‘Remember Me’ Filming Locations for July 6th & 7th

remember me sign

Remember Me is filming in the vicinity of E 84th Street between Park Ave and Madison Ave, NYC on Monday and Tuesday.Β  (Thanks Dash!)


  1. There are several school scenes that need to be shot that do not include you know who. Regis High School (a boys prep school) is near that location

  2. Heard that SVU’s first day back for filming is the 6th of July (Monday). If anyone has any information about where exactly they’ll be – it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  3. it will be indoors i think all day . . . they are classroom scenes with caroline (robs lil sis in the movie) . . . she supposedly goes to spence

    regis is a pretty big school . . . i went to dominican academy and spent alot of time at our brother school regis. i believe there are more than one entrance so it might be hard to see him going in and out the school (i think there is one small scene with rob at carolines school but who knows if they will be using that scene)

  4. the one scene of tyler in caroline’s school is pretty vital to film. That said.. There are a few school scenes without Tyler. He will no doubt be needed for one of those days shooting.

    • yep but i am sure his trailer will be parked right be the door to the school so they can whisk him in . . .

      standing around for hours just to see him for one second . . . and trust me he is FAST going in and out of his trailer, surrounded by all his security

      everyone keeps saying he has a 4 day weekend . . . maybe they are right and he wont be there at all on monday. but who knows????

          • i’ve seen rob and got some good pics the first day but now i’m on a mission to meet him so if i catch him going in early enough there might be a chance. i guess i just answered my own question.

            • hahahaha

              its always worth a shot, right??? maybe u will get lucky

              i just remember the don hills day . . . they were shooting outside and had the trailer park right in front so u couldnt even get near him. i saw a flash of his hair and POOF he was inside. even the papz didnt get good pictures

        • Has it occured to anyone that christine D is always saying not to go, then she posts that she went and saw rob? Think 4 yourselves people.

          • i never tell anyone not to go

            i will not be going to wednesdays shoot nor will i have pics!!!

            i told everyone on here i was going to the carnival scene shoot and also to the shoot last thursday

            • Read Christine D.’s comment below. She lost her mind about anyone going on Wednesday. I mean we all have opinions but she sounds like a bit of a fanatic about her own. Really. Give the controlling behavior a rest. It’s annoying.

              • i am not the only one who feels this way about going to a cemetary where my grandmother is buried to watch someone film a movie!!!

                read sallys post below too πŸ˜›

  5. FYI sometimes in addition to those orange permit signs they post . . . they also post a white paper (sometimes its not by every single orange one) . . . u have to look around for one

    it will tell u exactly what street or what place the filming will take place on

    for instance the white paper near the don hills shoot, described that they would be filming IN don hills

    the white paper by the carnival scene detailed the exact street location for that filming

    • hey, how do you always know where Rob is going to be filming? how can i find out ? and could you tell me when the best time to go to new york to try and see him would be ? thank you

  6. I have the paper for Wenesday July 8th, Remeber me is being filmed at Grand Ave and remsen place. I hope is the Grand and Remsen Diner? ( I am hoping to see Rob). I will try to keep u updated but if u guys hear anything keep us informed.

    • yeah i dont think its at the diner

      if its where i think they are filming, u should not go to this filming

      i think all fans should stay away from wednesdays shoot

      just my opinion

      • Keep your comments to yourself, like somebody said earlier you are always saying not to go. Just shut up already.

        • maybe u should read before posting ignorant comments

          words is that its at a cemetery so general consensus is DONT GO

    • If you know the area, you will realize what is the first thing that stands out at that intersection… i dont think this is the best day to try catch a glimpse of robert..

  7. so what’s the final word? are these only indoor scenes?
    and is there any information for “remember me” filming on thursday?

  8. I think if they are filming the cemetery scene at MO it should absolutely be a CLOSED SET.

    The very idea of papz and fans stampeding over loved ones graves is appalling.

    and let’s face it, YOU KNOW THEY WILL!


    • The gods have got to be effing kidding me! I live in Maspeth and literally 2 min from this place and its going to be a closed set! ::sighs in disbelief:: RP is coming to freaking Maspeth!? of all places…

        • its a CEMETARY!!! what are u going to do??? climb all over peoples graves and tombstones to watch them film a funeral scene

          i love watching RM film but this is a bit much!!!

          • It has a creep factor to me. I’ll pass on the cemetary shoot. Doubt it’ll impress Rob with me being there, drooling over some poor soul’s tombstone. He’ll probably be wigging out himself just being there anyway lol.

            • Ha, I could see his disliking being in a cemetery for a while. Then again, there were cemetery scenes in How To Be and HP: GOF, so maybe he’s used to it by now.

            • sooooooo true!…. what an impression could you make on robert standing in a cementery while he is filming a movie?…. i agree with christine d. we should just stay off of the shooting that day.
              i guess i can see where people think that her saying to stay off of shooting that day can be taken from a diff. perspective. but really..? c’mon!…
              but once again people can do whatever they want.

              • I think I will have to agree too!! I can’t imagine rob looking over at his fans whle filming a cemetery scene and be proud
                And those papz have been videotaping fans!! I woudnt want myself on video at a cemetery
                They probably won’t let fans or anyone else near the filming area, its my understanding it would be trespassing, am I right??????

                • For those who read the script – I just know the “big spoiler” I know there could be like 3 funerals that would be filmed – but 2 of the 3 that could be filmed Rob wouldn’t even be at….

    • I think we can assume that the set lines will be pretty far back from where they are filming…

      …so you won’t be getting good shots of Rob anyway. That’s even assuming he’s there. He’s not in all of the cemetary scenes.

      I think it’s tacky to show up at a cemetary to watch filming, but hey…it’s a free country.

      • It’s possible they’re still going to say it’s Spence in the movie, but just film in another school. It’s not like Spence has a big sign that says its name or anything.

  9. Anything on SVU for tomorrow (monday)?
    They come back tomorrow. And i want to go to the set for the first time.

  10. I said before I’d never go and stand around the set, but now the set is coming to me! I live around 84th and Park and I’ve plenty of errands to run in the area tomorrow! I’ll definitly report back if I see anything interesting!

  11. Hey everyone! We just passed by the Grand Av and Remsen Diner filming location. Awesome…it’s definitely on! BUT let us clear up a few things –

    We went into the diner and asked the owner for some details. She was really nice and helpful, said that the production crew has already informed them of the filming and it is NOT in the cemetery – and it’s also NOT in the diner. The scene involves walking *past* the cemetery and it’s with Chris Cooper but we were told that Robert Pattinson will not be on the set that day. Not entirely sure how reliable they are, but we’re just relaying what we were told.

    We’ll definitely be there on Monday and Tuesday though! πŸ™‚ Good luck everyone!

    • this shoot for Grand ave and Remsen diner is when? I know that Monday & Tuesday it’s on park & madison but what’s this Grand ave shoot?

    • How would the diner staff know what actors will be on set? CC walking past would also have to be a rewrite. Seems kinda strange to have a cementary and diner (both of which are major parts of the movie) and neither be used.

      • i’ve learned by now not to rely on anonymous tips. Robert’s bodyguards even told us he’d be away last thursday through the weekend visiting home and wouldn’t be on set and then on Thursday it turned out he was filming a night scene.

        I’ve noticed a lot of people tend to be vicious and don’t like the truth to be known when it comes to him. I bet the diner owner was instructed to tell us otherwise. Or, he was just being a jerk.

      • also, the scene is very short, only requiring 3 hours. How in depth can they get in a cemetery scene if they’re just reserving the area for 3 hours? From being on set several times before, I’ve learned it takes about 2-3 hours just to do make up and wardrobe alone, and the actors generally arrive about an hour or 2 max before filming. It’s probably going to be a very simple scene.

        See link here of the sign:


        • dude that’s 6AM until 9PM that’s a long day. They could film both cemetery scene and diner scenes.

            • not a dick. lol. a blond yea.

              Anyway, I do hope if they are filming a cemetery scene that fans will be respectful. I don’t hold out much hope for the papz. That Steve Sands guy nearly got knocked out on Thurs.

              • We were considering going….but now after reading how Rob is completely disgusted by his NY fans behavior, I opt to stay home and be happy with the few photos I snapped of him last week. Poor guy. Apparently he’s aching to go home.

