Movie and TV Filming Locations for October 16, 2009

Weekend Locations:

The project once known as Wichita (now Knight and Day), starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, is filming on Rutherford Avenue in Charlestown, MA onSaturday 10.17 from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Due Date, starring Robert Downey Jr, resumes filming on US 70 on Saturday, 10.17 near Las Cruces through 10.25.

The Adjustment Bureau is filming at 11 Madison Ave @ 23rd/24th St, NY on Saturday, 10.17. (Thanks Anon, Matthew and Susing!)

The Adjustment Bureau is filming at Staple St and Jay St, NYC on Sunday, 10.18.

The Other Guys is filming at the Marcy Avenue Armory in Brooklyn on Saturday, 10.17 & Sunday, 10.18.

The Other Guys signs spotted on 50th St and 51st St between Madison and Park Ave for Saturday, 10.17 & Sunday 10.18. (Thanks Toma!) UPDATE: Signs also spotted on Park and 41st for Saturday, 10.17. (Thanks Erin!)

Wall Street 2 is filming in the same area Saturday 10.17, W 21st and 5th. Film crews were spotted at Credit Suisse (24th between Madison/Park) setting up for Saturday morning. Was reported as The Other Guys, but may be Wall Street 2 (?). (Thanks Lars-Erik!)


Wall Street 2 is filming near William St & Wall St, NYC on 10.18. (Thanks Chris!)

Permit signs for something being produced by RADICAL MEDIA were spotted up and down 53rd St between Broadway & 8th Ave in NYC (near The Roseland) and on 8th Ave between 53rd & 54th for Sun 10.18, Mon 10.19th, and Tues 10.20 from 6am-10pm. (Thanks Deanna!)

Please leave any more weekend tips you may have in a comment below! Thanks!!


New York City:

Wall Street 2, starring Shia Lebeouf, is filming around W 21st and 5th.

White Collar, a new USA series,is filming around W 15th between 9th and 10th in NYC.

The Other Guys, starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, is filming around 21st St and Park Ave and on Park Ave between 41st and 42nd again,7am-midnight. (Thanks Savash, Joanna & Lili!) The Other Guys is also filming at the Marcy Armory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn today, Saturday and Sunday. (Thanks Hector!)

Gossip Girl signs were spotted on 55th bw 1st and 2nd. (Thanks Beth!!) Upd: I also heard they are filming in studio.

Sex and the City 2 is filming a red carpet scene at the Zeigfeld.  Miley Cyrus and Penelope Cruz are both rumored to be in attendance. Signs were spotted at 55th/56th between 6th and 7th, just a couple blocks from the theater. Update: Check out the new post for SATC2 today, I have several updates, looks like Penelope is out and the shoot will take place at night.  (Thanks Sue, Stephen & Toma!)

L & Os:

Law and Order: Criminal Intent: I originally heard they would be filming on Staten Island but I also heard (from a very reliable source) that they would be filming at Chelsea Piers.

Law and Order: SVU is filming in studio (N. Bergen, NJ).

Law and Order (the mothership) is filming at William St @ Gold St, NYC.


There is an Untitled Project filming at 5th St from Main St – Wall St, on Main St from 4th St – 5th St and at 451 S Main St in Los Angeles. (Production company is HSI Productions– they mostly do commercials)

You Don’t Know Jack, starring Al Pacino, is filming at the Oakland Circuit courthouse off Telegraph Road in Pontiac, MI.

Red Dawn is filming on Griswold between State and Michigan, and the north half of Michigan from Woodward to Shelby in Detroit.

Battle: Los Angeles is filming on Kalurah Street, Baton Rouge, LA through tomorrow.

The Conspirator, directed by Robert Redford & starring James McAvoy, starring is filming at The Owens-Thomas in Savannah, GA. (I’m not 100% positive they are still here.)

The A-Team, starring Bradley Cooper, is filming in Surrey, B.C. at 192 St & 32 Ave. (Thanks Nicole and Artbuff!) (I’m not 100% positive they are still at this location either.)

See all of our upcoming locations here! (I’ve recently added locations for The Adjustment Bureau, The Green Hornet, Inception, Little Fockers and More!


Mario Lopez is signing copies of Mud Tacoat Barnes & Noble, Lincoln Triangle, New York, NY, 10.16, 6:00 PM.

Big Apple Comic Con, NYC, 10.16-10.18.

Alicia Silverstone is signing copies of The Kind Diet at Barnes and Noble, 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA, 10.17, 1 pm.

Martha Stewart is signing copies of Martha Stewart’s Dinner at Home at Costco, Palomar Airport Road, Carlsbad, CA, 10.18, 3 pm.

