Filming Locations for Monday, October 19, 2009


The Social Network, the Facebook movie starring and Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake, begins filming in Harvard Square.

We got a tip that The Town may be filming in Harvard Square today and tomorrow too. (Thanks Jessica!) Upd: Filming for tomorrow, not filming today.

Knight and Day, formerly Wichita w/ Tom Cruise is filming at the Massport Haul Road between Pumphouse Rd. and the I-90 East on-ramp, South Boston.


Celebrity Apprentice is filming at Burger Heaven, 804 Lexington Ave, NYC, 11-2pm ET.

Gossip Girl is filming around W 59th at Columbus Ave, NYC. (Thanks Sam!)

The Adjustment Bureau, with Matt Damon, is filming at 21 Peck Slip @ Water St, NYC. (Thanks Anon and Demetrise) Upd: Matt Damon is on set this morning.

Update/Correction: The Beaver, starring Mel Gibson, is filming at the Andrew Freedman Home in the Bronx.(Thanks to John!)

Law and Order: Criminal Intent is filming on Staten Island. (Don’t forget the Fluff!)

Roadie is filming around Kessel and 7oth Ave in Forest Hills.

Rescue Me is filming around 116th near Adam Clayton Powell in Harlem. (Thanks HC!)

White Collar, a new USA series premiering this week, is filming at 7 World Trade.

How To Make In America, a new HBO series, is filming at Suffolk and Rivington, NYC. (Thanks to Leslie!)

Delocated is filming around 5th Ave and 1st.


ABC Family’s Greek is filming at 1200 E. California Blvd Pasadena, CA (Caltech Campus) all day. (Thanks Allison!)

Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page, is filming at 135 N Grand Ave (3 am- 10 pm) & 111 N Hope St, Los Angeles (5 am- 7:30 pm).

An Untitled Project is filming on Grand Ave & 1st St & Hope St from Wilshire Bl – 7th St in Los Angeles. (Production Company is Factory Films)


Red Dawn is filming at Michigan Ave & Griswold St Detroit, MI. (Thanks Loren!)

The Conspirator, directed by Robert Redford and starring James McAvoy & Justin Long, is filming near Whitaker St. & Bull St. between Hull St. & Charlton St in Savannah, GA. (Thanks Jim!)

Due Date, starring Robert Downey Jr, is filming on US 70 near Las Cruces, NM until 3 pm.

Nathan Fillion will signing copies of the new “Richard Castle” book “Heat Wave” at the Barnes & Noble in the Grove, 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles at 7:30 p.m.

Astro Boy Premiere, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, 6925 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood.

Hilary Swank will be at Pace University filming Inside the Actors Studio tonight. All EVENTS can be found here.

See all of our upcoming locations here.


We heard that The Mentalist will be filming at the Daniel Freeman Medical Center Inglewood Park Cemetery next week. Does anyone have more information or can you confirm?


    • Aimee, any chance it was to move the cars, & filming is tomorrow???? I’m going into the city tomorrow & would love RM info for then!

  1. Hey- Schillers in LES has something being filmed there today. It was all closed off and the lighting crews were setting up.

  2. Hey, I was hoping somebody would know about a Bollywood film called “Right Hand Man” and where it is filming in NYC this week. It is a “Yash Raj Production” so their may be signs posted. Please if anyone has info please post it or email me at


    • Hey, I was wondering about this movie too! If there’s any info on where the location is gonna be within the next few days, please post it…thanks 🙂

      • Try posting your message on the message board for that film.
        Many people still post filming locations on film messages boards.

  3. Christine, any more info on Amelia premiere in NYC? I saw conflicting dates and locations on your site.It can’t be tonite ,as she is being interviewed for Inside the Actor’s Studio. Thanks,

    • Hey Howard- I did hear- Amelia will have a screening on Tuesday October 20 at the Loews 34 Street in New York. Not sure of party after. Hillary Swank and Richard Gere expected to come. Haven’t added to events yet though.

  4. update on The Conspirator: The Conspirators” set is filming right now by the Sherman Headquarters. It somewhere on Bull St. in Savannah, Ga. (Thanks to Emily!)

  5. so, my roomate and i just spent at least 2 hours walking around harvard square. we saw no movies being filmed. we could not find any trailors or signs for the set. or anything at all.

    we were extreamly sad. maybe tomorrow we’ll know a better location? we asked around and nobody seemed to know anything about the movie being filmed. although i had heard on other websites that they started filming today too.

  6. Have any of you had the opportunity to get a picture with Michael Douglas (Wall Street 2)? I saw them filming on Saturday night, but there was SO much security that the cops wouldn’t even let me walk by the door where they were filming inside. They told me to go around. How do you guys get pictures with them, then?

  7. just got another tip about the the town:

    The Town” with Ben Affleck will be filming in Melrose, Ma. this week. They were filming at the bank on the corner of East Emerson and Main st

  8. So, my friend and I decided to check out gossip girl set, we got pictures of ed, leighton, and blake. ed westwick hugged me 🙂 I didn’t see Penn, however.

  9. i was able to see gossip girl filming today and i have a few good shots, what email address can i use to send the photos to olv?

  10. Guys!! I am only in NY for a couple of days and I am DYING to see Gossip Girls shoot.
    Can somebody give me an update on where are they filming this week????


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