Eclipse Filming Locations Open Thread! (UPDATED w/ Links!)

Today, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse officially begins filming in Vancouver! We don’t have an exact location for today but we’re sure one will surface somewhere (hopefully, here!) by the end of the day.

We’re opening up this thread for everyone to discuss possible locations or leave any tips/rumors they may have heard about Vancouver locations. If you’re new to our site, check out our coverage of Robert Pattinson’s latest movie, Remember Me, when it was filming in NYC to get an idea of what we’re all about.

If you have any tips about location information for Eclipse, please send them our way at or leave a comment here, thanks!

ToΒ  kick things off,Β  here are some locations used in New Moon that we’ve heard they’ll be using again for Eclipse!

David Thompson Secondary School

Whytecliff Park

Stanley Park

The Cullen House on Stevens Dr, British Properties, North Vancouver

Bella’s House 184 St, Surrey (They built this house specifically for New Moon)


The productions signs read TSE.

As promised, here are a few links that may (or may not) be helpful when hunting vampires in Vancouver:

@rpattzgps RPattzGPS has been re-tweeting any Rob sightings they find on Twitter.

Vancouver Sun The Vancouver Sun has had several *reliable* articles about possible filming locations.

TweetDeck TweetDeck lets you receive real time search updates on any topic -like “Eclipse Filming”- on Twitter. I highly recommend it!

Hollywood North Report Forums Forums to discuss projects filming in Vancouver, not updated very often but worth knowing about just in case. Reel West features news, press releases and contact information for movies in Vancouver.

Andrea Brown Casting Inc. I’ve heard from several sources that this is the company casting extras for Eclipse. I can’t find an office number or website for Andrea Brown but if you can find it (or any of the extras working on the movie) it might be the golden ticket to finding the daily locations. This is obviously the one-stop shop for all things Eclipse. Though I haven’t seen much in the way of filming location information here, but maybe they will have more as the shoot progresses.

Malicious Mandy’s Mind “Mandy” has been brought to my attention by several readers because she seems to be “in the know” about all of the Eclipse filming locations. I was hesitant to add the site to this list though because I’ve also heard she won’t share location information until the shoot is over which, honestly, I think is lame. I know better than anyone, it gets out eventually anyway!

And, of course, OLV. I am hoping that more people will find this thread and start swapping information here. I know if we all put our heads together we can find out where this movie is, without needing help from the sites above! πŸ™‚

8.28: Eclipse is filming at David Thompson Secondary School in Vancouver again. (Thanks @annechantal!)



  1. While people are up there checking out Twilight spots, report back if you see any supernatural filming locations too!

    • . The Swan House: Home sweet home for vampire-loving teen Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is said to be a two-storey, green and white pre-fab in the Kerry Park area of south Surrey (reportedly at 28th Avenue and 184th Street).

      . The Black House: Those who say they’re in the know point to Victoria Street in Port Coquitlam as the rustic-looking home of young werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner ).

      . The Cullen House: According to Twi-hard bloggers (check out, the stylish home of the Cullen family – including vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) – can be found in North Vancouver at the end of Stevens Drive in the British Properties.

      . Forks High School: Vancouver’s David Thompson secondary on East 55th Avenue was the set for indoor educational scenes last time around.

  2. Have photos surfaced from today. Curious to see Kristin’s hair.. Is there going to be a break in between filming e and bd? Let me know if you have answers to any f my questions

  3. i know that the cast likes to hang out at the cactus club cafe on burrard when they’re not shooting…there’s a place down in gastown they like alot too…don’t remember the name of that one though…wouldn’t be surprised if it’s steamworks – don’t quote me on the last one though.

  4. what i know is that Peter Facinelli is still in fight training for now – he doesn’t start shooting till next week.

      • damn, i want to meet peter…but i’m not on the north shore…maybe i’ll get lucky when the cast is hanging out downtown.

  5. the cast was spotted at glowbal grill and satay bar in yaletown earlier. too bad i didn’t know that BEFORE i went out lol – i’m not too far from there…but i heard the news too late.

  6. are you sure about the glowbal grill sighting? i was there earlier and didn’t see anyone…if i just missed them i’ll be so upset. ugh. did they talk to any fans?

    • i haven’t heard anything yet…but knowing me i’ll be down there with my camera long b4 i remember to post the tip here lol.

  7. Got this in an email today, thanks Alicia!
    Yesterday they were filming a jasper/maria scene and they’ll probably be shooting it again today!!

    heres the column

    Kristen Stewart was spotted yesterday at the salon. They were testing out new wigs and hair options. Am told that are looking into the possibility of not weaving it so that she can just rip that sh-t off at the end of the day and be done, although it probably takes forever and a lot more effort. They’re still figuring it out. And there’s still time.

    Shooting began yesterday on Eclipse – am told exclusively that they filmed scenes involving β€œJasper & Maria” in a dessert dream sequence that takes place in Texas from way back in the old days, like the 1800s. Jackson’s been training on horseback and so far they say he’s looking pretty comfortable. It’s the natural bow in his legs, non?

    Meanwhile Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser hooked up again for some shopping, helping boost the Canadian economy. You’ll note Reaser is carrying a small Blubird bag. It’s a good store with a better Missoni selection than Holt Renfrew and last winter I bought a gorgeous Hanii Y dress there on sale for a steal.

  8. so i’m not 100% sure, but my sister’s friend’s dad works for the city and he said that they are filming up at Ross rd. but I don’t know if it’s tonight only…

  9. For all of their sake I hope its a lot quieter in vancouver than it was in NYC for Rob. That was so out of hand! Thanks all for all the updates. Christine… You do a great job! Keep it up!

    • I don’t know their dad only told us that they were filming yesterday night. But maybe they’re still filming today. The signs that are posted around there are labled “prepped”.

      • There is a TV pilot called PREPPED: NEW KID
        (Kid Pilot Productions Inc., Sched: Aug 6 – Aug 19/09)
        That might be what you are seeing.

  10. Langley set is off frasier hwy they are filming inside a big red barn on the farm. It looked like they would bee filming all night. I would not waste time there tho you can not get close really to see anything.

    • Yeah, I went, it wasn’t much. I left at midnight and nothing happened before then. But apparently Royce King II was involved in a scene so the flashback I guess… It probably ended around 2, so it wasn’t a big deal.

      • sorry, got that wrong… NOT royce king. some newborn. people make up stuff and people like me believe it. ahhaha

  11. apparently peter faceinell and jennie garth were seen at the boathouse restaurant in english bay. As for the red barn someone mentioned in langley, it might have been the old potters nursey location on 192nd. A friend saw filming their the other day, but I dont know if thats what it was for sure.

    • they are now filming in vancouver…an article in the vancouver sun said that they were going to move from langley to vancouver yesterday…:)

  12. I know I’m jumping the gun…but…Paris is hopefully in our future. Does anyone have the BelAmi script that was available for about 24 hours before disappearing? Would you be willing to share?
    I sure miss all the interaction when Rob was in NY. It’s still kind of boring. Hope you all are enjoying what’s left of Summer.

    PS: I hope Rob is enjoying the peace and quiet on the Eclipse set.

    • are you sure?? cuz i just heard on the beat that they are still filming in Langley tonight……but some people are saying they moved to Kits and now Port Mann bridge???
      anyone want to clear this confusion please???

  13. I’m so glad to see people using this thread!! Spread the word if you can, hopefully we actually get some locations as they are filming.

    If I get one more email from people telling me that on one in Vancouver will ever tell anyone where any of the locations are I am going to scream! lol! Let’s prove them wrong! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Annchantal. Do you know if they have returned to vancouver yet and do you know if pattinson is still staying at sheraton walll center after he returned from vmas. im planning to visit and currently booked at suttoon place but want to know if i should switch to shearton.

      thanks so much in advance.

  14. I just sent this out from OLV, not sure how true it is but thought it was worth sharing when I found it…

    RT @Jorgalicious: Twilight filming tomorrow by capilano but by water front at a school.

    • Please tell me when u are sure-i think-if this is the right location-it might be capilano colledge tmr, but i need this confirmed! PLEASE

      • I’m honestly not sure, it could be the college, the way it was worded I assumed it was the bridge? — I literally just stumbled on it on Twitter.

        If anyone else has an idea, please let us know, thanks!

        • i heard that they are filming near the Capilano water shed – I heard it on the Beat but not sure…
          but Christine what happened to your Twitter??
          do you have a new one cuz i really enjoyed your tweets!!

    • saw this being retweeted around this morning but maybe its based on the tweet I sent, who knows…

      Possible Twilight filming happening at/around Capp College this week.

  15. Does anybody know which hotels they are staying at yet? I am planning a trip and am trying to decide where to stay.


  16. I heard they are filming at Cap COllege today and tomorrow. It’s worth a shot.
    I know the exact location of Jacobs house, but I was sworn to secrecy.
    Here’s a hint, it’s close to the Cullen house.
    my friend lives in the cullen house and they won’t start filming there until next month.

  17. Just scroll up to find the exact location! The Vancouver sun has already told the adresses AGES ago

    • for real? are you sure those are the exact locations? but Katie said in her post that the cullens and blacks house were near to one another…

      oh im confuzzled.

      anyone know where they are shooting now?

      and anyone know why they bother moving from one side of the city to the other? I mean from New West to Capp? Thats really far apart…maybe it is for paparazzi reasons? I cant believe the LA paps are here…what stalkers…I feel really bad for robsten and taycob…

      oh and for those others who are scouting for other locations for other movies and stuff…drive up and down blenheim and 41st ave in vancouver…basically around kerrisdale, dunbar, kits, and UBC…thoses are very popular areas for filming. they shot new moon twice around kerrisdale, kits, and UBC…and selina gomez’s movie…idk what it’s called up blenheim…and kill bill and stargate universal and lots of other stuff around those places aswell…

      • Sweet, I have a HUGE favor to ask of people. My dad told me he’d take me on ONE special trip when I turned 14, and I get to go to eclipse this october!!! So I would like to know if anyone knew about filming from OCtober 8-11. Also, I’m looking especially for Bella’s, Edward’s and Jacob’s houses. Or wherever I’d most likely run into the main characters. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL ERECT A STATUE AND A RIVER AND A TOWN IN YOUR HONOR IF YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really won’t get another shot at this. Please please thank you thank you!!!!!

        • My goodness.

          First things first. Chill girl!

          Ummm…October 8-11? thats only 3 dayss!!! you’re only gonna be here for 3 dayss?! What?! It took me 7 days to track down the 2nd locations. Hell I dont even know what they were shooting and also they shoot at weird times so I don’t even bother going down their to check it out.

          As for Bella’s, edward’s, and Jacob’s house…they are spread out all over vancouver. From Bella’s house to Jacob’s the ride’s like 2 hours. From Jacob’s to Edward’s its like another 45 min to and hour. anyone else beg to differ?

          I dont know how you are going to meet any of the main characters…the LA paps are here and their hasnt been any pics lately…
          Rob, Kristen, and Taylor must be in hiding from all the stalkerazzi.