  12. Hey everyone. I’m so stoked SVU has two more years to go. It’s out now in info that they start filming Monday.

    I really want to go. If anyone has seen the signs please let us know!


  13. Leave the grave yard alone. Visitors will cause untold problems for the crew as they try to film on consecrated ground. The paps have the potential to make this bad enough. Don’t add to it.

    • I tend to agree. I really hope those who choose to attend are respectful of the grounds and don’t use tombs as picnic tables or whatever.

      Also, since cemeteries are technically private, they do have the right to evict trespassers or unwanted visitors/spectators, so I’m not sure it’s even worth going. I don’t even know why anyone would want to…

  14. I have posted in here a lot . . . Given tips and sent in info when I can

    I live close to washington sq park

    When I was at the RM set on thursday I posted I was there and what was going on. I then posted that rob was on set

    I am not going to post in here anymore thanks to the few that want to attack me

    No more posts from me!!! I do not have time for online crazies

    Sorry to the nice/normal ones on here

    • Hi Christine –
      Up until now I’ve just been following along. You have been a great ( & willing) source of information. I’m sorry to see you go. I’d like to follow you on twitter – how do I find you?
      If you don’t want to post it here I am julsalarcon on twitter.

    • aww christine d..what’s gotten into u. why r u listening 2 ppl u don’t need 2 be listening to. there r so many ppl who enjoy u’r post. i’ve been reading u’r posts starting just before rm shoot. i’m the lucky follower of this website who got the first autograph on rm shoot. i owe to this website and ppl like u. who know so much and our job is just to show up at the places u guys search for us.on the side note ..didn’t so many ppl bash christine too(i think she runs the website)so who cares about em!!

    • I really hope people don’t send it around. Nothing against you, but this script has already been disseminated too much in my opinion. If details leak to the public, this entire movie will be ruined for Rob.

      So people who have it, please be responsible with it.

      • The script is more than leaked! I hope everyone who has read it makes a promise to see the movie at least twice when it comes out! I want to be surprised and cant wait to see the film. I’m not a fan of spoilers! This movie can be make it or break it for the longevity of his career. This is the first post twilight film and he will need super duper box office!
        This movie is dependent on the surprise factor of the how and the why. Please keep the talk of the script to your selves. I don’t want to know what happens or when to expect a spoiler moment!
        Go Rob Go!

        • Oh I’m definitely viewing the movie multiple times. He’s basically playing himself in a dramatic love story with NYC as the backdrop.

          Say no more. I’m there πŸ™‚

        • Yeah, I know the script is pretty accessible, I just hope it doesn’t become so widely read that internet communities start posting details.

          I’ll probably see it more than once and have vowed to keep its contents completely secret. No worries.

  15. christine D dont leave just bc people are hating … i am to say that because of you i recieve good updates on whats happening

  16. Just to clarify things — its the Memoirs script which the movie is based upon

    They took this script and turned it into a screenplay for what we all know as Remember Me

    So its just like reading Twilight before seeing the movie . . . they changed some things from the book for the movie

    • Yes, but technically it’s a renamed 2nd draft of the Memoirs script.

      I’m guessing the two scripts are more alike than Twilight the book and Twilight the movie since it’s just been edited rather than adapted and consolidated.

      • interesting . . . there are 2 copies of Memoirs going around?

        i happened to get a copy of it a few months back but did not know there were 2 different versions

        do u happen to know when the first one was written?

        • Hmm all I know is that the original was written by Will Fetters and then Jenny Lumet (screenwriter of Rachel Getting Married) was hired to rewrite it. I believe they just renamed it because they found “Remember Me” catchier than “Memoirs” for better or worse.

          • ahhh gotcha!!

            thanks for your info!!!

            i have the will fetters version and have not seen the actual script (aka the rewritten version) floating around

            i do notice based on photos from filming there have been lots of changes

            • lol yeah when they filmed at the beach I was like “WTF??”

              I don’t think the new script has leaked. That’s probably for the best.

                  • Hi steph,

                    Like it was said previously, it is like reading the book before the movie comes out. As long as everyone have a mind of their own, anybody can choose to either read it or don’t want to know until the movie comes out. I just don’t get who the heck is LC to dictate who can read the script or not. As I promised before, this is for my own personal use and of course will not post any details or plots to anyone. I love Rob too and will never hurt his work/career by being insensitive.

                    • i am just curious if the studio can do anything . . . i know they made all websites with it on it, take it down . . .

                    • Dude, not trying to dictate. I was just saying it might be prudent for people to not spread it around. I’m not saying you would spoil it, but one person passes it to another and they pass it to another and so on and so forth. These things get out of control and Rob’s movie gets ruined.

                      Personally, I don’t really know why you’d want to read it when you could experience the movie as it was meant to be experienced in theaters. Would you have wanted to read the Sixth Sense script before seeing it in theaters?

  17. Umm christine d. really? I don’t think this site can go on without you giving everyone tips..
    Seriously get over yourself, u aren’t the only one who sends tips to this site or send updates while on set.. I think we all do that.. So please get over yourself, if u don’t wanna send tips u simply just stop..why the announcement..

    I understand why some ppl are saying not to go to the cemetery and all, I won’t go cuz I feel that’s just too much, its a cemetery and we should have some respect for the dead but I don’t think any of us should stop anyone from going to the set whether its at a cemetery or a diner..to each their own..keep ur opinion about other ppl going or not going, let them decide on their own..

  18. i am hoping to catch my first glimpse of rob this week. will go tomorrow. see whats happening

    i am glad a stumbled upon this board and seems like everyone in here is so nice lol

  19. @ christine, then don’t effin post! you’re not the only one who can tip, and it’s funny how you talk about “crazies” when your ass is there all the time, tipping and reporting 24-7 till the wee hrs of the morning. Some people got some effin nerve!!!

    • LOL
      Very true. Then that makes us all crazy! lol Some people should just follow that girl on twitter and kiss her ass there, she loves that, and then she’ll ask “why are so many people following me? like she usually does.
      Filming is inside this afternoon from sources, might be the same tomorrow, but will post once I hear conf.

  20. I am a little annoyed at LC for dictating – YES DICTATING- who should or not read the script by Will Fetters. Your previous posts flaunted and revealed details of the movie as if everyone should know what you were talking about because you had read the script already. Right there, you’ve just ruined a bit for everyone who didn’t want to know! Please don’t blow this out of proportion and confused this by saying it’s for Rob’s sake! This site is supposed to be friendly and we all aim for one purpose, which is to uplift ROB. Be kind, don’t whine.

    • *shrug*

      If you ask me it’s pretty unfortunate when anyone lets the internet ruffle his or her feathers.

      I’m not trying to dictate. I’m just sharing in my feelings. In my opinion, it would be a shame for the script to be widely read because it would detract from the film and risk spoiling it. And yes, it would bother me if a movie Rob really cares about were spoiled. I am a fan, so I care about his project’s integrity.

      Someone sent me the script without my requesting it. After keeping it on my computer for MONTHS, I finally read it because I was terrified of accidentally reading a spoiler online. I haven’t posted the script anywhere and I don’t e-mail it all over the place.

      Additionally, I haven’t ruined any details from the movie. All I said is that there was no beach scene in the script I have. Wow, big spoiler. I have shed absolutely no light on what that scene was about. I don’t even know what it’s about because, as I said, it’s not in the addition of the script I have.

      I am and have always been very kind unless I must sharpen my tongue in my own defense.

      If you or anyone else wants to read the script, that’s your prerogative. It’s also my prerogative to share my opinions on the matter.

  21. If anyone could pass on to rob or start some talk about an oscar winning role for him in The Book Thief 1939 Germany Max vandenburg jew in the basement very serious movie great book casting now movie in 2010 he gets to grow a beard,walk in a death march and fall in love in the end very profound and diverse role for him that will keep him at the top of the food chane if he only new
    thanks everyone good luck on your rob search

  22. Wow . . . Has 3 days without rob made everyone crazy heehee

    The claws r out 2nite!!

    Moving on, is anyone going tomorrow??

  23. For the people who read the Memoirs or script or whatever it is, does anybody know if Emilie will be at the cemetery scene or the diner scene?

