

  42. heard that from today on rob is not going to walk from trailer to location after what happened with those crazy fans, the movie production is really upset at the whole thing that happened today, so guys take it easy and stop givig remember me location, they are monitoring you.

    • Who is monitoring? The production police? I’ve lived in NY for years, unless they close the block down u can go to any shoot you want. He’s a teen heart throb filming near a college campus. Duh. Obviously girls are going to fall all over him.

  43. your absolutley right he is. but does he deserve to get hurt while hes working. for you nut job fans lol. no i love this site. its grea tbut you know what whats happening to this guy is wrong blackumbrella. what if it was your brother or cousin or a family member how would you feel if he got hit by a car cause crazy fans were harrasing them. how would you feel.

  44. I was wondering if you are not going to post the location for RM if I can also get an email with the info. I was there on both the 1st and 2nd day, watching from afar while eating lunch on a bench with a friend. It was quite interesting as to the amount of detail that goes into filming a movie that i never noticed before but just learned from speaking to the extras on the set. I beleive the media is making a bigger deal of all of this than anything else, the crowds were well behaved on the days I was there. They were quiet when asked and everyone seemed quite cooperative with the movie staff. My email is Thanks so much and I really love this site! Great job!

    • I totally agree! I was there Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The crowd was biggest on Monday in the afternoon. Tuesday, it wasn’t very big at all (maybe 60?) and NO one screamed or did anything;. Wednesday the crowd was even smaller (maybe 20?) and again, nothing crazy. I didn’t go today because of the rain, but I would think that the rain prevented a lot of girls from going, so the crowd must have been even smaller. There’s no way that 6 school girls can cause any harm to 7 adult men (200 girls, yes!0.

      I totally think that the media is blowing this us and the fault lies with whomever was directing Rob across the street. Rob can’t see where he’s walking under the umbrella, so the people guarding him are the ones that are at fault. Shouldn’t someone have gone before Rob and the guards and stopped traffic before he crossed?

  45. heyy i’ve just heard about the incident that occured today on the filming set for remember me and i think that is crazy. if you are a true fan and soo called “love” robert why the hell would u almost get him killed and if u rlly want to keep seeing him then stop being so retardedd ur just making the security measures even higher and ruining it for the rest of us. im a fan and i’ve gone to his set on tuesday and wednesday. i dont do anything crazy i jus wait for him to see him take as many pics as possible from as much as i can behind tht umbrella then leave but now thanks to you lozers its going to be even harder u cant just stand and shut upp !! anyways i rlly hope u keep posting up the locations they’ve been a huge help nd my lil cuz is a fan of robert’s and i was hopoing i can take her but i dont think i’ll b able to if u guys stop posting. if you can may u atleast email the locations to me at and once gain i repeat im not a crazed fan i swear im sane !! lol anywayss thankss a bunch for all ur help soo far. && if you wont continue posting or have been banned some how and cant emiaal me then m ay u atleast give me another website that does put up locations actually emil it soo the psycho fans dont see !!

    • so wait, you’re bashing the ‘fans’ from here? but yet requesting or almost pleading that they’ll email you the new locations for tomorrow? that’s funny shit man. if that wasn’t intended for the ‘nice fans’ here, you then shouldn’t be using just ‘you’ it’s too abroad. You should have used ‘those crazy fans’ instead. sheessshh!

  46. Im sure Christine is already tired of people accusing her for something she doesnt even have to do….=( thanks crazy fans for ruining all the fun for Rob and for us,normal fanz! I personally got my life changed around when I saw Rob on the set on Tuesday.He was inside mostly ,but still it was so nice to see ur idol!isn’t that enough?????

    Only one question to everyone who knows the info about tomorrow set. I live 5 hours away from NYC.On tuesday I rode the bus there to see Rob. I was wondering if anyone knows if they going to be filming outside or inside tomorrow.If it’s inside ,then I probably wont make that trip again, but if it’s outside ,I would love to get to see him again. please if Christine or anyone else has that info,email me at I would love to get my life changed around one more time 🙂 thanks again Christine and everyone 🙂

  47. I’m worried that if the Remember Me shoot locations aren’t posted daily, that the fans will start stalking his hotel where he has no security. At least on-set there’s guards, police and PA’s.

