Sex and the City 2 News and Filming Location Information For Tonight!


Sex and the City 2 is filming a red carpet scene tonight at the Zeigfeld Theatre (after 7 p.m.). Signs were spotted on 55th/56th between 6th and 7th, just a couple blocks from the theater. (Thanks to Sue, Stephen, Anon, Alison, Mark & Toma!)

It is rumored that Miley Cyrus will be on set tonight. We’ve had multiple reports from people who have seen the call sheet for tonight’s shoot and claim the cameo will happen tonight. Other sources have told us that the scene will take place tonight despite the possibility of bad weather.

Update: It was originally thought that Penelope Cruz would be in the scene as herself as well but the NY Daily News reported today that she already shot her scene at The Empire Hotel earlier in the week.

Update II: It’s rumored that in the scene they are filming, Samantha tries to dress too young and shows up in the same outfit Miley is wearing. I also just heard that this may be the last scene in NYC for a while because they may be leaving for Morocco as early as next week to film there for a month.

Don’t forget the NYC permit signs for SATC2 are for an UNTITLED PROJECT/AVERY PIX. If you spot one, let us know at


  1. Ok I’m here. Not filming until ELEVEN PM. Lasts until 3am.
    No stars here yet. But like 50+ fans waiting already. I’m prob. Leaving then coming back. Its cold. They are filming the premiere of a Smith jerrod movie. The posters are hilarious.

  2. I can’t seem to reply to people on my blackberry but you’re welcome christine! Hope it helps! A lot of fans bailed. Its not too crowded. Crew says they’re running an hour late but should still start
    around 11. The 4 leads will be here any minute. Tomorrow they head to morocco for filming for 7weeks then will be back in nyc. The crew here are all very nice and answering all questions. They said filming could easily go till 6 or 9am!

      • i’ve just got back. completly frozen from waiting, but it was worth it!!! They started around 11.30 and it seems like it will go on untill morning (so if your out, go check it out). Saw the red carpet sceen with Jessica, Cris, Jason, Willie, Mario and Tim Gunn. The rest of the three leads were not yet out filming, when I left (ar. 12.15).

        ps. Felt sorry for the extras as they were dressed in tiny summer clothes

  3. I went and got to see SJP, Chris Noth, Kim Cattral and Miley Cyrus. When they finished their scene, everyone went back to their trailers. I was lucky to get a photo with SJP! Only stayed for about 45 minutes.


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