Upcoming Sex and the City 2 Filming Locations

Sex and the City 2 began filming September 1st. Here our upcoming locations in NYC. Make sure you check out our Daily SATC2 Location posts too for any last minute updates!

Don’t forget the NYC permit signs for SATC2 are for an UNTITLED PROJECT/AVERY PIX, if you spot one, let us know at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Signs for SATC2 spotted around 85th between Madison and Fifth Ave. (Thanks Jennifer!!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sex and the City 2 will be filming in the atrium on the 25th floor of Hogan and Hartson’s offices at 875 Third Ave. The law offices will be transformed into Mr. Big’s on-screen office! (Thanks to Meagan for the link!) Signs posted nearby at 52nd and 2nd, 6am to 5pm. (Thanks Anon!) Update: Signs posted not too far away on W 48th between 5th and 6th too. (Thanks Anon!)

SATC2 signs also spotted around 81st and Park and 85th and 5th.  (Thanks Phoebe and Sarah!)

Update for SATC2 for Wed: They will begin filming at 875 3rd Ave in the morning. Filming around 81st and Park in the afternoon (shoot starts around 2).

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Signs for SATC2 is filming at 48th St between Broadway and 8th Ave. (Thanks Anon!) UPDATE: Exact location is the Renaissance New York Hotel. (Thanks Rose!)

Friday, September 4, 2009

SATC2 permit signs for filming on W. 4th St from W. 10th to Bank St and also along Perry St, NYC.

Tuesday, September 8th & Wednesday, September 9th:

SATC2 is filming around 58th Street between 6th and 7th Ave, NYC. (Thanks NYCAnon!) Signs spotted on 59th between 5th and Madison too. (Thanks Jen & Dash!)

September 16, 2009

Filming around 51st and 5th Ave, NYC. (Thanks NYC!) Update: Received a tip also filming at this location on 9.15. (Thanks Anon!) Update: Heard they might actually be in studio on 9.16, will update if I get more info.

September 17th and 18th

Signs spotted on 6th Avenue between West 57th and West 58th and on West 58th Street between 5th avenue and  7th avenue. (Thanks!!)


  1. Hey guys! They are filming scenes with Carrie as we speak at 84th and 5th Avenue. I also saw Big on the set. They said they will be filming till round 6-7M.

      • i don’t know how long the last shoot was but i imagine that most shoots are around 4 – 6 weeks. they just starting filming this movie so they will probably be around when you’re in nyc. however, most films don’t shoot on the weekends…

        i hope this helps!

  2. How many people show up to watch the tapings? Is it really crowded or can you actually see the celebs??? We will be in town from Sept. 16-18. any idea where they will be taping???

    • It is a mad mob of fans! Stay away unless you’re prepared to take on seriously zealous fans who will rip your hair out to get a good position!!!

  3. They are filming in our office over the next couple of weeks, 51st and 5th Ave. They are starting setup this Tuesday the 9th and tell us actual filming is on the 16th.

  4. I hope they will be filming when I am there, Sept. 17-22. Wow, my first trip to New York and I have a chance to see the movie filming of a pop culture phenomenon! Nice!

  5. Hello!!! I am from Europe and I will be in NYC 9-12 october!!!! Do you know if and where they will be taping??? I want so much to see all of them!!!!
    Please reply to me!!!!!!!


  6. does anybody know the shooting times for today and tomorrow? thanks!,also does anyone know if they’re gonna shoot during fashion week?…

  7. I saw them in the morning around the corner from the Plaza at 5th Avenue. I was there from 11am till 1pm, and they were still shooting

  8. I was in NYC by the Plaza Hotel. Right beside the Paris Theater. Got to see all the girls and talk with several. It was so great. They are such sweet women and gorgeous. They were filming for a while. They will be filming all week. Awsome Awsome.

  9. Hallo everybody. Thanks so much for the information where they’re filming on Wednesday 16th.
    But could anybody tell me the time, when they shot? because i have classes—it would be great to know the time..
    can anybody help me? thanks a lot
    and i hope i will see Sarah Jessica Parker..it would be awesome!
    thanks to all of you

    • thank you thank you thank you!!! I saw all the girls, and Lily and Brady, on W Broadway on monday, thank you sooo much for all the info, you guys made my day!!!

  10. Thanks Ryan for the info!
    We shot over there in a cab and saw all four of them!
    They are filming in a coffee shop.
    It has made my day!!!