    • haha imagine that i swear i wouldnt b suprized these grls r crazy like yeah u know his name and birthday and favorite color but srry to break it to u but he doesnt even know how u look lol same goes to me i know but atleast i aint as obsessed

  48. Hey Christine, if you do happen to send out the locations via email to the select few, I’d love to be one of them. I got some great pictures Monday, but didn’t go back because the crowd was so crazy. I kinda wanna go tomorrow, but I hope the crowd isn’t as rowdy. By the way, I love this site, thanks for keeping it up. My email is Thanks a bunch, no matter what!

  49. hey christine if you do know the locations and will not be posting them can u still please email them to me? i really want to see emilie de ravin…my chances are getting lower and lower as the days pass and crazy fans try to attack robert…but i still would like to meet her!!

    please email me the locations if anything…… 😀

  50. I have a suspect that Summit is totally banking on the press the whole “fangate” thing to garner PR for the film. If the fans were out of control (as reported by the press), don’t you think they would have beefed up security? Closed off streets to traffic? Had more than 1 police officer show up on set? Get Rob a personal bodyguard (PA’s are “guarding” him)? None of this has been done. The fans were nuts on day 1, but after that it’s been quiet & calm. I wasn’t there today, but it sounds like there were hardly any there.

    Don’t blame Summit on monopolizing on this situation, the movie and Rob have been allover the the gossip blogs, TV and Twitter EVERY DAY!

    If Rob were in danger, I’m sure they’d step in.

  51. I have a friend coming in town from Connecticut on tomorrow just in the hopes of catching Rob on set. I hope Christine changes her mind about posting the film locations. I hope she doesn’t feel responsible for the press. 🙁

    If someone knows, can you please email me the info? We’re not one of the crazies. We’re actually in our 30’s and just love RPatz (insert “cougar” references here!)! 🙂

  52. If anyone knows any info on where remember me is filming please e-mail me i missed my chance to go thursday and i would really like to go tomorrow i’ve been looking forward to this but with all these crazy fans out their getting this information i believe is going to be impossible now. I live on Long Island and really this is my only source of information for the location. I’m not a crazy fan. If any one has any information once again could you please e-mail me at this website is great though i don’t understand why christine or anyone else maintaining this site are getting the blame. Thanks again

  53. omg! Today was the best day of my life because i met 2 celebrities in one day i met racheal mcadams on the set of her movie, we got her autograph and a picture w her, she was soo sweet, and i met lauren conrad at her book signing, she was soo nice too and she reconized my purse that was from her own line.

    • hey jill,

      i was wondering where exactly did you meet rachael mcadams (also around what time) i wanted to go but decided against it since the weather wasnt nice. Do you happen to know if they are filiming tomorrow and what time? also when you met lauren did you get to take a picture with her or not? was she only signing her book? I hope u write back


      • I’m curious too! How exactly did you meet her? Did you wait around by her trailer or ask some of the PAs etc? Any info about that would be nice!

        • after Rob was carried into a building,i walked over to his trailer, where there were like 5 other girls, and she came out the same trailer, she was taking a smoke, an we started talking to her and she walked over to us and started talking, she was pretty cool about it. Said that what happened wit Rob was crazy.

  54. bet you that if the rob pattinson location is not publish here no crowd of crazy fans are not going to be there, and all of you know that.

  55. i bet you that if the rob pattinson location is not publish here no crowd of crazy fans are not going to be there, and all of you know that.

  56. The whole rob thing is out of control. Unless you were there and saw it with your OWN eyes stop talking about how all these fans are crazy. A girl who was there said it wasn’t the fans at ALL. There was only six of them. you guys are just adding to all the drama by making a bigger deal about it. The last few days it has been calm. I agree those fans on monday were CRAZY but take into consideration it was the first day rob was filming everyone was over excited. Im not saying it was OK for them to do that at ALL, im actually really pissed that rob is here in NY and its pretty impossible for anyone to see him or get near him, but what can you do? You cant hide set information from people and you can’t stop people from going to watch. Rob has people to protect him that’s for them to deal with. I’m not being mean at all, im just sick and tired of hearing about all the negative things happening to rob this week, its kind of upsetting.

    • The only paparazzi who was at the Strand bookstore this morning, shooting the camera into Rob’s face, causing his security to rush him out of there and into an oncoming cab, surely has pictures of Rob walking out of the bookstore, getting clipped by the cab, etc. Where are these pictures? Why won’t anyone buy the pictures and post them online? It’s been 8 hours already since the incident this morning; a lifetime in terms of turnaround time in getting papz pics out. The answer… the paparazzi caused Rob to get clipped by the cab. That’s not good for their already tarnished image so they use the “crazy fans” as the scapegoat when in actuality the 6 girls there this morning were observers and not a in-your-face shooter like the paparazzi.

