Filming Locations for June 26th (including RM)

Remember Me is filming at the same location in Brooklyn, around 45th St and 17th Ave/ near the F train’s 18th Avenue Station (at McDonald). Rumor has it, Robert Pattinson will not be on set but I do not know for sure. (Thanks to John and all of our commenters for confirming the location!)

A Couple of Cops, directed by Kevin Smith, is filming at the Marcy Armory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (Thanks Hector!)

Sorcerer’s Apprentice, starring Nic Cage, is filming at Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn.

The Untitled Nancy Meyers Project, starring Meryl Streep and John Krasinski,  is filming on Main Street in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. (Thanks Steph!)

The Bounty, starring Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, continues filming in Atlantic City today.

How Do You Know?, starring Reese Witherspoon, is filming tonight near McPherson Square on corner of15th and I street in Washington DC. (Thanks Tim!) Update: How Do You Know? is setting up to film near K St and Wisconsin Ave in DC today. (Thanks Claire!)

Grown Ups, starring Adam Sandler, is filming at Woodman’s Restaurant in Essex, MA.

Here are today’s celeb events.

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MORNING GLORY is filming on Sunday, June 28th from 6AM-11PM (per the sign) on 106th and Park in NYC. Thanks Shelly!

They are filming something at the South Street Sseaport on Sunday June 28, not sure what it is or what time. (Thanks Movie fan) Update: This was Date Night, thanks Lickygirl!

Good news for SVU fans: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit will resume filming on July 6th with Chris and Mariska! (Thanks Luckygirl!)


  1. Re; Boardwalk Empire, I heard on pretty good authority that BE was setting up around 58th and 1st Ave, brooklyn but FIB has it listed as Lafayette and Clinton, Brooklyn so I didn’t list it in the post, if anyone can confirm either way, let me know, thanks!

  2. Bradley Cooper was at the remember me set last night or so they say. I was there but i didnt see anyone, Just a few fans a some paparrazi. They say Robert pattinson is not going to be at the Brooklyn set at all. They are filming scenes up in the train station, I will be there again tonight…Just in case lol

  3. I was there last night and there lots of confusion. I saw a few things before I left at 11:00. They did not start filming until 9:00. We were told that RP was not supposed to be there, that supposedly he was not in these paticular scenes so he would be off for 4 days as they do not film on weekends. But I got later info by a reliable source who said it was garbage and that RP was there somewhere for later scenes. They put his trailer some place less noticable and were trying to disguise it and did not have his name on it for obvious reasons. I did not see him before I left but I will be back there tonight.

  4. Ok – I came to the RM set yesterday. We were told over and over again he wouldn’t be there – The only famous person I noticed there was Martha Plimpton – But for some reason I thought it was Samatha Mathis – They were filming a flash back scene – A little girl was there about 7 or 8 who was a young Emilie – and Martha was Emilies mom – who gets murdered – So unless anyone on this board has a copy of the RM script I don’t know why Rob would be there – We told people there that we came from Philly – they seemed to feel bad we traveled so far for nothing.

    There were local girls on the set swearing they were friends with some crew and insisted that Rob would be there – Well we took a bathroom break to a bar close by where some of the crew was and these girls were – so I am thinking one the girls were full of it or 2 they just made friends at thier local bar that day and they were messing with them.

    SO Best way to know if Rob will be there tonight – Find the script – find the flash back – If Rob and Emilie get off the train and it triggers a flash back – maybe thats what they are filming tonight who knows.

    Word is his sister is here from London – makes sense she would come vist when he has 4 days off.

  5. I got this tip in an email…

    robert pattinson was never there last night he will be on set next week they are filming flash back- when her moms died! the actress that is playing her mom is (martha plimpton)


    • I just got back from the set a little while ago. I waited a couple hours then finally talked to someone on set who told me genuinely that rob had already left for the night and that emilie left but would be returning around 2am. I left about 10:30pm. I saw the updates for next week with tuesdays location, does anybody know mondays?

  6. coming to nyc for the day on the 6th. Anyone know if RM is filming or if they take extra time off around July 4th? Thanks


    both are videos I took of Johnny Depp yesterday (May 25, 2009) at David Letterman. Follow me on Twitter (kimberleakarper), I try to update it with info about meeting celebrities. celebrities I have met in NYC: Johnny Depp, Megan Fox, Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Kenny Chesney, Joel McHale, Tracy Morgan, Ricky Gervais, Evangeline Lilly, Jorge Garcia, Matthew Fox, Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, Ewan McGregor….