          If you want to meet the rest of the actors…like peter, ashley, kellan, and stuff, go downtown to go shopping. that would be your best bet for meeting some of the cast…at least…

        • You should see if you can make arrangements with a tour company. There is a company offering custom tours (that are 199 and up) that apparently is sold out to November, but you might to contact to see if you can get put on a wait list, or if they could fit in a couple of hours ($59/hr), or if they have another company to recommend. That way you’d get the most out of your short visit. Just google twilight tours and see what comes up. Despite the cost, your dad would probably appreciate something that’s organized (so he’s not trying to find his way around a strange city – as the person above mentioned the locations are all over the place and if you don’t know vancouver good luck).

          • This is the company i would try to contact (you can actually meet the cast etc). there’s another company that offers tours at similar cost but obviously they don’t have an in (they will take you to where new moon was filmed but you won’t get to meet anyone or will get booted from any film locations). try to the first company and see if they can squeeze you in or put you on a cancellation list. if that doesn’t pan out you could go with the 2nd company.

            • Omg you are SO fantastic! You’re right about finding your way around a strange city,and especially with my dad’s habit to ask for directions. You are the absolute best thanks so much!!!

  18. a bit confused haha
    Where is jacobs house and where is the cullens house? πŸ™‚

    • The Black House: Those who say they’re in the know point to Victoria Street in Port Coquitlam as the rustic-looking home of young werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner ).

      The Cullen House: According to Twi-hard bloggers (check out, the stylish home of the Cullen family – including vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) – can be found in North Vancouver at the end of Stevens Drive in the British Properties.

      That was posted above.

  19. okay, well, Jacob’s house is on the same street as the Cullen house.
    As far as I know, the other adress is WRONG.
    Unless they are filming in two locations, there was a change of plans, or maybe that adress was given out to throw people off.
    the CUllen house is on the same street as Jacob’s house.
    I can’t give out the adress.
    they’re not filming there yet thoo, as far as i know.
    The Cullen house is on Stevens Dr, British Properties, North Vancouver, as mentioned above. my friend lives in that house, and I get to go over and stand in her back yard and watch the filming through the window.
    And on the scenes where the cast isn’t in, they’ll also be in the background with us.

      • because it’s not; it’s in Coquitlam. the Vancouver Sun posted the location before Eclipse started filming

        posted above- The Black House: Those who say they’re in the know point to Victoria Street in Port Coquitlam as the rustic-looking home of young werewolf Jacob Black

        and it’s right; been there more than once. it’s actually Victoria Drive. and you go way up to almost the end of it

        • Yeah thats what I thought. I mean they already filmed there for Twilight and New Moon AND people have already visited it there before.

    • Annechantal is not a reliable source, she misleads people a lot.
      She looks for herself and gives people misguided information.

      Obviously this site knows more than Annechantal.

    • Annechantal is not reliable at all. She leads people on and gives them false tips.
      She sends twilight fans to wrong locations and tries to get fans already at the right location to leave.
      Any and all associations she has with this website should be taken off immediately.

  20. I got an anon tip this morning that they are filming today at WC Blair Pool and Recreation Center 22200 Fraser Highway Langley, BC. I just added it to the location post for today, had also heard they would be at the high school tonight.

  21. people are saying they saw the “Humans” roaming around downtown which means that they are not at the set right now and i also heard that they will start filming at around 4 AM. so good luck!!!
    also there is another set (not the pool) that they were at this morning

    • The other set was a diversion to try to stop twilighters from going to the school.
      There was no other filming today.
      It was all lies and diversions made up on Twitter.

  22. i know for a fact that the WC Blair Pool in Langley was not true but are you sure that there wasn’t another set?? and how do you know for sure??

    • Because the people who stated the other location are known for starting rumors in hopes of luring twilighters away from the sets.
      Also used to distract LA rats and bloggers.

  23. All these diversions are so stupid. Honestly the people who seem to know where the stuff is being filmed are total losers, honestly, I dont mean that to come off as jealous, sure I might like to drive by a set and take a peak, but Im not going to be getting up at 430 am so I can stalk every single set.

    • the ones waking up every day at 430 or going every day to the set are the ones making the diversions
      the ones who are innocent bystanders looking for 1 or 2 sets that work within their time frame are the ones being diverted by the pathetic losers who go to every set
      (read MaliciousMandy1, annechantal… of the like)
      and you sound very, very jealous.

      • yah well i’m really jealous of them cause i don’t have a lot of free time
        so when i do try and look for the twilight crew i’m always shit out
        of luck! and it bothers me cause some people who weren’t even looking for them just meet them so randomly anywhere!!

      • “the ones waking up every day at 430 or going every day to the set are the ones making the diversions”
        my point exactly, have they no lives? I dont really know why you think I sound jealous, whats to be jealous of people wasting their time like that.

  24. hey I’m lookibng for a way to get the shooting schedule. Someone told me there was a company that did tours and they were all legit with summit and everything, and they’re booked til november. She said there was a second company that wasn’t as good. Can anyone tell me what that second company is? Oh and how long are they filming? Thanks!!

    • That second company is bogus.
      To get a “glimpse” of the set, she distracts the workers for you. Then you have to sneak and look.
      My friend used that group and was horribly disappointed. Its not professional at all, and very uncomfortable. The tour guide complained the entire time on how rude the crew at the filming was..
      They are rude because she harasses them.

    • ask the first company if you can get on the cancellation list for the dates you are going to visit vancouver. i think the hotel they’re at is the sheraton wall centre so ask your dad to book a room there.

      • once you book a place update them with your contact info while you’ll be in vancouver in case they get a last min cancellation. if you tell them your story they may have some sympathy and move you up on the list!!

        • OMG YOU GUYS ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!! That’s totally gonna be our plan. You’re the greatest!!! Man, people in vancouver are far nicer than down here… You guys rock my sox!!! If I could, I’d erect a statue for all you guys in a middle of a town dedicated to you. Thanks so much, I’ve been so stressed out about this! Have a great day!!

          • lol. have a great time Katie. if you hang around the Wall Center/Hotel Vancouver and the Sutton Hotel, odds are you will see someone sooner than later.

            and the links for Bella’s, Jacob’s and the Cullen’s house are all accurate for locations. i have been to all three sets when NM was filming

  25. Hey does anyone Know the address where Zac Efron is filming his movie where that house is? today he was shooting a a driving scence in front of the house for the movie it seems like its downtown somewhere can someone please tell me where is he filming does anyone know?

  26. @annechantal has been GREAT with her information. maliciousmandy on the other hand, not so much. maliciousmandy was the one diverting people to fake locations.

    @annechantal broke the news of the NEW WEST set and broke the news of the David Thompson set. she’s been super cool and helping anyone out who needs help.

    • @annechantal is a horrible person who insults a lot of people and gives out wrong sites.
      She gave out a wrong one the other day, sent plenty of people there and then laughed about it with another twitterer.
      She is a horrible person to follow.

  27. malicious mandy never diverted anyone to different sites. if people had half a brain they would notice that she mentioned WC.. meaning SHERATON WALL CENTRE.. not WC Blair pool that peopl were posting. she retweeted making fun of those thinking they were filming at the pool. she is actually rather reliable.

    most people are all over the map. you should see the locations rumours going around the city

  28. Billy Burke on Twitter said ‘jus got to hotel in Vancouver. start tmorow early. someone gets a cap and gown. g’nite for now.” this was posted last night so they are filming a Graduation scene!!! also heard from annechantal that they will be in Coquitlam!!

  29. does anybody know where are they filming charlie st clouds today the movie Zac Efron is filming where is the location i saw pictures of him in a car with a house in the background with tress surrounding the area and mountains where is the location does anyone know or can you give out any hints Please ! thanks ! πŸ™‚

    • He was somehere in deep cove yesterday and will be for a while thats all i can tell you πŸ˜‰
      my friend has seen him 9 times in the past week and shes quite obbsesed wissiting him more the once a day lol

  30. So I have been reading all this stuff about where Bella and the other houses are all though I can not confirm where the Cullen or Black houses are i can confirm the Bella’s house is infact in South Surrey as I was there last night and took pictures. It is covered in plastic but you can see the shape and the color (white) and there are huge lights and cameras everywhere. It’s pretty obvious that it is the Swan house.
    So if anyone can confirm where the Cullen and Black houses are I would love to know as I am only in town for another few short days.

    • Okay, so if you go up to the top before the discussion even starts, the article on top of this page says where bella’s and the cullen houses are. Then Jacob’s house is said to be on Victoria Drive,Port Coquitlam. It’s said to be on the VERY end of the drive. It’s red. And it’ll probly have the same lights and plastic stuff like Bella’s house. So you’re visiting the set? I’m going to do the same thing. Like, are there hotels around the filming locations? Is it hard to find where they’re filming? Have you met anyone or seen any actuall filming?? Did the crew get mad? Are you on a tour with a company or just there with friends/fam? I’m trying to organize the same thing with my dad, only He wants me to do the organizing cuz twilight isn’t very manly (oh dad…) so I was just wondering. It’d totally save me. I really hope this stuff helps!!! Sorry if I’m too pesky!!! I’ve been working on it. Lol.

      • saw filming during new moon. depends on the set staff. if you are respectable and do what the staff ask/say, you shouldn’t have a problem. if the staff is setting up/taking down a set, you can ask them questions. if they are working, LEAVE THEM ALONE lol

        i went with just friends. once we had the locations, they were super easy to find. bring a good map, a GPS can be handy

        Jacobs house when i last saw it early summer had no lights etc set up. it is someone’s home. as is the house used as the Cullen’s house. don’t forget people actually live there.

        Bella’s house is still wrapped in plastic. don’t know when they are starting filming there

    • Cullens house is in West Van at the END of Stevens Drive

      Bella’s house is in South Surrey on 184st and 28th Ave

      Jacobs is at the End of Victora street

  31. saw almost the whole cast today, but then they left around 10ish for maybe a night out or filming…most likely a night out. does anyone know where theyre filming next? i just like to go and be a by-stander, im not big on those psycho fans. they should get a life…seriously.

    • I know, I hate psycho fans. I never get to meet anybody or go to sets, I just want to go check it out, I’d be happy just seeing the set. I’d appreciate it so much.
      I heard they dont film on weekends except for emergencies.

      • if you have twitter, I’ll add you so we can share info back and fourth if you ever need some, or likewise.

      • i’m the same Kristy. i wish once sets were finished with, people would be willing to say where they are. i just want pictures. i don’t care to go when there is filming; you can’t see anything and some of the fans are just too scary. and more importantly, i don’t want to get in the way of cast/staff doing their jobs

        • Exactly and if I ever did get to meet anybody that would be a cherry on top. My friends and I went today but couldn’t see a thing, the least I wanted to see was the set. I couldn’t even find that, maybe next time.

          • which sets are you after? i want to go to the quarry where they first filmed but i haven’t figured that one out yet.

  32. Got pictures of Jacob Black’s house and Bella Swan’s, anyone now where some other sets are besides the Cullen house? Am only in Van for two more days and want to see some more sights, like the other ladies I dont care about if they are filming just want pictures!