See all of our events here.


The Beaver is filming around the Harrison Police Department again, Harrison, NY.

The new HBO series, How To Make It In America, is filming around Church St and Barclay St in NYC tonight. (Thanks Jamie!)

Mercy is filming at St. Mary’s Hospital, Passaic, NJ. (Thanks so much to Anon for the tip!)

The Big Bang is filming at Odd Fellows Hall, Spokane, WA. (Thanks Joy!)

Supernatural is filming on Granville St, just before the Arthur Laing Bridge on the way to YVR. (Thanks Rachel and Pandora!)

The Green Hornet is still filming on Riverside in Atwater tonight, filming a shoot out scene now, filming a burnt bus later. (Thanks Fernando!)


  1. I just read on the HNR forums that Supernatural is filming on Granville street just before the Arthur Laing Bridge today.

    Go figure, the day after I leave haha but I know there’s always someone looking for that info.

  2. A friend in the area of the Brooklyn other guys shoot said there are trailers for at least Dwayne Johnson and mendes. Not sure about wahlberg

    • Just want to thank you man. I headed over there…got there at 7 and he came out at like 715. Dwayne was very polite and asked one of the workers to take a pic of us. Ill see if Christine can post it.

      Thanks again!

  3. Hi Guys, There is a bollywood film called “Right Hand Man” That is currently filming in Manhattan. Does anybody know locations for it. I believe they are here until October 24.

  4. Has anyone been to the witchita set? They have been shooting a lot of tunnel and highway shoots so I wanted to know if it’s worth going.

  5. “The Other Guys” were filming lots of stunt/sfx scenes yesterday at 24th@park. They built a fake jewelry store at the corner too. One scene i watched: they dropped a wrecking ball on a car (black Chevy with white stripes) in front of the fake store. The car was empty inside and there was a duplicate car nearby. I missed a scene with a mini-van. I looked in the mini-van and saw it was filled with hydraulic ram type of thing and rollbars. No stars were visible during this shooting, maybe just second unit. also watched the crews film reaction shots to the wrecking ball drop. Since it got cold/windy, all the crew was covered up pretty good with rain gear etc.

  6. “The Other Guys” filming location in Brooklyn during October 17/18 is shooting inside the Marcy Armory at night, so it is pretty difficult to see anything. I saw inside when they were moving equipment in and out of the building – looks like they are building an elaborate set inside. The primary acotr’s entrance between the trailers and the Armory (north side) is full security and production personnel. Wahlberg and Ferrell, and The Rock tend to not be on the same sets very often, from what I have seen.

    the 21st street location is 2nd unit, shooting car stunts, but doesn’t appear to be as “eventful” as other stunt shoots – they are only using 1 block. Also for future reference for people, the leads are rarely if ever, at the 2nd unit stunt locations.

    The 51st Street/Madison location is definitely the most intricate and elaborate site – they have cones, barricades and signs up and down several blocks: 51st and 52nd street on both the east side of Park, and west of Madison, as well as up and down both Park and Madison, so it was pretty difficult to pinpoint the primary set location. However, when I was there around 1pm, October 17th, I could only find 1 generator truck…not a hint of anything else going on – couldn’t tell if they were done for the day already, or waiting until evening.

    However, there were 3 to 4 very conspicuous black Cadillac Escalades in front of the Palace Hotel (wouldn’t surprise me if that is where most of the leads are staying).

    I am very curious as to when they plan on shooting at the Madison/51st Street location, because I am sure it is going to be pretty elaborate. If anyone becomes aware of a more precise time frame, I would be grateful if you would shoot a response my way

    • I saw the Madison/51 location as well and I’m guessing it’s going to be a night shoot. The Grand Central location today was shooting a car chase scene and I believe there were no principals there. I’ll be near there for dinner and I’ll certainly update if anything is going on there tonight…

    • Mark Wahlberg is definitely not there. I posted pics of him up above that were taken in LA yesterday, and the same site posted pics of him today, taking his kids to the Pumpkin Patch in LA. Guess he’s got the weekend off.

    • Thanks for the great set reports in detail no less….even if they have several blocks blocked off, the chase scenes may be short in length. This is how they did it last Satuday on Water Street where they had motorcycles chasing the red Prius south on to Old Slip. For safey reasons, they have to really go verboard with keeping traffic back, WAY BACK…many thanks again for the good reporting. I too, wonder how long their second untit will shoot. I would guess that fake jewelry store will end up being somehow demolished by autos, etc.

  7. How can premiere of Amelia be on Mon nite when she will be at Inside the Actors Studio for taping at that time?? Mmaybe its on Tues nite.


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