    I completely understand reasoning why people shouldn’t go to the cemetery, but there’s no way they will be spending 15 hours at a cemetery lol

    and for the Christine situation. Can’t we all just get along? People all have right to their own opinions but there’s no sense in being rude. We’re all here for the fun of things aren’t we? If we don’t personally know someone we shouldn’t assume they think they’re better than us or anything like that. With that being said, every tip is important in some way. We should appreciate anybody who tips us. We would be wandering all over nyc without them. πŸ™‚

    • Emilie is not in the cemetery scene, not sure about the diner

      I appreciate any tips from this site!!
      I finally got to see rob on thursday so thanks to anyone who posted!!
      I read on here he was on set in the park and hopped on a train . . . It was easy to find the huge crowd.
      I cannot even believe how many people were watching
      I asked a couple of girls were rob was and they explained he was taking a break
      A few minutes later I saw him!!!
      Thanks so much!!!

  24. But to discuss the reading or any mention of something that is unpublished and not readily accessible to everyone is unfair, it feels bootlegged!! I know we all love him and want good things for him but I like being kept in the dark. I just like to know where the locations are just in case I tripped over his trailer or his bodyguards feet while out and about! when you go to see him filming or any filming you really don’t have a clue. I can almost write this script from looking here(OLV) and on the IMDB! Create a separate page for spoilers and discussing and exchanging of the script! I love coming to this site to find out the locations and see the photos of you all and Rob. Please,
    please I beg you keep the script stuff separate and what happens to characters etc. God Bless America and Rob.

    • I completely agree. I really dislike it when this site is tainted with comments about his romantic life, script requests and script discussion, to be honest. As others have said, this site is best when it’s just dealing with Remember Me GPS. There are many, many other forums for other kinds of discussion.

  25. I have read the script and LOVED it and I can understand people not wanting to know and not reading it

    I feel like with all the photos posted from the film shooting, u can kinda figure it out

    Watching the movie will put the scenes in order and add dialogue

    I don’t think anyone on here has given away key plot info, but I don’t read everyones comments

    I was just trying to see if anyone has heard more about tomorrow

  26. Yes, let’s all get along now that christine is gone, but we are all here for info, and it’s a bit annoying when some feel the need to dictate, approve or dont approve when to go, or not to read stuff. I want to know who made some people Rob’s personal guardian or website moderator? And yes people, don’t attack here bc some people can’t take it and they will take their “secret” tips with them. : )

  27. Its annoying to read all these dumb posts . . . Who’s leaving, who’s staying, who doesn’t want to know what happens

    Blah blah blah

    I just come here to see what’s going on with the filming and yes robs movie has piqued my interest but I have been on this website long before. This board about RM has gotten nasty and its annoying to read all the same questions and now I have to scroll through stupid stuff just to find out info

    • I agree! Please if it’s not RM filming locations related, please rant elsewhere.
      If anyone knows about indoor filming for the next couple of days please let us know. THank you.

    • Yes. Please take this elsewhere. I’m getting a thousand and one emails of comments pertaining to this particular thread.

      If anyone hears anything about SVU for the week, please post. Thank you in advance.

  28. I agree with ‘Blah.’ I love the sight – i come here to check on the daily locations and such… and i just got on here for today to see the locations for Monday and i see all of this banter and discussion. It’s a hastle to have to fish through all of these comments of nothing-ness to try and gather any potential information on a show of my choice that i’d like to catch filming.
    This all should be moved/taken place in a discussion board or something.

    Just a suggestion – and i thought i’d speak my mind since everyone has no problem speaking theirs.

  29. People refusing to post because one or two said something they didn’t like is punishing many for the actions of a few. Hardly fair?

    With regard to the script, its funny that Animal Farm was mentioned. Some people in Robert’s fandom think they are ‘more equal’ than others. They assume they are sensible enough to decide whether to read a script or not but then deny others the same right. I suggest a google search for the script. Its in plenty of places but I have decided not to read it. If I see anymore pictures and footage, I may have to though.

    • IMBD – Remember Me page – Discussion titled Script – you will need to email one of those people and keep it to yourself – Lets get back to this is a set location site – I don’t care who has it, who wants it or who thinks its wrong.

      Lets keep RM script talk to “Hey – If you have read the script what do you think the chances are Rob will be on set”

  30. This is so sily

    Everyone is going to get pissed that this board has gone to hell not tell anyone anything and then we all lost the chance to catch a glimpse of rob
    Everyone used to be nice and just post info and i loved reading rob sighting stories

    My email is getting full I have to silence my phone from all the email alerts
    I think there’s a forum thingy *points to right* go discuss how much u hate other or whatever else in there

    Thanks a bunch πŸ™‚

  31. so tomorrow and tuesday filming is on 84th between park and madison? and does anyone know if that is an indoor or outdoor shoot and if robert pattinson will be filming?

  32. Hey guys, a little confused so I wanted to clarify from what I read.

    Wednesday they’re filming in Maspeth, Queens? Is that correct? And on Grand Ave (is that again the one in Maspeth? the sign somene posted looks like a familiar area) or is it just at one of the cemeteries? It would be cool to see something (anything really) filmed in my “back yard” though I don’t think I’d creep around a cemetary the Grand Ave one seems doable…so if someone could summarize this info for me I’d really appreciate it.


      • Sorry, that is total fabrication. Rob would NEVER talk that way during production. He is professional and shy. If anything he is embarrassed and feel responsible for the distuption from Papz and fans. (More so Papz than fans, after day 1)

      • i agree . . . if u watch any of these videos (i think poptv has a few) He looks at the ground ALOT. he does not acknowledge or wave to fans. In the last video from thursday, he looks pissed/scared/upset/uncomfortable. no ones taking pictures of him out and about in nyc, he probably cant even go anywhere or enjoy his day off!!!

        • I think the story has pieces of truth to it… I do think Rob is stressed and we all know he is paranoid – but he wouldn’t say ALL of that. If anything – this is someone on the set trying to keep fans away.

          I just wish the fans that did show up – had been able to control themselves instead of causing so much stress on the set.

    • Not that I think he enjoys the hordes of screaming and grabbing girls, especially when he is trying to work, but I doubt that article is based on any true events or reliable sources. I just don’t think he’s a miserable as some of the media makes him out to be. He has said it is a huge adjustment and he’s still getting used to it all.

    • What a load of rubbish!!! If you believe this you’ll believe anything.
      I wonder if this is some misguided attempt by the production company to deter the hordes of fans coming every day and interfering with filming. it sounds like it to me. What a bloody shame….yet more crap for Rob to have to deal with. He really does need to get himself a decent Publicist before things get out of hand.

      • Lizzie – I we think the same! Sure Rob’s stressed – Sure he doesn’t like being attacked – BUT – What about the lucky girls that DID get pics and autographs when the crowd was small and calm? Sure he is instructed to not egg on the hordes of 100’s of fangirls – not that he even WANTS to!

        Really… Rob is great to his fans and apperciates them when he is able.

    • is it just me or was it messed up to close the article with the spots he’s been seen hangin out at even if it has been posted before?

  33. I have a feeling he won’t be there today. Plus that area will be crazy busy and he moves super, super fast.

  34. Why is it whenever a bunch of women get together, trouble erupts? We are our own worst enemy. Let’s please all get along.

    I find this site so fun and informative! I appreciate everyone putting tips up. I look forward to meeting some of you when I eventually drag my carcass back home to NY to see what I can see.

    And I’ve been looking for the script but haven’t been successful as yet; if anyone has it, I’d be grateful if you’d please send (cmclaura@aol.com). I have no problem reading books before seeing movies; in fact, I prefer it. I hate surprises in general but I do like to compare books/scripts and movies. I’m that person who turns to the last page of the book before I’m halfway through. Yep, that’s me. And I can keep a secret and not tell anyone anything.

    Except what to do, it seems, lol.

