Filming News Wrap Up: A Shooting on the Set of Just Wright, RDJ Filming Sherlock Holmes Reshoots in London and More!

just wright
There was a shooting on the set of Just Wright last week in Queens and it wasn’t part of the script. Workers dressing an area outside of a Chelsea housing project say the victim got out of a car and began arguing with two men when someone started shooting. The victim was shot in the abdomen and leg but is in stable condition. Luckily, no one working on the film was injured.

Museyon Guides recently launched a cool new anthology of Travel Guide Books, Film + Travel: Traveling the World Through Your Favorite Movies. The three titles in the series (so far) are Film + Travel Europe, Film + Travel North America, and Film + Travel Asia, Oceania, Africa. The books are sure to provide plenty of  inspiration for the perfect on location vacation!

Brad Pitt may not be joining them, but the cast of Sherlock Holmes has reunited in London to reshoot several key scenes. Does this mean they may be back in NYC soon for reshoots in the Brooklyn studio they called home last spring?

TNT has extended Leverage’s season which means they are still looking for extras in Portland.


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