Filming Locations for Monday, 7.6 for Gossip Girl, Date Night, Going The Distance, and More!

Boardwalk Empire, a new HBO series, is filming around Quincy St and Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn. (Thanks John!)

The Bounty (aka Bounty Hunter starring Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston) is filming around Beach 35th St and Boardwalk in Far Rockaway, NY. (Thanks Anon!)

Gossip Girl is filming around Second Ave and the the low 50’s (51s, 52nd, etc) in Manhattan. (Thanks Anon!) They are also filming exteriors around 12th Ave and 30th. (Thanks to Todd and Anon!)

A Couple of Cops, directed by Kevin Smith, is filming around 86th St between 3rd and Ridge in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. (Thanks Tammy and Becky!) Update: They have tailors set up from 86th street-83rd street and 3rd ave. (Thanks Michelle!)

Going The Distance, starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, is filming on 19th St and 5th Ave, NYC from 7.6-7.10, according to permit signs. (Thanks Alison!)

Step Up 3 is filming around NYU, signs spotted at W. 4th and Greene St, on Waverly Pl, and near Washington Square Park. (Thanks to ponyjockey123, Marisa, Chaya, Tammy, Anon!)

Sorcerer’s Apprentice, starring Nic Cage, is filming at the Bedford Armory, Brooklyn. (Thanks John!)

Morning Glory, starring Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams, is filming at Metropolis Studio. (Thanks Brenda!)

Date Night, starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey, is filming on Centre St between Worth and Canal St, NYC. This is a night shoot. (Thanks to Anon, Rebecca, and Nathan!)

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SVU did begin filming today but I heard they are at their stages in NJ. (Thanks Anon!)

It sounds like Ugly Betty will be starting up production again soon. One of our readers, Gabby, spoke to Michael Urie (who plays Marc St. James) at The Temperamentals a couple nights ago and he told her UB begins filming again in NYC in a couple of weeks! (Thanks Gabby!)

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What Not To Wear is filming on 43rd Street between 3rd and Lex (in NYC) today. (Thanks Allison!)

Something titled Untitled -BBC Production has signs up on 43rd between Lexington and Third, NYC. (Thanks Sarah!)


  1. For the Gossip Girl shooting, what does it mean ‘filming exteriors’ around 12th ave and 30th st? Are they going to have some of the cast there too?

  2. Does anyone know the time the Bounty will be shooting? I work in midtown until 6 but if it would still be shooting into the evening, I would take a long subway ride to get there.

  3. Does anyone know where ‘The Resident’ is filming in NYC today? I have received a few emails looking for locations but I haven’t heard anything.

    Also saw tweets this AM about ‘Weeds’ on location in L.A. and ‘Burn Notice’ on location in Miami but I can’t seem to find exact locations, any ideas?

  4. I was just at the gossip girl location and there was absolutely nothing there. No trailers, signs, nothing! I was really disappointed.

  5. I went to 53rd, 52nd, 51st, and 50th, just like Christine said and there was nothing where I went. I did not go to 54th though, because she didn’t mention that far up. She just said low’s so that’s where I went.

  6. I just saw Penn, Blake, Taylor, Connor and Matthew (Rufus) walking into their trailers. There’s several paparazzi and other fans. Managed one vid of Blake and hoping to get pics later. The trailers are on 54th St btwn 2nd ave and 1st ave

  7. I just saw blake lively, penn badgley, matthew settle, connor paolo, and taylor momsen on 54th and 2nd about 20 minutes ago (230pmish). Not sure how much longer they will be there!!

  8. Ed and Leighton(and Chace) arent filming today. Theyve been filming at the Van der Woodsen/Bass residence since 1:15ish. Two scenes feturing Blake, Penn, Taylor, Connor and Matthew. Dunno when it will end.

  9. FYI: Most of tips I get are from street signs- not necessarily the exact location- sometimes there are more signs but the tipster didn’t see every sign. Its a good idea to look around a little if you don’t see something on the exact block mentioned, that’s why I always say “around” or “in the vicinity of”.

  10. just came from gossip girl. they were filming a scene on 55th and 2nd at some building called milani or something like that. they kept doing the same scene over and over. i was there for like an hr then got bored. basically it was taylor, penn and conner outside a limo going into the building and the next limo would come up and lots of paps run to it (part of the scene) and blake would walk into the building. I have some pics that i’ll put up later.

  11. hey does anyone know how much longer gg will be filming at the 54th and 2nd location? does it look like they are packing up or anything? i was planning to head over around 5-530

  12. there’s nothing at the 30th st and 12th ave location, walked all the way there under the scorching sun for nothing!

      • Yes, and when Blake left to film a new scene (around 5:30) she kissed Penn goodbye (on the lips, it was sweet) as he was headed towards the trailers as he was done for the day.

        Got pics with Penn and Matthew. Connor and Taylor were rushed to leave. Blake was the only one left, filming again by the Milan Condos but a diff scene as she changed clothes.

        I got pics, where can I upload them here?

        • Didn’t know what time Blake would end, I left at 6:10 and she was still filming her scene which I didn’t really see.

  13. The 2nd Ave location is 300 E. 55th St for future reference. It’s not the first time they’ve filmed here (I live here) and I suppose it won’t be the last. So next time you hear that they’re in this neighborhood, go to 55th & 2nd. They were here today from 11am until I don’t know when, 5pm at least.

  14. Went to GG today on 2nd Ave. Lots of fans & just general onlookers. Fun times. My pics didn’t turn out so good & neither did the quick video I took either – c’est la vie. The crew works really hard & the background actors/extras were chatty & sweet. Time well spent.


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