  11. I went today first time… Only saw from a distance inside.. Couldnt stAy.. Hope tht wasnt my last chance :(. Ive bee
    n hearing they arent filming hear much longer boo

  12. Thanks for all the amazing updates!!! Please tell me if they are filming tomorrow Sept. 15th or on Thursday the 17th because I work all day on the 16th!! Thank you!! I hope I get a chance to see them!!

  13. hey- i was at the 51st/5th shoot today. they were filming a scene with only miranda at her “law office.” the staff told me that they WILL NOT be there tomorrow because they got done early. does anyone know where they will be filming tomorrow?

  14. Thanks for the tip Kevin…I was gonna head down there this morning, good thing I didn’t. Does anyone know if they’re doing anymore NYC filming in the near future?

  15. Hey… does anyone know exactly when and what time will they be filming after today the 16th? My friend and I reallyy reaaalllyy wanna go see them even if it’s just a glimpse!! Thank you soooo much!

  16. Hey… does anyone know exactly where, when and what time will they be filming after today the 16th? My friend and I reallyy reaaalllyy wanna go see them even if it’s just a glimpse!! Thank you soooo much!

  17. If anyone can please post what time the filming tomorrow is at on 6th Avenue between West 57th and West 58th and on West 58th Street between 5th avenue and 7th avenue. I would appreciate it greatly since I am a huge SATC fan and have been trying to see the filming in the streets.

  18. HI can anyone tell me when and where are they gonna be filming SATC2 thurs. sept 17 and fri sept 18 ??? Huge fan dyinnngggg to c the girls thankk you would really appreciate it.

  19. tomorrow in the same spot they are filming on the streets. the girls are REALLY nice. i met cynthia nixon and kim cattrall today and got pictures with both of them. the guards are really strict, though, about “keep walking.” you can get pictures of them, but while they’re “working” they cant stop.

    • Kim Cattrall and S.J.P. both exited on the 58th Street side: the service entrance/exit for the Bergdorf Goodman staff. They were shooting an interior scene. And I agree with Sami: there were very few people there when they left for the day at 7pm on Friday night (9/18). I only waited an hour to see them…I just want to say that their Security staff has gotten a bad rap. These guys were so nice and cool because they knew we weren’t “paps.” A WORD OF ADVICE: S.J.P. HUSTLES! She practically RUNS when she leaves set to go to her trailer or to her hybrid SUV. I calmly said “Hi Sarah” (please don’t freak out when you see them – play it coolt! lol!) and she turned around, flashed that million dollar smile and said ‘Hi’ back all bubbly (even though she was moving at the speed of light!) I called Kim Cattrall, “Ms. Cattrall” and THAT made her stop, and again I got a beautiful smile and a very friendly “Hello.” They are nice women who are working hard (as well as all the other people on set). When we walked over to S.J.P.’s SUV, she was in the back seat and rolled down her window to chat briefly with us and let us take some photos. I have a couple of great ones of her and Kim C. WORD TO THE WISE: if you go to take pics and say hello, have your cameras ON and ready because these ladies haul ass! Can you blame them? It’s been a madhouse! I’m so lucky I was there on a quiet evening – no one pushing, everything cool, and acknowledgments from both ladies. Oh and, the paparazzi come EARLIER in the day I was told. Just an FYI. Bless you guys on here for keeping the fans posted! Peace & Love, D

      • Totally agree with you. The staff and security sorrounding them are one of the best I’ve seen handling a celebrity. This all stems from SJP herself as she loves her fans and doesn’t want them manhandled by her security staff. I was there late at night and she came back as they had one more scene to shoot. I was lucky and was able to get a quick picture with her. Like you said have your camera ready cause they move fast. For their safety they need to get them in and out fast, otherwise they develop an even bigger crowd.

    • Hello,
      I hear they do not work on weekends. From what I hear they’ll be in town till mid October then they’re heading for Morocco for six weeks of filming.

  20. i went to bergdorfs today and they were filming inside. I didn’t get to see the girls and the cast. I asked one of the film crew and she would not tell me where they are filming next. I am dying to see the girls. I must see them!!! Please someone let me know the next location, and what time. I would run there in a heart beat to see them!

  21. We went to 58th street between 5th and 6th ave. Saw Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Catrall several times. We were waiting outside the trailers. Both gave autographs!! They were sooooo nice, especially SJP.
    A tip for all the fans: BE PATIENT!!! We waited a long time, but it’s so worth it. During the day there were so many paparazzi (one stepped on my foot) but around 8pm it was just a bunch of fans. Good luck!