    I hope everyone has a great day, whether you’re here reading or there watching. We’re all in this together, remember that! : )

  35. i have to get to work too so i am leaving πŸ™

    no papz are really here so thats a bad sign. if they are not here, means no good peeks of rob

  36. That’s it I’ve had it with the Twilight fans, y’all are getting crazier and crazier as this shoot goes on. WTF IS WRONG WITH SOME OF YOU! going to the Cemetery, seriously how many times were you dropped on your head as a child?, or are you just mentally retarded some of you. I’m going to the set tomorrow to talk to his crew cause I’ve had it. I’ve been in this industry for awhile and I’ve never seen this type of behavior out of fans. Its disgusting! You all are gonna start making him resent you, he’s a nice guy( I’ve met him twice now) now but watch as time goes on. Trust me it will happen. You stalking him on set everyday is not gonna make him POOF! magically fall in love with you. Are you serious..are you serious? and you attacking him WTF is that all about. Let me tell you something if I’m on set tomorrow and I hear out of any of you your going to attack him, I will personally bitch slap you in front of everyone and embarrass you. This has gotten to the point, that even the crew are getting pissed off, and don’t even get me started on the paparazzi, I’m also going to deal with them tomorrow as well, especially that little bitch steve. I’ve fucking had it up to here hearing about this, and since no one is going to do something well I’m going to. I’m asking the crew to put barricades a block away from his trailer so NONE of you will see him, and when you bitch then they can tell you that you ruined it for yourselves by stalking him incessantly. I seriously fear for his safety right now. Its gotten to that point sadly, also paparazzi will be with you as well. So give yourselves all a round of applause cause you just fucked it up. Congratulations Twilight fans. Good Job. I’ve said my peace. I’m done.

    • Whoa, wait a minute! Did I miss something? I could’ve sworn that the general consensus here was that going to the cemetery was way out of line… And when did someone say they were planning to attack him? Or are you just referencing what happend with a few fans in the past?

      • My friend was on set one day and heard many fans saying they wanted to attack him. Also the cemetery one I’ve seen on here what you are saying about going. It has all gotten out of hand and I’ve had it.

        • i have been on set a few times and i always hear girls saying that they want to rush after him and jump on him . . . they talk about it like its funny. one girl was like what could they do? nothing

          i have also read people posting about it being ok to go to the cemetery and that is just sick . . . of course people can make up their own minds but wtf is wrong with u that u would pick going to a cemetery?????

        • Say what?! O_O That’s seriously not okay to do…to ANYONE. What kind of purpose can attacking him possibly serve? *confused*

          Pretty much every comment I’ve been reading is about how folks plan to stay AWAY from wednesday’s shoot but that, sadly, the paps probably won’t.

          • To those thinking or if anyone hears about anyone thinking it is FUN to run after Rob and “attack him” take a peak at this article https://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/gatecrasher/index.html

            Ppl like that causes Rob to HATE your city! Is that what you want? really? If so you may just have succeeded if this article has any truth to it. And I am ONLY referring to the crazies who will attack Rob, not to those who respectfully watches the filming without disrupting of course. You done nothing wrong, the rest, thanks for making it harder for the NORMAL fans to say hi to Rob someday! Grrrr

            • Like someone else posted a lot of people acting up are not from NYC. I was there the first day of shooting and spoke to the stupid girls who jumped on him (I mentioned on previous posts one of them was punched in the face by security as she was trying to jump rob)… they were not from NYC and weren’t even from the Country. so it would suck if that Daily news article is true because it’s not even the New Yorkers that are scaring him off.

      • Tell me how am I gonna look like a stalker? Hmm this is the problem with you people you don’t think before you talk. Therefore you sound like a retard, I’ve worked with them so I know. I’m not going to see Rob little girl I’m going to talk to his crew. THINK before you talk, just a little piece of advice for some of you.

    • You are the one who should be embarassed. And bitch slapping anyone, especially in public, is only going to make you look like the fool — and possibly get arrested for battery.

        • Mar, it’s not very smart of you to come on here and threaten VIOLENCE. Just for the record, you have now put it in writing on the world wide web. Should anything go down, we will make sure this gets out how you planned an attack, IN WRITING.

        • Mar…I have an extra hand to help ya w/dat Biatch slapping!!! Hey, I was there the 1st day of filming at NYU on the 15th and watched the whole Fanattics chasing Rob and jumping into/onto his personal space..wanted to Biatch Slap then…but didn’t want to bring more drama to the sitch! I totally agree with your comments. I watched, took a few photos, got a few smiles from Rob and co-star..and kept my mouth shut and hands to myself..peeps need to just chillax and be happy to watch and enjoy the view! BTW, I do not believe the crap about Rob Hating the woman of NYC..total BS! And for christine, plz do not posting, u are a sweetheart and I appreciate all the info u have shared…plz ignore the azzholes! xo

    • you seriously need some anger management classes. no need to get so crazy about it. yes there are some insane people out there and it’s way too bad for everyone but you going on like that is wrong. I’m not completely sure who you think you are but nobody should speak like that. take a deep breath and calm down.

        • @loyno
          Some people do think they’re special, bc “they say” they have met him twice. WOW! Rob’s people need to keep this one away at all costs!!!!!

          • You guys are funny. I’m pretty sure that “Rob’s People” already know that there are some crazy people out there and also some normal fans that are content to just see him and possibly take a picture. If you truly had an β€œin” with the industry Mar, I highly doubt you would be blogging on this site. Nevertheless, you’re right that people should be respectful and act accordingly. However, I highly doubt that the crazed fans will be swayed by a few words on the internet.

  37. I just passed by,very little crowd, he’s supposedly inside the building and people are waiting for him to get out. I’ll pass by again around 11:30 and see if anything changed.

  38. hey i was there this morning..talked to my PA friend today all indoors today Saw Rob go into his trailer got an awesome pic. Crowd of maybe 10-15 ppl there most and 4 papz. Met the little girl playing Caroline & got a pic not with her though i felt bad bc she was walking around doing things..she says she loves working on Nurse Jackie & Rob is really sweet. Thats really it not worth it to go b/c u cant see anything inside the school. They will definetly do more outdoor shoots in the city this week though

    • Hey Kathy

      You said you were there this morning so you dont think its worth going out there this afternoonor tomorrow and is it at the Regis High School? Thanks

  39. What I find hilariuos about all of the bickering on this site between the fans is that ROB doesn’t give two shits about you! “I care about Rob’s feelings…”Rob’s movie is gonna be spoiled”…”Rob is gonna diappear”…” Rob is gonna resent you” “I’m gonna bitch slap you for Rob” blah blah blah! OMG control yourself people (not all of you) Some of you are acting like 5 yr olds. Rob cares about Rob, not any single one of you lol…I just had to throw that out there

    • Agreed, but when it comes down to safety in this industry that where I’m getting involved, like I said I’ve seen him twice and he’s a sweetheart. He doesn’t need this shit happening to him or deserve this from these dumb little girls cause thats what they all are. DUMB.

    • Agreed. I think it’s hysterical that these people who are acting like this are so delusional in thinking that if they were to meet Rob he would take one look at them and fall madly in love with them. Give me a break. And talking about attacking him? What’s up with that? No one has the right to invade his personal space and attack him like what happened to him on the first day of filming. Which the sad thing about that is the imbecilic girl who attacked him was instructed by her mother to do that. That’s right, her stupid ass mother encouraged her and her friends to run up and attack Rob, said to her daughter that this was her one and only chance of meeting him. Her mother is the on who should be bitch slapped if anyone is to be bitch slapped.

      So, can everyone please calm down and can we all just get along?

      • wow are you serious her mom. No words dude. No words. I’m doing something about this tomorrow cause he still has a few weeks to go. I’m stopping this shit right in its tracks, I even have people in NYPD I could get involved also. I’m gonna weigh my options out.

        • Yep, I’m serious. Wish I wasn’t but it was her mother. I was there, heard her when she was telling her daughter this is your only chance of meeting him, but I did not realize that she was instructing her to attack him with a choke hold. And now because of that one stupid incident we have other bubble heads thinking now that they too are going to attack him since that girl got away with it. Where do people get off thinking they have a right to invade his personal space? How would these people like it if someone they did not know ran up to them and grabbed them in a choke hold? I don’t think they would care for it one bit. The man is skittish as it is and now these morons have made it worse. They’ve made it harder for those who are normal to ever have a chance of meeting him and ask for an autograph.

          The thing that really burns my butt is how NY always gets a bum wrap as being a horrible city. And now the stupid article that Daily News has circulating that Rob hates NY and its women. First off, I take anything and everything written by the Daily News with a sack of salt. But if anything in that article is true, that’s really sad. He’ll probably never want to come back to NY after this.

          Mar-if you can convince his security people to start making the sets closed, or at least put the barricades further away so that he will feel safer, then you go girl! I hope it works. One thing though, and this is just a friendly suggestion, please don’t bitch slap anyone. It’s not worth getting arrested for assaulting a simpleton. It’s really not.