  33. Okay so I was wondering how close the cullen/swan/black houses are by car. I’m going up and I am getting really paniced that I won’t see any filming!!! But I’m a total overreactor lol. Also, I was wondering, on average how long does it take to get an e-mail back from the people?
    You guys rock!!! Have a lovely day!!!

    • Bellas house is in South Surrey, Jacobs in Port Coquitlam, Cullens in North West Vancouver.

      From Bella to Jacob is about 30 minutes, Jacob to Cullen is about 50 minutes (both considering the current traffic in Vancouver)

      Just went to all three sets recently! Bellas house still tarped, and the Cullen house is in the middle of a city, lots of people around, and its a personal house, and its down a hill hidden behind trees.

      Bellas house (even though tarped) is freaking amazing.

    • Katie, I just went to Vancouver the weekend before last, and didn’t see any filming but it was still so exciting to see the filming locations. Went to all three of those houses, plus David Thompson Secondary, the filming studios, a place down the road from Jacob’s house that they were prepping for some outdoor shots, and the hotels where the actors are supposedly staying. This was a great resource for me:

      Also, the guy who lives in the Cullen house was super nice–he came out to talk to us when we were taking pics from the street, and even invited us to go inside! He showed us where some of the scenes for NM were filmed, and where they’ve been rehearsing for Eclipse (they hadn’t filmed there yet for Eclipse). I wouldn’t recommend knocking on his door, but maybe you’ll get lucky like we did πŸ™‚ We went on a Sunday morning, around 10 or 11, so maybe that’s a good time? Good luck!

  34. People need to stop saying that bellas house is in south surrey, if its at 184th and 28th, that is not south surrey.
    Anyways as for the people who said sams house is in walnut grove.. I did see some filming signs not too long ago around there but I cant quite remember the street number, if i happen to drive by and see them still i’ll let you know.

    • Actually, I am looking at a map now.
      184th and 28th is south surrey. it is just south of.
      It IS south Surrey, according to Surrey maps. Langley

    • supposedly in studio all this coming week. some filming is off the graduation party. Bella’s mom arrived today

  35. Some really great information thanks guys. I am coming from Oregon via Forks lol and until now have been unable to find any information about anything going on in Vancouver. I don’t know if anyone is interested but Jackson’s (Jasper) band 100 monkeys is playing at Rickshaw Theatre on Sept. 12th tickets are 20 bucks. I will be in Vancouver on the 12th if I find out anything more I will be sure to post it here.

    • We are heading up on the 11th of September for the concert on the 12th too. We were there last time the 100 Monkeys performed and it was the coolest thing ever! We can’t wait to see them again. I think it was much funner than tracking down filming locations.

      • YAY that is so good to hear!! I am sooo excited to be visiting Vancouver for the first time. I figure my friend and I will be able to at least see one of the cast going to the concert not to mention the concert lol. If you have twitter i’m kristal2574 would love to talk to you more πŸ˜‰

  36. the supposed “sam’s” house was near 96th and 208th. i was there when they were filming but never knew what it was for.. the filming signs were SHP

  37. Wondering if anyone knows where they will be filming tomorrow. I have heard from a source that they are in studio this week. But I found out that they were filming @ Cresent Beach last night! I know that Bella’s is still dead @ the moment, drove past yesterday and there was no sign of life yet!

  38. Hey, thank you all so much for this site. It is great. I am coming up to Vancouver next weekend and hope to see as many set as possible. It sounds like I won’t see much shooting. But we are staying at the Sheraton. Do you know if they will film next Monday even though it is Labor Day in the US?
    Any tips on where they will be Friday night or Monday?
    If anyone would like to Twitter me I would really appreciate it, we are driving up from Portland, Oregon. @lyndseywymore

    Thank You!!!!

  39. Hello again!!! So I’m talking to my dad about booking a room at the Sheraton for our trip and I was wondering if anyone knew like what tower any of the stars were staying at. Or any info about the stuff like where they’ll be on Oct 9-11 and where they’ll stay. Thanks you rock my sox!!!

  40. Hey Katie Miss, my friends and I were at the Sheraton this past friday night and saw the whole cast coming in and out of the south tower, most likely the “main” tower if you will, the one with the bellhops out front at a little desk. I hope that helps!

    Does anyone know where they will be filming this week? if so, twitter me @traci717 thank you so much!

  41. It is so cool that the filming takes place here in the Vancouver area. Looking forward to meeting the cast someday…

  42. hey me and my bud r heading up to vancouver tomorrow for the shoot….only problem is were trying to find out where it is.any ideas of the main places to look in the city?

  43. about the film studio that you guys are talking about..i think it’s the vancouver film studios(saw it on wikipedia).there’s one near the boundary road and also in downtown.near gastown..i’ve seen pics of kirsten near that area.

  44. I saw from VanCity Allie that they were shooting at the Swan house the rest of the week. Anyone able to confirm or deny. I’m heading up Friday early afternoon and plan on stopping there on my way up anyway.
    She had pictures of the place with crew around it, but it’s hard to tell when it was taken. Anyone know if they are doing daytime/nighttime shoots or both? I guess I’ll know soon enough. I’ll update if I see anything Friday.

    • @annechantal tweeted i believe last week that filming at Bella’s would be in October and Cynthia posted in this chain that she went to Bella’s August 30th and said the house was still wrapped up

    • I drove past the Swan house last night and it is still covered! There is no road closure signs up yet and they havent even started prepping the grounds!


    she’s the one to follow for all the “breaking news”, i’d say. she was the only one who tweeted about the coquitlam location the entire time & the first to post about the cmpp studios as well. drove down there tonight and saw the cast trailers

  46. Hey Jessica, we saw Peter, Kellan, Taylor, Ashley and Xavier. Nikki and Elizabeth are staying down the street at the Sutton Place Hotel. It was about 930ish-10p.m. when we saw them all heading out for dinner or something. They are officially staying there, but with fans outside in the plaza they may have to change because people stand out there all the time; BUT! if youre lucky theyll stop and sign autographs or take pictures, they do it every few days for the fans. and that was Friday August 28th so much couldnt have changed since then. I hope I helped!

  47. Hi there,

    if someone knows where there filming Eclipse could someone please tell me. I keep trying to find them but there no where to be found.


    • more than likely no filming now until Tuesday. Ashley and Peter have both left Vancouver for the long weekend today. they don’t usually film on weekends

  48. looks like @annechantal has been right about everything so far. she seemed to be the only one who knew about the Coquitlam filming last week (was the only one on twitter to even post about it) and also broke the New West news and broke the recent news about studio-work at CMPP.

    follow her! i’m starting to think she might work for or know someone who works for summit because it’s weird how she knows so much before everyone else does but still cool

  49. I’ve seen a lot of signs for “GEP” around Vancouver…
    Anybody know what that means?

    Also, if ya’ll hear anything about Supernatural, keep me in the loop! >.<

    • I believe “GEP” is for “GEP Productions” and is for the show “Psych”, which is supposed to start filming this week in Vancouver, BC.

      • GEP Productions is also filming the show “Caprica”, which is also filming this week in Vancouver, BC. I read that the set signs for Psych actually have said “Psych” on them, so it’s more likely that it is “Caprica”

  50. hay im coming to Vancouver tomorrow and does know when there filming at the Cullen`s house, Bella`s house and Jacob`s`house.

      • Well I went to the Cullen’s house twice this week, and it appears they are done filming there. Absolutely nothing set up. There’s even hockey nets and other various items that suggest that whomever owned it has moved back.

    • I *think* SFI stands for a “Science Fiction Conference” in BC, this could be for the Supernatural one they had. I’ll do some more research for you though πŸ™‚

      • Oh, okay! Thanks! That’s good information to know. ^_^
        Seems like an odd switch… what could SFI stand for that’s significant to Supernatural…
        How’d you find that out?
        Anyways… THANKS!! xD

    • the Cullen’s house adress is Stevens Drive, West Vancouver the house is at the END of the street. Bella’s adress is 184 St and 28 Ave, Surrey.

      I hope that helps you! πŸ™‚

  51. Does anyone know what annechantal is referring to when she says “BL” on her Twitter? Apparently the cast is there (partying?) tomorrow night. She also mentions that she “thinks” it’s 19+, so…

    Does anyone know what it is? Haha.

  52. Does anyone know where their filming Tuesday? Or the cast favorite places to hang out at. Is Robert staying at the Sheraton Wall center?? Oh and is Taylor in Vancouver yet?

    Thanks everyone.

    • I heard that half the cast has been moved to a differnt downtown hotel in just the last few days. That they are no longer at the Sheraton Wall Centre. I am still looking into it so i am not sure where yet. There is two I think it could be. But if you search twitter you find a couple of locals saying that they follow them to a new downtown hotel location. So don’t go booking expensive hotels until you are sure.

      • Would you be willing to share with me your two guesses for the hotels. My daughter and I are coming up for one night this weekend for the 100 Monkeys concert and I would like to stay in the same hotel. My twitter is kristanreed71. I would really appreciate any insite. Thanks.

          • It is only some of the cast that has moved. I am still trying to wait and see which ones. But someone blog about it who follows them and they only mention Ashley and Peter. And I really don’t like to make any guesses until I am sure. I am coming in October from Ohio. So please don’t take my word. But if I hear anything for sure I will let you know. πŸ™‚ Thanks

            • Thanks for the info.

              I am going this weekend so I am not sure who is going to be around anyway since they are going to the VMA’s. I know Jackson will be there because we are going to his concert and I was hoping maybe Kellan too. Will you let me know if you hear anything else?


              • Hey Kristan

                Hope you had a good time. I said I would let you know if I heard anything else. As i am sure you know by now that they are no longer at the WC. I am still looking into the other hotels. If you want to directly email me you can so I can let you know if I figure it out my mmail is


  53. I have a pretty solid lead that they will be filming on Cypress Mountain in North Vancouver the Sam Lake area just for the day.

  54. apart from being a twilight fan, im also a zac efron fan! does anyone know any details about the filming of his movie here in vancouver?

    • well no ones know anything for sure so you are lucky someone created an open thread. when new moon was filming there was no such thing. if you are so desperate for news about set stalking…do the hunting urself.

  55. I was around Robert Burnaby park, they are definitiley filming there but I talked to some crew and they apparently moved to the studio today because it was sunny and they needed cloud/rain to film the scene. They were building this big set with an entire green screen background for some “magical” scene, so we were told. They also said tomorrow morning they’re going to try again, this was just from some people building the set though, not 100% sure when exactley they are going to be filming. We saw Alice’s porsche there!

    • Yup, I was there yesterday as well. The yellow porsche was sitting there covered up. The set that they built (covered by black garbage bag material) is the school/parking lot set. The green screen was there aswell because the school has to be superimposed. There was a guy there with a zoom lens taking pics (maybe a papparazzi?)who said they will be filming tomorrow (which is today, Sept 9). So I will definately be going back!! =)

  56. Thank you! That’s so cool that you saw Alice’s porsche. Do you know where they will be filming in the afternoon tomorrow?

