‘Fringe’ Filming in Vancouver

A huge thanks to Stephanie who sent us these shots of Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv and Lance Reddick filming a scene for Fringe last week in Vancouver! It’s great to see we’re still getting pictures of the Fringe cast now that they’ve moved to Hollywood North. And don’t forget we are stilling looking for tipsters in Vancouver. If you spot a movie or TV show filming, please let us know at olv@onlocationvacations.com!






Stephanie also met Vanya Asher (Eureka’s Lucas) last week in Vancouver! Here’s her pic:



  1. Thanks a lot for the photos!
    SPOILER: Olivia is using what looks to me like a walking stick, in her right hand. Probably the result of the car crash seen in previous photos (first episode of Season 2). Just a guess.

    • yes, she did have walking stick, i does a good limp too.

      christine! i didn’t know you put the pic of me and vanya up, it’ okay though lol. he’s actually a friend of mine. ….we’ll see what i can do about eureka pics shhhh.

  2. I just watched him tonight on set at the Inter-City motel on the Kingsway. It was freaken unbelievable. Saw every member of the cast; was there 3.5 hours watching all the takes.
    Joshua was as adorable as he is on tv.
    Love the show; am a huge fan.

  3. we met him after his dvd release party – he was a sweetheart. i’ve so got to start watching the show lol – only used to visit the set with the hope of meeting him to get an autograph for emy….so forgot to get it tonight lmao.

    • aw I met him when they were wrapping up filming in NYC. totally forgot about getting autographs… but I did get pictures with the cast!


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