Thursday Filming Locations: Get Him To The Greek, Date Night, Royal Pains, Gossip Girl, & More

Get Him To The Greek is filming near 550 S. Flower St, Los Angeles.

Date Night is filming near The Plaza tonight. Signs also spotted for tonight near Central Park West and 72-73rd St. (Thanks Debbie, Alf, Katie, Eric B & Anon!)

Royal Pains is filming around Nassau Avenue in the vicinity of McGolrick Park in Greenpoint Brooklyn. (Thanks Sherry!)

Re: Gossip Girl, I got a couple tips (and comments) that they are filming at the Greenwich Polo Club. I also heard that they are filming scenes at the studio (or near the studio in Queens).

There are several productions filming in studio today:

Signs were spotted for A Couple of Cops/Dicks on 70th Ave btween Manse and Kessel in Forest Hills, NYC, 5 am- 11 pm. (Thanks Cathy & JP!) Update: We got another tip that A Couple of Cops will also be filming at the Marcy Armory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn today. (Thanks Hector!)

Sorcerer’s Apprentice is filming at the Bedford Armory, Brooklyn, NY.

Morning Glory is filming at Metropolis Studio.

The Untitled Nancy Meyers Project is filming at Broadway Stages, Brooklyn. (Thanks John!)

FYI: I’ve heard from several sources that most productions will have tomorrow off due to the Fourth of July holiday. If I do find out about anything filming (I haven’t heard of anything as of right now) I will let you know!

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90210 is filming in Manhattan Beach today. (Thanks Shannon!)


Sarah Jessica Parker’s production company is partnering with Bravo for a new show for aspiring artists. Here are the NEW YORK auditon dates: Saturday, July 18 & Sunday, July 19, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM at White Columns. (Thanks Caitlyn!)


  1. Did anyone find out for sure if GG is in connecticut or in the studio? My friend came in for the day and is like of course they’re not here the day I come!

  2. could someone please tell me any info you know on the reese witherspoon movie called how do you know. I am going to washington dc next friday and i want to be able to find her.

  3. Has anyone ever tried going to Broadway Stages for the Untitled Nancy Meyers Project? Is there anyway of seeing the actors going in and out of the studio?

      • I drove by earlier. When they were filming in April, i stopped by for a day and met Alec Baldwin, Steve martin, John Krasinski (nicest guy ever) and saw Meryl Streep as she walked by me. The 3 men gave me autographs although the first 2 did so steadfastly. I drove by today and saw that the situation there is set up a little differently. The only main trailer i saw there was that of “Jane” or Meryl Streep’s character. And it is not on Greenpoint Ave like it was with the other 4 back in April, but is now on the side street directly infront of the studio entrance.

        Good luck!

        • thanks for your response! I looked up Broadway Stages and there seems to be alot of them so I was just wondering if the one on Greenpoint was the main one

            • thanks so much for all the info 🙂
              I also read your other comment about The Bounty being in the same vicinity. Did you by any chance see permit signs for The Bounty filming anytime next week in that area or is it too early for signs to be posted?

              • i noticed UNMP 7/8 – 7/13….but i didnt notice updated signs on The Bounty. I did however notice that 2 stage doors actually had a stickered sign (not a paper sign) on the door saying Columbia Pictures The Bounty ….no doubt they do some interior shooting there….

                gotta be at the right place at the right time!

                Let me know if u wind up going to any of these places

                • thanks so much and I will be sure to let you know if I am able to get down there any time soon.
                  one more question though. I’m really interested in seeing The Bounty so where were these stage doors? On Greenpoint Ave.?

                  • no…there are a bunch of one way streets once you turn off of greenpoint ave. its about 2 blocks inward and 1 towards the water. i wish i knew the name of the block…sorry

                    • Hey, just wanted to thank you for the info on the UNMP, how
                      was Meryl by the way, was she just arriving or already in costume?

                    • anytime Joanna….good luck! tell me how it goes!

                      Karla…when i saw Meryl in April, she looked younger than i expected. i nodded i said hello ms streep trying to be as respectful as possible. she smiled and waved.

                  • Awww sweet, I love her shes great and youre so lucky hehe, thanks so much for the info again, hope to hear from you if get to see anything again ;D

    • They were filming yesterday in Greenpoint from seeing the old signs postd on the streets. In the same vicinity as UNMP and Royal Pains by Broadway Stages

    • No idea, like Shannon said someone twittered a picture of the crew, a couple of hours ago. I don’t know anymore, sorry.
      Can anyone get to NYU and see what is going on?

  4. So today I decided to take a drive to Marcy Avenue Armory to see “A Couple of Cops” on the advice of Hector. I had been lucky in January meeting celebrities so I tried it out again…

    I got there at around 11 and within 5 minutes I met Tracy Morgan come out. I asked him for his autograph and he shook his head and signed. He then asked how i knew he was here….to which i replied “i guessed” haha

    Then I met Bruce Willis and since i didnt have anything for him to sign I asked if i could take a picture with him. he said im working now buddy. i apologized and wound up seeing him for another 5 minutes walking and on his phone.

    Kevin Smith also came out a couple of times and was very nice. He smiled and said hi when i said hello mr. smith. Again i didnt have anything to sign, but im sure he would have.

    Trailers: The one labeled “Gretzky” is Kevin Smith. The one labeled “Namath” is Bruce Willis…i think he has 2 trailers as he went into both of them. The one further down labeled “Tracy” is Tracy And then there is one trailer at the corner labeled “Ripken Jr.” I have no clue who this is and was dying to see if it was Seann William Scott or Jason Lee.

    Good luck!

  5. Shannon (or anyone!), do you have any more information on the 90210 filming?? I’m planning on going, and Manhattan Beach is about 40 minutes away, so I don’t want to go for nothing and get disappointed. :/ I heard they were filming at Raleigh Studios (through Twitter), but I don’t think I’ll be able to go inside… I’m hoping they’ll be able to film at the actual beach.

    If anyone has more information on 90210, please post!! 🙂

  6. im moving to the upper east side sunday and will officially be a gossip girl elite..

    well actually i need to know where to stalk them.. close enough!

    any recent news on GG ?!

    … oh and i went on the GG tour last week on chucks bday… AMAZING

  7. Just got a tip for “A Couple of Cops” that they will be in Glendale Queens on Monday not sure were in Glendale, if anyone know’s more on were? this is just rumor right now

  8. Anyone know where Gossip Girl is filming in the week of July 6th onwards?
    It would be really helpful as I am going there for the week and would love to see them filming and maybe meet some! Thanks!

  9. Hey guys! Just wanted to let everyone know I have gotten your emails, pics, tips, etc and will be posting the pics & tips and sending out the rest of the responses this weekend, sorry for the delay, I took today off but will try to get back on track tomorrow, thanks!! Have a great holiday!!

  10. Wikal Productions Info:
    “We are scheduled to film in your neighborhood at Grand Ave and Remsen Place on Wenesday, July 8th, 2009.”
    Does anyone know anything or is the the rob pattinson movie? It says it is a feature film a story of loves who meet and fall in love while struggling to deal with family tradegies that threathen their relationship. (maspeth)

  11. I am trying to go for the remeber me (wenesday) in maspeth queens 🙂
    Ill try b4 work. If anyone else goes let me know.


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