    • Gossip Girl starts filming Monday the 29th. I was an interview with Chace, and he said he goes back Monday, so did Ed, and so did Leighton. Im guessing they’re going to be there, and probally some more people =)

  8. does anyone know how long A Couple of Cops is filming at the Marcy Armory?!?!

    This was a great setup back in January when i was able to meet Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law and Rachel McAdams!


    • He hasnt worked any of the previous weekends so far. Don’t take my word for it but I am sure I read from others that the guys working on the movie are union and thats the rules.

      Hopefully somebody who knows more will be able to help you.

  10. I was at the set last night. Only to miss Rob by 10 minutes after I arrived @ 7:30 pm. Some girls from this site said I just missed him! He was there for an hour or so and left. I did see Emilie in costume and regular clothes after she finished shooting. They were shooting right at the platform 18th Ave and McDonald, I’d not be there by myself, too creepy. They had a train sitting there for shoot and some extras as passengers. I was waiting outside of Rob’s trailer but he never came back though some said he would after 9 pm. I waited
    ’til 9:30 pm and then left. Got pictures of Emilie and they didn’t seem to care we were right there and took pics of her. She’s so tiny, and skinny and not that tall in real person. I was too shy to say hello even though she was walking right in front of me. And Just Jared had pics of him at the set from Friday, I recognized the blue cart and stores in the pics. Tequilla also said that they were told by PAs that Rob wasn’t gonna be there 2 hrs earlier but he showed up after 10 minutes later!! I think it was a trick to fool fans.

    • Stopped by Thurs night and was told he will not be there at all for Thurs night shoot. Stopped back at loc on my way home Fri night, not expecting to see anything based on what I had heard, and got lucky!! He was not there for long, only about 1-1.5 hrs and left in his car. No crazy mobs and most of the girls were good…a few that started yelling that I had a talk with…LOL. We did get a smile from him when he was leaving location and got into his car. One girl yelled out “We love you Rob” and as he was getting into his car he turned around and gave is that cute smile of his!

    • Thank you so much for writing that emilie de ravin is in remember me. I am not a huge rob fan, but I am a HUGE LOST fan….I had no idea she was in the film, now I actually might go and see if I can see her. my goal is to meet the entire cast of LOST, so far I have met Evangeline Lilly, Matthew Fox and Jorge Garcia. It would be great if I could add her to the list = )

  11. I’m sorry you missed Rob, better luck next time! Aw, next time you really should approach Emilie. I once got her to sign a Lost poster. She’s really nice and kind of shy herself 🙂

  12. So he wasss in Bklyn yesterday?? What time was this about? I’m soooo upset, I live in Bklyn and didn’t even see him! I MUST see him before he leaves NY.

    • Hi CMJ. Yes, he was in Bklyn Friday night. I was there and saw him. He arrived about 6pm, did his shoot and left about 7/7:30. It was quick!

  13. It is so 🙁 that no one knows anything about the “Morgans”. Since SJP left to be with her twins :). Can some find out something?

      • they got here Wednesday & I think they left Friday or yesterday.
        megan did regis&kelly, the today show & letterman.
        shia did the today show, the early show & I’m not sure if there was anything else.

        i’m surprised it wasn’t posted here, because it was let known that the Jonas brothers were here when they were.
        & I love them & all, but I think shia & megan are more famous at the moment.

  14. I’m coming to NYC on July 6th. Will Remember Me or more importantly, Rob P still be filming? I read something about Atlantic City – can anyone tell me what that’s about?

  15. Natalie, i’m coming to NYC on July 6th to try to catch a glimce of him myself. i’m on twitter as yorkie6399 we can help keep each other posted.

  16. theres filming going on today (sunday) or maybe tomorrow (monday) im not too sure. I was driving on Ave U in Bklyn and there were cones blocking parking spots. Im pretty sure the sign said ‘a couple of cops’, i couldnt see because i was driving lol. Its Ave U and West 8 through West 12th street in Bklyn.

  17. Yes they are filming couple of cops on Avenue U tomorrow, I live a block away from there, saw the permits on my way home friday, the permit is from 7am to 9pm, I saw the signs on West 10th and Avenue U..

      • Pattison has been said to be in NYC for 8 weeks – he got there June 15th – I have also heard from some that they have 35 days of filming – this does not include weekends.

        Eclipse begins filming in Aug as well in Vancouver – so I think its a safe to say Aug in NYC will be without Rob – If he is there in Aug it will only be the very begining – if at all.


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