  57. Taylor lautner is already in vancity…ummm my friend got a pic with him a few days ago…or was 2 weeks ago…?

    i cant remember…:/

    • Drove there about an hour ago and there is nothing set up yet. Doesn’t mean they won’t use it in the future. Problem with filming there is that probably no way of getting close to the set.

      • I was there last weekend and got a lot of pictures of tree riggings. i was up there last year and got to see them filming stunts with Victoria in the trees. The set up looked very similar to what we saw last year. I heard someone else ask if any big stars were going to be there and the guard said “no they don’t have the really nice trailers out so I would guess not big stars.” It looked like they were just set up, but nothing was going on. When I asked the guys up the trail he said they were told to stand guard for the next couple of nights. They were none to pleased to be in the cold. When I asked them what was going to be filmed they said “oh, nothing like a big movie…. I think it ‘s a tv show or something.” yeah right!!!!!!
        It could also be second unit (stunts) that will be filmed there. But imagine eventually they will do stuff with the bigger stars. They can close it off pretty good, but like I said I was able to watch them film with Victoria. We just had to promise not to take pictures. You can see the scene we saw in the trailer.

  58. Help… I’m going to Vancouver fri and need a set loca any heard of anything for Friday I’d appriate it so much! I know loca for today!! But need Friday!

  59. From Vancouver Sun yesterday: Vampires can be seen jumping from tree to tree as Twilight crews perform stunts at Capilano Regional Park Tuesday morning.

    About 80 film crew members are at the park in the vicinity of Cleveland Dam. They are filming Twilight: Eclipse, the sequel to Twilight: New Moon that has fans of the vampire novels in a frenzy.

    So far there aren’t any signs of Twilight stars Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart β€” the two at the centre of all the hoopla β€” and security is tight at the park so it’s anyone’s guess if they show up today.

  60. Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone can put up info on any set locations for this week..? Or next.. Just any idea of where filming may be.

  61. hey guys any chance anybody knows where i would get some good eclipse related photos? like if i go out to bellas house will i get some good pics? not solely interested in seeing the cast would like to get some other pics for my lil sis?
    any suggestions would be great!

    • Bella’s house is behind a chainlink fence and wrapped in plastic/tarps. it is still cool to go see though. Jacob’s house is in the open but it is someone’s house. same with the Cullen house.

      you could also go to David Thompson Secondary in Vancouver and get pictures there and the Paramount Theater in New West

  62. does anyone have a clue where in the vancouver area they may be filming tonight or tomorrow afternoon/night.. i have school so it isn’t to helpful that they dont film on weekends and they have been filming mornings :S i would appreciate it if you could let me know anything (ei.filming locations, which hotel) -thanks!

    • people are saying on Twitter out at Robert Park in Burnaby tonight/right now. Stephenie Meyer is supposedly there as is Taylor

      i know they were filming outside Tuesday and ended up moving filming into a studio since it was too sunny outside

  63. somthing is apparently filming in new westminster at 4th street and 5th ave
    is it eclipse!? does anyone know??

    • Hey Ann im visitin same time as you. We should keep each other posted if we hear anything about filming. As of now i Havent a clue were there filming, im hoping when time gets closer to date i will have a better idea.

  64. OMG!! I really want to meet the cast πŸ™ Does anyone know where they are filming tomorrow?? I just want to at least see a glimpse of Taylor or rob. Please let me know if any of you know where they are tomorrow or Friday.

    Thanks everyone!!

  65. Does anyone know whats going on today?? where they might be? My daughter loves them and shes only 3. I would love to take her so that she can see what its all about. Please if anyone knows where filming is taking place today let me know or email me at

    Thank youuu

  66. they did film at burnaby park last nite, i saw Rob, all the humans, Stephenie Meyer & my friend thinks she saw Kristen. Taylor said ‘see ya later’ to us as he left, which i didnt even realize who he was until i turned and saw these fans freaking out.

    Earlier in the day I went when it was raining and the girls there saw Ashley & Taylor, so they definately filmed at burnaby park last nite, which was their last night at that location.

    If anyone has any info on where they’re filming today please either email me at or DM me on twtiter at

    would be very much appreciated since me & my friends are only here til monday!

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  67. Something is being filmed at pacific spirit park, UEL on 16th st.

    Not sure if it is Twilight, but there are a heck of a lot of trailers there.

  68. Hey any clues to filming tomorrow, I’m coming to Vancouver for 100monkeys this is my second trip to Vc I wanna leave seeing something, any tips, clues, anything is apprieated!!! DM me on Twitter @NickieInWa or email Thank you ! Also I do know set addresses u scratch my back ill scratch yours

  69. anyone know the exact address to Jacobs house? I know it’s on victoria st but I just mapped it and that street goes on forever, anyone been there that knows where on that street it is? Help…

    • Just drive to the end of Guilly’s (sorry if I spelled that wrong) Trail road. it’s at the very end. It’s not that far maybe a mile?

  70. i think there filming at jacobs house now!
    there screens and stuff up so im going to check it out soon
    has anyone been there yet or seen anything there or anywhere else?

    • Wow that is crazy! I seriously was just there 2 1/2 days ago and the people were still living there and the yard was a mess.

  71. Hey, ANYONE, I have been searching for locations since they were here last time, and I know of some but everytime I go its at the wrong time lol Could anyone tell me where they will be filming on Friday preferably Friday night ish….. And maybe some hangouts where they go on the weekends???? Please and Thanks. You can email me at or Twitter me Cinny82 Thanks a bunch πŸ˜‰

  72. if any one else has @annechantal on twitter she is saying that things are set up at jacobs house.. the only problem is the link to the pic she posted goes to a house that is green :S the house that i went to on victoria street was red. if any one knows which is the real house or if you know if they are filming at the location on victoria street pleaase reply!! thanks~

    • hmmmm. The house is definatly red. I was there Monday and the people living in it were still very much there. There was crap all over the place. They were packing up a camper on a pickup though. It’s hard for me to believe they could have the place ready to start filming any time soon. But I guess with a enough people it could be possible. But Monday there was nothing, I mean nothing to indicate they would be filming there any time soon.

      • oh okaay thanks a lot! all though she was saying they are filming there right now and when i went about a week ago it sure didnt look like they would be filming any time soon.. like you said sourpink.. hmmmm!

        • I think that they were filming at the actual house.. maybe when she went by this house she just saw the wolf/dog lol who knows

    • it was a coyote and i made a joke and was like “hey look we found jacob!” since we were near the set & she decided to post it up.

  73. Hey hey hey!!! Is it true they unwrapped bella’s house?! It may just be a rumor but I was just wondering. Also, I’d LOOOOOOOOVE any information about all the filming this October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OCT 9-11. IF YOU HAVE ANY INFO AS TO WHERE TO BE THOSE DAYS TO MEET SOME PEEPS, THEN I’d LOOOve it!! Have a lovely lovely day!!

  74. So i live like 1 min away from where “Sams” house is. i was going for a walk with my friends and we saw there was a movie being filmed, and we saw bella’s red truck. but i thought it was twilight but my friends were like No it’s not but i totally think it is!!! it’s on 208th street, when you pass the train tracks it’s right on the right, it’s that house/ barn thing. and thats where they were filming

  75. Hey, I was just up there a few weeks ago and saw nothing as far as filming, but saw all main locations (Bella’s house, Cullen house, Jacob’s, etc.). Just found out we’re going back up this weekend (Fri-Sun.). Taking the baby this time, so I don’t want to be going on wild goose chases. Any tips? I know there’s the 100 Monkeys show Sat., hoping to go to that. Any other info? Tweet me or email–THANKS!

    • Looks like they are taking down everything at Jacobs house, so probably done there for awhile.
      If they’re at Capilano, I would maybe start by looking around the Cleveland Dam area, but that isn’t for sure. The park is pretty big with lots of trails. That is just a good starting point.

      • Thanks πŸ™‚ I wont be able to go looking until Saturday Evening, so I was wondering if they do filming on weekends or if it is just mon-fri? And where they like to hang out on weekends…. I have a free saturday with mo kiddos for once lol.

        • Other people on here say they don’t shoot on weekends. Maybe with the nice weather they’ll try to get in as much as they can. Who knows. Saturday, Jackson’s band 100 Monkeys is playing at the Rickshaw theatre. Maybe some of them will be there?

          • They were up at the Dam. Go across the Dam and you will see the crew parking area. Walk through it and then there is a trail that heads up and one the heads down. Take the upper trail and keep going up. Then you will see vehicles up there and lights I imagine if they are shooting.

        • No go past the main entrance for Cap Reginoal Park. Go past the turn out for Cap suspension bridge. Then about a mile or two past that on the left there is a park where the Dam is (Cleveland Dam). It’s just about a mile before you get to the parking lot for the Grouse Mt. Tram. You can Google Map it.

    • We left at 5ish and they were moving trucks from one location to another.(lower trail) Was getting dark in there so don’t know if they were going to keep filming or not. Maybe they’re getting it ready for another time.
      Also, just looked like stunt doubles there. Not 100% on that.

  76. kerjesson tweeted that there was security at the house but it’s just being guarded by a few people. props and shit still there though so they will be back soon i am sure

  77. i AM coming to vancouver in deceber does anyone know if they will still be there and where? If not can you tell me how to find out………………..

  78. any one know what time hey will be coming back or what day.. from new york to vancouver ? i would like to be there when it happens πŸ™‚ and if i find out i will post it here but please help me πŸ™‚ thank you lots!

  79. From Kiowa Gordon’s twitter.
    “CircaKiGordonSunday seems so far away! I wanna be in Vancouver already!”

    One of the wolves, can’t remember which one right now.

  80. wait so , will they be filming @ blacks house monday ? is that for sure ?
    if you know any details of where i might be able to spot the cast (filming , airport, top hang outs ..) please reply!

  81. was out at the Black house today and there was a guard there, does anyone know if they are filming tonight? Also we went looking for the Cullen house but couldn’t find it, does anyone have any pointers? Cheers.

  82. Hi All, was out at the houses today and the Black house is still being guarded but just by one guy. Does anyone have any idea about when they will be back out there filming? I have heard rumours of tomorrow night but they are just rumours from the net… Also we only have a hire car for tonight and tomorrow morning and was wondering what was happening with filming in general? Thankyou!

  83. Does anyone know were there filiming tomorrow evening (i have school), also where are they filing on Friday 18th. thanks!!! πŸ™‚

  84. i am coming to Vancouver on Saturday the 19th of September. i am planning to go the Cullens, just to check it out. any deets on where else they will be that weekend? thank you guys so much!!!

  85. all from but they say they’re not 100% sure who/what it is

    Still not sure who is filming (or what, for that matter). My guess is Peter, though, per his tweet. Not sure if R&K are even back yet.
    2 minutes ago from web

    Location confirmed. Filming happening indoors at some type of hospital/old-style building, on same road. Crew is at hall across street.
    12 minutes ago from web

    Set signs spotted, nurse uniforms spotted…change of Edward scene? Flashback scene? Not sure.
    18 minutes ago from web

  86. any one know where they are filming todaaaaay ? they were setting up at jacob’s house but i dont know if that meens they will be filming there later tonight.. ?