    • From what I was told – and don’t quote me on this, Z – they don’t work weekends. I’m sure they’re not done with the NYC shoot so standby! Hopefully, we’ll get some locations for Monday and the following days. All the best, D

  22. Someone said i had to read the posts on top to know where they are gonna be ! so far i dont know where they are gonna be and i didnt read anything on top, can someone plssss be kind enough to help me out :)??

  23. Anyone know if they are filming at all 9/26 or 9/27 will be in town for my daughters 16th birthday. Thought it would be a blast! Thanks!

  24. Can anyone tell me where SATC filming might be on the 25th, 28th or 29th September, visiting from the UK and would be great to see!!

  25. Hey , am looking for some info about the part that will be in morocco (dates, places, and the company responsible for it in morocco) ! Can’t go to NYC to see Sarah Jessica Parker, but may be I’ll get the chance to see her here (Am moroccan 🙂 ).

    Thanks for the tips if any !


  26. please can someonee tell me where and when is the sex and the city 2 cast will be filming next week? If someone know please please please let me know! I will dearly appreciated! THANKUUU SO VERY MUCH!

  27. I will be in NY 9/29 – 10/5 visiting from California. I would love to know where they might be filming. Can someone please let me know?? Thanks so much!

    • Hi BBHunte! It says it right on the home page: Monday October 12, 2009, SATC2 will be shooting at The Empire Hotel, 44 W 63 At Central Park W, New York, NY 10001

      You can thank On Location Tours for that one (and this website and me, of course!)

      Have fun and post photos! I don’t think I’ll make it out tomorrow but perhaps!

      • I was in NYC with my friends and was at Empire Hotel. It wasn’t real crowded with people, but some security. Saw Mr. Big, someone saw Smith Jared & Kim Cattrell. The extras were in and out of a restaurant next to the hotel, that was closed, but being used for S&TC cast. They took a break and I asked a hotel manager if they were coming back. We waited outside the trailers on the next street over. Sarah came out of the trailer, said Hello All, and was wisked away by here bodyguard. They were very polite, alot of us girls took pictures of SJP. She was sweet, waving at us and smiling. What an experience!!!!!

  28. Hi there – I am from England and have heard that they are going to be filming here for SATC 2… Does anybody know the locations, dates etc? Thanks x

  29. so in the end I just asked! They are filming a movie called Catch with Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman right outside my building!

    • Great tip! Might you tell us where and when that’s taking place? I’d LOVE to catch a glimpse of Kate Winslet. Do you think they’ll be shooting tomorrow (Tuesday the 6th)? Thanks so much again.

  30. I will be there next week from the 15th to the 18th. does anybody know if they are still filming? and where?
    please i would really appreciated it


  31. Hi SATC2 seekers! It says it right on the home page: Monday October 12, 2009, SATC2 will be shooting at The Empire Hotel, 44 W 63 At Central Park W, New York, NY 10001

    You can thank On Location Tours for that one (and this website and me, of course!)

    Have fun and post photos! I don’t think I’ll make it out tomorrow but perhaps!

  32. Hi, I am from London and going to be in new york from the 19th and I would really love to meet the cast (and drag my boyfriend along) does anybody know any details of where they will be filming next week, monday- friday… I would be so grateful

    Thank you

  33. Hi, can anyone please tell me where will they be shooting for this whole week? 10/12/09 – 10/18/09…Please any information will be very very much appreciated

  34. Hi all, if anyone can let me know where the girls might be filming from Oct23-26th I would be very grateful! I’m in New York for a long weekend with my new husband’s family and I know it would make my little sister in-law’s trip! Any ideas gratefully received!!

  35. Hi there!
    I too am interested in where they will be filming from Oct 22-25 – will be in New York for the first time ever and would love to see this!!!!
    Thanks so much

  36. Hi, I asked the 18 of October if you have information about Marrakech.. I’m surprise that nobody seem’s to be aware of SATC2 will go filming in Marrakech now…
    So the question is : do you know if onlocationvacations will informe us of where and when they’ll be filming in Marrakech ?
    Thanks for your answer

    • Informatively, they seem’s to stay about 5 weeks in Morroco during november

      It’s a good opportunity to visit Marrakech and clubbing ! isn’t it ?


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