          • I will girl. Thanks :). I’m gonna ask them to put it at least a block away. They ruined it for themselves. Boo hoo I don’t even wanna hear it. lol

            • Yeah at some point this has gotten out of hand. I couldn’t agree more. It’s one thing to want to get an autographed signed or catch a glimpse even a photo…its another to get aggressive like vultures.

            • Hey “Mar,” the crew and his security will not care what you think. They will only put barricades up and close the set if they deem it necessary, and apply and receive permits to do just that, which is an enormous expense. A smaller film like this can’t afford it. And while I wish they would do that, it is not going to happen because you “ask them.”

              Spending your whole day standing there waiting to catch a 2 second glimpse (yes, that’s all) of the side of his head is hilariously stupid, but that is the fans’ right if they want to waste their time like that. Just don’t be an idiot. Don’t scream, rush him, grab him, push other people, or generally be a stupid idiot. He does not “owe” you anything. You do not “deserve” a picture or a kiss on the cheek just because you saw “Twilight” 126 times and spent 12 hours standing outside in the rain for him. He did not ask you to come to his work and bother him. You did it on your own. If someone came, uninvited, to the cubicle or fast food restaurant where you work (if you even have a job) and yelled and screamed and grabbed at you all day, preventing you from working, you might have a different perspective on this whole deal. Seriously. This is not a “game.” This is someone’s life. Just be mature, grown up, pleasant, and not a complete idiot, and maybe things will go better.

              To the mom who was going to fly in from Texas this week for her daughters’ bday- Seriously. Get a fucking grip lady. You will not see anything, your daughter will not get him to fall in love with her, she will not be an extra, you will not be a hero. Stay home, go to Chuck E Cheeze, put on “Twilight,” and have a nice time. Don’t come here, waste a lot of money, and make it worse.

              To the people who will respond- yes, Rob is growing tired of NY, so save your hate mail. He is here to make a small movie, and it is barely possible. Sites like this are fun and neat, but certain people take them too seriously and feel like because they have some info, they are owed something. Really, just relax and realize you are in love with his character in a FILM and not him. This is not reality. He is an actor. Just a regular guy who is pretty much over NY, because of the constant assault he receives every day at work.

              Have a nice day.

              • “stay home and go to Chuck E. Cheeze…man, that was priceless…I love it! U R so right! I can’t stop laughing!

                • wow . . . words of wisdom!!!

                  its one thing if u live here and are fortunate to catch a glimpse

                  totally different story to buy plane tickets and fly here!!!

                  and for all those going to his hotel . . . r u serious??? cmon now

              • Well something needs to be done, I’ve been in this industry for awhile and I suggest you do something about it or I get NYPD involved. That’s a promise, where some of you will loose your job because your obviously not doing it right. I’m not a fan like I said I’ve met him twice already and hes a great down to earth guy, but I never saw him as a celebrity being constantly surrounded by them it doesn’t faze me, but when it comes down to concerns about safety you need to take precautions. I don’t care how small this film is they shouldn’t been prepared for this. Its THEIR job.

              • “Stay home, go to Chuck E Cheeze, put on β€œTwilight,”
                LOL! This was priceless, love it.

                Yeah, it’s one thing if you live here and happen to be lucky to catch a glimpse of the guy, but its another to hop on a plane and come here just for that alone. It’s sad and pathetic. There was someone on the imdb board who went on and on about how she and her daughter came here from Las Vegas and her daughter was upset that they never got the chance to get Rob’s photo and autograph. I was like are you serious? What an ass. Glad they didn’t get his picture or autograph, what a stupid thing to do. There’s a recession going on in case some people weren’t aware and these fools have nothing else better to do than waste money on air fare to go someplace to possibly get a glimpse of a celebrity who is minding his own business trying to do his job and film a movie. And then they feel they have the right to bitch and complain when they can’t get him to stop for a photo and autograph session. Unreal.

            • I gotta ask, is this kinda crazy attention usual for movie sets? hordes of fans and paps on set snapping away? I thought sets were more closed off and most of ALL the actor’s trailers?? Wtf is UP with that leaving atleast HIS trailer that close to the crowd to get to? I honestly do not get it.

              As for that mom instructing her daughter to attack Rob as her only chance, I would love it if someone slapped a lawsuit on HER and her stupid daughter for assault, why is this ok for women to do to a male celeb? IF this was some female celeb being attacked by a male fan there would have been an arrest and a lawsuit in the works sooner than you’d think! I don’t get that either. Nor do I get the even JOKING or hinting about attacking him as some ppl posting here have overheard others say while on set. Crazy! Why do ppl do this? To attack or jump on a strange guy on the street never appealed to me no matter how good looking the guy is!

              • ok, MAR i understand WHERE your coming from its frustrating what the fans do when they act crazy and disrespectful but like you kind of sound ridicuous saying YOUR gunna stop it and your gunna change this situation. Im sorry sweetie but, your kind of not gunna do that.

                • It won’t hurt to try since no one else is doing it. I think I have more of a chance sweetie being in this industry and understanding it.

                  • stop saying you’ve met him twice, you’re in the industry, and you’re going to get the nypd involved. you guys aren’t friends, don’t know what you do in the industry but obviously not enough to make a difference, and nypd is not going to come running just because you think they should.

                    • I know people high up in the NYPD and yes they will do a DAMN thing. Think before you talk. I’ve said that countless times but no one seems to be listening unfortunately.

                  • LAWL. So how many times did you meet him?

                    I’d like to see you try all these claims, sweetie. Stop pretending you’re important in this world and go outside instead of stalking this board with useless threats.

          • Hi Trish,

            Sorry, at begining I was behind the blonde frizzy girl as well as the one w/the white and blue hat and blonde hair, belly showing tramp! They were together/with one other girl that was latino…heard them saying..”go for it!” at that point I backed off…too many joined the persuit..I just kept screaming “OMG leave him alone” security was useless!

  40. Lol I agree with jade..damn can this page just be about the filming locations and whether or not rob/emilie are on the set..

    Gosh…this is so annoying, I don’t understand why everyone is acting so immature..seriously guys..all the BS that you guys are pulling needs to stop..

  41. i hope everyone has seen the pictures of rob from set this morning . . . poor guy looks tired and unhappy

    maybe the article has some truth to it

  42. I agree with you all however dont think that this is something that hasnt happened before I was told by my mum that Tom Cruise in early days went through the samething after his first film Risky Business and then Top Gun and apparently yes even John Travolta in his early years post Saturday night fever and Grease. I think Manhattan is possibly too open so heis more accessible Maybe in Vancouver since they have a closed set it will be easier for him to have some quiet time. He will also be around a cast that knows him. Interesting he thinks if he goes back to London he will not be harrassed I am not sure about that post his new found fame?

    • no i believe it. Americans don’t really have a sense of whats respectful and whats not. Not EVERYONE just in general in the culture. People in europe and other places probably wouldn’t attack someone and try to jump on them and crazy stuff.

      • Way to lump all 300 million americans into one grand sweeping generalization based on the misconduct of perhaps 1000 girls. The vast majority of Americans and New Yorkers are well-mannered and respectful individuals who couldn’t care less about getting a piece of Rob.Moreover, the European paparazzi seem far more audacious to me when it comes to invading celebrities’ privacy.

  43. I agree about boundaries. If some guy you never met came up to you and got you in a chokehold, you would scream for help and have him arrested. Just because one is famous does not mean they are superhuman or that their personal space is available to invade.

    Having said that, Im still afraid that someone is going to “throw” something at me…but any reports from today’s set? I work near there and thought I might take a little walk. I know its all inside, but how is the crowd today?

  44. Yes those pictures just about sum it all up for Rob don’t they? Poor man – just how much more can he take? Every day there seems to be another level of stress to deal with. However as Mar pointed out further up – it isn’t just a few ‘fans’ who are the problem…..it’s the bloody paps. How do these creatures get away with their behaviour. I have followed various blogs and chat sites over the last week or two ( I’m in England so no chance of ever going to the set) and found the reports of the Paps behaviour as on a par with a bunch of unruly ill-disciplined children. However after seeing the videos of him filming on Thursday where he was TAUNTED,BULLIED,HUMILIATED – well it just sickened me because he had to stand there and take it without saying a word AND try and give a good performance. No doubt when the film is released he’ll be torn to pieces over his portrayal…well I hope he can rise above it. He seems such a nice, gentle, kind man…he really doesn,t deserve all of this. Talk about the Lions Den……..