    • i was just there and there’s like fake trees, power wires, and all of that but i don’t know if there filming there tonight. I would like to know to!! if any one knows TELL ME!!

      thanks πŸ™‚ !!!

  87. i sent out a RT about them being at hazelnut farms, actually filming on same st…at 88th and Glover per @annechantal for some reason I couldn’t’ get onto Twitter to send it out that way, hopes this helps.

  88. Sorry to let everyone down but i’m pretty positive they are not filming at Jacobs house. The trees have been up forever and if there’s wires it probably means there tearing it down because they always take down the fence when they’re filming and put it back up when they’re done.

    If anyone gets further notice where they are filming this week at all please let us know on this discussion.


    • They ARE NOT filming at 232…they are repairing the road! Anyone who has driven on that road knows that it is in need of GREAT repair!

    • If there is filming there it is probably damages! It is filming all over langley and involves ALOT of driving scenes!

      • there was filming going on cuz i saw a green filming sign that said NGS i think….. not sure about the S but sure about the NG but i dont think it was Eclipse….

  89. Apparently there is a big set going up at Coal Harbour atm. Anyone got any ideas what that could be? I’m stuck in the office til this afternoon so can’t check it out myself! πŸ™

  90. Everyone keeps saying they are filming at different locations. Could someone just give us a right location? Are they filming at 232 in Langley tonight?

    Please let me know A.S.A.P

    Thanks for everyone’s help!

    • i have heard two things are filming, in poco and cap but no one is sure if it is eclipse or not
      i heard filming on pipeline in coquitlam but i live on that street and havent seen anything..
      does anyone know what is filming in port coquitlam?

    There are two different things filming in two different locations (unsure if it’s Eclipse): Poco and Capilano.
    14 minutes ago from web

    so maybe the poco/cap thing is right? i notice a lot of people tweeting now say “unsure” … to try n keep people away maybe?

      • per @annechantal, they are filming a TV show called Human Target – I saw them filming the pilot a few months back – it’s a Marvel Comic type show starring Jackie Haley (from the Watchmen). I assume HTF is Human Target Filming.

  92. What is filming at sasamat lake in port moddy i just saw a sign and was wondering?
    not to get peoples hopes up cause it doesn’t look like eclipse but i wanted to know

  93. I read they were filming in burnaby like in the past week and when walking to school I saw a sign for crew… Not sure if its eclipse but it might. Haven’t had time to check it out but when I heard they were filming burnaby it said nearby where I saw the sign!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

  94. any one know if there will be more filming happening at Cullens. or anywhere near downtown Vancouver. i am coming there, and don’t want to have to drive too far to possibly see someone.

  95. Are they filming tonight? trying to catch a glimpse of a working set on this movie is so hard via public transport…Thanks πŸ™‚

    • It’s on Victoria Drive in Port Coquitlam. It’s rustic looking and red and is actually on a side road but you can see it on Victoria Dr. You’ll know it straight away when you see it…

    • 1391 Gilleys Trail
      Coquitlam, BC

      It is off of Victoria Dr, not on it, as a lot of people make you think.
      Just pop the address into google maps.

  96. Seymour Demonstation Forest. But don’t bother going. To get to the circus area I had to walk in 7km to find it. Then 7km back out. I’m hurting. Didn’t find the set. It’s set up further down in the valley. There is no way to drive in. Also it’s pouring over here right now. Posting on twitter as well. kcslinnvan look me up, I try to post what I find out.

  97. don’t go to the seymour thing unless you feel like walking into the set and it’s at least a 20/30 minute walk (a rough one at that) and probably getting thrown out but they are def filming there so i can confirm @annechantal and @kc’s tweets

  98. So they are filming at Seymour? Where is Seymour? What do you mean walking into the set? Will you get thrown out?

    Please let me know!!


  99. The farms was Christmas in Canada not Eclipse, annechantal likes to send you on a goosehunt with false tips and tricks and riddles. Even if you solve her cryptik messages it is usualy a tv show not the real movie.

    there is filming at mount semour but you cant get up to the place and i i dont think it is eclipse because i saw the eclipse film trucks today by my house and yesterday there was girls who said they met nikki reed and elizabeth at the same place by my house but I don’t know.

    • Unlike your tweets, @annechantal has always had disclaimers with her tweets saying leeds may not always lead to Eclipse filming. No one ever tweeted anything about a farm, anyway, from what I’ve read on Twitter. You, Mandy, stalk the sets and stalk the cast. From a fan’s perspective it’s really sad to see. There have been other people along with @annechantal who have broken the news about Eclipse filming at David Thompson school, Coquitlam and New Westminster. It’s sad to see you bring so many people down, Mandy, when all people are trying to do is help others out – something you do not seem to want to do since you’re a selfish bitch.

  100. Yes they are filming by Cap Suspension Bridge it looks like stunt people I saw the stunt doubles and crew that were at Cleavland Dam last week. The actual cast is not there right now though.

  101. They are NOT filming at the suspension BRIDGE. Cast is filming in a valley at SEYMOUR DEMONSTRATION FOREST. so that part is right. the stunt people are a completely different thing.

  102. Unlike your Malicious Mandy’s tweets, @annechantal has always had disclaimers with her tweets saying leads may not always lead to Eclipse filming. No one ever tweeted anything about a farm, anyway, from what I’ve read on Twitter. You, Mandy, stalk the sets and stalk the cast. From a fan’s perspective it’s really sad to see. There have been other people along with @annechantal who have broken the news about Eclipse filming at David Thompson school, Coquitlam and New Westminster. It’s sad to see Mandy try and bring so many other fans down when all people are trying to do is help others out – something she doesn’t seem to want to do and won’t do since she’s a selfish bitch.

    Let’s also keep in mind that Malicious Mandy runs something called Twifantours and charges people $400 bucks a pop just to visit the sets. She is profiting off of the film. Talk about PATHETIC.

    • i don’t know if it’s twifantours that mandy runs but she runs a twilight tour anyway and i have a friend from out of town that went, paid $580 and didn’t see a thing and didn’t get her money back either

      • That is because Mandy has a disclaimer saying once you pay you do not get refunded, moron. It’s not her fault people are dumb enough to dish out mega bucks and get angry if they don’t see anything. Nothing on Mandy’s tours are guaranteed! πŸ™‚

  103. i don’t get all the arguing over sets. it’s painstakingly obvious to me that people like malicious mandy always try to talk bad about other bloggers or people on twitter because they want to be the only ones on set or the ones with the exclusives so they try and make people like annechantal or whomever else look bad.. mandy is kind of known for doing that. i like what she blogs about too but she doesnt have the nicest reputation..

    im thankful for any leads that anyone can get whether it’s a dead end or not. at least it gives us ideas and tells us where filming might be and if anyone tweets wrong information they immediately tweet saying they were wrong so it’s not like annechantal or anyone else is sending anyone on a goose chase, thats just what mandy wants people to believe

  104. I am 300% positive they are filming at Seymour tonight but it’s not a set anyone is going to be able to see, sadly.

  105. yeah i don’t get all the trying to make people look bad/fighting either. everyone always tweets the same locations and i’ve gone to them all and it hasn’t been a goose chase???? whoever is trying to make all the ppl tweeting look bad need to shut up because most of us appreciate the tweets we’ve been getting from people

  106. maybe the people should stop tweeting anything at all and go to the sets by themselves and not be gracious enough to share the information with other fans if people are going to come in here and trash anyone that does so

    • I’ve said that all along, actually. People are so unappreciative. God forbid several people be wrong about a location. It happens! I don’t think harm is intended by anyone.

    • Not to mention we are all trying and lets face it there is alot of filming going on and the eclipse sets don;t exactly have banners shouting out its them… thats why its effort by everyone.. and we should all be thabkful when someone is right and keep trying when someone is wrong… Ive been to just as many if not more wrong or wrapped sets than right ones but thats the risk you take…

  107. does anyone know if they are filming in any sort of forrest tonight cuz i read David Slade’s and Peter’s tweets saying they are doing forrest shots and werewolf stuff but that was yesterday and prob day before…..i was thinking however if it might be tonight as well??
    let me know πŸ™‚

  108. I really appreciate the information people say. It’s a once in a lifetime to meet the cast and it’s hard enough to find them where they are filming without all these kind people telling us the locations. If you think about it they are close to done filming and we just want to see someone. It’s not like we are going to attack the cast. That would be crazy.

  109. I agree with you LALA. I’m glad @annechantal, @kerjessin, and other people are at least willing to tweet with things they do know and it’s not like they do not inform people when they’re wrong. If they DIDN’T inform people when they were wrong then I’d understand the anger but I don’t get it… it’s a group effort. If people are right then it really is a once in a lifetime thing to be able to go and see a set or see cast. People should just ge grateful on all accounts. We’re lucky the films are even being made here when the cast has been hounded so much. They could choose to up and leave and film elsewhere.

  110. i’d rather go to a wrong set than not go at all and have the chance of NOT seeing cast. sometimes wrong sets lead to meeting other, non twilight celebs anyway lol so no hate for anyone from me D:

  111. Not to mention we are all trying and lets face it there is alot of filming going on and the eclipse sets don;t exactly have banners shouting out its them… thats why its effort by everyone.. and we should all be thabkful when someone is right and keep trying when someone is wrong… Ive been to just as many if not more wrong or wrapped sets than right ones but thats the risk you take…

  112. If they were setting up black screens this afternoon to hide the scene does that mean it will be filming tonight? Or could they be setting up way in advance?

      • Ugh that’s so annoying – I was there this afternoon and I can’t get there now! Has to be the only time living in downtown is incovenient! Haha anyone want to give me a lift? (just joking – mostly haha) They were setting up those screens at the Black house this afternoon (around 2ish) and they were moving things around on the inside of the house.

        • Filming isn’t happening at the Black house, I can tell you that. There’s a bunch of set up at the Seymour location that has been tweeted about and posted in here throughout the day. It seems they took the screens and things down at the Black house tonight. I wasn’t there earlier but I was there about an hour ago (I live nearby) and there’s nothing set up at the Black home any longer.

  113. so many people like malicious mandy and robpattznews act like they own twilight it is scary, they are probably the ones in here accusing other people of being wrong because those 2 women want to be the ones with the “exclusives” and we all know it. they may have a lot of followers but most of the twilight fans cannot stand them

    • don’t know mandy but robpattznews travels across the border each weekend and has been in vancouver for 2 months just for twilight filming so that is sad

  114. I, for one, am a Supernatural fan but I always come into this open thread to laugh at how malicious some of you truly are. You twi-freaks are ungrateful (mostly 40 years old) bitches who do not appreciate the information that @kerjessin, @annechantal and other people on twitter give you. If Supernatural fans are wrong about filming we do not lash out at one another. We laugh it off and be appreciative that people actually gave it a shot. Some of you certainly need to grow up.