  57. Hey guys didn’t mean to ignore you all, had an unexpected death in my friends family and wasn’t around most of the day. I do have info to share, nothing overly specific or concrete but I am willing to share. I would like to talk to Christine first and let her know and then she can decide whether or not to post it. Sorry but I agree that everything has just gotten way out of control and while most of the fans on this website don’t seem to be the scary stalker, scream in his face, jump on him types, who really knows who is reading this. I feel really bad for this guy. He signed on to do a small budget film for twilight and now look. Hopefully these girls parents will start to step in and kept there kids under control.

    • erica, so sorry to hear about her loss. and yes, i’m behind you 100%. we’ll let Christine decide. seriously, these email request is getting out of control!!

  58. I was on the movie set for tuesday and wednesday and the fans were quiet. No one was acting crazy and everyone cooperating with the PAs to keep quiet while they were shooting. Both days that I was there the crowd was a lot smaller than monday and no one screamed when Rob went/left his trailer because they trying to get his picture.

  59. and to think that all of you are so upset by the unfortunate incidents, but still asking people who may be in the know of the location to personally email you the info? and i don’t think by adding ‘please, i’m not a crazy fan, i’m shy and so forth’ will heighten your chance of getting that personal email either. just saying. if Christine and some of you who have been so kind and nice and wonderful tipster decide to post/share the location for tomorrow , great, we would and should be very grateful. if not, it’s their damn business!

    • I actually don’t think she is filming yet but I could be wrong. There has been no pictures of her from set, only Gerard.

      • ahh so its only Gerard filming in Astoria? I wanted to check it out tomorrow, but i don’t know what time they start filming and i have for at 330.

        • I really don’t know but if Jennifer was on set I’m pretty sure there would have been pictures of her filming today.

  60. I think its just unfair how everyone is getting a bad rap for 4 girls, 4 girls ppl, i was right there on Monday, 4 girls tried to put a chokhold on Rob, and now everyone who shows up to a filming is a crazie. Am tired of hearing it!! The incident hasn’t happened or was ever close to happening again. The fans who show um co-operate wit the crew just fine and behave. If we were all crazy as sum ppl think do u think 5 guys where only one guy is taller than me an am 5’9 cud hold off the 200 ppl who were the on Tuesday. if we really wanted to get to Rob, and were crazy enough we wud hav. So ppl needs to stop blaming the site, an stop blaming the ppl showing up for these filmings.

    Thank You Christine for still posting these set locations, cause as you have witnessed there were no more crazies, and the sane fans get to see Rob @ work.

    am finished ranting now.

  61. fyi . . . I have posted a few times on here . . . Ok maybe a lot. My name is christine but not to be confused with the christine who does this site. For all of u who are new to watching movies being filmed, no one knows what time filming will start or end. Second of all, the person who u r looking for may not be shooting any scenes that day. Think about all the movies u watch, the main character is not in every single scene. Third of all, its possible to find anything on the internet. No one will email u the location . . . Just try to find it yourself . . . The info is always somewhere. Also if they r filming inside, chances r that u wont see anybody. Maybe u wait around for 7 hours and catch a quick glimpse. Its getting kinda annoying reading all these email requests. Its not safe posting ur email for everyone to see!!!!

  62. i understand girls what you say and i know the location for remember me and i think you guys have the right to be where robert pattinson is, and tomorrow i am going to be there since i live close by, saw the permit location today and they are going to be filming in the boardwalk in coney island tomorrow morning begining early in the morning and a guy who is holding the parking said to me that they are going to shoot outside early morning, i am so haaaapy i will see robert i love him, anyway remember girls the trailer are going to be in brigton beach ave and brigton 4 and 5 vecinity.

    • Soo where exactly should I go to brighton beach ave & birghton 4th st? Because I’m going by train and don’t want to get lost. And brighton beach is close by coney island? Sorry I have a really bad sense of direction

  63. thks christine for sending me the location of REMEMBER ME to my e mail, i am so happy, me and my cousin are going as early as possible probably 6 am since they are shooting exterior in coney island, thxs again, see you guys there.

  64. Has this become a Rob Pat posting section or what?!?! just wait for the info to be posted…. don’t post your email, thats dangerous…. calm down already!!!