    • I know :(, don’t even get me started on the paps as well. I CAN. NOT. STAND. STEVE. he’s the worst of them all, and he doesn’t know whats coming to him.

    • Paparazzi get paid for their pictures . . . its their job. True theres a better way of going about it but thats just the way it is

      I have actually heard that the people involved in the movie actually tell them where they will be and if rob will be there or not. If u see tons of papz u know rob is on set.

      The papz are crazy and out of control but they help out the movie . . . all of their pictures from filming are creating a buzz about the movie. Its a low budget movie but it will probably make the big bucks thanks to all the papz pictures. think about it!!!

      For instance, that one pap steve sands . . . google him and u will see he gets in fights with lots of celebs and is trouble.

      Its not just rob, the papz are like this with any celeb!!! Its worse in LA because they drive cars and get crazy with all their driving!!

      • Say what you want, the paparrazi do NOT get information about where filming is going to be from the production. They do not want them there.

        They get the information from sites just like this.

        • thats not entirely correct. in talking with the paparazzi on set, i have found out that sometimes they are called about where he is going to be from the production. they dont mind having paparazzi there and even let them close to film, they just dont want their production disrupted. on thursday they knew early on that rob was not going to be there until after 12 from production people and knew what scene he was shooting and that a bicycle was involved. they are considered part of the press and are allowed to get closer than the fans. of course movies like the paparazzi there . . . the more pictures, the more excitement about the movie!!

  45. Hahahaha so the same uglier-version of tory spelling who photoshopped her pic with Rob is gonna have the NYPD, the FBI, CIA and everyone else involved to save ROB from people like her??? HILARIOUS!!

    • You are an idiot, and its people like you is why he is going through this. I have no words for you but to say I’d rather be ugly than be a fat bitch who never gets laid. Truth hurts I know. ;). At least I’m getting fucked on the regular.

      • So it is you! you get laid with that face? or a bag over your head? I’m not fat or ugly, fat people can lose weight, can you do anything about your fugly face? I’M sure you’re getting getting laid with that face or the rest of the time you have left from stalking Rob, or tweeting about him, or being his personal body guard. HAha!!!

        • lmao! you sound like such an idiot. I know everything about your little board and your obsession with me, I’m flattered actually but jealousy will get you nowhere sweetheart. Grow up or go back to school and learn a few new words. Dumb.

      • i know what you mean about these crazy fans but most of them are young i’m a mother of two and married i just go down and am glad to see him and watch production i went today 10-15 people older crowd it was nice, all this withthe girls rushing him is making him paranoid and he won’t want to come to nyc anymore. i also went the 1st day and it made me sick to see the girls attacking him and they ruined it for everyone.TODAY HE LOOKED TO SKINNY I THINK ITS TAKING A TOOL ON HIM AND THAT MAKES ME SAD WHERE IS HIS MOTHER IF THAT WAS MY SON I”D BE THERE. GIVE HIM A BREAK LOOK BUT DON”T YELL OR RUN UP TO HIM YOUR FREAKING HIM OUT

        • Ladies, please! Take it to another blog. We all have blood in our hands, people cyberstalking, people just standing there forming crowds, people going there over and over again, and those who grab him. I used to enjoy this blog to read updates, but this is getting out of hand, witht he insulting and cursing!!


    Do you have the ability to delete disgusting threads?

    Actually can you delete any threads/comments that do not have to do with set locations? This is a hot mess.

    Thanks.. bibye

    P.S. Ladies (using term loosely) conduct yourselves with a bit of class. Please.

    • that’s a bit much to ask the admins– but I completely agree. Something needs to be done. I’m not a twilight fan so I don’t know if ALL the fans are this hostile towards each other… But I’ve been on a heck of a lot Lost boards and every one is really nice and supportive of each other.

      Hate to say it but some of you are giving twilight fans a bad name. Sorry to the few that are really nice.

  47. He’s at Regis High School 55 E 84th St.
    I’m not sure if he’s inside or not but pics were posted of him arriving there.

  48. Just heard from a friend of mine who’s at the set, it’s pretty quiet today. Small crowd, only about 30 people. They’re on a break right now, she said they were told that shooting will pick up again around 2:30, but who knows if the PA was telling the truth. All scenes seem to be indoors today, so she said it’s really not much to see. Rob’s been going between 2 different trailers, so you only get a quick glimpse of him.

  49. It’s unfortunate that Rob fans get lumped in with the Twilight fans? anyhoo..
    Trish, I heard the same from another source. THey just broke out for lunch and the rest of the filming will be done inside. Good thing I stayed home today.

    • You’re right Amy, it is unfortunate that Rob’s fans get lumped together with the Twilight Fans. I’m not a fan of his just because he played Edward Cullen in Twilight. I’m a fan because I truly believe he’s a good actor/singer/song writer and I’m hoping one of these days he’ll release a cd of his songs.

  50. you guys should just give him a break i bet you he wont come to new york at all anymore due to this…some fans are pretty crazy that have no life and the some are the ones who respect his work and him…i guess he just needs to get used to this stardom – its leonardo dcaprio with titanic lol but robs probably bigger – he has to learn to cope with this much better

  51. OK – so I was checking out this website everyday about a week or two ago…I log on to see what’s new…who got pics etc..Have not been on it in a few days & I log on today and there is all this craziness going on. Wow this turned into a NASTY BLOG SITE…. it was light and friendly a week or two ago…. what the hell happened….. it is actually kinda comical… all the blaming & defensiveness going on…Poor Christine D… she was giving tips and updates (as were others – but she was the main one that I remember) and she gets stoned for giving her opinion…. OMG Read the post – take the info or leave – whatever…. Stop attacking eachother and hanging on every word….chances are when you go to set and stand around for hours the person you were bitchin at on this site will be the person you are standing next to and talking to while you are there…. lighten up people….. everyone is so big & bad — yet you are (we are) all Blogging on this site about a someone we don’t know…. put things in perspective people.

  52. think about it people —

    with the way some of u are acting on here, if u knew where RM was filming, would u sent the tip in??? i dont think i would. if i was going to go, i am not so sure i would want to be near people that are this nasty and mean

  53. Is there anyone who is interested in knowing what happened at the set? No good pics, but saw Rob go from the trailer into the school (all indoor shooting as far as I heard.) Met some cool ppl. Didn’t get fired. All in all, not to bad for a Monday!

  54. hi im coming to nyc july 19 to the 25 do u know if they will still be filming if so where?

    and if u dont know yet can u contact me some how liek email?


    oh and idd anyone meet him from the swt yet?

  55. Ughh just walked by the set.. Zero paparazzi, and the pa guys said rob wrapped for the day, don’t know if they’re telling the truth but doesn’t look promising. πŸ™

  56. Thanks for the update, Jamie T. He seems to be most visible in the mornings when he arrives and then goes to makeup. Maybe tomorrow morning you’ll have better luck.

  57. Whats happening to everyone? Where is all the love for each other as fans and Robert? I’m just so surprised. The blogs were so much fun to read, when everyone would look out for each other for Robert Alerts. Whats going on people? It seems “hate” has been the main idea lately. πŸ™

    I do agree that some of the younger fans(since it seems that its them being mentioned most) should stop going so overboard, because its just scary.You guys need to calm down, and relax with all the stalking. (Another good question. Your parents actually allow you to be out all day stalking an actor? LOL) Like really? (No offense, am just curious)

    I hope things would just go back to normal. And all the previous nasty comments really truly need to stop.
    Were all in on this together,okay, We all want to catch a glimpse of our favorite actor, so lets have some manners, and stay calm. Please πŸ™‚

  58. Does anyone know if Remember Me will still be filming 8/7 and 8/8….coming to NYC then and would love to see filming….thanks to all!

  59. Wow, some of you truly sound pathetic.

    This site is to discuss/post filming locations. It’s not a Rob Pattinson fan site.

  60. Rob was just confirmed at comic con, their panal is presenting on Thurs july 23rd. Also confirmed to be at the Teen Choice Awards Aug. 10th. This film is probably wrapping sooner than expected. Given the script, what has been filmed so far and the speed they are getting things done (like filming till 1am on Thurs night and after a long day) RM will wrap much sooner than expected.