      • Yes you’re the picture of goodness and maturity “I always come into this open thread to laugh at how malicious some of you truly are…” Get over yourself…oh and I am well under 40, not a twi-freak and I don’t cruise other threads looking for an opportunity to spout an opinion that no one asked for or wants.

  115. so there not filming at the blacks anymore of are they going to film there a again?
    i would like to know

    thanks!! πŸ™‚

  116. Does anyone have a clue about the filiming location for Eclipse on Thursday the 17th?? Will be up there there for a day and it would be amazing to go! Thanks!

  117. she blurred out the address πŸ™ which i understand but can someone tell me how you get to the black house? hear it’s hard to find

      • Joslyn it was very polite for you to share that with the others that didn’t know that. Now people have a fair chance bc not everyone is “super duper on the INSIDE”


        • if you go to the Vancouver Sun’s website and search for Eclipse filming, they have told addresses and even earlier in this thread the address was listed for the house

  118. Gilleys trail, yup. I can see why they’d blur out the address though because a ton of fans showed up the last time but most people already know where Jake’s house is anyway

  119. Thank you to everyone who is posting. Most of us appreciate it!
    Also FYI wanted to let everyone know that the few sets I have been able to find all have different call letters on their signs. I have seen IPL, HTF, and DTW. Can’t figure out what any of those have to do with Eclipse, but they were all Eclipse filming sets.

  120. hey all you Vancouver set hunters πŸ™‚
    If you spot anything to do with Supernatural, please let me know!
    Thanks so much!

    • They filmed lastnight at the Black house. The wolf pack was there with no shirts on and so was Peter and Taylor. Definatly filmed lots of scenes last night

  121. Hey does anyone have pic they can share. I would love to see them. I wish i could go on set like you guys but I live in NYC. Thanks ! Have you seen Rob ?

  122. Hey jus wondering if anyone can confirm if they are still at jacobs house?? I was there last night but i had to leave early πŸ™

    • Was there about an hour ago. No filming at the time, but everything is still set up. Maybe back there tonight? Looks like it to me. I’ll probably go check it out. Bella’s truck and Jacob’s car still there.

      • Thank you. Are they still filming there tonight?

        Stargate is filming on my street. When I saw the trailers and crew pull up was hoping to high heavens that it’d be the TSE. Of course that would be too easy for me, LOL πŸ˜€

  123. Can anyone tell me how far down Victoria Dr. in PoCo Jacob’s house is? Or what it looks like? What side of the road, etc?

  124. Does anyone know for sure if they are filming tomorrow.. I really want to go and see! Please give me any info you can!!

  125. anyone know where thery are filming tomorow? someone above said “a trail” could that mean Capilano? i assume it would be obvious if they were, there would probably be sets up and stuff. still, any info is GREATLY appreciated.

  126. Joslyn when did you see the cast?? I came out there at about 8:30pm and waited tell 10:40 pm. I waited but I was so tired? So EVERYONE was there. Did anyone see Rob? I really wanted to see him!

  127. Does anyone know what’s being filmed tomorrow or sunday? I’m in Langley, but I know Bella’s scenes aren’t supposed to be for a few weeks. I know the man who lives infront of the house and they use his house for catering- and he said they aren’t.. let me know! Thanks!

    • No one actually came out but at around 11:30 “Paul”and “Sam Uley” were taking some pics with ppl at circus… They were really nice about it too even though they had to go back to set.

  128. we saw the whole wolf pack last night including BooBoo but i wasnt there until late so i didnt get any pics but some of the girls there got pics and autographs!!!! really exciting and we also got a growl from Chaske cuz my dog barked at them hahaha πŸ™‚

  129. i was @ jacobs house yesterday from like 6-830 and we could hear people saying they could see taylor wearing a hat or something when they were passing a ball around but it realy was inpossible to tell even from binoculers(sp?) … but does any body know where they will be filming mondahyy and if they are done filming at jacobs house ?

  130. does anyone know where they are filming on monday or for the rest of the week that would be great! thanks! πŸ™‚

    • trying to figure that one out to. anyone know where they will be filming anytime this week that would be great thanks! πŸ™‚

  131. So was right all along about the Black house filming? I didn’t go πŸ™ does anyone know how she & other people get their info? I’d follow them on twitter but I feel bad because all these people already probably get a million questions but she & 1 other person have been the only ones right with filming locations so far. Do they work on the sets or????

  132. people actually camped out last night according to @annechantal .. i don’t know why people admit that on twitter or online anywhere because it makes them look crazy

  133. So was right all along about the Black house filming? I didn’t go does anyone know how she & other people get their info? I’d follow them on twitter but I feel bad because all these people already probably get a million questions but she & 1 other person have been the only ones right with filming locations so far. Do they work on the sets or????

    • Don’t know how they find out their information but it’s been right on the money so far. Maybe people know people on sets, etc. That’s usually how information/set info gets leaked.

    • A lot of people that have info live in the area. word spreads fast. they see something happening on the set that usually indicates that filming will happen soon, or like the other day, when i went, signs had gone up saying the tiny street that the Black’s house is on was going to be closed over night, and then production crews started showing up that afternoon.
      It’s not that hard to figure out if you live in the neighborhood.

  134. i think some girl by the name of maple walnut camped out, saw her tweets. she just got home from the set at around 7 this morning and she also camps out at the cast hotels. kind of scary

    • actually no she doesnt camp out of their hotel but the only reason she stayed last night was cuz the whole wolf pack came out and said hi!
      shes really nice and you shouldnt say that about people

  135. krista,

    That would be me.

    “i think some girl by the name of maple walnut camped out, saw her tweets. she just got home from the set at around 7 this morning and she also camps out at the cast hotels. kind of scary”

    I think your post is extremely judgmental and rude. I never camp out at sets – last night was the very first night I tried and I got lucky. The reason I got home from the set so late was because I was with friends and we took a little detour after leaving the set before heading back out to her house. From there, I drove myself home, which also took a while.

    I don’t camp out at the casts’ hotel. I have stopped by a couple times (less than 5 days in total) so I don’t know where you’re getting your information from but you are wrong.

    To say that what I do is scary is to judge what you yourself are doing. Are you not trolling this comment board looking for locations? Best of luck to you – I will be sure to let everyone know how you feel about fans who get lucky.

  136. Just sayin yall, stop all these childish games. These name callings. Don’t assume anything out of anyone, and as said as above, and dont be judgmental. MalpleWalnuts is a friend of mine, and im happy for her that she met the cast! Of course we all wished we would have too, but guess what we didn’t! So be happy for one another instead of all this bashing.

    • Says the girl who posed like a hooker, sprawled out across the table at th Monkeys signing. You were the laugh of the day.

  137. Don’t admit you go to sets to see the cast and don’t admit you’ve been to the hotels because like it or not it does make one look like a crazy. I’ve seen Maples tweets along with numerous others and this is not the first time th subject of them being a “stalker” has come up amongst Twilight fans so the best thig you can do for yourself and for others is to keep your mouth shut or not go to the sets at all.

  138. Maple, I understand you are angry by the above comment, but to say something such as, “I will be sure to let everyone know how you feel about fans who get lucky,” and make it sound like a threat, will not fly with other Twilight fans. To say something like that is to alienate yourself when really, we’re all here for the same reason. To have fun. People will say things that other people do not like but that is something we all should have learned in grade school. I take offense to your comment and even I am on your side. I just think it is a really disheartening thing to hear you say you’re basically going to run around telling everyone about Krista as to try and get her alienated, too. Stop the drama, everybody.

    • The reason fans who meet the cast share pictures is so that everyone can enjoy them. I did not intend for my comment to come across the way that you interpreted it but comments like the one that Krista made will make people who do see the cast not want to share their experiences anymore. I won’t have to run around and tell everyone about Krista – people can read that for themselves here.

  139. will they be filming at Bella’s house this monday or just anytime this week? please tell right away! thanks or if you find any other locations they will be filming at do tell please! cause i really would like to see or even meet taylor lautner or any of the casts! thanks! πŸ™‚

  140. well said MapleWalnuts and for the other comment. I will just leave it because there is no point in starting anything.

  141. will they be filming at Bella’s house this monday or just anytime this week? please tell right away! thanks or if you find any other locations they will be filming at do tell please! cause i really would like to see or even meet taylor lautner or any of the casts! thanks! πŸ™‚

  142. Peter “At work on Eclipse.Playing in the woods again.Time 2 Put the fight training to work. Getting on a plane to NY later tonight.”
    anyone know where they might be??

  143. @annechantal and @canadagra just both tweeted that Xavier Samuel is at a theatre RIGHT NOW. Scotiabank Theatre is what I heard from someone else. GO THERE NOW.

  144. I went to the eclipse shoot last night with my sister from about 10 to 3:30 and had a ball. We saw the set and hung out with some cool chicks…..and a guy. Perth sisters, New Moon sisters and a few more TwiHards. We had so much fun hangin with you, talkin’ watchin the police cars go back and forth. Did any of you ever get to see the cast (even though they told us they’d be shooting til 7am). By the way work this morning was painful!

    • Hey!! We ended up giving in and leaving – I heard a girl got to meet the wolf pack but that would have been much past any length of time I could have stood in the rain for!! Look on the bright side – after that night at least you didn’t do anything like rush the set and you still have you job! Oh and 100 Monkeys concert was awesome πŸ™‚ Recognised way too many face though!

  145. it’s amazing how many people are using this thread…when i first discovered it and started using it…there were only like 20 comments…
    anyway…i was dumb enough to subscribe and click on the stupid box that said to be emailed all the posts that were after mine. over the period of like a month i received over 600 emails tagged under [On Location Vacations] New Comment On: Eclipse Filming Locations Open Thread! (UPDATED w/ Links!)‏ i read the emails hoping for filming locations on eclipse and inside scoops on the cast and stuff. i dont know about you guys, but i find loads of the comments to be about how annechantal is a liar…as well as malicious mandy…and drama and other things that are completely unrelated to eclipse filming locations. this thread isn’t supposed to be used for venting or hating or about people who camp outside sets (no offense to people who do…theyre just hardcore twilight fans…no problem there). if you want to say things like that…please do it some place else. People subscribe to this thread for actual filming locations. Not for online drama between people we dont personally know. so stop the weird posts people and continue with the eclipse scoops that make us all giddy and excited inside…:)

    ok i have wasted enough of your time so…it’ll only be fair if i shared something too. my friend booked a night at the hotel the cast is staying at hoping to meet any of them. she didnt meet the big three…but she talked with other cast members (kellan, michael, peter…some other ppl) about filming details and stuff. as we all know…they end filming on the 31 of october. However, many of them are leaving earlier than that…around the 25th or something…according to Pfach (daddy c).

    can you believe they have already been shooting for a month? they will be leaving in another month or so…:((( wonder if they will be coming bak for BD…

    • thank you! someone needed to say it

      i was thinking about them being here the month already and i haven’t been out to filming once yet. better get a move on lol

      • lol…i need to get a move on too.

        the thing is i dont have time to visit the sets and hotel(s) the cast is/are at even though i know where the locations are!

        im really disappointed with myself.

