Robert Pattinson on the Central Park Set of ‘Remember Me’ Today

Today, Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin filmed a scene for Remember Me at the Alice in Wonderland Statue in Central Park. One of our readers, Danielle (@Drocco831) was lucky enough to meet Robert! He posed for pictures and signed an autograph for her outside the Central Park set around 6 a.m. this morning. Thanks to Danielle for sharing her pictures!






Don also spotted Rob on the Central Park set today. He wasn’t able ot get too close becuase they had the whole area blocked off while filming but he was able to get a few shots which you can check out below. Thanks to Don too! If you any pictures you’d like to share, please send them to!






  1. Thanks!! It was amazing. It was also 6am. He came out to rehearse. As he was walking back i asked him, and he stopped. He was sooooo sweet. He wanted to know why we were there since 5am. lol. Hes so modest. He doesnt know why all of us wait to see him!!!

    • Amazing!! I was working a couple of blocks away but couldn’t stop by!! Such great photos and he is so dreamy!! I have to try and get back to the set( but gotta make ‘dem donuts) Please send more pics and video. It’s so real time not like glossy stuff from Paps and gossip pages. You look good. What is the print stuff he signed?? a book or Magazine??
      Again great Pics. I’m so glad I get to see whats happening and hear about filming!! So exciting!! Thanks again.

  2. You are one lucky girl Danielle! So happy for you that you managed to catch him after all that waiting 😛 Did he REALLY ask why you guys were waiting? It seems that after ALL those craziness, he STILL thinks that he’s not hot enuf to attract all those attention. Amazing! And is he really as gorgeous in person?

  3. OMG that is so awesome! My friend Maye has been out there twice and hasn’t been as lucky but she’ll keep trying.. YeY! I love that he’s so humble about everything and that fame hasn’t changed him and I don’t think it will 😉 We love you Rob!

  4. He didnt ask why we were waiting. I said we’ve been out there since 5am and he said why??? and he was laughing. The poster is from that special edition of US weekly magazine. The twilight edition. It came with like 6 posters in it! Try to get one, its great!!! We were just waiting on a bench a little ways from the statue. He rehearsed for about 15 mins and then came over when i asked. I dont think he would have if there were alot of people there, as people have said already. He is verry good looking in person 2! 🙂

      • I briefly scanned the US weekly special edition I want to buy it so badly but my obsession of looking at his beautiful face is kinda Krazy!! I will try and buy it later when I get rid of the mags I already have and or i can calmly look at his face without drooling lust( smile, big smile)!!

        If you go next time early and its in UES tell me in advance you can hang out at my job!! Get coverage from rain etc and food( yeah) Very near park!

        Any fan of Rob is a friend of mine! Take care

    • You must still be on cloud nine!! I came from philly – the day he was off!! I was going to go that day – but I thought it be so packed with fans and to get there first thing like you I would have to leave at like 3a!

      Tell me – do you remember what he smelled like?! (I don’t believe he stinks! I just wonder if he wears cologne or smells like cigarettes… and I don’t smoke but I imagine I would love the smell of smoke on Rob…)

      I’m so happy to hear how nice and modest he is! He always looks geniune when meeting fans – I love his smile looking at the magazine he is signing – is there a story behind that?

  5. OMG Danielle you are one lucky girl.
    I’ve been to the city FOR HIM maybe 20 times this month, and saw him twice but didn’t even get to meet him!
    This gives me a little hope that maybe i’ll get to meet him! But i’m not satisfied yett.
    I went today and one of the guards said he was going back to London tonight.
    I wanted to know if that was true, because i really NEED to meet him!
    Danielle i am so happy for u!

  6. ahhhh omgg danielle you are SOOOO lucky!!!!!! and you’re right, that US weekly mag is worth every penny everything in it is super gorgeous. i went into NYC yesterday specificlly FOR robert and got to see him exit his trailor, jump into a car, and re-enter down a hill in central park, in a very in-cognido fashion. It was awesome to see him rehearse and film though, and i got some really good vids/pics!! which id be glad to share! there were aLOT of people there tho so next time if i go ill defnitly keep in mind to get there EARLYY 😀

    And to Ora, i dont think its true about him leaving for london, yesterday on set my friends and i kept asking the crew questions and they just kept feeding us random answers just so we’d leave them alone haha. i understand though that tehy just care for rob’s well being and that there are no repeats of the past couple weeks!

    thanks so much on location vacation and for all the tips!!

  7. Danielle-
    Is that edition of us weekly with the posters out in stores currently, or is that something you had- a friend of mine would really love one. she would probably reallllllllllly love a signed one, but oh well.

    • Hi there. The edition is currently in stores. I bought it about a week and a half ago. Should still be in stores.


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