    • I was this close to buy a ticket for comic con since I’ll be in Cali but wasn’t sure if Twilight will be there?Hopefully Rob and the rest of the cast enjoy themselves and the fans won’t scream too much like last year

  61. hey fellow followers. just to let you know that robert pattinson is one of the biggest jerkoffs alive. he doesnt acknowledge none of his fans. and he thinks hes the shit. i was there from morning to night, and he didnt even wave over. hes such a jerk.

    • so happy to hear that he stopped acknowledging set stalkers.
      Get a job, a life…whatever..just do something useful.
      hes working
      hes not promoting anything right now
      respect him as a human being
      hes not there to entertain you
      his movie is suppose to that, so let him do his job in peace!

  62. hey guys this is a nice message to everyone. Guys what r we doing seriously come on most of u have met or seen rob i went to brooklyn n he wasnt there but i stopped i really want to see him but when the time is right maybe then some of u are so mean to Christine D she does nothing but good things for this website its a location website not a life story thing guys come on he hate NYC now there articles all over the web about this and how the women here have treated him of course now def he will not stop for anyone or wave or take pics because NYC women have scared him he mgiht not even want to come back now if we go to these sets peacefully then we should wait not freak out and maybe he might come and say hi or wave but girls being wild aint gonna help at all it is making it worse for some who really want to meet him. SOme people might disagree but think about it please :s

    • Wow finally someone who has something nice to say

      I don’t know why everyone seems to be mean to christine who posts on here or christine who runs this site. I was following her on twitter but not anymore because she kicked me off and made her site private
      I don’t know her or really care to because I just was interested in her RM updates. Do u not like the name christine???????

      All of the nastyness and crap that everyone is writing and whining about seems to have scared away all the normal ones who were actually posting info
      Now no one is going to get any info
      So to the a-holes I say thanks!!!

  63. hey, i was wondering how you know that this is even true ? If I drive tonight from boston to New york is there a good chance that I am going to see him? If you know anything else about where he is going to be filming, comment back please!

  64. ATTENTION: Can you all just stop the arguements? Really. Take it somewhere else. It’s utterly ridiculous to have to sort through these comments for location tips and information. I couldn’t even get through half of the page. All of you obsessed people. It’s sickening. There shouldn’t have to be a lesson on acting like a human when in the presence of a star or actor… and there sure as hell shouldn’t be a reminder of how to act on a public site that, might i add, has been a fantastic thing to us fans.
    Seriously – stop with this shit. People are getting notifications in their emails and all of it is from here.

    Shut the hell up, all of you. Swallow your pride and clamp your mouths shut, so to speak.

    Why ruin a good thing? (this site)
    We all know who’s to blame if this site gets shut down or the admin quit… ^ *points above*

    To the normal people here – sorry you all have to endure this petty arguements.

    Have a good day people.

  65. Is he gunna be there tmrw? The script only calls for one scene with rob at the school.. And he was there all day today

    • This is a great website. Just be calm when and if you see him. Don’t argue; it is not worth it. Christine, thanks for your support.

      Rob is a kind celebrity who gives his time if no mob is near him. Be professional and you have a chance to get a pic or autograph.

      Good luck to all.

  66. let’s be honest. all the people driving from boston and flying in from the midwest are not new yorkers. new yorkers are not scaring him away, the people that live out of town that influx to the city to stalk him are.

    • yes i agree with you the two times i’ve been on set talking to people it’s the out of towners or THE TEENAGE GIRLS!!! CAN”T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG LOVE YOU ALL.

    • I agree with you. I was at Central Park last week for that shoot and most of the people I met were from out of state, and out of the country. The only New Yorkers I talked to were regular people enjoying the park, walking their dogs, heading to yoga class, etc. and asking what was being filmed. I have friends who live and work in NYC and they wouldn’t be caught dead stalking a film set. Yes, there were New Yorkers there, but there were just as many – if not more – visitors/tourists at the set. And….the majority of fans there were polite and respectful, regardless of where they were from.

      • I was there too. I’m a native New Yorker, but I heard a helluva lot of Southern accents that day.

        BTW, does anyone know exactly what happened to Rob at the end of the Central Park shoot? Apparently a deranged fan grabbed him and tried to prevent him from getting in his car???

          • I am also a native New Yorker who was also there also for a short period and only because I needed to go somewhere nearby. I also heard accents from all over the country. Just to add, celebs generally love living and filming in NY because most people leave them alone. They can live like normal people. Its a shame that these issues were caused by a very very small number of people.

  67. HI….I want to read the back posts from today, but the earlier pages seem to be hidden. Does anyone know how to access them?


  68. All you need to do is to click the link for older comments right above the phrase speak your mind at the bottom of the page.

    Hope that helps!

  69. I’d really love to know if the filming taking place this week will all be indoors. I had planned a trip down to NYC again, but don’t want to make the drive for just a short glimpse.

    I was reading the script last night and I can’t seem to pin-point exactly where they are. I was also thinking that the film is likely not being taped in order of the script. Sometimes multiples scenes will be done to get them over with if they’re in the same location.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or news? I’d really appreciate some actual information instead of the banter that seems to have been going on.

    Thanks πŸ˜€

    • Yes, I think you’re right about scenes being filmed out of order. Apparently, sequential shoots are pretty rare. The crazy NYC weather probably didn’t make matters easier.

  70. To be quite honest I felt bad for the Guy because poor Guy just started out in the Movie biz and is now hounded by a bunch of screaming fans but the point of the matter is that he should have known that deciding to get into the Movie business that it would entail having tons of fans who would want a piece of him whether it would be getting an autograph, picture, hair, blood sample? lol but the point is this is what happens when you become a “Movie Star” and if you can’t mentally handle it and you know you are painfully shy or suffer from some kind of Mental Disorder you should not be going into this kind of business where pictures of you would be in the cover of a ton of magazines being stalked etc… and it’s insulting to assume that Women as whole in NYC are a bunch of raving lunatics simply because of some bad apples. It’s like seriously grow up. This happened to you, you chose it now deal with it! and if you can’t go hide in a cave and never come out until you become some kind of distant memory of the golden years . Yes I was d a Robert Pattinson fan but this crap with him and his shyness is getting annoying. Get help if it’s too much for you, seriously!


    • poor you he doesn’t owe you anything not your a true fan if that’s how you feel i’m just content with watching filming watching HIM or talking to the fans i’ve met some awesome people.

    • i went to 4 filmings before i met Rob, and he only came over to us because he was finished for the night. He was on set for over 12hrs and it was 5AM and he still came over and spoke to us, took pics and signed stuff. Fans who have been there b4 he began filming have met him as well. Am sorry u were there on a bad day but Rob is very sweet to his fans.

    • lmfao, I went ONE day for about 15 minutes and he smiled at all the fans. he’s a very nice guy, but he’s not going to go over to a HUGE group of girls while he’s working. get over it.

  72. Have u not seen the pictures he has taken with fans?
    Have you not heard the stories?

    People need to undestand this is his job and he is working!!
    When he is going in and out of the trailer while filming, he is taking a break

    They reserve the space for filming for a certain period of time and are on a tight shooting schedule

    He does not owe it to anyone nor does he have the time to sign autographs while he is WORKING

    U are ridiculous for posting something like that and even taking the time to write that post

    U sound unintelligent and ignorant!!!

    Its obvious to most people who go to the set, they are there to catch a peek or watch him work

  73. valerie,i think you are reacting to the article going around the web.first,the article is based on inside sources.no names mentioned.it’s not from him.same goes with the article that kristen stewart is pregnant.second,in his video interviews,he has always said he wants to give back more to fans and wants to please them. I think the article is BS. At the same time,I want to mention that as his fans the best we can do for him is to understand him.

    the king, he is not acting like a prima donna.he is at his work place.yes, you came to the set from work and you are tired.but you also have to understand that it’s his work place.how can you concentrate at work when you have to say hi every five seconds to everybody. you can see videos of him saying hi to his fans after filming is done for the day. second, he may be internalizing on his role when you saw him as he mentioned he is a method actor. third, if you watch his video interviews, he knows he is not in the same league as the actors you mentioned above. i flew in from hong kong mid june just to see him filming and even though he didn’t wave or smile i understood because he is working. since i am also working, I understand the need to focus.it was enough for me to see him from afar.trying his best to film a movie with so many distractions.

    so sorry for posting non-film locations comments here. I feel so bad for robert whenever I see posts of people getting mad that he doesn’t wave or smile at them when he is on the set. I cannot reiterate enough that he is in his workplace. No matter what he does he really cannot please everyone.