        • same here. and if i did, there is no way i could be out all night while filming is happening; my sleep is too important. i went out a few times for NM and didn’t last much past midnight

    • i don’t think @annechantal or anyone else is a liar. i am thankful for all the information people get and so far all the info posted seems to be correct. i think people are just jealous that some people get information first cause annechantal, mandy, and eddie seem to be the only 3 with the breaking info and every1 else just gets it from them

      no more fighting guys. be thankful.

    • You rock! lol. Really, I love this thread because if not for it I would have never known how to find all the sets and what was filing when I went up to Canada on Thursday. BUT… the childish drama gets ridiculous. I personally haven’t found anything wrong with ANY of the people that other complain about on here. They all seem like nice fans to me, who just go about their fandom in different ways.

  146. heyy Team Jacob.

    What hotel is the cast staying @? I heard they moved from the Sheraton and the Sutton but I’m not sure. If you could please tell me that would be great.


    • ummm…i dunno if you were referring to me…the name’s Team Taycob…not Team Jacob…but anyway…:)lol

      ummm i heard that they are staying at an extended-stay hotel in downtown…and i also heard that they are at the suitton and WC.

      I know that the big three are at the WC. my friend plenty of times caught glimpses of them leaving the hotel and coming bak and she, being such a stalker, found out which room taylor was staying at by following his dad to their floor and room. taylor’s dad caught my ‘brillant’ friend and called security.
      i still cant get over laughing at her.

      because of stalkerazzi issues…apparently they change rooms every week…

      as for the suitton…i think the minor cast is staying there…idk…

    • i agree. they have the right for that info to be private. the hotel is where theyre supposed to be able to relax and having a bunch of fans waiting outside your hotel, and some even staying at the same hotel doesn’t exactly help

      • meh. i feel really bad now. ok no more hotel name’s coming from me.

        anyway…i heard they moved…so…(shrugs)

  147. So when I was outside the set at the Black’s house on Thursday night I talked to some locals that knew which vehicles which actors regularly travel around in. there are these nice cars in different colors, and there are some vans. I know the wolf pack rides in the white van, but I don’t remember which actors ride in which colored cars. Anyone know? This is NOT for stalking purposes, this is so I can tell my friends who was in which cars in the photos I took of them driving past me.

      • I actually have morals, so I don’t lie to my friends.
        I live in Seattle and don’t have time to waste on “stalking” even if I did think it was ok, which it’s not. I already know what the cars look like, I have photos of them from my quick trip to the Black’s house set on Thursday, and just wanted to know which colored cars had which actors in them normally, because other people visiting the set at the time seemed to know.
        Peter, Gil, possibly Kristin, and the wolf pack were at filming Thursday, and I just don’t know who was in which vehicle other than the wolf pack being in the white van.

      • by the way, why waste your time answering if you don’t have anything constructive to say? It was just a question.

  148. okay ppls…

    again from @annechantal

    Twilight. Tsawwassen. Thursday. Maybe. That’s all I know right now. G’night. πŸ™‚
    about 2 hours ago from web

    I must say it is absolutely crazy that they are filming all over vancity…

    i mean…capilano…coquilam…surrey…langley…DTS…new west…west van…north van…they are jumping around all over the place…

  149. will they be filming at Bella’s house this monday or just anytime this week? please tell right away! thanks or if you find any other locations they will be filming at do tell please! cause i really would like to see or even meet taylor lautner or any of the casts! thanks

  150. Where are the filming locations? Like bella and Jacobs houses? I moved to van a month ago but have yet to go see the filming. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

  151. okaay so david slade posted on his twitter taht they will be moving on to vamps very soon.. does that meen they’re done at jacobs house and moving on to the cullens maybe some time this week, if any one knows please reply about any info on where they may be filming this up coming week.. and i also wanted to mention that i think it is fine to sit out side of the hotel maybe across the street to just take a picture (who wouldnt want to see there favorite actor) but i do think it is a bit too stalkerish when you go and sit out side of there door and harass them. just one person’s opinion πŸ™‚

  152. and you guys have to realize that they are famouse because of the fans , so they should be a bit thakfull even if it does go a bit out of hand, besides this is the life they chose when they signed up to be in twilight…

    • and lots of the cast said during the release of Twilight that they had no idea fans would react like they have. they have a right to privacy when not working

    • What a huge sense of entitlement you must feel. Go ahead and continue to feel that way. If you’re looking for famewhore actors who revel in invasions of privacy, go stalk Vanessa Hudgens and Paris Hilton.

  153. from

    There’s filming happening at the Paramount Club in New West tomorrow. It may/may not be Eclipse. Some were told “alien”/”science” movies.
    5 minutes ago from web

    i think they might say “alien” movie (they as in the eclipse directors, etc) to throw people off

  154. Why would they film at the Paramount for Eclipse? Is there a movie-theater scene in Eclipse that I am forgetting? I am pretty darn sure they only go to the theater in New Moon. This must be for some other film.

  155. When is there a movie theater scene in Eclipse? I’ve read Eclipse 3 times since it’s my favorite book and I do not remember a movie theater scene.

  156. Hi, I’m a newcomer to this website and I was just hoping you could fill me in on some set locations here they are:
    Cullens’ House, Sam’s House, The Blacks’ House and if you know about any other possible sets could you please tell me since I find some of the comments difficult to read.
    Thankss πŸ™‚

    • at the very beginging of this thread before the comments even start, Bella’s house and the Cullen’s house address’ are listed

  157. van vampires is another blogger who said her friend confirmed filming at the paramount. there doesnt need to be a theatre scene for them to film there, guys

  158. can anyone narrow down where sams house is on 208/96? that doesnt really do much. i get a corner street. specifics would be appreciated.

  159. does anyone know a bit more specifically where sams house is? 208/96 doesnt really get me very far… any info would be appreciated.

  160. Bella’s house in Surrey is also prepared for filming. Streets are blocked off.
    about 1 hour ago from web

    Filming at the Paramount in New Westminster has been confirmed.
    about 1 hour ago from web

    both from
    but she doesn’t say it’s eclipse filming at the paramount, i noticed

    • she also doesn’t say what days so that doesn’t mean it’s today, tomorrow or even this week though i’d assume it would be this week for those location. bella’s especially. not sure on paramount since she didn’t say paramount was eclipse

  161. I just wanted to come in here and point out something, as I’ve had plenty of people get “angry” at me (and seen others get treated with disrespect, too) for not releasing which days filming at sets is happening, etc. The majority of the time I do not find out the actual day until the very last minute, or sometimes, even the day OF. Also, filming locations tend to change – be it due to scheduling conflicts or other things, so not everyone is always going to be right nor does anyone (who actually knows what they’re doing when it comes to releasing set information). I give what information I’m given and it is not always going to be 100%. When it is, it is. When it isn’t, it isn’t, and there isn’t much I can do about it except inform people of the changes, which I do immediately. Those who do appreciate what myself & other people release, thank you for not hounding me/us.

    • ive seen people bitch @ others for not giving out set addresses and i just wanted to say thankyou for at least being disrespectful of the cast & crew and not giving out addresses and letting people find the sets on their own but thank you for telling us the things u do

      • I do know where the Paramount is (but I’m not giving out the address – there’s Google and Mapquest for things like that) and I do know something will be filming there this week but I can’t confirm or deny (yet) that it’s Eclipse.

    • Thanks for your posts. I don’t know where all this cattiness and hating comes from. We should all be excited the movie is filming here and there’s a place to find out and post info on possible filming locations. This should be something people have fun with..not bitch about. Think of all the people that would love to have this movie filming in their city!!!

    • I seriously dont know why people are being so stupid.

      If they want info, they go to annechantal. if they dont get the info they want, they get mad at her.
      complete stupidity i think considering all those people who bitch-talk dont do the hunting/work themselves.
      Geez. if you think annechantal is a liar, then dont follow her on twitter. No one is making you do so.

      Im already grateful that they decided to film here for new moon and eclipse. Now I can go to the theater, watch the movie and be disruptive by saying things like, “OMGOMGOMGOMG! IVE BEEN THERE! I KNOW WHERE THAT WAS SHOT! EEEKK!!! TAYLOR STOOD RIGHT THERE! IVE BEEN BOWLING AT THAT PLACE! (the ridge on arbutus) ROB AND KRISTEN WHERE MAKING OUT IN SURREY! HAHAHAHAHA! etc…etc…”


  162. LOL what? Not wanting to give an address out doesn’t mean I work for Rob, Kristen, or anyone else with the cast and crew. What even gave you that idea? I’ve never claimed that, either, so don’t be silly by making that assumption. It’s called having respect for the cast and crew by not giving out the actual addresses, that’s all.

  163. where abouts is jacob black’s house because i went onto victoria drive in coquitlam yesterday and i went all the way down-on the left side was some kind of trail and on the right side there were new houses being built. however there was another victoria drive that turned from the original that the one? plz help

    • well lautner i have heard that today they may be going to white pine πŸ™‚ i think we should head over there eh ?

  164. Was at camp Howdy yesterday, Rob, Kristen,Ashely and Jackson were there, not sure if there is anything going on there today though.

  165. anyone at the eclipse set today my friend is there and is wondering where all fans are hanging out she is alone, anyone know where she would go?

  166. just heard virgin 953 mention @annechantal and they also confirmed camp howdy filming lol i’m gonna go down there

  167. I’m convinced Annechantal works on the sets didn’t she announce white pine last wk, too? I’m going to go down there after work (I’m off at 5) hopefully they will still be filming

  168. so they are filming at white pine beach: camp howdey!? thanks so much! will taylor lautner be there! please write back soon thanks!

  169. okaay, so now that it has been cleared that they are filming at white pine today (btw thank you every one who has blogged about the locations to help others wanting to know) so then has any one heard any thing about tomorrow ?
    thanks a bunchh πŸ™‚

  170. “malcious mandy” is tweeting people trying to tell them that rob is not on set but 3 people in the crew have confirmed it but no one’s actually seen him yet. screens r up (the black ones) blocking his trailers, etc

  171. where are they filming tomorrow or anywhere this week that would be great! thanks! and is taylor lautner at white pine beach today?

  172. Hi All,
    I am a HUGE OLV fan – it was great to be able to track Rob in NYC when filming Remember Me – oh how I miss those days! I started a new RPattz blog ( and would love to post some pictures – if anyone has set pics (not even of anyone filming – just town shots of places where they’ve been) I would love to post them. If you’d like to send me your stalking stories, I’d love to post them too! You can send them to – thanks!

    And good luck on Eclipse hunting!!!

  173. so are they filming at white pine beach today and where are they filming for the rest of the week that would be great thanks! and is taylor lautner at white pine beach today or is it just vampires and are they done filming for werewolfs? thanks!