  65. Am confused 1st it said Rocaway an now they are sayin Coney Island, which one is it cuz they are pretty far apart right?

      • I remembered some one said there are two locations tomorrow, i kno Far Rockaway is definately a location 4 tomorrow but is that beach ave the second? 🙁

        • i read coney island? lol im so confused. and thing is im not even there to see rob ive given up on that with ppl being crazy. i want to meet his costar. im hoping she can sign my roswell dvds or take a picture lol. plus i wanna see a movie actually being filmed!

          • am not sure that will happen, If u were there Monday she wud hav done it, cuz everyone ran after rob but we stayed an talked to her, she’s pretty cool, not stuck up or anything. We talked to her bout Lost an stuff an she left when it was time for her to do a scene, hope u catch her witout security cuz they will be the ones who will stop u. They suck! lol

            • oo lucky! yea i dont know why i didnt try to meet her earlier! now with all the crazy rob stuff. i still think people will go after rob then her! but yea i really want to meet her! im hoping i do soon! if not this week then next week hopefully. oo and i think i added you on twitter. lol

              • ok cool cool, but yea she is pretty cool, an yup they will most likely go to Rob an Em will be left wit 1 security guy. lol so i wish u luck!!

  66. Hi Christine,
    do you know if there filming the “Morgans” indoors in the Mercer Hotel because of the rain. Thanks!

  67. I am sorry to bombard you Christine, but will you be posting the locations of RM? Please do not let a few little girls ruin it for the rest of us. I emailed my address above. (Well, really above all the others) Plan on going to NYC with my friends. just would like a glimpse of RPtaz. I am realistic. Thank you so much for all you do with this site. Really, you do a great job. If you live near the city and would like to meet up when I am there, I would buy you a cup of coffee, or at the way things are going, a shot of tequilla, just to say thanks for this site. It is really great. I am not a teen either. A mother of 2 in her late 30’s. I would like to think I am some what grown up.

  68. Son please this is my last try does anyone know the location where rm is filming please I just droped of my daughter and though the location would be posted can anyone help me out please my email is please anyone thanks!

  69. Sorry I don’t have today’s post completed yet, I wasn’t feeling that well last night but will get it up this morning, should be in about an hour or so, thansk for being patient!

  70. I’m pretty bummed. I took the day off to try and catch a glimpse of them filming Remember Me. Are they filming at Brighton Beach or Far Rockaway? If it’s both, what times are they filming at each? If anyone knows, please e-mail me ( I even actually convinced my husband to come with me! haha

  71. Does anyone know if they are in fact filming Remember Me at Coney Island tomorrow? Just curious because tomorrow they’re having a Mermaid Parade at Coney Island.

    • I apologize if I asked something that was already asked before. Meant no harm to anyone.

      I’m at work and don’t have the time to go through all of the posts.

      Once again, sorry if I annoyed anyone by repeating a question.

  72. i live in rockaway and i just saw no parking signs that say “WILMAC” and they are for TOMORROW, SAT. JUNE 20th from 9 am to 8PM. today im pretty sure they are filming in brighton beach and even if the mermaid parade is today it goes down a totally different street thats not near where they would be filming.

  73. Background / Male or Female / Caucasian / 18 – 65 /
    Seeking SAG men & women, Caucasian, with tanned skin to be beachgoers tomorrow Friday June 19th. You will have to be in swimsuits & beach attire. We are shooting in Far Rockaway & there will be a van from the city if you need it.

  74. Ooh I’m going to the Mermaid Parade on Saturday…I am sort of surprised they’d film at Coney Island on such a crowded day…but that is Saturday then not Friday.

  75. Two conflicting back to back posts! Bummer! I decided I’m not going because they are only thinking for Caucasian extras. So I guess I’m not wanted there. If they really wanted to capture the TRUE New York they would not have indicted a specific ethnicity. Totally bummed out.

    • yea that sucks, i wud stick out like a sore thumb. But NY doesn’t only have Caucasians who go to the beach like WTH???!!! Am hurt lol

  76. The latest pics are so wonderful. It’s great to see him smile and have a good time!!!!! It might be heart wrenching to see him kissing someone, but I’d rather see this than see him trying to avoid the madness. Hope he has a great filming day!!

  77. NYTwilightChick I guess you found the set today?? was is at Coney Island… do you know if they are then moving to shoot at the rockaways… Update us when you can.. It is excititng you got to chat with her. thats cool.


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