Another Possible ‘Sex and the City 2’ Location For Next Week!

One of our readers, Sally, spotted signs on W. 4th St from W. 10th to Bank St and also along Perry St, NYC for “Untitled” Avery Pix filming on 9.4, 9 a.m. to 5 a.m. (Thanks Sally!)

When Sex and the City: The Movie started filming in the fall of 2007 the signs were labeled the same way, here’s an example:


So, assuming they are using the same production company, it looks like we’ve found our next SATC2 location!

Let us know if you see any signs that say Avery Productions at!

Check today’s locations post for our first SATC2 location at 875 Third Ave, NYC for 9.2.


  1. Can we please try and update comments with sightings as well if someone spots anyone on the set. Also if you see any celebs around town.

    Thank You

  2. For those wanting TWILIGHT filming information (or set info on other movies) follow:


    Those two have had the most legit information thus far and @annechantal broke the news of the New West filming which turned out to be legit. I have no problem with maliciousmandy either but she does take a lot of information and twist it and takes things tweeted by other people.

    So follow the two twitters above. They’ve been really great/helpful.

  3. Hi, the “untitled project” on W. 10th and Perry & Bank, along Bleecker, is not SATC2, but it was an episode of “The City” with Whitney and Olivia.


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