  174. i guess is the best one to follow for all things twilight when it comes to filming. i had been one of maliciousmandy’s followers and asked if she knew anything about the filming today and when i said i planned on heading to white pine, mandy told me in a dm that “no filming was taking place today” and said @annechantal was a liar. well, @annechantal proved everyone wrong & was right about the filming, the location, and who was all on set (rob, kstew, jackson) so thanks to @annechantal and @olv for confirming this for us. i know i along with many other fans enjoy the rare glimpses that you let us have

  175. are they done filming with taylor latuner and moving onto vampires now? please reply soon and i was wondering if anyone can please tell me where they are filming for the rest of the week that would great! thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Are you going to the sets or are you just asking to know??? because i would really like to go but not alone!! if any of you guys would like to join, i mean it would be awesome to meet! Im livin in Kitsilano, anyone from the area? Thanks!!!

  176. Malicious Mandy is known for set-stalking and being a whining bitch. She also doesn’t give out any proper information to fans and wants to keep it all to herself. If she can’t get to a set (like today, for example), she throws a fit and claims that filming isn’t/won’t be happening or claims certain cast members are not on set when they are. She did this every single time she couldn’t make it to a New Moon set, and everyone proved her wrong back then too. She’s acting immature by posting riddles on Twitter, saying things like “If I see my mom at the grocery store and my sister sees my mom’s car at the doctor’s office, where is my mom? Ponder that for a while LOL” as the first tweeted sighting was that someone had seen the back of Rob and the top of his head, then later sightings came in late this evening that Rob and Jackson were both vividly seen in a vehicle and that Kristen was also seen earlier. It is people like Mandy who disgust me. As a mother of 2 15 month old twins, I cannot make it to the sets but I’m always happy to see people share the information that they do have, even the tiniest bit. Why Mandy has to go out of her way to make so many people seem like the bad one, or make it out to be a game of who has the most followers (if you look through her followers you will quickly see that over half of her followers are porn/bots). We’re all in this together. Share your information like the rest or shut up. I think her links should be removed from all websites because it is clear this girl is in it for one thing and one thing only: Herself – and if the rumors are true about her running one of the tour companies and making some bucks? Even more sad.

    To the people who ARE kind enough to share your information, thanks. I am not one who has been able to get out to sets, being a doting new mother, but seeing the cast and any filming is the chance of a lifetime and there are some of us who do appreciate what you nice folk do.

  177. Did anyone see the cast in Pine Beach at Camp Howdy? I couldn’t make it but I was wondering if anyone could see or talk to any of the cast.
    Also does anyone know where they are filming on Thursday September 23rd?


      • I don’t know how anyone could have spotted them at camp howdy. I must have spent two hours climbing through the woods surrounding the road leading from
        white pine to howdy only to be escorted out by an RCMP officer that spotted us. Bad news is you’ll have to sneak through the woods to get to the set. Good news is by judging the number of vans headed to howdy I don’t think they packed up today like they planned

        • Also mobile dressing rooms are still set up at the parking lots of white pine.the road to camp howdy is unpaved and probably too narrow to drive the large trucks. The road is blocked from the entrance at white pine and RCMP officers were seen patrolling frequently.extremely difficult to get to camp howdy however I don’t know the area well so there may be a second road.if you are really adventurous you could go through the woods and keep a safe distance from the road .I stepped on the road for 30seconds before I had to hide from the officer. The officer wouldn’t tell us why we couldn’t use the road but apparently it was private property and a closed event.I can confirm the black screens however there was no action going on at the beach they were keeping the camp closed off.according to a notice posted at the beach they had planned to film scenes directly on the beach in mid semptember.I cannot confirm this

        • No one saw anyone at Camp Howdy. There was no way in unless you climbed a tree or punched out a security. The dude that plays JASPER was seen because he got busted up and had to leave for medical attention. The two girls on set with him helped him

  178. Hey I goto the sets often whenever I can find them. I usually take my brother but he doesn’t like to wait the entire time and most times to see the cast is at the end of filming. Anyways I live in Abbotsford, but do drive out to vancouver for the sets. So if someone wants to come with me and is serious about doing the whole time sort of thing because I just want to meet them. I’m not looking for the screaming type of fan. Just the mature one that wants to hang out looking for vampire and wolves. Message me at and we can talk about when we are available. We can even go in small groups (truck fits 4 passangers)

  179. not sure what was all seen at camp howdy, but there was also filming up at pit meadows. I was there for a while today and was told taylor and kristen were there as well as some of the wolf pack. Saw Sam as he waved when his van drove by with the window open.
    Am told that they will be filming in port moody tomorrow

    • taylor and kristen were not at pit meadows. kristen, rob, jackson and ashley all filmed at camp howdy today and were spotted

      • I went with my parents to pit meadows because my Grandma lives near the house they filmed at it was Edward and Bella and Wolf pakc there yesterday and today was port moody by my school

  180. Malicious Mandy is known for set-stalking and being a whining bitch. She also doesn’t give out any proper information to fans and wants to keep it all to herself. If she can’t get to a set (like today, for example), she throws a fit and claims that filming isn’t/won’t be happening or claims certain cast members are not on set when they are. She did this every single time she couldn’t make it to a New Moon set, and everyone proved her wrong back then too. She’s acting immature by posting riddles on Twitter, saying things like β€œIf I see my mom at the grocery store and my sister sees my mom’s car at the doctor’s office, where is my mom? Ponder that for a while LOL” as the first tweeted sighting was that someone had seen the back of Rob and the top of his head, then later sightings came in late this evening that Rob and Jackson were both vividly seen in a vehicle and that Kristen was also seen earlier. It is people like Mandy who disgust me. As a mother of 2 15 month old twins, I cannot make it to the sets but I’m always happy to see people share the information that they do have, even the tiniest bit. Why Mandy has to go out of her way to make so many people seem like the bad one, or make it out to be a game of who has the most followers (if you look through her followers you will quickly see that over half of her followers are porn/bots). We’re all in this together. Share your information like the rest or shut up. I think her links should be removed from all websites because it is clear this girl is in it for one thing and one thing only: Herself – and if the rumors are true about her running one of the tour companies and making some bucks? Even more sad.

    To the people who ARE kind enough to share your information, thanks. I am not one who has been able to get out to sets, being a doting new mother, but seeing the cast and any filming is the chance of a lifetime and there are some of us who do appreciate what you nice folk do.

  181. someone got photos of rob and k on set at camp howdy last night. not sure how since a lot of people were waiting on 1 side of the road but there are two roads there

  182. rob was for sure on set last night at camp howdy and a girl kept covering herself with a blanket, there was also another girl who had sunglasses on in a car that left and it was either ashley or kstew. there were two girls there filming along with rob that we know of, and jackson was also seen/stopped to wave for fans

  183. they were building the police dept at the Port Moody Arts Centre for the past few days and this morning the filming crew was already setting up!
    Think they’ll be in the area as well!

  184. to the person or ppl paying for tours in Vancouver that’s a complete waste of money I’m from out of town and have been to Van 3times I have seen all the sets and 2live sets with out paying anyone! If anyone needs a loca I have addresses find me on Twitter NickieInWa do research and don’t pay for a tour

    • I agree. I’ve mentioned that on here before. I think we’d all be willing to share all new and previous sets that we know of.

      • yes i think we can all share sets but i also think that if people want to pay for tour then they can spend money how they want to because some people want to be sure to not do driving or work and so tour mabey they can see it all for easier especialy if they are not from here you know?

    • i agree! and it’s way funner to do it yourself with a group of friends. not to mention way cheaper!! it’s not all about seeing the cast

  185. I was down at the Port Moody Arts Centre but didn’t really get a good look at the set. There are black tarps all around and the surrounding streets are blocked off. I looked around nearby shops for the filming notices to see if I could confirm what production it was but didn’t see any up. If it is Eclipse, I don’t think any filming has started yet b/c there is a camera crane there and nothing has been set up.

  186. i notice ‘vancouver vampires’ has been passing off other peoples information and claiming it as their own to gain followers…

  187. okaay so has any one actually been to PMAC? is any one sure that they are filming any thing and can you see ANYTHING? it would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚
    thanks a lottt !!

  188. Btw ppl I just cgot a call that was from one of my Vancouver friends that works by PMAC that Rob just arrived on set and so is kstew, my friend told me that the set is open and u can see by standing across the street on sidewalk, I shared my info with annechantal so she could get the word out πŸ˜‰ good luck out there and happy vamp hunting @NickieInWa

    • i’m kind of doubting all the people who say they “shared their info w so & so” when annechantal and 2 other people tweeted about the pmac filming at around 7 or 8am vancouver time

      • yup just went and looked back at all of @annechantal‘s tweets, all from hours ago

        Kristen and Rob are on set at PMAC.
        about 6 hours ago from Tweetie

        Green army truck is at PMAC and as we all know was at DTS, too, on the same day they filmed there as well.
        about 6 hours ago from Tweetie

        Police now at PMAC, black umbrellas, and parking signs changed to 30 minutes.
        about 8 hours ago from Tweetie

        For Eclipse filming you may also want to check out the PMAC, as I mentioned last night. Set has been built there.
        about 9 hours ago from Tweetie

        There’s some kind of temporary/fake structure set-up/built at the PMAC
        about 19 hours ago from web

        so over 20 hours ago was the first tweet

  189. so they are filming at camp howdey again? what about tomorrow for filming and are they done filming for werewolfs? please answer? thanks!

  190. some people (nickie) are just attention whores and try and say they got the word out first to try and gain followers when other people tweeted about it hours ago (and the radio station announced it too). the tackiest thing you could do on olv is say it was ur info when its been confirmed by better sources like: annechantal, vanvamps, and virgin radio

    • I don’t need attn if u don’t believe me look at the tweets between me and Anne… I like Anne and am glad she helps pol this is why I told her rob had returned to the set she previously tweeter about…Anne did tweet about loca first yes but rob did leave set and returned I simply told her that he was back and that u could see filming from sidewalk! No need to fight we are all just looking for the same thing on here

  191. If ppl don’t believe me look at my Twitter or Anne’s where she asked me to DM her my info I’m notbsauing Anne didn’t tweet loca this morning but rob had left for hours assuming his filming was done I told Anne my info that he had returned believe who u want but look at the tweets urself and how as soon as I DMed her she tweeted!!!

      • Omg u guys are crazy on here lmao ok annexhantal yes did tweet this info first but I did tell her an update to do with the loca I really could care less who believes me iam just trying to help omfg get a grip

      • annechantal posted it as real action set on twitter this morning

        maliciousmandy posted photos of this set a couple days ago

        nickie and vanvamps repeat what is said

        the point is we all know and so who cares who knows first or whatever

  192. thanks to @annechantal for all her info for the week, i think this is the biggest/best filming they’ve done so far even though i’m sad i don’t live in van πŸ™ i’ll live happily through all the other fans experiences

  193. ok let’s use some logic, people. @annechantal tweeted about port moody art center filming last night and this morning as felicia stated, and nickie has to leave three comments trying to get her point across? you can view people’s old tweets by clicking “more” and @annechantal’s first tweet was 19+ hours ago and it was the talk of twitter & olv. again, use some logic.

  194. Was just at Bella’s House they where loading in the set decorations mowing the lawn and getting it ready, Talked to some people and they start shooting there on Friday..

    • Bella’s house is in Surrey. They were in North Van last week. Don’t know if they have plans to go back or not. Closest might be the Cullen house in West Van.