  74. I want to go to the location this morning, but after all the comments of stalking and bothering him I feel anxious and paronoid. Sadly I cant wait for RM to end filming in NYC. My heart cant take not being able to go and the possibility that by watching we are stopping him from working.( I dont want that) I just love watching him and watching him work( esp his brooding and angry face?

    Why do we chase( follow) Rob??( not literally chase him never have never will.

    • Rob is on set as of a few minutes ago. According to the fan that’s there, only two papz and no other fans there at present.

      • Did your source say if he stopped to say hi? I’m so curious if its a ‘size of the crowd’ thing or a ‘im working’ thing

        • when hes working, he does he thing . . . he literally gets out of his trailer and goes right to work

          he has a really good work ethic πŸ™‚

    • I agree. I’m showing that I’m a RP fan by not going anymore. The poor guy is freaking out and it’s breaking my heart to see what’s happening. I no longer want to see the filming because I’m just another female body there making him uncomfortable. Regardless if I’m there strictly to observe the filming and am not there to follow him to his hotel or chase him down on the side walk. I still feel ackward and responsible for his current troubled state and that in turn troubles me. I can’t wait until the filming has concluded. πŸ™

  75. Wish I was at the set today instead of having to work. Just saw from someone on Twitter that Rob is already filming scenes with the little girl and Pierce Brosnan is there today. Oh how I’d love to see Pierce in person. Him and Rob together in the same spot, what a lovely sight that must be.

  76. Damn It! I was up so early this morning because I couldn’t sleep, and was debating if I should go in early. Now I am stuck at work! Might go over there soon, but what time?! Anyone have more reports from the scene??

    • i thought rob wasn’t going to be there today maybe there speeding up filming so he can get the hell out of new york from the craziness what a shame anyone have info and also about thursdays filmind??

      • I don’t believe people when they say he’s not going to be on set. Most PA’s will lie and say he wont be on the set with the hopes that fans will stay away from the set. Nor do I believe all the nonsense in the papers about him being so afraid and wanting out of NY. I mean come on, has anyone heard from Rob himself that he’s sick of NY and wants out? No.

        Anyway, getting back to today’s shoot. Here is a pic already released of him this morning. Sporting some fresh bruises and a black eye. https://tinyurl.com/lj9pf8

        • Yep, they told people that they were filming a Mayo commercial, a Comedy show and a Pro-active commercial they are not supposed to say anything to anyone.

      • i dont remember anyone saying that he was not going to be there . . .

        according to the script, he did not film all scenes he was going to be in

        emilie should be there today too, according to script

  77. i hear they are done filming outside . . . just a short scene

    now moving everything inside for the rest of the day πŸ™

    boooo i was going to go but now i am not!!

  78. does any know if rob signed/posed for pictures yesterday or this morning?? are the days of being able to meet him over? i know when he first started filming in the city, if you were really dedicated and there were crowds of 10 or less, he would come over. but now it sounds like everyone is saying it doesnt matter anymore, hes not going to greet fans before or after filming anymore…

    let me know what you guys have been hearing..

    • Yeah that’s the way it seems; they’re not allowing him to get close to fans. I’ve been to the sets 3 times- one being last Wednesday; I got there at 6am and left after he did at around 2 pm and no one was allowed near him. This is all unfortunate since there really weren’t that many people that day- not like on the following day in Wash Sq Park. It really sucks that the crew let’s those paparazzi near him to take pics, calling them ‘the press” and push all the fans back thinking we’re going to jump him like those stupid girls on the first day of filming. Anyway, the paps make rude comments and insult Robert. I know that the film crew & the paps have some kind of understanding to generate publicity for the movie, but the rudeness of those papa toward Rob strikes me as odd.

      So to sum it up- yesterday was inside shoots & today seems to be the same. Even w/small crowds – no autographs nor pics w/him. Such a shame.

  79. just passed by the entrance of st Regis, no one there. The trailers are still on location though. Maybe they are shooting somewhere else in the area? Anybody?

  80. I personally think this whole thing is so blown out of proportion with Rob and the fans. I think he is outspoken enough if it really bugged him he would come out and say I hate NYC and the fans etc.. I think this is a publicity stunt by another film maybe even Gossip Girls to draw publicity away from Remember Me..
    Just my opinion..
    I do feel the younger fans need to control their screams etc better
    But as far as Rob signing and posing for fans lets face it he is working.. he is focused…
    Just had to say this..

    • From what I’ve seen posted online tomorrow they are filming at Grand and Remsen. I don’t know what the scene is. I’ve heard some say that it’s a diner scene, others have said it’s in a cemetery.

  81. Alright, thats it…I’m heading over there. If anyone can answer Erin’s question about where exactly it is, that would be appreciated, otherwise, I’m going to the school.

  82. I went this morning at 6am an I saw him at 6:30 he was already filming! and after he was filming on the other side outdoor.

  83. they are looking for extras for an ice cream shop for tomorrow….shall we try to guess which ice cream shop in NYC it will be!?

  84. heyyy where do they cast extras like how can we be some do we just show up on set early or what please answer anyone find out the location for tomorrow please reply

  85. Are they filming outside all day today? I would like to go see the filming but with what I am hearing maybe that’s not such a good thing if Robert Pattinson is feeling antsy and stalked!

  86. I just want to thank EVERYONE that keep us updated on everything thats going on in the sets. Specially on the set of RM. To me, u r my eyes N my ears, without u i would b in the dark.
    THANK U again n dont get discourage by all those people that r mean, if Rob knew about all the fans that want him well, he wouldnt b so scare.

  87. okay so i went this morning at around 9am, and didnt really see anything until 1:30ish-2pm. It was an outdoor shot, and it was so awesome.
    After that was over, a couple of us went near his trailer and saw him come in and out. Hes really fast. And he even waved & smiled. So adorable!!!! I took a few pictures. πŸ™‚
    The fans were polite and everything went fine. There was also this really hot crew member too.
    Top it all off, great day!!!
    I thank this site major. And keep up the fantastic work.<3

    • It’s nice to hear it Jenna! I agree, this site is pretty great & I want to thank Christine our webmistress, Christine D. who is very informative and all the NY fans (and those visiting NY) who wish to make Rob’s stay in our city more inviting than ever! Cheers!!

  88. does anyone have any info on filming for wed/thursday see when us fans are not screaming and acting crazy he will throw us a bone.keep it up.

      • LMAOROTF!! I am sure he can use that “bone” at this time!!! Help him to chillax a bit?

        BTW…Christine D..was the pic of Rob being nice to fans, you? The blonde w/hair to side? Plz come back, I miss your posts. I know it’s kind of late, but very greatful to all your hard work and heads up on filming locals..Plz don’t punish…YOUR FANS!!!!

    • eww! but don’t worry i’m sure there’s a pizza place around the corner… seems always to be one. lol! good luck to all! keeps us poor souls updated. THX!

    • “Followup inspection required No”

      so they find all that nasty crap in there and no follow up is required?!?!? WELCOME TO NYC!!!! LOL!!!!

      this stuff just cracks me up! hahahahaha

      anyways… anything for thursday?

  89. He does anyone know where they are filming tomorrow (7/8/09)? I’m thinking of heading into the city but need to find out the location

    thanks to anyone who can help!

  90. does anyone know where filming will be on thursday july 9th? and what time does this site usually post where the location will be for that day? anything will help

  91. They are in Maspeth today, I was just walking to work and saw signs/trailers on Grand Ave. Pretty cool I can watch it out the window haha.

      • Sorry, busy day Grand & Remsen…I saw signs going down further towards where it splits to Grand Ave & Flushing but don’t know how far down they are going or as the debate was if they are just in the cemetary. Haven’t really seen much yet my boss is keeping me pretty occupied but am about to go on my lunch in 20, will check out what’s going on.

  92. If Rob is going to be at comic con does that mean he will be finished filming before he goes or will he come back to finish?

  93. do you know anything about tomorrow?
    anyway, thank you so much!
    you guys are so sweet,
    if I’ve ever see you, it will be because of you!
    you guys deserve the heaven!


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